True Forex Funds Review

The True Forex Funds prop firm grants you a funded account up to $400,000 with a an 80% profit share upon successfully completing a simple 2-Phase Evaluation Program whilst the company can directly cover your potential losses.

True Forex Funds Review


The fast-growing proprietary trading company, True Forex Funds, has a broad goal that includes ground-breaking technology and contemporary solutions for traders who are eager to improve in their careers. Upon passing the 2-Phase Evaluation Process successfully, the funding programme awards you up to $400,000 and the business can pay for any potential losses directly.

Their distinct vision enables them to inspire traders by assisting them in moving forward with clear trading rules and realistic profit targets. During business hours, the True Forex Funds customer service support team offers some of the best customer experience on the market with quick responses.

True Forex Funds Website
True Forex Funds Website


With a focus on funding skilled traders and a dedication to cutting-edge technology, True Forex Funds is a top-tier global proprietary trading firm that provides chances for day traders, scalpers, swing traders, and novice traders. The company is designed with traders in mind in order to uncover, support, and recognise exceptional people.

The management team of True Forex Funds established a business with the goal of developing the best and most transparent prop trading system. They are able to hand-pick some of the greatest technology solutions on the market due to their extensive experience in the forex industry.

With the goal of assisting retail traders and investors in bridging the gap between undercapitalization and institutional circumstances, the team of skilled professionals and seasoned traders formed an industry-leading prop firm.

Their knowledge and experience enable them to provide the best care possible for traders all over the world and ensure clients always come first. Traders now have new opportunities thanks to the data-based approach, which they are pleased to share.

True Forex Funds are committed to innovation, continuous improvement, and exploiting exceptional trading circumstances to create a space where thoughts are free to flow, originality is valued, and knowledge is rewarded.

  • Traders are entitled to an 80% profit share of what they achieve
  • MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms
  • Overnight and weekend trades are welcome
  • Automated trading, copy trading and news trading allowed
  • Great selection of trading instruments including forex, stocks, commodities and cryptos
  • Trade with very tight spreads from 0.0 pips and fast execution speeds
  • Get a funded account all the way up to $400,000
  • Bi-weekly profits
  • Refundable program fees
  • Free retries
  • Leverage up to 1:100
  • No free trial
  • No scaling plan
  • Competitive profit targets
  • Relatively new to the prop trading business
  • Competitors offer 90% profit share
  • Lack of educational content provided

True Forex Funds Review


Traders must successfully complete a 2-Phase Evaluation Program in order to access the funds of the organisation. To do this, you only need to show that you have the necessary talents by meeting their reasonable profit targets. Additionally, because True Forex Funds is looking for bright individuals, they have established a few straightforward trading objectives that traders must adhere to.

True Forex Funds Evaluation Phases
True Forex Funds Evaluation Phases

Evaluation Phase

Before becoming funded traders, True Forex Funds clients must successfully complete the evaluation process. To develop competence, one must put profitability and tenacity to the test. After the evaluation is finished, they will create a funded account.

To satisfy the needs of clients, they provide a variety of account options ranging from 10,000 to 200,000 specified in USD, EUR, or GBP currencies.

Phase 1Phase 2Funded
Trading period30 days60 daysindefinite
Minimum trading days5 days5 daysx
Max Daily Loss$500$500$500
Max Overall Loss$1,000$1,000$1,000
Profit Target$800$500x
Refundable Fee€89€89€89
True Forex Funds 10k Account

The three interrelated stages combine the Phase 1 and Phase 2 evaluation processes with the unique Funded Program. The process of opening an account and receiving the login information via email are both quick. To acquire your Phase 1 login information, simply create an account in the client section.

Clients move on from Phase 1 to Phase 2 or from the Evaluation to the Funded Program as soon as the requirements of the evaluation procedure are satisfied and the account is verified by the qualified team.

Clients can quickly become funded traders and begin earning at institutional-like rates, but this transitional phase is entirely dependent on the trader’s actions and level of readiness.

Phase 1

Starting your Evaluation process to see if you have what it takes to get a funded account. In order to pass the first step and move on to the second phase, they provide clients with a selection of trading tools, platforms, and options so they can trade in the method that suits them best.

