trader2B Review

trader2B provide challenges for aspiring prop traders to show they have what it takes to get a partner-funded trading account of up to $150,000 on a 95% profit-sharing split.

trader2B Review


trader2B are a proprietary trading firm that provides stocks funded accounts to day traders. They have a very interesting program for beginners and experienced traders alike. They develop and educate traders, so they can take part in challenges for a chance to qualify for a funded account.

If you are new, then the ToroChallenge is a good way for you to learn day trading equities. With enjoyable, quick learning using a stock trading simulator for all stock trader levels to gain stock trading funded accounts, their next-level intuitive software ups your game.

trader2B Website
trader2B Website


Throughout the last ten years, trader2B has established a reputation for hiring, educating, and paying tens of thousands of traders worldwide through their affiliate companies. They are a trading company that combines challenges, trainings, and automated systems to make trading easier and let you concentrate on achieving full-time financial independence.

As a fintech business, they are dedicated to assisting day traders in succeeding by giving them the resources they need to improve their trading abilities, reduce their risk, and connect with top traders in funding firms. They provide transparent and affordable prices.

By expert training, coaching, hands-on trading, cutting-edge risk management, and real-time assistance, trader2B aims to assist traders at any level in increasing their profitability. Their prop trading software is divided into two sections. Via the ToroChallenge programme, you can progress towards a prop trading account, or if you have a strong trading history, they will give you the firm’s capital to trade equities on the NYSE and NASDAQ.

Proprietary trading presents an opportunity for any aspiring or experienced trader to trade the stock markets and have access to clever day trading strategies from seasoned market experts. At trader2B, they firmly think that everyone can succeed in the stock markets and attain the high-quality lifestyle of financial freedom they have always imagined.

  • Very generous 95% profit share
  • Up to $150,000 in funding
  • Various challenges to choose from
  • Refundable fee after first payout
  • Free 14-day trial
  • Innovative trade simulator
  • Trading games with prizes
  • MyMetrics trader dashboard
  • Good educational content
  • Dedicated customer support
  • Stock trading only
  • No cTrader, MetaTrader or NinjaTrader platforms
  • Quite high challenge fees
  • Monthly subscription
  • No overnight trading or weekend holding
  • Reset fee

trader2B Review



Taking the ToroChallenge membership is the first step. Online video courses, trade statistics, a trading chat room, and other advantages are included with the subscription. ToroChallenge is a genuine stock market simulator that offers real-time market trading experience with the use of cutting-edge technologies.

To complete the ToroChallenge, traders must accept the challenge and abide by the guidelines. Those who succeed in the challenge receive a complete subscription fee refund. There is no timeframe as long as you hit the profit target.

The traders that successfully completed the ToroChallenge and learnt how to day trade are eligible for a fully funded trading account from trader2B. They can trade without putting their own money at risk, and they get to retain up to 75% of the gains they make.

trader2B Challenges
trader2B Challenges

The challenges range from $299 per month for the $25,000 account and go all the way up to $699 per month for the $150,000 account. The main difference between the accounts being the buying power you get.

Unlike most prop firms, there is a monthly fee but you can cancel at any time and the initial ToroChallenge subscription reimbursement will be paid out to the trader once they request their first payout from their Live Trading Account.

There are a whole host of useful features you can get on the accounts, including the following:

  • Real-Time Market Data.
  • WebTrader, iOS and android Apps.
  • Daily Reports
  • Online Video Courses
  • Performance KPI’s.
  • Trading Analytics.
  • Library of Video and Resources.
  • API development assistant.
  • Dedicated online and phone support.

The ToroChallenge offers no pressure learning with a subscription level for all skill levels and budgets. Become a member and select a plan that fits your trade expertise and financial comfort level.

The ToroChallenge requires traders to demonstrate their abilities through simulation trading. The goal is to make the desired profit with 200 rounds of trading and a net consistency of at least 50% while abiding by all restrictions. The net profit threshold is the amount that must be reached after finishing any of the Toro programmes in order to be eligible for a Funded Live Account.

trader2B Review


Funded Account Rules

There are some basic trading rules that you must follow in order to pass the evaluation phase:

  • Prior to 16:00 EST, all positions need to be flat. No positions may be held overnight.
  • The daily maximum loss will be decreased to half on the second trading day if the trader hits the daily maximum on the first day. The daily maximum loss will be cut in half on the third day if the trader hits the daily maximum on his second trading day. The trader’s access to live trading may be restricted if he loses money three days in a row or if the overall balance is negative.
  • Due to poor risk management, the trader’s access may be suspended if they lose more than 50% of the equity in one day or exceed their daily maximum loss.
  • Traders can return to the ToroChallenge and reaffirm their qualifications at their own expense.
  • Once their Total Balance is positive, traders’ daily maximum loss will be reset to normal.
  • Reach the profit target of 6% with a minimum of 200 round trades with a Win Rate of 50% or more.

