T4TCapital Review

T4TCapital is an educational platform and prop trading firm that provides funded accounts up to $1,000,000 with a profit share of 80%.

T4TCapital Review


T4TCapital (Traders4Traders Capital) is a well-known and seasoned proprietary trading company with a wide range of trading talent on their books. Brad Gilbert, a professional trader and risk manager with more than 30 years of experience, launched it after realising there were few possibilities for regular people to obtain trader capital. They are aware that the majority of people cannot afford full-time trading possibilities in the conventional fund management industry. Therefore, this prop firm support equal opportunity for all people, regardless of their ethnicity, background, or level of education. If you can demonstrate that you can trade, they will give you the funding, trading tools, and support you need to get going.

T4TCapital Website
T4TCapital Website

The T4TCapital goal is to develop a transparent funded account service with unmatched value and potential for traders that is available to everyone, not just the very affluent. They uphold the greatest levels of professionalism for teamwork, communication, and support, and have created a very competitive environment for talented traders to work at their peak efficiency. The development of an individual trading style and tactics that may be continuously improved and adjusted to changing market conditions are advocated for traders.

  • 80% profit share (100% first 5% profits)
  • Scaling plan up to $1,000,000
  • Achievable 8% profit target
  • No minimum or maximum days
  • Partner with regulated broker Eightcap
  • Good selection of trading instruments including forex, stocks, indices, commodities and cryptocurrency
  • One-step evaluation process
  • Low practical assessment fee
  • MT4, MT5 and TradingView platforms
  • Excellent educational content
  • Expert advisors, scalping and hedging allowed
  • Weekend holding, news trading and overnight trading allowed
  • Leverage restricted to 1:10
  • 45% minimum win rate
  • Increased fee to reset account
  • No free retry
  • No trials

T4TCapital Review


You must have a sizeable trading account in order to trade like a wall street trader. Many traders are aware that trading with modest account sizes in an effort to achieve a stable income can result in excessive trading and leverage. There is only one simple step to get funded with T4TCapitalFM, a top online proprietary trading firm: “showing you can trade.” With the help of their Practical Assessment, you prove to them that you are capable of managing risks effectively in a Forex Live Account in order to either generate income from the live account or compound your earnings all the way up to the $1,000,000 account.

Practical Assessment

Each trader must demonstrate their skills at all prop trading firms. To show off your trading skills on the Live Trading Account, T4TCapital offers a Practical Assessment and a demo (challenge) account. The account limits and trading rules are identical to those on the live account. Achieving the profit target, which is 8% of your beginning balance, while following the straightforward trading rules and account limits, is a one-step procedure to getting a funded account.

Practical Assessment Pricing
Practical Assessment Pricing (MT4)

The 8% profit target is very achievable and below the industry average. You do need to maintain a win rate above 45% and your best trading day should be less than 40% of profits. This is to show consistency and not that you just got lucky. You should also not exceed a maximum loss capped at 5% of the initial account balance to get funded for a live account.

The Practical Assessment is a single payment with no monthly subscriptions. You may use any trading strategy, EAs or bots. You have an unlimited time to reach the profit target (extend every 6 Months), so there is no unnecessary pressure. Immediately after signing up, you will obtain your Practical Evaluation Forex Trading Demo account so you can begin trading.

Account SizeProfit Target (8%)Win RateBest Day ProfitMax Drawdown (5%)
$25,000$2,000>45%<40% of Total Profits$1,250
$50,000$4,000>45%<40% of Total Profits$2,500
$100,000$8,000>45%<40% of Total Profits$5,000
Risk Management Limits

Live Trading

You can now trade Live Funded Accounts and generate Live Capital Gains after passing the Practical Assessment. Now, you can decide whether to trade for revenue or to compound your gains and increase your account size to USD $1,000,000 by scaling up, or both! Keep in mind that scaling up does not start until after 3 months of consistent profit. You can keep 100% of the first 5% in profits. After that, the profit share is 80% to the trader and 20% to the proprietary firm.

T4TCapital Review


There are risk management policies in place to safeguard both T4TCapital financial resources and your revenues. You cannot ask to modify these regulations as they are not negotiable. Both the Real account and the Practical Assessment Forex Trading Demo Account are subject to the same restrictions and rules which we will discuss below.

Trading Rules

Using industry-accepted standards, T4TCapital will automatically manage your assessment to help ensure that the risk is small. Your deal will be closed if you break any account management restrictions. A violation of the account management guidelines does not necessarily necessitate a reset, so heed this warning. Any trades, whether open or pending, that violate these regulations will be automatically closed.

