TopTier Trader Review

TopTier Trader offers up to $600k in funding and a 90% profit share to empower successful traders worldwide to start earning like the pros!

TopTier Trader Review


TopTier Trader is a prop trading firm looking for seasoned traders. They have developed a 2-Tier review process to determine whether a trader possesses the needed knowledge. To determine if a trader has what it takes to become a TopTier Trader, they have created a 2-Tier evaluation process.

Traders who successfully complete the evaluation are given the opportunity to join the Top Tier Proprietary Trading Firm, where they can manage funds remotely and continuously expand their account thanks to a scaling strategy.

TopTier Trader Website
TopTier Trader Website

Cue Banks and Anthony of Anthony’s World, founded TopTier Trader to address the problems that traders encounter when trading a challenge. As a TopTier Trader, you are eligible to keep up to 90% of the profits you generate on the funded accounts. In the event of any loss, the company will cover it.

  • Funding up to $600,000
  • Profit share from 80% to 90%
  • Realistic profit targets
  • Flexible trading conditions
  • User-friendly MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform
  • Weekend holding and news trading allowed
  • Account scaling options
  • Expert advisors and copy trading allowed
  • Leverage goes up to 1:100
  • One free evaluation retry
  • Handy traders dashboard
  • Frequent competitions
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Do not have MetaTrader 5 (MT5)
  • Equity-based drawdown on Top Tier Plus accounts
  • Some accounts have more restrictions than others
  • Lack of stock instruments
  • No free trial

TopTier Trader Review


Follow the trading objectives, demonstrate your trading abilities and discipline by hitting the realistic profit targets, and you’ll pass the two-step evaluation procedure and get funded in less than ten days. The signup fee is fully refundable upon receiving your first payout. Continue to trade consistently and you can receive up to 90% of your earnings.

Becoming a TopTier Trader is simple, you just need to follow the steps below to get started:

  • Head over to the pricing section on the home page.
  • Select the challenge size you would like to take.
  • Proceed to check out and make payment for the challenge.

You will receive your account details in a welcome email and be able to access the trading platform and dashboard within a few minutes to a few hours, depending on your payment option. They currently accept card and crypto payments.

Challenge TypeTTT Challenge RegularTTT Challenge SwingTTT Challenge Plus
Tier 1 Target10%10%8%
Tier 2 Target5%5%5%
Daily Drawdown5%5%5%
Max Overall Drawdown10%10%8%
Minimum Trading Days4 Days4 Days4 Days
Initial Payout Period30 days30 days14 days
EA (Trading Robot)
Copy Trading
Weekend Holding & Trading
Account Scaling
90% Payout Scaling
TopTier Trader Challenges


Tier 1 is the initial stage of the evaluation procedure. To move on to Tier 2, you must be successful here. By sticking to the trading objectives, you can show off your trading skills and discipline. You must reach the profit objective within 30 days without experiencing any drawdown violations in order to move on to Tier 1. The evaluation’s first phase, Tier 1, lasts 30 days and has a 10% profit target. It must be at least 7 trading days. If you reach the trading goal earlier than expected, you do not need to wait the remaining number of days. Your daily loss (drawdown) cap will be 5% of your starting amount for the day.

Account SizePrice
Regular Challenge Prices

Every day at 5:00 PM Eastern Time, the maximum amount you can lose in a single day will be re-evaluated. Your maximum cumulative loss, also referred to as a “drawdown,” is capped at 10% of the account’s initial value. They account for all earnings and losses resulting from floating assets when determining the drawdown. You will be obliged to open a new account if you fail the evaluation as a result of a drawdown violation. To graduate to Tier 2, your account must be in good standing and have a balance greater than the target.