Daily Loss

Your Daily Total PNL cannot at any time throughout the trading day reach or exceed the Daily Max Loss Limit (9:30am – 4:00pm). Any open trading positions may be flattened, any pending orders may be cancelled, and your account may be barred from making any further trades until the start of the following trading day if at any point your Total PNL does surpass this amount for your account (9:30am). Based on each trader’s Overall PNL, which takes into account both realised and unrealized trade PNL values, the Daily Max Loss Limit is calculated. For instance, the Daily Max Loss in a $100K ToroChallenge is $500. Thus, the Daily Max Loss is deemed to be breached and you will not be able to trade for the remainder of the trading day if at any moment throughout the trading day your Total PNL hits or surpasses -$500.

Position Size

The maximum number of shares for one symbol position is known as the Max Position/Symbol. You can only trade a maximum of 1000 shares per symbol, for instance, if your Max Position is 1000 shares. Several symbols may be traded simultaneously.


Monthly calculations are used to determine the withdrawals. Depending on the gains from the previous month, trader2B offers rewards every two weeks or once each month. The first and third weeks of the month are when you can seek a payout. At the conclusion of each month, the balance of the trader’s account will be changed. Payments can be made through a bank wire transfer or PayPal. The profit share is 95% to 5%, in favour of the trader. This is very high compared to the industry average. Finotive Funding being another prop firm with a 95% profit payout.

Account Reset

You can reset your account balance and rules at any time during the ToroChallenge for $100 for one account reset because the challenge is made to let you learn from your errors in a secure setting. You can view how many resets are available on your account by entering into your dashboard.


Once you request your first payout from your Funded Trading Account, trader2B will reimburse your ToroChallenge original subscription fee. Your net payment (after the split) must be at least twice as much as your initial subscription in order to qualify for the reimbursement. Example: You paid $299 per month to subscribe to Toro25. Your net payout must be $600 or greater in order to seek a payout.

trader2B Review



trader2B has continued to set the standard when it comes to simulated trading. With the help of the trader2B apps, you may instantly connect from any location to the simulated real-time markets and your accounts. They are user-friendly with an intuitive interface that is easy to navigate so you can conduct your trading activity with minimal fuss. Market depth Level 2 view data lets you see execution orders and follow trades routing.

Trader2B WebTrader

The flagship WebTrader offers simple navigation, intuitive usage, and one-button access to multiple product trading, order management, charts, several watch lists, customising workspace, and reports.

trader2B WebTrader
trader2B WebTrader

Haywood Trader Pro

You get access to Level I and Level II market data, keyboard trading, custom routing functionality, ladder view, and rapid order trading with Haywood Trader Pro. Using charting and technical analyses, you may examine news and trade ideas. trader2B is offering Haywood Trader, but you can bridge it with your preferred platform using API.

Haywood Trader Pro
Haywood Trader Pro


The trader2B prop firm only support stock trading at this time. Funded Traders have access to U.S. Equities and Securities from NASDAQ and New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). They do mention that they have plans to add other asset classes such as forex and cryptos in the future. If you are looking to trade these instruments, then you might want to consider another prop firm such as The Funded Trader instead.

trader2B will pass-through the trading fees, as follow: SEC fee (Sell Side); percentage per million dollars on the executed order. Exchange fees can be credit or debit depends if your order it’s an aggressive (MKT order) or passive (Limit Order). Commission fee is $0.003 /share, which is considered to be the lowest on the market.

Professional market data will range from $85 – $300 depending on which data does trader requires such as Level 1, Level 2, Total Open View, and so on. Professional market data will only be available for Pro/Funded Traders once they complete their ToroChallenge program.


MyMetrics, provided by trader2B and accessible from the Dashboard, is made available to Toro subscribers. This provides traders with a thorough overview of their trading history, allowing them to assess and enhance their trading tactics.

Use the MyMetrics reporting system to monitor your progress. To gain a deeper understanding of your trading patterns, use a trading and goal-tracking log along with 30 trading margin measures. Also, your data generate recommendations to assist you in completing the ToroChallenge.