  • Breach of ‘Trading Rules’ = Soft Breach = Trade Closed Continue Trading
  • Breach of ‘Account Limits’ = Hard Breach = Account Closed + Reset Required

Maximum Position

Maximum Position Risk on any one trade and Total Open Risk at any given time must both exceed 2% of your account balance.

A trader will have 3% of risk at their disposal prior to opening any positions. They will only have access to that lower limit if the Maximum Loss Limit is within 3%.

Single Position Risk: The deal is promptly cancelled out and the trader is informed of the soft breach if they open a position with a risk of more than 2% of their account balance. They can carry on doing business.

Total Open Risk: The most recent position started is promptly closed out and the trader is informed of the soft breach if the total open risk is greater than 3%. They can carry on doing business.

Updating Available Risk: If a trader has two positions open with a combined risk of 3% and both are profitable, they can add an additional 3% to their “Available Risk” by raising their stop loss orders to breakeven on both.

Stop Loss

At the time of entry into the market, every trade must have a valid stop loss linked to it. Every trade made by an experienced trader has a stop loss. Your entire trading account balance is at stake if you don’t have a stop loss. Trading without a Stop Loss is dangerous, and without one the trading account could have a very short lifespan.

Consistent Trading

Your highest profit day must represent less than 40% of your overall earnings. Instead of one-hit wonders that earn a lot of money on one day and lose money every other day, they want profitable traders who consistently manage their risk. There can’t possibly be a plan going down if there isn’t one going up!

Weekend Trading

Throughout the weekend, you are not allowed to hold positions. T4TCapital will automatically close all positions on Friday at 7:00 PM GMT/UTC. Other than when T4TCapital Management suspends trading due to “unforeseen highly volatile worldwide events,” you are allowed to trade at all other times. T4TCapital management will inform you directly of the trading suspension in this scenario. There won’t be a reset as a result.

Unlimited Time

Your account will be disabled after 6 months if the profit target has not been met; however, you may choose to buy an additional 6 months by paying an “extension fee.”

Optional Extension Fee

You have the opportunity to “extend” the time restriction by an additional 6 months by paying the “extension fee” ($100) if your account is profitable but you’re not quite there yet. To give you the best chance of passing the Assessment, your present “account balance” will continue to stay in the account.

If You Have A Drawdown on Your Account

If you want to disable your account but your account is in drawdown, you can simply let the time limit expire without extending it. You can reset your recently disabled account and try again by paying the “reset cost.” You will receive a brand-new account with a brand-new time limit of six months.

Account Limits

Your evaluation will be closed if you exceed the account drawdown limits. You can pay the reset cost appropriate to the size of your account to continue the assessment, which will reset your account to its starting balance.

Trailing Drawdown

Up until it reaches the Account Start balance, the Maximum Drawdown is a trailing Drawdown; after that, it becomes static. The amount is determined by deducting 5% from the High-Water Mark (Your highest account balance). The Maximum Drawdown is intended to safeguard both their maximum exposure and your gains.

Let’s look at an illustration:

Week 1

  • Initial Balance: $100,000
  • Drawdown cap: $95,000

Your Account Balance reaches $103,000 during Week 1 as a result of a $3,000 profit. This is now your High-Water Mark, and your Limit Drawdown has climbed to $98,000. Your equity balance is not allowed to fall below this amount.

Week 2

  • Balance on account: $105,000
  • $100,000 is the maximum drawdown

Your account balance now stands at $110,000 after a fantastic week in which you earn $5,000. Your Maximum Drawdown has already exceeded the $100,000 account opening balance. That is still there going forward.

Scaling Plan

T4TCapital want to give the finest traders the chance to trade considerably larger accounts by “cherry picking” them to join the Prop Trading company.

Their senior team will evaluate and assess each trader using specific criteria to ascertain whether the trader has demonstrated all the qualities necessary of a professional trader and whether they are ready and suitable for account scaling up after you have traded your Live Funded Account for a minimum of 3 months and upon hitting the targeted 20% profit level.

NOTE: Only traders with accounts worth $100,000 or more are eligible. Senior Management of T4TCapital has the final say over scaling up.

Level 1USD$100,00020%USD$250,000
Level 2USD$250,00020%USD$500,000
Level 3USD$500,00020%USD$750,000
Level 4USD$750,00020%USD$1,000,000
T4TCapital Scaling Plan

Profit Split

The amount that traders withdraw from their accounts is divided between T4T and the trader in accordance with the profit share schedule.