  • 8% Profit Target
  • 5 minimum Trading Days
  • 5% Maximum Daily Loss
  • 10% Maximum Overall Loss
  • Trading Period up to 30 days
  • Registration fee

In Phase 1, True Forex Funds provides an all-inclusive agreement with a profit target of 8% that must be attained on all accounts within 30 calendar days. Additionally, they provide customers lenient trading conditions to conduct trades according to their own strategies.

The trading period begins with the first actual deal performed on the account since they think like traders and want to provide you with as much flexibility as possible. On the other side, clients do not have to use all 30 days because there are 5 required trading days. As soon as the 8% profit target was met and the account was validated, Phase 2 could begin right immediately.

This uniform evaluation not only draws customers, but it also promotes virtuous business practises. Whether trading proprietary products for the first time or a long time, these standard and straightforward rules make it simple for prop traders to meet the requirements for Phase 2 and get ready for the future funded account.

Phase 2

One step away to becoming a funded trader. Phase 2 gives traders the assurance that they follow their standard operating procedures because maintaining consistency and profitability can be difficult but possible. Most importantly, Phase 2 has added an additional 60 calendar days to comply with simpler rules.

  • 5% Profit Target
  • 5 minimum Trading Days
  • 5% Maximum Daily Loss
  • 10% Maximum Overall Loss
  • Trading Period up to 60 days
  • Free

Phase 1 shows the potential that proprietary capital offers. Phase 2 is designed to establish beneficial trading practises, consistent profitability, a methodical approach to trading, and reassurance of your commitment to the prop firm.

The trading period begins when the first real deal is entered into the account, and they also provide a minimum of five trading days for Phase 2. The trading goals are correspondingly simpler. On all accounts, the profit aim is restricted to 5% with a 60-day cut off period.

Once the account has been validated and the 5% profit target has been met, they will collect the standard KYC paperwork and set up the funded account.

Minimum Trading Daysxxxxx
Phase 130 days30 days30 days30 days30 days
Phase 260 days60 days60 days60 days60 days
Max Daily Loss$500$1,250$2,500$5,000$10,000
Max Overall Loss$1,000$2,500$5,000$10,000$20,000
Profit Target Phase 1$800$2,000$4,000$8,000$16,000
Profit Target Phase 2$400$1,000$2,000$4,000$8,000
Monthly Feexxxxx
Refundable Fee€89€189€299€499€998
True Forex Funds Accounts

Funded Trader

Pass the evaluation phases and start trading with substantial funds. They provide the funded account with easier rules than before after successfully completing the intended goals and successfully proving one’s identity, in accordance with regulatory requirements to keep True Forex Funds secure. This helps to ensure the success of prop traders.

  • 80/20 Profit Split
  • No minimum Trading Days
  • 5% Maximum Daily Loss
  • 10% Maximum Overall Loss
  • Indefinite Trading Period
  • Refundable Registration Fee

Becoming a funded trader is where True Forex Funds want to see all of their traders who began their adventure with them in the funded program.

All of the earlier stages served to empower clients to trade with assurance on the Funded Account. Less complicated rules now apply than those during the evaluation phase. There is no need for additional trading sessions or profit targets. In addition to upholding the Loss Limits, clients can appreciate having complete trading freedom.

The Funded Program has nothing to conceal or be pretentious about. If clients make it to this point, they have undoubtedly established their position. It’s quite straightforward. Traders are encouraged to maximise their accounts by following the tried-and-true approach.

True Forex Funds Review


True Forex Funds is there to improve your trading strategy and support your professional success. With no significant restrictions on your trading style, the system is designed to give you an extraordinarily smooth and transparent trading experience. The major objective is to locate reliable and successful traders for the prop firms constantly growing community, and they have established a few straightforward standards to abide by.

Profit Share

They provide traders with capital up to $400,000 so they can trade substantial accounts and potentially profit from trading the markets. 80% of the earnings made by True Forex Funds funded accounts go to traders whilst they even cover their losses. Whilst this is generous, there are other prop firms such as FTMO and Bulenox who offer a 90% profit share in comparison.