TopTier Challenge Regular Account
TopTier Challenge Regular Account

The second and last step in getting a TopTier Funded account is Tier 2. If you pass Tier 2 and your results are confirmed, you will be requested to trade for the company. The second challenge tier has a 60-day duration and a 5% profit target. Additionally, there is a 7-day minimum trading time. You can lose up to 5% of your daily beginning amount each day (drawdown). With the exception of trading days and profit objectives, the rules are comparable to Tier 1’s.

Account sizePrice
Swing Challenge Prices

Weekend trading is not allowed for TopTier Challenge Regular accounts. On Friday at 4 PM EST, TopTier Challenge Regular accounts will be closed, and all assets will be liquidated. Additionally, using EA on a TopTier Challenge Regular account is prohibited.

TopTier Challenge Plus Account
TopTier Challenge Plus Account

Remember that there is an inactivity restriction. The account will be immediately deleted and you will have to complete the challenge again if you do not log into your TopTier Challenge Regular or TopTier Challenge Swing account within 14 days of the day it was provided by the broker, which would be the day of your purchase. You should also be informed that TopTier Trader only provides its users with demo accounts. Even once you become a funded trader, you will always have access to a demo account with virtual funds.

TopTier Trader Review


Traders must always be aware of all applicable rules when trading under a funded account. If you breach any of the trading conditions, you will fail the challenge. Before beginning the challenge, be sure to review the regulations. Please feel free to contact the live help if you have any questions about the rules.

Daily Loss

The daily drawdown cap is 5% for traders. Depending on the type of challenge, this is determined by your day’s beginning balance and/or equity and is determined at 5 PM EST. Consequently, the equity in your account should never go below 94% of the equity or starting balance for the day.

For instance, if your balance and equity on the Regular and Swing accounts were $100,000 at 5 PM Eastern Time, your daily drawdown cap would be $5,000. This means that the equity in your account cannot fall below $95,000.00.

On the plus account, your daily drawdown limit would be $5,250.00, which is based on your equity because it is larger than the amount, if you had a balance of $100,000 and equity of $105,000 at 5 PM EST. This means that the equity in your account cannot fall below $99,750.00.

Maximum Loss

Depending on the type of challenge, your account equity may never go below 8% or 10% of the initial value of your account.

For instance, if you start with $100,000 and your maximum total gain is 8% ($8,000), then the equity of your account shouldn’t ever go below $92,000. The same holds true if your maximum overall loss is 10% ($10,000), which means that the equity in your account should never go below $92,000.

Tier 1 Profit Targets

Depending on the type of challenge you are taking on, you must turn a profit of 8% or 10% in Tier 1 within a 40-day window. After accomplishing this, you will move on to Tier 2.

For instance, in order to move on to Tier 2 if you trade a $100,000 account on Regular and Swing challenge, you must make 10% ($10,000) in Tier 1. If it were a Plus challenge, however, you would need to earn 8% ($8, 000) in Tier 1 in order to go on to Tier 2.

Tier 1 Profit Targets

Depending on your challenge type, you would need to produce 5% profit within 60 or 70 days once you reached Tier 2. Once you’re successful, you’ll move on to TopTier, the funded stage.

For instance, in order to move up to TopTier, you must make 5% ($5,000) in Tier 2 on a $100,000 trading account.

Trading Days

Traders must trade for a minimum of 4 days during the designated trading periods in order to complete the TopTier funded challenge. On each of these days, at least one position must be made available. This enables traders to improve their trading practises and guarantee that they are consistently making money.

Trading Strategies

Even while TopTier Trader tries not to limit traders’ trading styles, there are some trading strategies that they have labelled as “cheating” since they provide demo accounts an unfair edge. Any trader who is found employing a strategy that they have assessed to be against the rules, including but not limited to those listed on this page, would have their funded or challenge accounts breached because they would have broken the terms of use policy.

Below are some of the prohibited strategies:

  • Grid Trading
  • Latency arbitrage
  • Reverse arbitrage
  • Tick scalping
  • Account management
  • Signal trading
  • High-frequency trading
  • Martingale
  • Hedging between accounts
  • Guaranteed limit orders
  • Data feed manipulation
  • Trading on delayed charts
  • Macroeconomic trading during high impact reports and being filled at an unrealistic price due to the volatility.

