Try2BFunded Review

Try2BFunded offer a trading challenges which can give you access to trade on a funded account of up to $250,000 to trade on the NASDAQ and NYSE with an 80% profit share.

Try2BFunded Review


Try2BFunded is a programme for choosing and funding traders. To complete the assessment and demonstrate your trading abilities without putting your own money at risk, they give you access to a demo account. Traders who pass the test are given real money funded accounts and can keep up to 80% of their profits. They grant individual discounts and special offers to traders with consistent and positive results.

Try2BFunded Website
Try2BFunded Website


Score Priority Prime Ltd, a Singapore-based provider of financial services, established Try2BFunded in 2018. It was a member of the Whotrades Traders community. In 2022 Try2BFunded was reorganised under Lime Prime Limited Hong Kong-based corporation and joined the group of financial institutions Lime Financial and Limex Social Network.

International traders and educated individual specialists can now access market data through Try2BFunded on funded and demo accounts. Because they are concerned about your financial wellbeing, the prop firm want all traders to succeed. After all, they will be getting a share of any profits that you generate, so it is in their own interest that you trade well.

Try2BFunded have a lot of experience observing, advising, and supporting traders as they complete the funded programme. The majority of their regulations have been put in place because they do not want traders to lose money by investing in high volatility or risky products.

  • Instant funding
  • 80% profit share
  • Scale up to $250,000
  • No time limits
  • Overnight and weekend trading alllowed
  • Competitive trading fees
  • Modern and intuitive trading platform
  • No MetaTrader, cTrader or NinjaTrader platforms
  • Stock trading only
  • Monthly subscription fee

Try2BFunded Review


Any good trader can get funded to trade with a real money account through Try2BFunded and keep up to 80% of their profits. There are two methods for funding an account: Using the straight funding option or finishing the certification programme are the two options. After making at least 6% in profits from trading with a funded account, you can begin withdrawing your earnings. Beginning trading with Try2BFunded is easy – just join up with only an email address required, and start trading.


The Try2BFunded process is very simple. You just need to choose the package that meets your needs the most and then take part in the trading challenge. If you pass, you will qualify for a funded trading account. The process goes as follows:

Free Demo Stage

Familiarise yourself with the platform and test your trading strategies using real-time data. While trading on demo, you can enjoy unlimited number of free restarts.

Try2BFunded Demo Stage
Try2BFunded Demo Stage

Qualification Stages

Prove you are a profitable trader during the classic or pro stages. There are no time restrictions but if you fail the first or second qualifying stage, you will be returned to the beginning of Stage 1. A user may alter the size of their account at either Stage 1 or Stage 2, without needing to open a new account. You would have to return to the stage’s beginning and choose a different amount.

Try2BFunded Stage 1
Try2BFunded Stage 1

Classic Stage

Within a minimum of 10 days, achieve a profit of at least 6% while avoiding weekly losses of 2% and drawdowns of 4%. The profit target is achievable but the drawdown is quite tight. However, this does encourage sensible money management which can be good for long-term success.

Try2BFunded Classic Stage
Try2BFunded Classic Stage

Pro Stage

The Pro stage requires you to demonstrate your ability to turn a profit while avoiding substantial losses, but there is no longer a profit target. Instead, 6 points must be obtained. The drawdown is still tight at 4% whilst the maximum position size is 20%.

Try2BFunded Pro Stage
Try2BFunded Pro Stage

Funded Stock Trading Account

If you pass the qualification stage, you can get access to a funded account which can be scaled up to $250,000 and a profit share of 80%. The drawdown is still 4% and maximum position size reduces to 15%.

Try2BFunded Account
Try2BFunded Account

Instant Funding

If you already have a successful trading strategy and the results to back it up, you can skip the evaluation process and hop straight into the instant funding account. If you want to get instant funding, just send an email to Try2BFunded with a request to get instant funding, pass the verification, and get a funded account right away.

Try2BFunded Instant Funding
Try2BFunded Instant Funding

Subscription and surcharge apply depending on your choice of account size. The $30,000 instant funded account cost $100 per month, whereas the $100,000 instant funded account cost $300 per month. These are relatively inexpensive when you consider that you can get a generous 80% profit share of all profit that you generate. That being said, the FTMO prop firm have an even greater 90% profit share.

Try2BFunded Review



All profitable traders can receive up to 80% of their profits through Try2BFunded. However, you can select a profit-sharing plan that works best for you as there are a couple of options as follows:

  1. For cautious traders, after achieving a 6% profit off of your initial investment, you get to keep flat 60% of your gains.
  2. Suitable for long-term, skilled traders; for your third withdrawal, keep up to 80% of your profits. For the first two withdrawals, some part of the profit must remain in your account. The balance remaining in your account provides a respectable initial profit and a free financial safety net you can use in the event of a downturn. With the third withdrawal, you can receive your 80% trader’s profit and retain it indefinitely.
Try2BFunded Payouts
Try2BFunded Payouts

Scaling Up

Try2BFunded analyse all of their funded accounts each month, and will scale up the top traders who consistently make monthly gains of at least 10%.

  • $30,000 funded accounts scale up to $50,000
  • $50,000 funded accounts scale up to $100,000
  • $100,000 funded accounts scale up to $150,000

For all traders who generate at least 10% profit per month, further scaling of up to $250,000 is available. You can contact them for details if you feel you will need further scaling.


