TradingFunds Review

TradingFunds offer a one-step evaluation with very good trading conditions to qualify for a funded account with a scaling plan up to $2,000,000 and a generous 90% profit share.

TradingFunds Review


TradingFunds offers aspiring prop traders with a unique and transparent prop trading experience that helps separate them from the many other prop firms you see opening nowadays. They are looking for talented traders to join their funded trading program. You can take part in simple trader challenges and gain access to a lucrative funded account should you achieve the realistic goals outlined within the prop trading process.

TradingFunds have a leadership team that is comprised of experienced traders who know what to look for in a good trading strategy. They provide you with all of the tools and resources that are necessary for you to reach your full potential. After all, it is in their own interest that you are a successful trader as they will be getting a share of the profits for providing you with the funds to trade in the first place.

  • Clear and comfortable trading rules
  • No daily drawdown
  • Rapid scaling plan, up to $2,000,000
  • No minimum or maximum trading days
  • No delay in payouts
  • Refundable sign-up fee
  • No need to close trades overnight or before the weekend
  • Trade profitably with any style
  • Award-winning Eightcap broker traders can trust
  • Both MT4 & MT5 platforms available
  • Must trade at least once per 30 days
  • No instant funding account
  • Do not have a free trial

TradingFunds Review


One Step Evaluation

TradingFunds keep things nice and simple with a 1-step evaluation process that has been streamlined to make it more efficient and faster than other competitor prop firm programs. During this initial evaluation phase, traders just need to demonstrate that they have the knowledge and skills to reach very achievable targets on a demo account.

TradingFunds Evaluation
TradingFunds Evaluation

Once these goals have been achieved, TradingFunds provide you with a funded account along with access to a generous scalping plan and other exclusive resources that can help take your trading career to the next level. The funding levels range from $25,000 and can be scaled up to an impressive $2,000,000.

TradingFunds Review


TradingFunds have a clear set of fair and transparent rules that you need to follow in order to pass the trading challenge. If you breach any of the rules or fail to reach the targets, you will not qualify for a funded account but may be able to retake the program.


Unlike the majority of prop firms, they do not have any constraints on daily drawdowns, which means you can trade without limitations. However, all of the funding programs include a relative drawdown of 6% below the initial balance. This drawdown trails until you have reached the starting balance and then becomes fixed.

Trading Days

There are no minimum or maximum days which eliminates the pressure and allows you to trade in your own time so that you focus on your trading strategies. However, you must trade at least once per 30 days or else your account will become inactive.

Trading Strategies

TradingFunds are very flexible when it comes to the trading strategies they allow. You can trade during the news and hold trades over the weekend. Scalping is allowed but trades must be open for at least 30 seconds. They do allow hedging although you must use a stop loss unless you purchase the add-on that removes this requirement. Trade copying and automated trading with expert advisors are allowed provided they do not breach any of the rules.

Scaling Plan

The scaling plan lets you increase your funded account up to $2,000,000 which is up there with the highest in the industry. You can quickly and easily withdraw profits on a bi-weekly basis.

TradingFunds Scaling Plan
TradingFunds Scaling Plan


Another great advantage of the TradingFunds program is that you can get your initial fee to take part in the challenge refunded once you receive your second pay-out on any of the evaluation programs.

TradingFunds Review



With the help of the TradingFunds advanced trading dashboard, traders can effectively manage their accounts. Using this dashboard, traders can quickly keep an eye on the balances in their accounts, check their trading results, and withdraw their winnings.

Traders may get the information they need to make wise trading decisions from the panel’s real-time market data and analysis. All levels of traders may use this handy dashboard because it is made to be simple to use and intuitive. As mentioned earlier, TradingFunds are dedicated to provide funded traders the resources and assistance they require to be successful.


With TradingFunds, you can use the industry leading trading platforms in MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and MetaTrader 5 (MT5). You might already be familiar with these platforms as they are so popular amongst retail traders all over the globe. If not, they are very user-friendly and have a quick learning curve so that you can increase your chances of becoming a successful prop trader. Both platforms are equipped with all of the trading tools that you need to conduct in-depth market analysis and build solid trading strategies with sensible money management.