News Trading

On the Tier 1 and Tier 2 accounts, news trading is permitted. However, there are some limitations on the TopTier Funded accounts (Regular and Swing). It is worth noting that the news restriction rule does not apply to the Plus Model.

For the period of four minutes (two minutes prior to and two minutes following the release of a red folder event from Forex Factory), TopTier Funded accounts are not allowed to open new trades or terminate existing trades on instruments that are the target of red folder macroeconomic events.

For the avoidance of doubt, opening, terminating, or altering a pending or market order constitutes executing a trade. Red folder macroeconomic events that are targeting certain instruments must have been open for more than two minutes before the restricted red folder macroeconomic event.

Please be aware that all profits from such transactions would be reversed, and the member will be warned, if your trade were to shut due to your SL/TP being triggered before or after the red folder macroeconomic event.

The account will be completely breached and cancelled without further notice after three warnings.

Weekend Trading

If the instruments are tradable on the weekend, they provide weekend trading on the TopTier Challenge Swing and TopTier Challenge Plus accounts (e.g. cryptocurrencies). Weekend trading is not permitted on the TopTier Challenge Regular accounts, though. On Friday at 4 PM EST, all positions on TopTier Challenge Regular accounts will be liquidated.

Expert Advisors

On the TopTier Challenge Plus accounts, prop firm EA usage is permitted. On the TopTier Challenge Regular or TopTier Challenge Swing accounts, however, they do not permit them.

Copy Trading

Copy trading is permitted on the TopTier Challenge Plus accounts. On the TopTier Challenge Regular or TopTier Challenge Swing accounts, however, they do not permit them.


Traders are permitted to scalp their trades. On scalp positions, they do not have a lot size restriction, but they do exercise proper risk management as if it were your own actual account.


You must both be eligible for a payout and submit a request through your trader’s dashboard in order to obtain a payment. Please be aware that you must fulfil the following requirements in order to be eligible for a payout:

First Payout Request

  • 14 or 30 days from the first trade on the account depending on the account type
  • No active trades on the account

Subsequent Payout Requests

  • 14 days from the first trade after the last payout on the account
  • No active trades on the account

Payout Methods

  • Crypto
  • Deel

After they have received confirmation from the trader about their payout amount and details, in the instance of a cryptocurrency payout, payouts will be completed within 24 to 48 hours.

For traders to get Deel rewards, they must have a Deel contractor account. As a result, in order for them to issue you a Deel contract on which you will get your payouts, you will need to open a Deel account using the email that is registered on the platform.

Please be aware that any transaction fees associated with processing your payout are your responsibility. Additionally, until your payout has been processed, your account will be set to read-only.

Only accounts with complete KYC verification by their verification partner Sumsub will receive payouts.

Please take note that regardless matter how profitable the funded account is, you will never be qualified for a reward if you violate it.

TopTier Trader Review



All trading with TopTier is done using demo accounts with virtual funds using Vital Markets. The broker is committed to providing a superior trading experience that is submerged with transparency and modern technology. They have spreads from just 0.1 pips and plenty of liquidity to help ensure they can deliver reliable trade execution speeds at the best available prices.


You can trade with this prop firm on the highly popular MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform. This is by far one of the most popular forex trading platforms for both retail and institutional traders. It is known for its user-friendly interface which can be fully customised according to your own needs. The MT4 platform is packed with a vast array of powerful trading tools for conducting in-depth market analysis on all of your favourite symbols. It makes everything from analysing chart to place and managing trades as convenient as possible. However, they do not currently provide the newer MT5 platform. If that is your platform of choice, you might want to take a look at E8 Funding as they have both MetaTrader platforms.