The profit split is done on a bi-weekly basis. The bi-weekly withdrawal period starts with the first actual trade placed on the funded account. All trades must be closed the previous day to process the profit split.

To easily determine eligibility for a payout, please check:

  • The time of placing the first trade on the Funded Account and add 14 to it;
  • The account balance (including equity) is positive;
  • The dashboard shows no violation of the Trading Objectives;
  • The of the trades are closed at the latest by 23:59:59 CE(S)T the day before the payout date.

After customers have had a chance to request their profit splits in the Client area, they tell them through email when their payout dates are approaching. Please be aware that the account will close after the profit split has been validated.

They begin the profit split according to the CE(S)T time zone on the distribution date. Additionally, the currently funded account will expire. Typically, the new login information and the initial deposit for a new account will arrive the next business day.

In contrast, if no profits are made but the trading objectives are met, the payout date will be automatically moved to the conclusion of the subsequent 14-day cycle. In this instance, if they add 14 to the 16th of the month, the next payout date will be the 30th.

Payout Example

The first biweekly payout date is on the 16th of the month if the first actual trade took place on the 2nd of the month. To the day of the first trade, they always add 14 days. The Client section also makes the commencement date available.

Trading Strategies

Unlike many other prop firms, True Forex Funds do not implement strict restrictions on your trading strategies. Their mission is to provide the best trading conditions possible during all market conditions allowing traders to focus more on their trading rather than whether or not they are breaking the rules.

If that is what makes one’s performance better, they support them. HFT is only allowed if it’s trading according to live conditions. Hedging is allowed on the same account. Martingale strategies are also acceptable. Signal services are permitted at the trader’s disposal. They do not have restrictions or limitations on stop losses or trading volume either.

Account management is not allowed, since they are looking to evaluate prop traders’ skills individually. Strategies that are not trading according to live conditions are not allowed. Simultaneously opening positions in opposite directions on different accounts is forbidden.

Expert Advisors

Trading tools, indicators, prop EAs and bots are allowed. Scalping, hedging, and automated trading are all welcome. Certain EAs and robots take advantage of the MetaTrader platform inefficiencies. Tick scalping, arbitrage bots, reverse arbitrage, latency arbitrage, hedge arbitrage or any emulators are prohibited.

News Trading

News trading is allowed during any macroeconomic event on all accounts. Traders can take advantage of news trading year-round. This is an advantage they have over many other prop firms who do not allow news trading. However, you should be wary of volatile market conditions around the time of major economic news releases.

Copy Trading

With only one click, you can manage several accounts. The only personal accounts that can be used for copy trading are those that belong to clients and are contractually bound to them. There are countless options including:

  • Copy trading between True Forex Funds accounts;
  • Copy trading from Funded-, to Evaluation accounts and vice versa;
  • Copy trading between True Forex Funds account and external accounts.


To provide you with trading circumstances that do not leave you feeling restricted, True Forex Funds have teamed up with a number of reliable exchanges and liquidity providers. You can start trading with spreads from just 0.0 pips thanks to the amazing environment that their raw spread accounts in place can offer you. They are constantly perfecting and facilitating their technology to provide the best possible trading conditions to traders.

Profit Targets

You can succeed and comfortably accomplish your financial objectives with the help of the modestly ambitious profit targets. The reliable biweekly payouts and 5-day minimum trading period are likewise designed to give you piece of mind.

For all accounts in Phase 1, the profit target is 8%, and for Phase 2 it is 5%.

Meaning a $100,000 account closed positions (balance and equity) have to reach $108,000 in Phase 1, while in Phase 2 $105,000. In other words, the accounts must generate profits of $8,000 in Phase 1 or $5,000 in Phase 2.


They are aware that the market may occasionally be volatile, that personal obligations may conflict with plans, or that unforeseen delays may dash hopes. For every 2-Phase Evaluation Account, they provide a Free Retry Plan.

You are eligible for a free retry to start over at the current stage if you don’t go over the loss limits and your account’s final balance is positive. With this prop firm, free retries are limitless and a great bonus because this is not something that many competitors provide. Instead, the majority require a retry fee if you wish to have another go.

