UProfit Review

Join one of the UProfit funded programs with top trading conditions and capitalize on your futures trading skills to obtain a UProfit funded account up to $200,000 with an 80% profit share.

UProfit Review


United States-based prop company UProfit is situated in Texas. It began as an educational company with an emphasis on assisting traders in avoiding financial hazards that frequently cause their trading endeavours to fail. The business was established in 2017, and after two years of offering educational services, it changed its focus to become a prop firm in 2019.

Due to its emphasis on futures trading, UProfit is only appropriate for futures traders. Depending on a trader’s capacity, the firm gives capital of up to $200,000. The company has quickly established one of the best reputations in the prop business sector. They have done this by offering traders a lot of capital and support. Therefore, traders can make use of them to advance their careers in trading.

UProfit sets itself apart from other prop companies by keeping its registration charge reasonable. Many traders can test their skills to determine if they have what it takes to win a funded account in this method because they can afford it. The lack of tight restrictions also gives traders more flexibility with their strategies. Trading can then be done confidently, increasing the likelihood of success for traders.

UProfit Website
UProfit Website

This company truly cares about its customers, as evidenced by the excellent customer service it offers. The team behind UProfit has extensive knowledge of the funding sector and has taught traders for many years. Due to the firm’s combined knowledge, it has been possible to create a framework that benefits futures traders.

Traders can receive funding once they successfully complete the UProfit challenge. The procedure is straightforward and without any difficulties. Nothing will prevent traders from having a funded account with this company as long as they follow the regulations and accomplish the set objectives. UProfit makes an effort to offer the greatest trading circumstances to its customers. This will make it possible for traders to cultivate the consistency that will be crucial to their long-term success.


Lindsay Duff, who also developed Responsible Day Trading, is the creator of UProfit. She has been trading for more than sixteen years, specialising in the futures market. She has kept track of the elements that influence whether traders are successful or unsuccessful throughout time. In order to guide traders in the proper direction and to make sure that they may have successful trading careers, she has committed herself and her team to this effort.

She is a trader herself, therefore she is aware of the difficulties in navigating the financial markets. She does not provide a strict framework for traders to adhere to because of this. She instead exhorts them to believe in themselves and discover what works for them. She also underlines that traders should focus more on what is happening in the market than what they would like to see happen. The prop firm’s lenient guidelines for the challenge to earn a funded account reflect this flexible and fluid approach to trading.

  • Single step 10 day evaluation
  • No maximum number of trading days
  • Great choice of trading platforms
  • Straightforward rules and conditions
  • Futures products coming from the CME, NYMEX, COMEX and CBOT
  • The first $8,000 in profit goes to the trader
  • Good selection of accounts for all types of trader
  • Various methods for withdrawing profits
  • Funding up to $200,000
  • 80% profit share on live account
  • Realistic profit targets
  • Drawdown is updated at the end of the day, not after every trade
  • Monthly fees
  • Minimum 10 days of trading
  • Futures trading only
  • Traders can only operate two funded accounts at the same time
  • Do not allow overnight trading or weekend holding
  • Lack of educational content
  • Reset fees apply
  • No free trial

UProfit Review



At UProfit, they recognise that traders require more freedom. They have streamlined your trading career path in the following manner to keep things nice and simple:

  1. Sign-up for a UProfit program: Register on the platform and get instant access to the exclusive dashboard. You get your credentials right away to begin your review process after selecting your preferred Account Size.
  2. Stick to the risk management: Depending on its size, each account has a variable daily loss cap. Respecting this indicates that your risk management is sufficient. Any trading day, your profit and loss cannot reach or exceed this amount. Just stick to the rules and try to pass the challenge.
  3. Trade for the minimum amount of days: Reach the profit target for your account in at least 10 trading days with no max trading days required. Every 30 days, your subscription will be renewed until you reach your goal, switch to your UProfit Live account, or decide to end it.
  4. Qualify for a live account and start making profits: You will be given your Live Account credentials once you successfully finish the evaluation. Then your funded trader career is ready to begin for you.


