The 5%ers Review

The 5%ers give instant funding to successful traders. You can choose from various trading programs to show them you have what it takes to trade their capital up to $4 million and keep 50% of profits.

The 5%ers Review


The 5%ers (The Five Percenters) is a growth programme and funded trading company. They provide special career-enhancing tools for Forex traders throughout the globe, such as a hyper growth plan to increase capital levels and generate earnings. The fund was founded by experienced forex traders with the goal of providing an open platform for forex traders to further their careers.

Individual forex traders can get capital from The5%ers instead of retail trading accounts as they are not a broker themselves. The ability to trade on their platform is a privilege reserved for traders with advanced skills. Trading with their fund provides exceptional benefits such a fully funded account, no risks or additional fees, and an aggressive growth strategy.

The 5%ers Website
The 5%ers Website

No investor capital is required by the 5%ers Funding Program. An adequate amount of investment money has already been obtained by the fund. To provide prop traders with reliable financial resources for their activity and development, they solely invest from their own internally generated and freely accessible money.

The 5%ers are committed to providing like-minded traders with a suitable prop trading platform. They are pleased to have invested the time and effort necessary to transform original ideas into a workable design. Anyone can join their platform to create a community of self-employed forex traders that are eager to get to the front.


Gil Ben Hur established The 5%ers’ Funding Traders & Growth Program in 2016. Gil, a successful trader on the forex and stock markets, lacked the funds necessary to capitalise on his abilities.

Gil traded for a period utilising little financial resources from their residences. They increased their money by having family members join them in trading, and they sometimes managed the capital of other dealers in exchange for a small portion of the profits.

Gil assisted in establishing a premium school where teams of chosen traders were taught after seeing its appeal and demand. Their goal was to create a network of frameworks for trade relationships.

These frameworks were established for traders globally, from diverse backgrounds, talents, and trading methodologies, and served as the foundational structures for the traders’ community fund. Gil had already come up with a concept at this time and was “running” with it.

Which is when the adventure of The 5%ers started. In order to give full-time traders with easily accessible funds, The 5%ers’ Funding Traders & Growth Program was established and made public in 2016.

Their goal is to continue offering traders throughout the world a safe, honest, and transparent trading environment that fosters profitability and development while upholding the greatest ethical standards.

  • Instant funding in real accounts
  • Frequent payouts and growth simultaneously
  • Exceptional trading conditions
  • Traders community
  • All trading strategies are welcome
  • Very fast growth plan
  • No time pressure on the funded trader program
  • One time fee with no ongoing costs
  • Trading resources and tools
  • Excellent MetaTrader 5 platform
  • Scale up to $4M
  • News trading and EA allowed
  • Overnight and Weekend holding allowed
  • Multiple accounts allowed
  • Limited leverage options – 1:6 for low-risk accounts and 1:30 for aggressive accounts
  • 2% Max stop loss risk limit on low-risk and $100k Bootcamp account types
  • No MetaTrader 4 platform
  • Could add some more trading instruments such as cryptos
  • Not the largest profit share of 50%
  • No free trial

The 5%ers Review


With their service, you may get quick access to begin using a real money account that they fund right away. The focus of level one is on observing your success using your unique trading approach while adhering to the risk management guidelines.

Once you’ve finished, you’ll go on to level two, where you’ll also get more money to trade with. If you keep doing well, you’ll discover that their growth milestones are simple to reach and not far apart, and that they each provide you more cash and a higher earning potential.

The5ers is meant to encourage traders through every stage of their trading career path since trading is a tough vocation that requires time to thrive in. Get a 6-figure funded account by completing all three challenge rounds.

The 5%ers Benefits
The 5%ers Benefits

Bootcamp Program

The three challenge stages must be completed on a demo account by traders who wish to apply for a funded trading account with The 5%ers. The challenge seeks to find stability and profitability.

After completing all three challenge rounds, the trader will begin trading on a live funded account and become eligible for a profit split.