  • First Payout request (up to 5% PROFIT) = 100% to the Trader
  • Second Payout request = 80% to the Trader

Traders will receive up to 5% of their winnings, or 100% on their first payment request. The profit split will change to an 80/20 split when the trader has received the first distribution of money, with the trader receiving 80% of payouts and T4TCapital keeping 20% of the requested payout.

Your Trailing Maximum Loss Limit (TMLL) will be immediately reset to the starting balance with a payout if you request a payout before it reaches the starting balance.

The TMLL will be immediately set to the initial account balance after the payment request has been processed. The account will be cancelled if the trader permits the account balance to reach or fall below their starting balance following a payout.

This is per trader, just to be clear. Your next Live Funded Account payment will be 80/20 when you restart if you make your initial payout request and then lose your Live Funded Account. You won’t ever get another chance to earn 100% of the first 5% of profits!


You can withdraw profits during your journey to the $1,000,000 account. On the final business day of the month, you can do this, and your profit withdrawal will be added to the timetable for profit sharing. As soon as they receive an invoice from you for the profit-sharing amount, they will pay you on the first business day of the following month.

You can’t withdraw less than your trading account’s beginning balance without risking account closure. To keep the account open, you must retain a portion of your profits. The amount of money still in the account serves as your new drawdown cap.

For instance, if you made a profit of $25,000 and wanted to withdraw some money while still wanting to trade, the best course of action would be to withdraw $20,000 and set aside $5,000 for trading. By doing so, you can continue to receive an income stream and benefit from your successful trading.

Practical Assessment Reset Fee

You should only reset your account in the situations listed below:

  • Your violation of the Maximum Drawdown Limit Level has been informed to you.
  • For whatever reason, you freely want to reset your account.

You will receive a new trading account and your new account login information once you have reset your account. You just need to choose the trading platform and account size you want to reset. You’ll be directed to the payment page for that size account. The reset charge is the same as usual if the limits on this New Assessment Account are exceeded.

Practical Assessment Reset Fee
Practical Assessment Reset Fee

Account Breach

You can sign up again if there is an account breach, but the cost will be 2X (twice) what it was the first time, and you won’t be entitled to the full 100% of the first 5% profits.

You cannot simply reset the live account on which you just exceeded the limits or the earlier assessment account with which you hit the profit target.

You can’t just increase the size of your account to lower your charge. No matter which account you violated the limits on after failing a live account, the twofold cost applies to all accounts.

The prop firm will cancel or prevent access to the Live Account if you pass the assessment once more and they find out that you evaded paying the “double price.” It’s not as simple as paying the additional cost after passing! It won’t do to claim that you were unaware of the additional charge.

You can sign up for the assessment again if you pass it again, but the charge will be 4X (four times) what it was the first time if you break the limits on your second Live Account afterward.

Every time you sign up for the Assessment following a Live Account limit violation, this doubling process is repeated (2X, 4X, 8X, 16X).

T4TCapital Review



The T4TCapital trading platforms are provided and administered by a regulated broker in Eightcap. They are a top broker and popular choice with prop trading firms, including others such as The Funded Trader and SurgeTrader. Eightcap have very good trading conditions including tight spreads, low commission fees and reliable trade execution speeds at the best available prices.

Eightcap Broker
Eightcap Broker


With this prop firm, traders can choose from 3 of the best trading platforms in MetaTrader 4 (MT4), MetaTrader 5 (MT5) and TradingView. These are all user-friendly platforms that can be fully customised according to your own trading preferences. They are packed with powerful trading tools for analysing charts to find buy and sell signals on all of your favourite instruments. You can also improve the functionality of the platforms with free and paid add-ons.

T4TCapital Platforms
T4TCapital Platforms

Whether you are trading manually or running automated systems, the T4TCapital platforms have got you covered. The platforms are available on desktop, web and mobile. This means you can easily switch between devices to place and manage your trades anytime form anywhere. MT4 is more of a forex trading platform, MT5 is considered more of a stock trading platform whereas TradingView has a large community of traders who you can learn from and share ideas with.


T4TCapital is a diversified multi-asset class proprietary trading firm with a focus on Equities, Forex, Metals, Commodities and Cryptocurrencies. There is a good variety of financial instruments to choose from, including major, minor and exotic currency pairs. You can trade gold, silver, oil and gas. You will also find major indices and popular cryptocurrencies. Forex is set at 1:10 Leverage. Trade limits are managed by the ‘Maximum Position Risk’ rule.