UProfit uses a similar evaluation procedure to other well-known prop businesses to determine whether a trader qualifies for a funded account. The UProfit challenge evaluation procedure, in contrast, simply entails one phase, unlike some other prop firms who tend to have 2-phase challenges before qualifying for a funded trading account.

Traders will have a choice among the several account sizes in the challenge. They will be expected to accomplish certain objectives within the account size they have chosen while abiding by all restrictions. Let’s take a look at the various account sizes that UProfit offers.

The Basic ProgramThe Advanced ProgramThe Elite ProgramThe Premium Program
Funding Amount$9,000$50,000$100,000$200,000
Profit Target$900$2,500$6,000$10,000
Max Contracts561220
Daily Loss Limit$350$1,100$2,200$4,000
Pro Drawdown$800$2,000$3,000$5,000
Minimum Trading Days10101010
Monthly Fee$89/month$160/month$315/month$500/month
UProfit Trader Evaluations

Because they enable traders to begin their careers in the futures market, the $9K, $25K, and $50K accounts are referred to as the basic programmes. Without putting any money at risk, they can experiment with their unique trading approach.

For traders who have mastered any of the basic accounts, there is a 75K premium account and a 100K advanced account. They are currently moving in the proper approach for handling more capital and contracts. In order to handle the ultimate master account, traders must first demonstrate their consistency as futures traders on the 200K elite account.

UProfit Funding Programs
UProfit Funding Programs

UProfit Review



There are specific guidelines you must adhere to in order to get your evaluation programme approved and begin trading in a Live Account, depending on the type of account you have.

They provide you the choice of what they refer to as a Reset if you ever break one of the rules. You can choose the Reset option from your Dashboard to restore your account balance and the rules if you discover that you have broken one or more of them.

For the 9K evaluation programme, a Reset is available for $59; for the 150K assessment programme, it costs $175; and for all other evaluation programmes, it costs $99.

Please be aware that performing a Reset on your account won’t alter the day on which your membership will be billed each month. Remember that you may always reset your account by selecting “Reset” from your Control Panel.

Trading Days

It is crucial that you are aware that there is a minimum number of days you must actively trade in order for UProfit to evaluate your strategy, consistency, and risk tolerance.

They must evaluate both your reliability and your output. Therefore, you must have at least 10 business days of trading experience for this. 10 days must not be consecutive.

Remember that you must invest the time required to complete the selected account’s goal. The number of trading days is not limited, and your monthly membership will remain in effect until you upgrade to a Live Account or opt to cancel it.

Trading Hours

UProfit have a set number of hours that you can trade. Excluding holidays, each trading day runs from 6:00 PM ET to 4:10 PM ET. Please keep in mind that all positions need to be closed by 4:10 PM ET. Any position may be reopened following 6:00 PM ET. This means that they do not support overnight or weekend trading. If you are using a swing trading strategy, then you might want to consider The Trading Pit as an alternative prop firm.

Profit Target

You should be aware that each programme has a certain objective to achieve during the review time. After accomplishing your objective, send an email to the UProfit Trader Support Team to begin the verification procedure.

The profit target for each program is as follows:

  • $9K Program = $900
  • $25K Program = $1,500
  • $50K Program = $2,500
  • $75K Program = $4,250
  • $100K Program = $6,000
  • $150K Program = $5,000
  • $200K Program = $10,000
UProfit Dashboard
UProfit Dashboard

Daily Loss Limit

The daily loss limit enables you to improve and bolster your discipline. Depending on the size of your account, the daily loss limit will change. By doing so, they can ensure effective risk management.