Demo Trading

  • Entry cost: €95 for $100K €225 for $250K
  • Leverage 1:10
  • No minimum days or trades requirements.
  • Maximum time to complete the 3 stages: 12 months.
  • Account expiration: after 21 days of inactivity.
Starting BalanceMaximum Loss (5%)Profit Target (6%)
Challenge 1$25K$1,250$1,500
Challenge 2$50K$2,500$3,000
Challenge 3$75K$3,750$4,500
The 5%ers Demo Trading Account

Live Trading

  • Cost: One-time 205/350 Euro payment (only after passing the challenge stages)
  • Growth: Step up Every 5% gain
  • Profit split: Up to 100%/0%
  • Leverage: 1:10
  • Maximum number of active accounts per trader: 3

The payout ratio for traders who began the $100K Bootcamp is 75/25 from the second stage to $2M before it is raised.

The payout ratio for traders that began at $250K Bootcamp will be 75/25 from the second stage up to $2M before it is raised.

Account BalanceMaximum Loss (4%)Profit Target (5%)Payout Ratio
Start $100k$4,000$5,00050/50
Start $250K$10,000$12,50050/50*
The 5%ers Live Trading Account

Instant Funding

The 5%ers provide a range of programmes beginning at $6,000 for an Instant Funding Account and going up to $80,000 for Entry-Level Real Funding Capital. Each of their traders has a different trading style and comes from a variety of backgrounds. They provide a range of financing alternatives to guarantee that everyone has an equal chance. Trade live from the first day, without any trials, and be rewarded for every target you hit. You can choose your instant funding account model, either low risk or aggressive.

The5ers offers two sources of financing. For traders that adhere to the 5ers risk management discipline, as well as one to accommodate freestyle traders using any trading technique. Following The5ers risk discipline results in lesser objectives and milestones, whilst trading in an aggressive style benefits from increased leverage.

Anyone with any trading history or style is funded by The5ers. Profits from all of the programmes are split with traders upon reaching each milestone on a real trading account. After enrolling in one of the funding programmes, you will get your real, funded trading account right away.

Low Risk

Apply risk management strategies to your trade to acquire a modest objective for further investment.

  • Relaxed program with no time pressure.
  • 6%/7% profit target on Level 1.
  • Withdraw money as you grow.
  • 10% targets for X2 growth.
  • Leverage 1:10
The 5%ers Low Risk Account
The 5%ers Low Risk Account


Take advantage of the ability to switch styles without limitations. Trading without necessary stop orders and with high leverage.

  • An exciting program with minimum rules.
  • 12% target on Level 1.
  • Withdraw money as you grow.
  • 25% targets for X2 growth.
  • Leverage 1:30.
The 5%ers Aggressive Risk Account
The 5%ers Aggressive Risk Account

The 5%ers Review


Trading Rules

  • In all positions and orders, a stop-loss is necessary.
  • Any position’s SL cannot put more than 2% of the account’s balance at risk.
  • A risk violation occurs when a position is opened without an SL order or when more than 2% of the account balance is at risk in one position.
  • Any account with five infractions will be permanently closed.
  • For all accounts, the leverage is 1:10.
  • Trading in news is permitted. Except when using bracketing techniques.
  • Each level of the Challenge will be available for up to 48 hours after the conclusion of the one before it.
  • Over the weekend and at night, open trades are permitted. The exchange costs for holding indices over the weekend are relatively significant.
  • Accounts that have been inactive for over 21 days will be closed.
  • After 21 days of inactivity, the trading account will automatically terminate.
  • Three active accounts are the maximum per trader (one $250K account plus two $100K accounts). There must be a separate trading strategy for each account.

Automated Trading

The 5ers do allow automated trading using prop firm expert advisors (EA’s) provided they do not do any of the following:

  • Copy trades of other persons signals
  • Do tick scalping
  • Perform latency arbitrage trading
  • Perform reverse arbitrage trading
  • Perform hedge arbitrage trading
  • Use emulators

Any accounts using these types of EAs will be cancelled, banned, and not refunded. Trading will be disabled for EAs from 23:00 to 01:00 GMT+3.

Funded Account

The MetaTrader 5 platform serves as the host for the funded account programme. With real money and actively funded trading accounts, the programme provides cash for trading. They provide you with the advantages of making a genuine profit during the process and the chance to show accountability by practising strict financing management. The money for your Level 1 procedure is provided by the Capital Funding team, with the bulk of your financial contribution going toward safeguarding your savings and account against loss.

Target Objectives

Your account is closed each time you achieve your profit goal and objectives. On the following payment day, your earnings from the programme will be deposited as credit to your next account and be accessible for withdrawal. You then become a Portfolio Manager Partner and a new Funded Forex Account with larger capital is processed in your name. This new account complies with the requirements of the Level 1 Program that you previously selected.