You may simulate what it’s like to work as a genuine Wall Street trader by playing gamified trade scenarios. This fascinating game teaches short-term trading in stocks, cryptocurrencies, futures, and forex. Also, players are engaged and their trade performance is improved by themed challenges and customised daily goals.


Learn to trade with virtual stock market games. Get a grip on how the market works with fun, fast-paced trading games online. Strategize and hone skills as you:

  • Unlock Rewards & Earn Leader board Spots.
  • Monitor Players’ In-Game Progress.
  • Stay Engaged with Personalized Daily Goals.
  • Interpret Market Trends & Accurately Read Charts.

Join a team of up to 20 pals or take on the Solo Challenge. Skills are developed through quick-fire multiplayer tasks that let you get points and unlock rewards. To buy and sell stocks in “Highest Balance” mode, gain wedges. Your ability to make quick decisions and solve problems improves with solo play. Compete against friends or dynamic fictional characters that become increasingly more difficult to defeat. You can test situations and properly respond to market behaviour by using replay mode.


You have access to outstanding educational resources thanks to trader2B. You have access to a variety of subjects in their training video library. You can comprehend and remember more information if the chapters are short. Short tests help you build your knowledge base.

Free Trial

A 14-day trial account with real-time market data is available from trader2B. While the trial account’s goal is to let traders get familiar with the platform and its features, traders using it will not have the opportunity to apply for a funded live account.

Subscribers are encouraged to become familiar with the platform and its features during the trial time. The outcomes of the trial are not used for the ToroChallenge.

Maximum capital$150,000
Profit split95%
News tradingYes
Weekend tradingNo
Automated tradingYes
Free trialYes
Maximum leverageN/A
trader2B Features

trader2B Review


Overall, trader2B have a unique and innovative offering that does something a little different to the majority of proprietary trading firms. Yes, they do have a range of funding challenges which can qualify you for a funded account, but they also have some other interesting features.

Trader2B has been assisting traders in realising and accomplishing their monetary objectives. Their goal is to create the biggest virtual trading floor in the world. By offering coaching, finance, and training, they assist traders in achieving financial freedom and trading from the convenience of their homes.

The profit share of 95% is very generous and there are various challenges for different types of trader. You can trade on modern platforms but they don’t have MetaTrader, cTrader or NinjaTrader. If you are familiar with these platforms, you might want to consider Alphachain Traders as an alternative option. They also only offer stock trading at the moment so options are limited in that sense.

If you can see past the limitations and want to try something different to what most prop firms offer, then there is always the free trial to see if trader2B can meet your expectations.

8Expert Score
trader2B Rating

trader2B provide challenges for aspiring prop traders to show they have what it takes to get a partner-funded trading account of up to $150,000 on a 95% profit-sharing split.


trader2B Review


How long it takes to compete the ToroChallenge?

Trading is not a skill that can be mastered overnight, They suggest a 3 months time to be able to learn and practice.

Who can use trader2B?

trader2B are able to serve traders from all around the world who are 18 years of age or older since they provide a remote day trading option. Anyone can join without a licence, but traders from Quebec won’t be able to trade because they could need an AMF licence.

Is there a deposit required for my account?

There is no capital investment or risk deposit required.

Can I have more than one active account or can trade as a group?

They are aware that some traders may have unique trading techniques that call for many accounts, and they are willing to allow them as long as they abide by the rules, such as not engaging in wash trading within the accounts. And yes, they have the resources, tools, and facilities necessary to host large gatherings and educational institutions.

Can I use my own algorithms to trade with trader2B?

Yes. They provide C#API access to Advanced Toro150 3months subscribers to trade using their own algorithms.

Is trader2B a Broker?

No, trader2B is a stock trading simulator that that provides funded trading accounts to those who have proven themselves in the ToroChallenge.

After proving myself, do I still have to pay the monthly Toro subscription?

You won’t need to pay the monthly ToroChallenge subscription once you become a Funded Trader. You will just be required to pay $154 per month for the professional real-time market info.

How do I subscribe to ToroChallenge?

Any of the ToroChallenge Plans can be chosen based on your goals and experience. The majority of Toro100’s members have sufficient purchasing power.

What happens when I pass the ToroChallenge?

They fund the trader right away; it takes about 3-5 business days to set up their funded account. You can send an email to support and the admin will be in contact with you for the requirements for setting up the Funded Account.
trader2B Review
trader2B Review
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