We Fund Traders Review

We Fund Traders provide training, mentorship and trader funding programs with a 50/50 profit share.

We Fund Traders Review


We Fund Traders is an independent proprietary trading company that also offers stock trading, commodity trading, and forex trading training and mentorship programmes. Also, the business provides traders with funding opportunities so they may use their trading expertise to earn from the financial markets without having to put their own money at risk.

A team of past and present traders with years of expertise trading in various asset classes on various exchanges stands behind the business. They founded We Fund Traders using their experience and skills with the intention of assisting others in realising their trading potential so they can achieve financial freedom.

We Fund Traders Website
We Fund Traders Website

We Fund Traders’ main goal is to make people successful. They provide funding possibilities, mentoring, and training to anyone wishing to invest in the financial markets in order to further their careers and accumulate wealth. They have assisted numerous individuals in beginning their careers as traders through training, mentoring, and funding.

  • Focused on improving traders education
  • Remote training and mentorship
  • Access to expert training
  • Trade alongside experts
  • Freedom and flexibility
  • Trade forex, stocks and commodities
  • All trading strategies welcomed
  • Suitable for traders of all experience levels
  • Minimum of 3 months trading
  • 50% profit share below industry average
  • Not much information on platforms, objectives, rules, pricing, etc.

We Fund Traders Review


Training & Mentorship Program

What better approach to sharpen your trading skills and knowledge than to study with an experienced trader? You may get excellent instruction and simple courses to assist you learn how to trade. Also, you can work through trading simulations with a professional’s help and learn tactics for making profitable transactions. Remotely complete anything at your own leisure.

For individuals looking to learn how to trade successfully, We Fund Traders provides mentorship, training, and courses. They offer all the resources and assistance you might possibly need to start trading and profiting in the financial markets, from knowledge and tactics to direction and tips.

You shouldn’t let obstacles like location or scheduling prevent you from developing the abilities required to become a successful trader. For this reason, they have made their mentorship, training, and course offerings available online. This should enable you to complete projects and assignments whenever it’s convenient, wherever you are in the world, and to fit your study around your life.

Learning about the market and asset class you wish to trade is the first step to becoming a successful trader. They have created three-month training and mentorship programmes in stock trading, commodities trading, and forex trading with the help of their partner companies, seasoned traders, and mentors. By developing the knowledge, abilities, and trading tactics required to generate income in the volatile financial markets, joining any of them will assist you in developing your trading strategies.

If you successfully finish the training and mentoring programme, they will make arrangements for you to trade on a demo account for at least three months. They will provide you with funding so that you can start trading and profiting from the financial markets if you are able to regularly show that you have the potential to trade profitably.

Trader Funding Program

If you can demonstrate your ability to trade profitably, they will fund you entirely so you can get started trading right away. This is the ideal chance to trade without spending any money out of your own pocket. When it comes to trading education, cost is frequently the most important consideration.

The main obstacle keeping traders from participating in the financial markets and realising their potential for profit is also a lack of funds. We Fund Traders offer financial and sponsorship opportunities for the prospective and active traders they support in order to address these issues. They can fund their trading and educational endeavours using these instead of using their own funds.

We Fund Traders is the place to be if you’re seeking for a setting where you can maximise your trading abilities, whether you trade stocks, commodities, or forex, and even significantly expand them. Working alongside traders while receiving top-notch trading training is a great opportunity provided by their Talent Nurturing Program. Also, it increases your possibility of receiving funding for trading, allowing you to avoid having to use personal funds. Simply put, the new way to start your trading career, expand your trading skills, and develop your portfolio can be by training and trading with them in-house.

Talent Nurturing Program

Boost your trade skills and use them to your advantage. While they handle the funding, you can work on-site with We Fund Traders. Trading real money starts on day one. Increase your account steadily, and they will give you additional funds to trade with.