Your profit earnings are paid during the following payment cycle after you’ve met your goal. When the time restriction expires, if your Level 1 account still has any open positions, your account will be instantly closed. Even after closing the open positions, you will still get your profit if your account balance is positive.

Profits are paid out every two weeks. They use an organized and consistent payout system, and your earnings are timeously processed. There are no minimum profits to reach nor limits to how much you can earn for yourself.

A payment request cannot be met at the level 1 stage. The trader can only handle payout payments after they reach level 2. After passing level 1, you’ll get a fresh funded account and 50% of the level 1 profit as credit.

You will be able to choose from a number of payment options provided by their partner, Deel, on a biweekly basis in order to withdraw your winnings. Payment options include Wire Transfer, PayPal, Payoneer, and more.

The profit payment will return the account to its starting amount, but it won’t have an impact on the milestone objective X2, therefore it still counts toward the milestone target.

The maximum withdrawal amount may be increased if you decide to maintain the profit in the account.
Example: Your 10% milestone goal. You take out 6%. Just 4% more will be required to double your account.


The 5%ers want to put as much money as they can in the hands of worthy traders. They will offer it to you as rapidly as any prop firm in the market if you can demonstrate that you have the trading abilities to earn them money. As the equity curve climbs continuously, your trading flexibility will as well, giving you access to more money.

Prove to them that your trading is consistent and responsible, and both, your profile and account will be rewarded. They will double your account each time you accomplish profit criteria of 10% for a Low Risk Account and 25% for an Aggressive Account. If you meet your first 6% profit target, they will pay you four times the amount you began with. Up to $4 million, they will continue to do that.

The table below shows the scaling strategy for low-risk quick financing programme accounts. The sole need for scaling your account is to achieve a 6% profit objective in the first level, which quadruples your account balance. Following that, you will need to meet a 10% profit objective for each level, which will result in a doubling of your account balance up to a maximum of $4,000,000. You should also take into mind the fact that your withdrawals won’t prevent your account from growing. When your overall earnings hit the 10% profit threshold, your account will become eligible for scaling.

Account sizeLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5Level 6Level 7Level 8Level 9
The 5%ers Low Risk Scaling Plan

The table below shows the scaling strategy for accounts in the aggressive quick financing programme. The sole need for scaling your account is to achieve a 12% profit objective at the first level, which quadruples your account balance. After that, each level’s profit objective must be met in order for your account balance to double, reaching a maximum of $4,000,000. You should also take into mind the fact that your withdrawals won’t prevent your account from growing. When your overall earnings hit the 25% profit threshold, your account will become eligible for scaling.

Account sizeLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5Level 6Level 7Level 8Level 9
The 5%ers Aggressive Scaling Plan

Your goal in the bootcamp program’s account scaling strategy for the demo stages is to achieve a profit objective of 6% while staying within the level’s 5% loss cap. You may enter real trading levels after finishing all three demo stages.

Demo stagesAccount size
Demo stage 1$25,000/$100,000
Demo stage 2$50,000/$150,000
Demo stage 3$75,000/$200,000
The 5%ers Bootcamp Demo Scaling Plan

You must achieve a profit objective of 5% while staying under the 4% maximum loss in each level of the bootcamp program’s account scaling plan for real trading stages. When you accomplish your profit goal, you are able to grow your account. Every time you hit your profit goal and expand your account, your profit share will also be handed out to you.

Live trading stagesAccount sizeProfit split
Live trading stage 1 or Start $100k$100,00050%
Live trading stage 2$125,00075%
Live trading stage 3$150,00075%
Live trading stage 4$175,00075%
Live trading stage 5$200,00075%
Live trading stage 6 or Start $250k$250,00075% or 50%
Live trading stage 7$300,00075%
Live trading stage 8$400,00075%
Live trading stage 9$500,00075%
Live trading stage 10$750,00075%
Live trading stage 11$1,000,00075%
Live trading stage 12$1,500,00075%
Live trading stage 13$2,000,00080%
Live trading stage 14$2,500,000100%
Live trading stage 15$3,000,000100%
Live trading stage 16$3,500,000100%
Live trading stage 17$4,000,000100%
The 5%ers Bootcamp Live Scaling Plan


The account’s lowest permitted value is known as the equity stop-out level (also known as drawdown). When the account equity value falls below this threshold, all open deals will be closed, and trading and access will be suspended.