Scaling Plan

True Forex Funds pay attention to and comprehend the needs of their traders. They honour success by methodically upgrading accounts with more capital next to rewards, which is why the programme has a built-in scaling plan to optimise one’s accomplishment. You can utilize the scaling up plan to increase wealth and the account balance. They award consist trading by upgrading successful funded account initial deposits with an added 25% in every three-month cycle.

If clients made an overall profit of 8% and had at least 3 withdrawals prior, they are eligible for a 25% initial deposit increase every 90 days. The loss restrictions (5% of Max Daily Loss and 10% of Max Overall Loss) are maintained at their standard levels during scaling up and are applied to the scaled-up accounts in accordance.

Upon deeper investigation, they will send fresh Phase 1 login credentials, typically the following business day, if a Phase 1 account’s 30 days of trading have expired but the Free retry requirements have been satisfied. They will promptly deliver a new Phase 2 account if the trading period for a Phase 2 account expired with a Free Retry Acceptance.

To meet the primary Trading Objectives right away, the new accounts will be opened with the original deposit.

Scaling Example

The scaling plan will take effect as of the first trade made on a funded account if a client opens a $100,000 account, passes the evaluation procedure, and is given the funded account. To be eligible for the scaling programme, traders must maintain their trading goals and make 8%, or $8,000, in profits on a $100,000 account. Naturally, earned earnings can be taken out at any point during the trading period without affecting the scaling plan, but at least three withdrawals must be made before the account is scaled up.

The initial qualifying scaling will increase the $100,000 account’s initial deposit by 25%, resulting in a newly funded account of $125,000. With no upside limits or limitations in place to warrant special attention to traders, the second qualifying scaling will add the first deposit of 25% to the beginning account size, resulting in a new funded account of $150,000, and so on.

Trading Days

To ensure that every successful trader can participate in the funding programme, they have adopted a 5 Minimum Trading Days policy for the evaluation process. As a result, they are able to draw in the best traders from across the world who want to work for a proprietary trading firm. Not many other prop firms have a 5-day minimum, Elite Trader Funding being an alternative option who do.


True Forex Funds use demo accounts for its customers with virtual money. This approach offers broad freedom to consciously manage risk. In order to emulate actual trading conditions, all accounts are simulated.

Since clients must deal with the potential of the actual markets and not just take advantage of demo accounts in simulated environments, this is vital to prepare for the Funded Program. The seamless technology fills the chasm between fantastical expectations and real-world experience.

While they look forward to welcoming them into the Funded Program, clients appropriately embrace the larger picture of trading in live conditions during the preparation process.

Merging Accounts

All users who want to enjoy trading their strategy with the Maximum Capital or concentrate on one account only may find a solution in merging their accounts. You can merge your accounts as you wish under your accounts section until the maximum capital allocation.

All funded accounts in the Funded Program can be merged into one another. The accounts must only have a clean trading history, meaning that no trades should be executed on them. Accounts with different platforms or currencies cannot be combined.

Trading Period

This is the max duration to pass a phase, in calendar days. The deadline is 30 calendar days for Phase 1 and 60 calendar days for Phase 2. The account must reach the profit goals in full throughout these number of days. The trading time will automatically end if the account achieves the targeted profit target within the allotted five trading days, and they will be notified right away to begin evaluating the account for the following step.

Maximum Loss

True Forex Funds demand that clients handle their accounts with a fair level of care to risk in order to ensure lifespan and prevent traders from operating unprepared or vulnerable in the trading environment. For these reasons, the general restrictions of 5% of Maximum Daily Loss and 10% of Maximum Overall Loss must be maintained by all accounts at all phases of validation.

The calculation considers closed and floating losses and profits, as well spreads, swaps and commissions. Max Loss means the equity cannot decline more than 10% of the initial deposit. Max Overall Loss is predetermined for the entire duration of the trading period.

Overnight Trading

Trading and holding positions overnight and over the weekend are acceptable. Every Sunday, 1 hour before the market opens, custom maintenance will occur on the server to ensure a weekly seamless trading experience. During this time instruments are not tradable.


By reducing risk and diversifying the portfolio to guarantee that funds are allocated equally, True Forex Funds would like to protect the business and the capital of clients. For any Funded Account, they are capable of allowing up to $400,000 per trader or strategy at any given time. Other accounts in other currencies, including €320,000 and £280,000, are also subject to the Maximum Capital limit.