MetaTrader 4 Platforms
MetaTrader 4 Platforms


TopTier Trader have a good selection of financial instruments for you to choose from including forex, commodities, indices and crypto. There are plenty of major, minor and exotic currency pairs to satisfy forex traders. Forex currency pairs have a commission of $5 per lot which is very reasonable when you consider some brokers charge $7 and upwards per lot per round turn. However, they could improve by adding some individual stocks. If that is what you are looking for in a prop firm, then you might want to consider Lux Trading Firm as an alternative option.


Forex currency pairs have a commission of $5 per lot which is very reasonable when you consider some brokers charge $7 and upwards per lot per round turn.


The relationship that TopTier Trader have with their partner broker was created to satisfy the needs of running a prop firm. The leverage in particular instruments must be reduced in order to not expose them to more risk than necessary in the case of a price gap or extremely volatile market since you are permitted to keep transactions overnight and over the weekend on some challenge accounts.

TTT Challenge Regular

  • 1:100 – Forex
  • 1:40 – Gold & Commodities
  • 1:30 – Indices
  • 1:2 – Crypto

TTT Challenge Swing

  • Forex 1:30
  • Gold and Commodities 1:10
  • Indices 1:5
  • Crypto 1:1

TTT Challenge Plus

  • 1:100 – Forex
  • 1:40 – Gold & Commodities
  • 1:30 – Indices
  • 1:2 – Crypto

TopTier Trader Leader Board

On the leader board, you can see the top performing traders along with all of the vital statistics such as return percentage, profit factor, drawdown, days trading, etc. This is a collection of the top 10 TopTier Traders who are eligible for payouts. They have chosen to only display the top 10 for motivational purposes.

TopTier Trader Leader Board
TopTier Trader Leader Board

Traders Dashboard

A crucial tool for tracking your challenge in real-time is the trader’s dashboard. You may keep track of your accounts, drawdown caps, profit goals, trade history, account performance, payment requests, etc.

TopTier Trader Dashboard
TopTier Trader Dashboard


TopTier Trader run competition that you can take part in. Depending on their ranking, the top 3 traders in the tournament will receive a free challenge account in addition to being proclaimed winners. The challenge account would be completely free, and passing it would allow the trader to receive funding. In order to claim their prize, contest winners will be notified within 5 to 10 business days.

Below are the prizes based on ranking:

  • 1st place – Free $200k Challenge
  • 2nd place – Free $100k Challenge
  • 3rd place – Free $50k Challenge
Maximum capital$600,000
Profit split90%
News tradingYes
Weekend tradingYes
Automated tradingYes
Free trialNo
Maximum leverage1:100
TopTier Trader Features

TopTier Trader Review


Overall, there isn’t that much to actually distinguish TopTier Trader from other prop companies. This is not a problem as it indicates they are doing what is expected in the business and are aware of what works. The majority of conditions you will find with competitors, from the trading rules to the profit share and scaling plan. You can ask for a review of your trading performance every three months. This suggests that if you remain consistent throughout the year, you could potentially experience a rise in capital four times every year.

Top Tier Challenge assessment programmes are typical two-phase industry evaluation challenges that must be finished in order to be sponsored and qualify for profit sharing. Before becoming financed, Top Tier Trader asks traders to meet profit targets of 10% in phase one and 5% in phase two, which are reasonable trading goals given that you must adhere to a 5% daily maximum and 10% maximum loss regulation. You can scale your accounts and receive 80% profit splits through Top Tier Challenge evaluation programmes.

Top Tier Challenge Plus evaluation programmes are likewise typical two-phase industry evaluation challenges that must be finished in order to be sponsored and qualify for profit splits. Before becoming financed, Top Tier Trader needs traders to meet profit targets of 8% in phase one and 5% in phase two. These are reasonable trading goals given that you must adhere to a 5% daily maximum and 8% maximum loss restriction. You can scale your accounts and earn profit shares at 80% to 90% with Top Tier Challenge Plus evaluation programmes.