For all programmes at levels 1 and 2, the drawdown measures as an absolute downturn and is 6% of the starting balance; for programmes at levels 3 and above, it is 4%. The maximum loss (drawdown) allowed rises regardless of how much money the trader makes in the account.

The maximum drawdown amount may always be increased by the trader by electing to maintain winnings in the account. Any requested payments will lower the account balance, which will lower the maximum drawdown.

The account will be closed below the equity level of $9,400, for instance, if the original amount is $10,000 and the maximum drawdown is $600. However, if the account increases to $10,300, the maximum drawdown will now be $900.

The 5%ers Drawdown
The 5%ers Drawdown


The level 1 of the programme has a maximum time limit. They anticipate that the trader will accomplish all trading objectives and goals during this time frame. For traders who are finishing the official time with a favourable result, however, and who need an additional push to reach the goal line, they do provide some flexibility.

A trader participating in a risk management programme who has not met all of the trading objectives for level one but has generated a net profit of at least 2.5% may seek a 30-day extension. Extensions will only be granted once per two emails or chat requests.

They use a somewhat different approach when handling the aggressive initiatives. They provide a free restart rather than a time extension if the P&L is good but the profit objective is not reached.

The time expiry is not a set rule for whatever software you use. If you are talented and need more agility, you may rely on getting it from them.

The 5%ers Review


Daily live trading room

Four times a week, The 5%ers trade with their traders. They all engage, scan and study the markets, trade, ask each other questions, and exchange market views and trading possibilities in the trading rooms.

Trading performance statistics

In order to allow you to carefully monitor your success, your own dashboard will display all of your progress as clear figures and insights.


The5ers Classes are live demonstrations of advanced trading concepts explained at the beginning of each session.

Free webinars

The 5%ers offer talks and webinars on a variety of venues and occasions. They divulge what they know so you may profit from it. Risk management, supply and demand, swing trading, and more. The5ers Classes are live demonstrations of advanced trading concepts explained at the beginning of each session.

Real-time trading notifications

Receive email alerts for significant market occurrences and information that is crucial to your account.

Risk Management and Trading Plan education

Obtain access to the Prop Trading Course to improve your trading. Advanced Risk Management Technique, Trading Psychology, and Trading Planning.

Free 1 on 1 performance coaching

Access to a Portfolio Analyst is available to The5ers traders. They assist traders with a variety of issues at these sessions, including trading performance, statistics, an overview of their trading strategy, system tweaking to The5ers specifications, and more.

Extensive reading resources

Their forex blog offers insightful and competent articles to increase your trading knowledge.

Dedicated support from traders to traders

You have their support, and you may contact them via phone, live chat, email, or form submission for any assistance you need.


Finding other traders who trade in a manner similar to your own, identifying potential trades and price movements in the market at the moment, developing your skills and gaining confidence in your trading strategy, interacting with the trading community of forex traders, and following your favourite traders’ long-term moves in real-time are all benefits of participating in the 5ers trading community.


Top-notch proprietary indicators that they have developed will aid you in managing your trading risks. Indicators will be added more often for your convenience. The files need only be downloaded, saved in MT5’s data folder, and then loaded from the trading platform.


The 5%ers have a great selection of financial instruments for you to choose from. You can trade forex, metals and indices (only on the instant funding programs). Every trading asset has different trading hours, and margin requirements which you can see in MT5. Just right click on a symbol on the market watch window and select specification.


The5ers offers the MetaTrader 5 trading platform, which is provided by a third-party technology integrator and offers excellent market execution using advanced proprietary technology, to fulfil the majority of their traders’ requirements.

The MetaTrader 5 Platform (MT5), created by MetaQuotes, is one of the most popular trading platforms for retail and professional traders around the globe. It is fully loaded with all of the trading tools that you need for conducting in-depth market analysis and making informed trade decision. It has everything that you need for scanning charts, placing and managing trades.

MetaTrader 5 (MT5) Platform
MetaTrader 5 (MT5) Platform


The5ers transacts directly with suppliers of commercial liquidity. They never deal with well-known retail broker names. Their methods of operation and the specifications for trading circumstances vary. They place a high value on confidentiality and take every reasonable step to protect their supplier’s identity.