Commission charges are emulated in Stage 1 and Stage 2 of the program, and will be applied on the funded real-money account. The fees are as follows: US Markets (NYSE, NASDAQ): $0.001 per share (min $0.20 per trade).


The maximum permitted size of the unresolved loss at any point during a specific contest stage is known as the “max drawdown.” The maximum daily loss that may be incurred in any particular day is known as the Max Daily Loss.

If you are in Stage 1 or Stage 2 of the program and incur a 4% drawdown or 2% daily loss, you will return to the beginning of Stage 1.

Deposit Turnover

Daily deposit turnover is the requirement to trade an amount equal to your account balance in a single trading day. This is a prerequisite for the program’s demo/paper trading phases so that traders can show they can make money while also controlling risk.

In Stages 1 and 2, traders are required to turn over their account balance once per day for five days and once per day for ten days, respectively. Not necessarily on consecutive days. To qualify for Stage 1, you must trade $100,000 worth of volume over five days using a $100,000 account. For Stage 2, the requirement rises to $100,000 in transaction volume over ten distinct trading days (or whatever the beginning account amount is).

Try2BFunded Review



The Try2BFunded Platform is a simplified, user-friendly platform that provides access to U.S. stock exchanges and a number of customised tools for traders (NYSE and NASDAQ). The platform is fully customisable with an intuitive interface. You can customise charts of all your favourite instruments and conduct technical analysis to find trading signals. You can place your orders, trade and manage positions directly from the charts. Choose preferable watchlist settings and set the alerts for trading with volatile stocks. If you would prefer to use a more well known platform such as MetaTrader, you can get both MT4/MT5 from SurgeTrader.


You can trade stocks and indices from the S&P 500, Russel 2000 and Nasdaq 100 (except for tickets with market cap size less than $250M and Average Daily Trading Volume less than 100,000 shares). The trading conditions are flexible and fees very competitive. They also provide access to live market prices for 30 days absolutely free of charge.


The Try2BFunded mentoring is an effective way for seasoned traders to provide others the chance to learn from a senior leader through a mentoring programme. In most situations, it is advantageous for both parties when experienced traders contact with novice or less experienced traders.

The goal of mentoring is to develop by drawing on the wisdom and experience of someone who has gone before you. The objective is to pair knowledgeable experts with those who could benefit from their knowledge.

Maximum capital$250,000
Profit split80%
News tradingYes
Weekend tradingYes
Automated tradingYes
Free trialNo
Maximum leverageN/A
Try2BFunded Features

Try2BFunded Review


Overall, Try2BFunded have a basic prop trading service which is simple, fair and transparent. There are no long drawn out or complicated rules designed to try and trip you up. They have their own proprietary trading platform where you can trade stocks on funded accounts for am 80% profit share if you pass the evaluation stage with achievable objectives.

On the other hand, the trading instruments are very limited with no forex, commodities or cryptocurrencies to trade. They also do not have the common MetaTrader, cTrader or NinjaTrader platforms. The initial challenge fees are reasonable starting at $100 but it is a monthly subscription cost. If these points do not bother you, then they are worth consideration although there are better prop trading firms out there.

7.2Expert Score
Try2BFunded Rating

Try2BFunded offer a trading challenges which can give you access to trade on a funded account of up to $250,000 to trade on the NASDAQ and NYSE with an 80% profit share.


Try2BFunded Review


How long does it take to get funded?

It depends on your performance, but minimum is 15 trading days.

How to get started with Try2BFunded?

Getting started with Try2BFunded is easy – just sign up using only email address, and start trading.

Can I trade from anywhere of the world?

Due to OFAC sanctions, they are unable to offer services with traders from the following countries: Cuba, Iran, Lebanon, Syria, North Korea, Libya, Sudan, Somalia.

How fast can I pass qualification program and receive a funded account?

As soon as you sign up, you’ll have access to the Try2BFunded trading platform. Depending on your trading style and profitability, it can take you a few days or a little longer to fulfil the qualification program’s objectives.

Are there any age restrictions?

Yes, the minimum age to participate in any of the programs is 18 years of age or older.

How many accounts can I have?

Try2BFunded distinguishes itself from its rivals by providing each trader with an unlimited number of demo accounts. Simply register with a different email address to receive a second free demo account! Please be aware that a trader may only have one funded account open at any given time.

Is my account a real money?

You will receive a demo account with virtual money but genuine market prices after you sign up with Try2Bfunded. Demo accounts are often utilised for qualifying programmes. A Funded Account, on the other hand, is one that has real money and real market quotes from liquidity providers.

Am I responsible for reimbursing any trading losses?

No, the participants don’t face any financial risks. At Stages 1 and 2, the monthly subscription rate ranges from $100 to $300. (depending on the initial account balance). The funded real-money accounts are likewise subject to this subscription cost each month. For a $30,000 account, the monthly cost is $100; for a $50,000 account, it’s $150; and for a $100,000 account, it’s $300.

Is it possible to put my monthly subscription on hold?

The recurring monthly fee is not set up automatically. You will have to manually pay it once a month to keep your account open. You will see a reminder on your screen to renew after your monthly subscription has ended. Please be aware that there is no reimbursement for any subscription fee payments that have already been made.

What does the monthly fee cover?

Real-time market data, customer service, and internal platform maintenance costs are all covered by the monthly subscription. It also takes into consideration the advantages of employing capital without any risk to users of funded real-money accounts. In essence, the cost is a monthly admission ticket to the programme.
Try2BFunded Review
Try2BFunded Review
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