MetaTrader Platforms
MetaTrader Platforms


At TradingFunds, they have partnered up with EightCap. One of the leading trading brokers. They are a highly reputable and ASIC regulated broker that was established since 2009. They have very good trading conditions including tight spreads, low commission fees and rapid trade execution speeds.


When it comes to choosing a good prop firm, customer support is one of the top things that should be on your list. This is another area where TradingFunds excel. Their support staff members are well-versed in dealing with any queries or worries that traders could have. Because they are aware that every trader is unique and has various demands and problems, their support agents take the time to learn about each trader’s situation and offer customised help as necessary. If you have any queries or inquiries, they will answer your question in a prompt and efficient manner.

Knowledge Base

There is a knowledge base on the TradingFunds website where you can find a vast collection of articles and resources designed to help traders of all levels of experience. This resource provides something for every trader, whether you’re trying to study fundamental guidelines or are looking for advanced tactics to improve your success.

TradingFunds Review


Overall, TradingFunds are up there with the best prop firms for numerous reasons. Primarily, they offer very competitive prices for taking part in their trading challenge. It is only a one-step evaluation with realistic targets so a funded account is certainly achievable for confident traders. The trading conditions are very flexible as they allow most trading strategies without harsh restrictions like some other prop firms have to try and catch you out. This is backed by excellent support from a team that prioritize transparency, fairness, and integrity in all of their operations.

8.7Expert Score
TradingFunds Rating

TradingFunds is a prop firm where you can take part in trading challenges in order to qualify for a funded account and keep a generous 90% share of the profits. They provide a one-step evaluation process with no daily drawdown and funded accounts that can be scaled all the way up to $2,000,000 via the dynamic scalping plan each time you meet the set targets. Anyone can receive a funded account with minimal hassle by reaching the trading objectives.


TradingFunds Review


How do I become a trader with TradingFunds?

You must apply and successfully complete the review procedure in order to become a trader with TradingFunds. This involves showcasing your expertise in trading and risk management. You will get access to their trading capital if you pass the evaluation.

How much money can I trade with at TradingFunds?

Depending on how well each trader manages their risk and how well they perform, different amounts of trading funds are accessible to traders. To accommodate traders at various phases of their careers, the prop firm provides a variety of funding levels. You can receive anywhere from $25,000 to $2,000,000 in financing.

How often are payouts made to traders at TradingFunds?

Payouts are delivered by TradingFunds every two weeks. According to their trading success, traders earn their portion of the profits every two weeks. TradingFunds provide funded traders with attractive compensation structures that enable them to keep a sizeable amount of their income. The biweekly payouts give traders a reliable revenue stream and make it easier for them to successfully manage their finances.

Do TradingFunds accept USA traders?

Yes, traders from all around the world are welcome at TradingFunds. They have funded traders spread over a wide range of nations, and provide help in several languages. Please be aware, nevertheless, that certain limitations can be imposed in accordance with local laws. Before applying to trade with them, you should check their policies and guidelines.

What is the TradingFunds profit share once funded?

The profit split at TradingFunds is set 80% once you’re funded. However you can achieve up to 90% profit split by selecting the addon when signing up.

How do I withdraw my profit share?

TradingFunds traders have the freedom to request profit payouts whenever they want via their trader dashboard. Such requests, however, are only permitted once every 14 days. If a live account generates gains on its first day of trading, a withdrawal can be requested right away. To allow for compounding and account development, traders can also opt to maintain their earnings in the account.

What leverage can I trade with?

The leverage offered can go as high as 1:100, providing traders with significant trading potential. Initially, the leverage begins at 1:10 for Forex pairs and progressively rises as the trader advances through different levels.

Is TradingFunds a regulated entity?

TradingFunds do not handle client funds, trade on behalf of the public, or operate as brokers. This means that they are not required to be regulated. However, funded accounts of their traders are held by Eightcap, a broker that is regulated by ASIC.
TradingFunds Review
TradingFunds Review
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