Clients have the option of managing one master account with the most money or splitting it across several different smaller accounts. There are countless options (for instance, 4x$100,000 or 40x$10,000, etc.).

More accounts may have been purchased during the review process, in which case they can rest them to adhere to the maximum capital rule and then activate them if additional accounts are required to start trading on the Funded programme.

Please be careful not to register for several accounts using different registrations, as this is prohibited. This applies to the same strategies by expert advisors (EAs).


Simply said, leverage is more purchasing power given to the trader. By using leverage, traders can take part in larger transactions and increase their profits from positive market moves. However, leverage is a double-edged sword which can also increase potential losses.

The following leverages are suitable for expert traders’ demands and take risk management seriously. With the following fixed and unchanging leverage, they create the best circumstances as needed.

  • Forex pairs, Metals, Energies: 1:100
  • Indices: 1:100
  • Cryptocurrencies: 1:5
  • Stocks (DMA Equities): 1:10

Refundable Fee

The evaluation phase is essential for both clients and True Forex Funds since, in addition to the time, effort, and money the professional team invests in traders’ career chances, sponsoring them is in their best interests.

All accounts have one-time fees, which are the maximum amount that a customer may pay given that they cover any losses, meaning that traders cannot lose more money than this regardless of unfavourable trading decisions or market turbulence.

The price also covers all of the operating expenditures, such as staff, office supplies, technology panels, customer support, marketing, and all other necessary things that keep a business running smoothly and benefit customers.

However, the prop firm to value and reward excellence! When customers take their first profit split from the Funded Program, the initial charge for the relevant Phase 1 accounts will be reimbursed to their preferred payout method.

A trader is compelled to manage their account wisely and responsibly when they have a stake in the outcome, much like clients who send their funds for long-term outcomes rather than playing. They are searching for seasoned traders that can transact with proprietary capital and turn a profit.

High risk and possible rewards come with trading. Once trading has begun on the account or a person has violated the Trading Objectives, the charge is not recoverable. To prevent this, they require clients to thoroughly read and abide by the rules.

Breaching Rules

True Forex Funds Trading Objectives are tailored around Proprietary Trading. The Loss Limits are specified to allow for sufficient risk in order to preserve positive cash flow and avert further downturns. Breaching the Loss Limits is not cause for abrupt withdrawal from the programme; rather, it serves as a useful reminder of the areas in which, what, or how one may modernise their approach or plan.

Regardless of the account type, the relevant account is automatically deactivated from the dashboard if the Trading Objectives are violated. If the account balance (and equity) at the conclusion of the trading period in the evaluation is less than the original deposit, the same procedures are followed.

However, those who wish to become funded traders are given new opportunities. By creating a new account in the Client section, the evaluation can be started over. Please be aware that they do not offer discounts for repeat attempts.

On the other side, they will provide a Free retry account at no additional cost if the account trading time expires but the account balance (and equity) remain positive.

True Forex Funds Review



You can trade on the ever popular MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms. This is one of the most widely used retail trading platforms that comes with all of the tools you need for analysing the markets and making informed trading decision. You can build your own strategies, analyse various chart timeframes, place and manage traders all with relative ease. Not to mention, you can find thousands of free and paid add-ons for the platform.

MetaTrader 4 Platform
MetaTrader 4 Platform


True Forex Funds have a vast selection of forex and other CFD instruments which you can trade including indices, precious metals, commodities, energies, stocks and cryptos. There are plenty of major, minor and exotic currency pairs to choose from along with other asset classes. CFD trading enables you to speculate on the falling or rising prices of a financial instrument without needing to physically own the underlying asset.

Account Statistics

This is one of the top features of True Forex Funds and something that sets them apart from the crowd. You can browse to the “payouts” section of their website and see an up to date list of funded traders and payouts. This shows the account size, profit, country, drawdown, average win/loss, profit factor, win rate and other important statistics.