In conclusion, despite being offering relatively standard challenges and funded accounts, TopTier Trader are certainly worth consideration for anyone looking to take part in a funded account challenge with straight forward rules and competitive pricing.

8Expert Score
TopTier Trader Rating

TopTier Trader offers up to $600k in funding and a 90% profit share to empower successful traders worldwide to start earning like the pros!


TopTier Trader Review


When does my challenge officially start?

Once you make your first trade at TopTier Trader, the challenges officially begin. You will need to contact them via live chat or email to request new account information if your account has been dormant for longer than 14 days.

Is the TopTier account live?

On TopTier Trader, every account is a demo. They will give you access to a demo account with fake money even after you become a funded trader. This account will be linked to the main live account, which uses copy trading software to execute transactions on the live market.

In addition to helping them increase their risk tolerance, offering a demo account is an industry norm when it comes to the issue of funded accounts. They anticipate funded traders to conduct trading and account management in the same manner as live accounts.

Is there a lot size limit?

The Tier 1 and Tier 2 accounts do not have a lot size limit on any pair, as such you may trade the accounts using any lot size you wish across all pairs. All TopTier Funded accounts will possess a 5.0 lot size limit on all indices pairs.

Can you register for TopTier Trader?

They don’t impose limitations on traders depending on where they live or are from. You are welcome to sign up for a challenge and become the next TopTier Trader if you are capable of passing the challenge and getting funded.

Can you apply for a time extension?

A trader must have complied with the following requirements in order to request a time extension on either the TopTier Challenge Regular or TopTier Challenge Swinge accounts:

Your challenge must still be open and have time remaining.
Not violated the daily or maximum drawdown limits

You may seek for a time extension if all the aforementioned requirements are satisfied. A time extension merely extends your challenge by an additional 15 days; it does not reset your account.

A challenge that has already ended or a Tier 2 challenge cannot be requested for a time extension. If you request a time extension, your right to a free retrial is lost.

50% of the challenge prices apply to all of the time extensions. The cost will be 50% of the average cost of the two challenges for the 25K to 200K, while they do offer time extensions for both the TTT Challenge and the TTT Challenge Plus.

What are the minimum and maximum trading days?

There is a minimum and maximum trading day rule for the TopTier Challenge Regular and TopTier Challenge Swing accounts. You must complete the challenge within the maximum trading days while meeting the minimum trading days.

Minimum Trading Days

Tier 1 has a minimum of 4 trading days
Tier 2 has a minimum of 4 trading days

Maximum Trading Days

Tier 1 has a maximum of 40 calendar days
Tier 2 has a maximum of 60 calendar days

What happens if your account becomes disabled?

The broker, who would be your purchase date, will immediately disable your TopTier Challenge Regular and TopTier Challenge Swing accounts after 14 days of inactivity. If your account has been disabled, please email support or use thelive chat feature to request a new account so that you can begin your challenge.

Is your account eligible for a free retry?

A trader must have complied with the following requirements in order to be qualified for a free retrial on the TopTier Challenge Regular or TopTier Challenge Swinge accounts:

Tier 1/2 above the original balance or at the end traded for the requisite four days.
Not violated the daily or maximum drawdown limits .

If the aforementioned requirements are satisfied, you are entitled to one free retry during which, regardless of your current Tier, you must begin the challenge from Tier 1. It will not be possible for you to request a time extension on a free retry account, nor will you be qualified for one if you have already done so.

Can you merge accounts?

TopTier accounts may be merged once they have completed the challenge phase and are fully funded. You may only merge accounts of the same type.

When do you get your challenge fee refunded?

With your first monthly withdrawal after successfully completing Tier 2 of the TopTier Challenge Regular, TopTier Challenge Swing, or TopTier Challenge Plus, you will be reimbursed for the initial or time extension charge. You won’t receive a refund for your sign-up fee until you’ve made enough money to withdraw.
TopTier Trader Review
TopTier Trader Review
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