We Fund Traders are a community of traders, and know that when starting out in trading, every little bit of assistance counts. Hence, they provide participants in their programmes more than simply instruction and tools to assist them in obtaining their intended results. They have access to mentors that they have personally screened as well. These mentors have a wealth of trading knowledge and are eager to impart it to the upcoming generation of traders. Also, they provide them with access to their dependable team, who will support them at every stage of their trading education.

You probably have a trading style and plan that works for you whether you are just getting started or have experience. They allow the traders who work for us in-house the freedom to execute trading positions using their own trading style and approach, whatever that may be.

The prop firm value variety while also appreciating the unique qualities and abilities of those who they deal with. They also help other traders enhance their knowledge and experience in trading.

If you continually achieve your goals and demonstrate high performance, they will give you more money to trade with. This should free you up to focus entirely on working with a variety of roles, increasing your purchasing power, and increasing your income.

Put yourself on par with professional traders. We Fund Traders provide you with opportunities to advance your trade knowledge and abilities while you work internally for them. You can discover methods to reduce your risk exposure and have a better understanding of market dynamics by utilising their trading courses and resources.

Also, they may set up training that you can use to improve your trading abilities. Most crucially, you can access specialists. Learning to trade independently might be difficult and complicated. With the assistance of experienced traders, you may focus your attention, share trading techniques, and hone your trading style.

We Fund Traders Review


The Trader Funding Program’s main idea is straightforward: show them that you can trade and make money, and they will gladly give you the money you need to support your subsequent trading activities. They will receive funding in return for a 50/50 split of your revenue.

The staff will set up your mentorship and training with one of their trading partners. After a schedule is established, you will have access to a mentor who has knowledge of stock trading, commodity trading, or forex trading.

The three-month training and coaching will be conducted entirely online. This implies that you can finish the programme in the convenience of your home in just 10 hours per week. You will be given a variety of trading-related assignments to test both your knowledge of the discipline’s various ideas and your ability to use methods in a number of trading scenarios. Also, you’ll have chances to speak with your mentor privately so that you may get answers to your queries and get direction and trading tips.

They will offer you a demo account, which you must trade on for a minimum of three months, after you have successfully completed the training and mentorship. Make the most of this opportunity to demonstrate your talent because a team of traders will be evaluating it. They will provide you with funding to utilise for trading a real account if their assessment shows that you have the ability to make profitable trades.

From this point on, trade risk-free using the funding that they offer. In return, they will receive a percentage of the revenue you generate. Maintain consistency in your trading, and they will give you extra funds. That’s how the process works.

We Fund Traders Review


Access professional training, mentoring, and education programmes. Develop your knowledge and trading abilities to employ them for profit. Engage in one-on-one conversation with a qualified mentor who will instruct you on all aspects of a specific asset class and financial market. Remotely complete anything at your convenience.

We Fund Traders will sponsor your training. Show that you’re eager to learn and that you can trade profitably. The entire burden will then fall on them. You have zero financial risk if you successfully complete the training and mentoring programme and begin trading. As you concentrate on turning a profit, they will take care of the money.

We Fund Traders are prepared to contribute money to and towards your education. They will then receive a portion of the profits you make in exchange. You can be confident that you have their support as you move along your trading journey.

We Fund Traders Review


Overall, We Fund Traders looks good on paper. They aren’t your typical proprietary trading firm that just provide funded accounts. You also get plenty of educational content and dedicated support to help you become a better trader and reach your goals. The profit share is below the industry average at 50%. FTMO provide a 90% profit share and have a lot more feedback from users. There is not much information provided by We Fund Traders in relation to the challenges, objectives and rules they have. Whilst it is clear they are focused on education, there are many other prop trading firms with clear terms upfront to choose from.

7Expert Score
We Fund Traders Rating

We Fund Traders provide training, mentorship and trader funding programs with a 50/50 profit share.


We Fund Traders Review


What is the We Fund Traders profit share?

The profir split is 50/50.

What financial instruments can I trade?

You can trade forex, stocks and commodities.

What are the minimum trading days?

You must show them that you can make profit consistently for at least 3 months to request a funded account.
We Fund Traders Review
We Fund Traders Review
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