True Forex Funds Payouts
True Forex Funds Payouts

Trader Dashboard

A comprehensive selection of trading solutions is provided by True Forex Funds. With a fully customizable dashboard, take advantage of a huge selection of top market products and services all conveniently in one place. It can unlock trusted client’s expertise and foster outstanding growth with data and statistics of overall performance.

This comprehensive panel has built-in trading objectives, historical outlook, timestamps, and helpful features. For a user-friendly experience, investigation, and thorough insights, all information is derived from the True Forex Funds trading account and shown on the Dashboard.

Maximum capital$400,000
Profit splitUp to 80%
News tradingYes
Weekend tradingYes
Automated tradingYes
Free trialNo
Maximum leverage1:100
True Forex Funds Features

True Forex Funds Review


Overall, True Forex Funds has an exceptional offering for prop traders who are looking to take challenges and try to qualify for a funded trading account. The rules are very flexible without harsh restrictions being put on your trading strategies. You can trade a great selection of trading instruments on the intuitive MetaTrader platform. There are realistic targets to pass the evaluation phase which will grant you access to a funded account that goes up to $400,000 with a sizeable 80% profit share. Not to mention, you will even have the initial fee refunded with the first profit split from the funded account. These features amongst others such as a trader’s dashboard that is loaded with statistics, makes True Forex Funds one of the best prop firms in the business.

8.3Expert Score
True Forex Funds Rating

The True Forex Funds prop firm grants you a funded account up to $400,000 with a an 80% profit share upon successfully completing a simple 2-Phase Evaluation Program whilst the company can directly cover your potential losses.


True Forex Funds Review


Do True Forex Funds offer a free retry?

Yes, they offer unlimited retries for all evaluation accounts within the applicable circumstances. The new accounts will come with the original initial deposit, to pass the predominant trading objectives from the start.

What happens if the trading rules are breached?

Regardless of the account type, the relevant account is automatically deactivated from the dashboard if the trading conditions are violated. If the account balance (and equity) at the conclusion of the trading period in the evaluation is less than the original deposit, the same procedures are followed.

What is the profit share?

The profit split is 80% of the funded accounts closed profits. The profit split is done on a bi-weekly basis.

What trading strategies are allowed?

Generally speaking, all trading styles are welcome by True Forex Funds. They are not so harsh with restrictions as some other prop firms. Automated trading, news trading, overnight trading, weekend trading, copy trading and scalping are all allowed.

What are the loss limits?

There is a Max Daily Loss (5%) and Max Loss (10%). The calculation considers closed and floating losses and profits, as well spreads, swaps and commissions.

What instruments are available?

You can trade forex, indices, stocks, commodities (metals/energies) and cryptocurrencies.

How much leverage can I use?

Forex pairs, Metals, Energies: 1:100
Indices: 1:100
Stocks (DMA Equities): 1:10
Cryptocurrencies: 1:5

What documents do I need to provide?

Clients do not need to authenticate their accounts in order to sign up for the programme. To secure the prop firm and traders’ activities and to receive the Funded Account after successfully completing the Evaluation Process, Know Your Customer, or KYC, Documents are a regulatory necessity.

As a result, they don’t inquire until after Phase 2. This would just be a simple procedure, similar to recruiting at any company, since the Funded Program is a legitimate career opportunity. The documents listed below are acceptable.

Personal ID and Selfie: They accept any government-issued form of identification, including a current driver’s licence, passport, national identification card, and selfie.

The submitted documents’ Personal Information must match what is on the dashboard.

What trading platforms can I use?

They offer clients access to all accounts on the widely used MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms with spreads starting from 0.0 pips on both platforms to present some of the best conditions for scalping, day trading or swing trading per real market conditions.

What are the payouts and withdrawal options?

Payout options include Deel, bank transfer, or cryptocurrency. There are no commission charges for withdrawals.

Can you open multiple accounts?

Yes, you may make more than one account to complete the Evaluation Program. There is no real hard limit for how many accounts you can have. However, one trader or strategy cannot exceed $400,000 of capital allocation. In the Evaluation process, you can open multiple accounts and merge them when funds are available.

How long does the evaluation phase take?

There is no maximum trading days requirement, so it all will depend on how fast you can pass both Phases of the Evaluation Program.
True Forex Funds Review
True Forex Funds Review
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