You are given a percentage of their own money to trade with while you work with them, whether as a portfolio manager or during your assessment period, and you are allowed to do so on behalf of The5ers Fund (directly from their trading-pool-account).

All trading activity for the 5%ers are carried out via brokers using STP Market Execution. Their platform has an ECN-Broker-Fees-Structure built in. The fee, which is $4 per lot round trip (0.4 pips), is presented separately from the spread.

The variable (not fixed) spread for EUR/USD is about 0.1 to 0.5 pips which is very low. During the night hours, when the volatility is relatively low, the spreads can get wide, especially during the rollover time (New-York midnight).

Maximum capital$4,000,000
Profit splitUp to 50%
News tradingYes
Weekend tradingYes
Automated tradingYes
Free trialNo
Maximum leverage1:30
The 5%ers Features

The 5%ers Review


Overall, the 5%ers is one of the leading prop trading firms. They offer the quickest capital development scheme, have less limitations, more currency assets available for trading, enable position holding over the weekend and 24/5 continuous trading, with no daily loss limits. The registration cost is reasonable and the conditions are transparent. Any aspiring funded trader can join The 5%ers programs to obtain a fully funded account that doubles at each milestone and speed up their forex trading right away.

8.8Expert Score
The 5%ers Rating

The 5%ers give instant funding to successful traders. You can choose from various trading programs to show them you have what it takes to trade their capital up to $4 million and keep 50% of profits.


The 5%ers Review


What instruments can I trade with the 5ers?

You will be able to trade the FX Majors, FX Cross-majors pairs, Gold, Silver, and indices (SP500, UK100, NAS100, DAX40, US30, JPN225)

Who legally owns the trading accounts that traders use?

Every trading account and its capital value are legally owned by The 5%ers’ Funded Trading Program. They allocate their own capital to traders on a contractor-based agreement.

Where is the 5%ers based? is a website legally owned by FIVE PERCENT ONLINE LTD, incorporated in the State of Israel. Company Number 515864007 and FIVE PERCENT ONLINE LTD, incorporated in the UK Company number 12553363

Are the 5ers regulated?

The 5%ers is a private fund that has an account with a licenced broker for forex trading. They are not a financial institution and do not provide any financial services, hence there is no regulatory provision that applies to what they do. With the assistance of skilled funded traders, they trade with the money from their fund.

Does the 5%ers accept US traders?

Yes, they do not act as brokers. A service provider agreement between the trader and the fund governs their interactions with traders. Because of the way the company is set up, American traders may work with the trading fund.

Are there any minimum days or positions required?

For Level 1, there are no minimum trade or trading day requirements. When the profit objective is reached, you can immediately finish Level 1. You no longer have to wait to grow your account more quickly.

Why is there a participation fee?

Since financing staff devotes a lot of time and energy to the traders and their careers, the level 1 period is crucial for both the traders and The 5%ers. They are devoted to making sure that traders will be assessed using actual, active accounts. Your total payment will not exceed this amount. They are looking for traders who can earn themselves significant sums of profit and who can handle risk responsibly. As a result, you may be able to recoup that charge via your gains.

How many accounts can I open?

You may open up to three distinct quick funding accounts (only one of which can be a $80K account), giving traders access to up to $4 million in additional trading capital. There is no way to combine the many accounts.

How much money do I need to prop trade with the 5%ers?

Once you have decided which capital and risk level is suitable for your needs, you will need to pay a one-time participation fee. This range from $275 for the $24,000 account to $875 for the $80,000 account.

Who can trade with the 5%ers?

If you are 18 years or older you can trade with The 5%ers, no matter where you’re based. However, you will need to prove your ability before you can access large amounts of capital.

How do I start trading with the 5%ers?

To start trading with The 5%ers, simply decide which capital and risk level is best suited for you, pay the one-off participation fee, and your account will be loaded with real funds immediately.

Is the 5%ers legitimate?

Yes. There are several reasons to think the platform is authentic. It has two offices—in the UK and Israel—and all contact details, including phone numbers, are available. It offers responsive customer service via a number of ways. Additionally, the service provider has a superb web reputation.
The 5%ers Review
The 5%ers Review
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