Maximum capital$1,000,000
Profit split80%
News tradingYes
Weekend tradingYes
Automated tradingYes
Free trialNo
Maximum leverage1:10
T4TCapital Features

T4TCapital Review


Overall, T4TCapitalFM Funding4Traders is a top proprietary trading firm with very good trading conditions including realistic profit targets and simple rules. You can trade on a funded account that can be scaled all the way up to $1,000,000 by passing a 1-step evaluation without any time limits. They let you retry if you fail the first time round and encourage sensible trading with good money management for long-term growth.

There are 3 of the most popular trading platforms so you can trade with convenience via a reputable broker in Eightcap. Choose from a vast array of financial instruments across multiple asset classes, with most trading strategies being allowed and spreads starting from 0.0 pips. Not only do you get very competitive prop trading conditions, they also have a dedicated educational website which is packed with plenty of learning materials to help improve your trading knowledge and skills.

On the other hand, leverage is capped at 1:10 whilst the 80% profit share is bettered by some of the best prop firms such as FTMO. You will need to stick to the consistency rule which means a 45%-win rate and profits being spread out rather than all in a couple of days. The risk per trade is also capped at 2%. If you fail the assessment, there is a fee to retake that is double the initial cost.

If you can see past the minor discrepancies, then T4TCapital are certainly worth giving strong consideration for anyone looking to show their trading skills to qualify for a funded account with a professional proprietary trading firm.

7.8Expert Score
T4TCapital Rating

T4TCapital is an educational platform and prop trading firm that provides funded accounts up to $1,000,000 with a profit share of 80%.


T4TCapital Review


Is the Practical Assessment fee a monthly subscription?

No. They want long-term, reliable traders, therefore this goes against everything they advocate. They don’t want to promote excessive trading or leverage. Take your time; the strain has been lifted.

What is the time limit to pass the assessment?

Traders have an endless amount of time to reach their profit goal. There is no time restriction for passing the evaluation, but if you haven’t done so after six months, you can extend it for an additional six months for $100.

Is the Practical Assessment a demo account?

Sure, it is. They use a demo account with no risk so that they may evaluate your skills in a risk-free setting. When you start trading with real money, you won’t notice any differences because the Forex Trading Demo Account Practical Assessment rules are exactly like the forex live account.

Can I trade my own strategies?

You can, indeed. Every trading strategy is acceptable as long as it complies with the guidelines.

Can I use Expert Advisors, trading robots and algos?

You can, indeed. You are in charge of overseeing their operation and ensuring that the rules are followed. A broken EA, bot, or algorithm is not an acceptable justification for breaking the rules.

What happens if I breach the rules?

You can restore the account balance to the starting account balance in the unusual case that you break the regulations. Depending on the size of your trading account, you must pay the relevant fee. For instance, the reset charge is USD$199 if you are taking the $100,000 Forex Practical Assessment. If you want to start over from scratch, you can reset your account whenever you choose.

What happens when I reach the Profit Target?

Although they will have already seen what you have accomplished, you can notify them by email. If everything is in order, the audit team will review your trading history to make sure you haven’t broken any regulations, and you will receive your live trading account login information in 3 business days or sooner while they transfer money to your new live trading account. Keep in mind that you are trading on their account; they are not sending money to your account.

Can I have more than one practical assessment?

No, you are only allowed one. You should start with an account size that you can afford before moving up to one worth USD $1,000,000!

Can I get a refund?

Yes. If you purchase a practical assessment and afterwards decide against it, they will immediately and without hesitation return your fee. No refund is given if:

You’ve already begun trading in the account.
You broke the regulations, so the assessment was a failure.

There is no reimbursement for reset fees.

How long will my Practical Assessment be active?

The Practical Assessment can be traded with plenty of time. After your final trade, the account will continue to be active for three months. The account will be terminated if it is not traded for three months, at which point you will have to buy a new Practical Assessment.

Can I reset my Live Account?

No, you cannot reset a live account.

Can I have multiple accounts of the same size?

No, you can only trade one live account at a time.

Can I have multiple practical assessment accounts?

The number of active assessment accounts is unlimited, but there is a catch. You will be charged twice as much for each additional assessment account you buy. Please get in touch with customer service staff so they can send you the payment links if you want to purchase several assessment accounts.
T4TCapital Review
T4TCapital Review
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