The daily loss limit for each program is as follows:

  • 9K Program = $350
  • 25K Program = $500
  • 50K Program = $1,100
  • 75k Program = $1,600
  • 100K Program = $2,200
  • 150K Program = $2,500
  • 200K Program = $4,000

Your position will immediately close and your account will be cancelled if you go over your daily loss cap while a trade is ongoing. It is crucial to keep an eye on the daily loss limit directly on the RTrader platform because it includes fees and commissions. Don’t worry if you ever reach or go over your account’s daily loss limit. Keep in mind that you can apply a Reset to reset it.

Pro Drawdown

A drawdown refers to how much an investment or trading account is down from the peak before it recovers back to the peak. Drawdowns are typically quoted as a percentage, but dollar terms may also be used if applicable for a specific trader. Drawdowns are a measure of downside volatility.

The Drawdown will give UProfit a general idea of how you, as a trader, would handle wins and losses in order to hit (and maintain) goals set for the assessment programme you have chosen to trade.

Only when the account balance achieves a new high at the conclusion of a trading day is the Pro Drawdown adjusted. At the conclusion of each trading day, you can monitor your Pro Drawdown from your dashboard. Remember that the market shuts at 4:10 PM Eastern Time.

UProfit traders are free to behave as they like and take advantage of trade opportunities thanks to the Drawdown calculation mechanism. Without having to be concerned about a trailing drawdown accounting for both realised and unrealized winnings.

Your account will be cancelled if at any time during the day the balance is less than the Pro Drawdown. At no point in the trading day may the account balance reflect a loss higher than the Pro Drawdown.

Maximum Contracts

The maximum authorised position (absolute value) at any given time is indicated by this maximum number. Depending on the size of your account, you can only trade a specific number of contracts.

For instance, if you are allowed to trade a maximum of 6 contracts, you can simultaneously trade 3 contracts on the CL and 3 additional contracts on the E-Mini S&P 500.

The maximum contracts for each program are as follows:

  • 50K program – up to 6 contracts
  • 100K program – up to 12 contracts
  • 150K Program – up to 8 contracts
  • 200K Program – up to 20 contracts

The maximum number of Micro E-Mini contracts allowed are:

  • 9K account – 5 Micro E-Minis
  • 50K account – 30 Micro E-Minis
  • 100K account – 50 Micro E-Minis
  • 150K account – 60 Micros E-Minis
  • 200K account – 80 Micro E-Minis

Minimum Volume

Please take note that there is a weekly minimum volume of one trade. A completed trade, entry, and exit in a purchase or a sale is referred to as an operation. The start and conclusion times of a trading week are Sunday at 6:00 PM ET and Friday at 4:10 PM ET.

Scaling Plan

You will gradually build up the number of contracts you can manage in order to boost your profitability while actively reducing your risk. Please keep in mind that they take into consideration both open and closed intraday equity when calculating your account balance. You’ll be breaking the rules if you choose too many contracts for your account size.

Here is the path to follow to increase contracts:

25K Account:

  • $0 – $1,500 = 2 Contracts Max
  • After $1,501 = 3 Contracts Max

50K Account:

  • $0 – $1,500 = 2 Contracts Max
  • $1,501 – $4,000 = 4 Contracts Max
  • After $4,000 = 6 Contracts Max

75K Account:

  • $0 – $1,500 = 2 Contracts Max
  • $1,501 – $3,000 = 4 Contracts Max
  • $3,001 – $4,500 = 6 Contracts Max
  • After $4,501 = 8 Contracts Max

100K Account:

  • $0 – $2,000 = 3 Contracts Max
  • $2,001 – $3,000 = 4 Contracts Max
  • $3,001 – $5,000 = 6 Contracts Max
  • After $5,001 = 12 Contracts Max

150K Account:

  • $0 – $2,500 = 3 Contracts Max
  • $2,501 – $5,000 = 6 Contracts Max
  • After $5,001 = 8 Contracts Max

200K Account:

  • $0 – $2,000 = 3 Contracts Max
  • $2,001 – $3,000 = 4 Contracts Max
  • $3,001 – $5,000 = 6 Contracts Max
  • $5,001 – $8,000 = 12 Contracts Max
  • After $8,001 = 20 Contracts Max

Maximum number of Micro E-Mini contracts:

  • 9K Account= 5 Micro E-Mini
  • 25K Account= 20 Micro E-Mini
  • 50K Account= 30 Micro E-Mini
  • 100K Account= 50 Micro E-Mini
  • 200K Account= 80 Micro E-Mini

10 E-Micro equals 1 E-Mini contract.

The account will be promptly terminated if you break any risk management guidelines. A new evaluation will then be used to show that you can successfully work within the specified parameters.


