XLTRADE is a prop trading firm that offers funded accounts up to $1,000,000 with a 90% profit share and weekly profit payouts.



With funded accounts of up to $1 million, investors can trade with the help of XLTRADE, an offshore prop trading company. All trading techniques are accepted by the company, which also permits investors to keep up to 90% of profits.

XLTRADE are looking for the most enthusiastic traders who can prove they have successful strategies so that they can give them the funding they need to advance their careers in trading. Show them your skills to reach the objectives whilst sticking to the rules and they can give you a funded account.


Chimara Ltd, BVI owns and runs the XLTRADE prop fir. It is supported by sizeable funding from knowledgeable investors around the world. In actuality, Chimara traders are chosen from the best-performing XLtraders who successfully run with accounts invested with $1 million.

The Chimara Ltd offices are based on City Road in London, United Kingdom. XLTRADE is headquartered in the British Virgin Islands, with additional offices in Monaco, Singapore and Dubai.

  • Funding up to $1 million
  • 90% profit share
  • All trading strategies allowed
  • MetaTrader platform
  • Use AvaTrade as their broker
  • Lots of trading instruments
  • Tight spreads and rapid execution
  • Quarterly 25% top-up
  • No-evaluation funded account option
  • Leverage goes up to 1:500
  • No minimum trading days
  • Expensive one-time setup fee
  • No refund of setup fee if you do not pass the evaluation
  • Some mixed reviews




Investors of different levels of experience can obtain funds through XLTRADE while having their risks and losses covered. Traders must succeed in the evaluation procedure after signing up in order to acquire capital. This entails continually hitting performance benchmarks within established risk guidelines over a predetermined time frame. The trial period is carried out on a virtual account funded with $100,000 that simulates real-market conditions. After passing, you’ll get a fully funded account in less than 24 hours.

By putting down an 8% security deposit, you can open an account even if you don’t make it through the review phase. For instance, you would have to deposit $40,000 to the $500,000 lite funded account. This enables traders to avoid the approval procedure, but it also puts their own money at risk.


A one-time sign-up charge is required by XLTRADE to cover administrative and maintenance expenses. However, this amount will be entirely repaid if you pass the evaluation process. If you fail, you will still be charged, therefore it can be a risky course of action if you are unsure of your skills.

Depending on the funded account you apply for, there are different one-time setup fees:

  • $1,000,000 experience: $1,590
  • $500,000 funded account: $1,390
  • $100,000 funded account: $490
  • $50,000 funded account: $390


There are 3 simple steps to become a funded trader with XLTRADE. The first step is to sign-up to get all of your login information and conditions for your account. You can then select your funding level from $50,000 to $1,000,000. The final step is to start trading and try to reach the objectives whilst sticking to the rules. This will qualify you for access to a funded account which has a generous profit share of 90% which is up there with other top prop firms such as FTMO.


XLTRADE has four account types that differ by funding value. The prop trading firm lets you open up to five accounts under one registration. The four levels of trader funding are:

  • $1,000,000 lite
  • $500,000 lite
  • $100,000 lite
  • $50,000 lite

You can join XLTRADE’s Elite Trader programme if you manage to trade profitably on an account with a million dollars. Then, they give you access to finance that essentially has no upper limit.



You must consistently accomplish performance goals within predetermined risk boundaries in order to be eligible for funding. XLTRADE place you on an evaluation for a while, during which you must demonstrate your skills. You will be qualified for funding up to $1 million upon successful completion of the evaluation provided you do not breach any of the rules.

The rules of the evaluation criteria are as follows:

  • Achieve a 10% performance target per 30-day cycle
  • Showcase strong risk control by maintaining the target throughout the cycle

Trading Strategies

XLTRADE are quite flexible in terms of the trading strategies that you can use on your funded account. They allow automated trading with prop firm expert advisors (EAs) and copy trading, provided you are not using any illegal strategies.

Trading Days

This prop firm don’t have a set minimum number of trading days, but in order to pass, you must show that you were able to manage your risks quite well over the period. Performance is subordinate to proper risk management.

A 60-day evaluation is divided into two performance cycles of 30 calendar days each. During a cycle, the performance target has to be achieved and the risk parameter must be maintained.

Profit Share

XLTRADE allows traders to keep 90% of any gains while taking 10%. Their portion is automatically deducted. At the conclusion of each month, an email with a summary of the accounts and profit payouts is delivered. The trader can then decide whether to request a complete distribution of profits or a partial payment in order to expand their account. Upon request, these are immediate.