Payouts are completed from Monday through Friday, except holidays, in less than 24 hours. Acceptance of requests is available from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM ET. The money will be taken out at the conclusion of the session and delivered through Deel within a maximum of 24 hours after receiving the confirmation. Please be aware that $100 is the minimum withdrawal amount.

Starting on the first trading day, traders can request withdrawals from their Live Account. Just keep in mind that withdrawals have no impact on your account’s drawdown. Your account will remain at the current account value before the withdrawal request when you request a withdrawal.

Profit Share

The Safety Net is used to prevent you from losing your Live Account after an unexpected event or a set of trades in which you are unable to meet your goals.

The withdrawal of profits within the Safety Net from day 1 to day 40 represents 50% for the trader. Withdrawal of profits within the Safety Net requested from day 41 onwards represents 80% for the trader.

Withdrawals of profits above the SafetyNet can be requested from day one. 100% of the first $8,000 in profits goes to the trader. After withdrawing the first $8,000 in profits, 80% of the profit will always go to the trader. You can get a larger profit share of 90% with some competitors including FTMO and Funded Trading Plus.

The $8,000 bonus applies to all accounts where the first and subsequent withdrawals are made above the Safety Net up to $8,000 in cumulative withdrawals.

UProfit Review



The UProfit platform of choice is the excellent NinjaTrader. It is a part of both your Live account and evaluation. You may, however, utilise any platform that Rithmic supports if you prefer. They do not have the popular MetaTrader platforms. If you are already familiar with that platform, you could take a look at E8 Funding as an alternative option.

UProfit Platforms
UProfit Platforms


Founded in 2003, NinjaTrader supports 500,000+ traders worldwide with a powerful and user-friendly trading platform, discount futures brokerage and world-class support. This innovative trading platform is always free to use for advanced charting, backtesting and trade simulation.



Rithmic is one of the most popular trading platforms for futures traders due to its low latency which facilitates high performance. Possibilities are endless with Rithmic as it allows you to build your own trading programs through its API, deploy them and connect them to the execution platform seamlessly.


R | Trader Pro

R | Trader Pro is Rithmic’s own front-end trading and real-time risk management screen. With R | Trader Pro you can view quotes, trades, market depth and option strikes in real-time. You can place, modify and cancel orders, and view order history, performance, positions and risk limits. R | Trader Pro supports trailing stops, brackets, OCOs, group orders, charting and uses a real-time interface to and from Microsoft Office Excel.

R Trader Pro
R | Trader Pro


With UProfit, you can trade Futures markets as they offer multiple trading Futures products coming from the CME, NYMEX, COMEX and CBOT. They have a wide range of global benchmark products across all major asset classes, including Equity Futures, Agricultural Futures, CBOT Interest Rates Futures, COMEX Futures, NYMEX Futures, CBOT Agricultural Futures, FX Futures, and CBOT Futures. If you want to trade financial instruments other than futures, Finotive Funding are another prop firm to consider.

Maximum capital$200,000
Profit split80%
News tradingYes
Weekend tradingNo
Automated tradingNo
Free trialNo
Maximum leverageN/A
UProfit Features

UProfit Review


Overall, UProfit Trader is among the top prop firms available to futures traders. Offering generous funding of up to $200,000, a straightforward 1-step verification process, professional trading platforms, clear rules, and a low monthly charge, they also have very simple verification requirements.