XLTRADE will transmit money to any worldwide personal or business bank account. Profits can also be paid out in cryptocurrency. Every three months, XLTRADE tops off the financed account by 25% if the trader is regularly profitable.




XLTRADE enables market access via the reputable trading broker AvaTrade. You can trade with excellent trading conditions and high leverage of 1:500. AvaTrade is one of the leading brokerage firms who are regulated in multiple jurisdictions. This can give traders peace of mind so that they can focus on their trading strategies knowing the broker must operate in an open and honest manner.


On all accounts, XLTRADE offers the MetaTrader platform. This is the industry standard trading platform that is used by millions of retail traders across the globe. It has thousands of free and paid trading tools for conducting in-depth market analysis across multiple chart types and timeframes with support for various order types. No matter how simple or complex your trading strategy, MetaTrader has got you covered.

AvaTrade Platform
AvaTrade Platform

Moreover, traders with the $1,000,000 account can use XLTRADE’s DMA platform. This gives you direct market access which can deliver tighter spreads and quicker execution speeds. Whilst this might not matter to many traders, it can be an important feature for anyone who is using scalping strategies that try to capitalise on small market movements.


XLTRADE provide a great selection of financial instruments for you to trade, including forex majors and crosses, commodities including gas/oil, precious metals including gold and silver, equities indices and cryptocurrencies. Whatever your interests are, there is something for everyone to trade on user-friendly platforms with very competitive conditions.

Maximum capital$1,000,000
Profit splitUp to 90%
News tradingYes
Weekend tradingYes
Automated tradingYes
Free trialNo
Maximum leverage1:500
XLTRADE Features



Users can profit from successful trading strategies with the XLTRADE prop trading firm without putting their own money at risk. It offers a fair evaluation procedure and access to several funded accounts with a maximum value of $1 million. Also, every three months, traders have the chance to earn an extra 25% in funds. Moreover, 90% profit distributions make this a lucrative opportunity for savvy traders. Yet novice traders should be aware that start-up expenses are not repaid if you don’t make it beyond the evaluation stage. There are also some trading rules that you need to be aware of if you are to qualify for a funded account.

7.8Expert Score

XLTRADE is a prop trading firm that offers funded accounts up to $1,000,000 with a 90% profit share and weekly profit payouts.




Is XLTRADE regulated?

A stringent regulatory licence is not necessary for any of the financial services that XLTRADE provides because it is a private fund. As a result, regulation is not a requirement.

Who can trade with XLTRADE?

As long as they are over 18, traders can use any strategy with XLtrade. To demonstrate their trading prowess and gain access to funded accounts, traders must pass an evaluation process. Alternatively, 8% of the account’s total balance can be deposited to start a non-evaluation account.

Do I need to pass XLTRADE’s evaluation process to be funded?

No, XLTRADE gives customers the choice to open funded accounts without first undergoing an evaluation. A security deposit equal to 8% of the funded account value is given in order to do this. You only need to get in touch with their customer service personnel for this choice.

How many accounts can I open with XLTRADE?

During registration, you are permitted to create up to five accounts that can all be active at once while using a trade copier. With every additional account, you will have to successfully complete the review process.

What is the highest amount I can get funded?

Up to $5 million in accounts are available to you. You could begin the examination for this with five $1,000,000 Accounts. With a trade copier, you can trade them concurrently. They combine all accounts into one at funded status upon request.

Why is there a setup fee?

For a funded account, there are no fees to be paid. You only pay for the evaluation’s costs (assessment fee). The cost depends on the size of the account (one-time fee). There are no ongoing costs. In the case of success, you receive a complete return of the price.

Do I get a refund of the setup fee?

Yes, you will get a full refund of the setup fee (assessment fee) in the event of success.

How long is the initial evaluation?

The initial evaluation spans over 60 calendar days.

What if I don’t achieve the performance target in a cycle?

If you remain above the start balance but don’t achieve the performance target you will get a free repeat of the evaluation (no fees apply).

Ae there minimum trading days?

They don’t have a set minimum number of trading days, but in order to pass, you must show that you were able to manage your risks quite well over the period.

What is the profit payout frequency?

You can request a profit payout every Friday at the end of the day (in full or in part).
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