The business has undoubtedly established a solid reputation and enjoys significant levels of trust. This is supported by the positive ratings the company has received from a large number of reviews. UProfit may be worth looking at if you are a futures trader looking for a prop firm to register with.

8.3Expert Score
UProfit Rating

Join one of the UProfit funded programs with top trading conditions and capitalize on your futures trading skills to obtain a UProfit funded account up to $200,000 with an 80% profit share.


UProfit Review


Are there any consistency rules for UProfit?

No, UProfit does not have any consistency rules.

Can traders reset their UProfit accounts?

Yes, UProfit gives traders the option to reset their accounts. Every time a trader breaks a rule that results in the closure of his or her account, a reset is required. Situations when a reset is required result from breaking rules, such as exceeding the daily loss cap or dropping below the pro drawdown.

Resetting an account costs $99 and results in a new account balance as well as new restrictions for things like profit aim, daily loss limit, and pro drawdown. The reset does not, however, alter the trader’s monthly subscription’s renewal date.

To reset their accounts, traders only need to go to their Trading Dashboard and click “Reset.”

How does the monthly subscription work?

Every 30 days starting on the day of the initial payment, the monthly subscription is renewed. Until the trader meets the profit goal and advances to a funded account, the monthly membership and any subsequent renewals are active.

However, users of the Trading Dashboard are allowed to revoke their subscription at any time. Traders should be aware that monthly invoicing does not compensate for rule violations or recover the account balance. Reset is available and has no impact on the monthly payment because of this.

Additionally, breaking a regulation does not automatically cancel an active membership; traders must take this action themselves or get in touch with Uprofit support.

What is the next step after passing the UProfit evaluation?

The trader is qualified for and given access to a funded account after passing the UProfit evaluation. But when you sign the Live Account Agreement, you have to pay a one-time assignment cost. This charge will pay for the data expenses related to trading on a live account. UProfit will pay the costs for the following month. On the UProfit Live Account, the trader is not required to pay any monthly fees or penalties.

The associated assignment cost for each account size is listed below.

The assignment fee for the $9K account is $99
The assignment fee for the $25K account is $150
The assignment fee for the $50K account is $150
The assignment fee for the $75K account is $165
The assignment fee for the $100K account is $250
The assignment fee for the $200K account is $380

What happens if I hit my profit target in less than 10 days?

If this occurs, you must keep trading until you have completed 10 trading days, which is the requirement before the challenge can be declared a success. Send an email to the UProfit Support staff once you have met your profit goal while trading for at least 10 days. After that, the support staff will start looking into your account to see if you qualify for a funded account.

What is the max position size on UProfit regular contracts and micros?

The maximum number of contracts that can be traded on each account size is indicated by the Max Position Size. The contracts can be spread across a variety of instruments, so trading is not restricted to just one. However, this will rely on the amount of contracts that the trader selects to match the size of his or her account.

A trader who chose the 100K account, for instance, will have more contracts to spread across more than two instruments. However, a trader who selected the $50,000 account could only be able to split the contracts across two instruments.

The 25K account can have up to 3 contracts, 50K accounts can have 6, 75K accounts can have 8, 100K accounts can have 12, and 200K accounts can have 20 contracts. UProfit also provides micros, which are primarily found in the 9K account and have a cap of 5 micro contracts.

How can I withdraw from UProfit?

Two steps make up the withdrawal process:

1. Making a withdrawal request is the first step. Send the request the UProfit support team.
2. The needed information is then submitted and verified in the second stage. The desired sum will then be taken out of the trader’s account after that. The following day, during the next 24 hours, the payment will be sent. Withdrawals are typically handled Monday through Friday within 24 hours.

At UProfit, you may choose from the following payout options: Internal bank transactions for US clients (Zelle or ACH transfer) Transfers between foreign banks for customers outside of the US (via ldeel platform) Cryptocurrencies for PayPal (USDT or USDC).
UProfit Review
UProfit Review
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