T3 Trading Group Review

T3 Trading Group is a proprietary trading firm offering a variety of services including a brokerage, trading programs, education and sponsored accounts.

T3 Trading Group Review


A fully integrated proprietary trading company, T3trading.com provides on-site and online brokerage services, as well as education and training programmes. The company is a broker-dealer with the SEC and a participant in the NASDAQ PHLX. The main offices are in New York City, and there are numerous branch offices spread out around the nation.

Proprietary traders must possess a Series 57 or Series 7 licence in order to join as Class C members, which enables them to use firm capital with “Professional” leverage. Members are needed to contribute funds, and depending on experience and track record, different profit percentages and amounts of leverage can be negotiated.

You must have the right instruction and training in trading if you want to succeed as a trader. Whether you are a new trader or an experienced, active trader, T3 Trading Group can give you the resources you need to succeed in the markets.

T3 Trading Group Website
T3 Trading Group Website
  • Access to a range of professional trading platforms
  • Expert in-house traders to communicate with and learn from
  • Professional leverage for licensed members
  • Trade equities, options and futures
  • Excellent selection of trading courses
  • Fully sponsored training
  • Registered broker dealer
  • Implement high-end trading technology
  • Training programs can be expensive
  • Catering more towards the professional trader
  • Requires signficant upfront capital

T3 Trading Group Review


T3 Trading Group offer remote trading services. To start trading, you would either be required to contribute a first-loss capital contribution or, with a successful track record, the firm would consider fully supporting you. The primary trading floor is situated in the financial centre of New York City, and they have satellite locations all around the country.

The team offers its new members the ability to trade futures, options, or stocks on a discretionary or automatic basis. They provide platforms that are at the forefront of the industry, first-rate connectivity and technical support, and low latency executions with direct access to several exchanges, ECNs, and dark pools. T3 Trading Group firmly believe that the access to their community of seasoned professionals that is made available to all new traders is their most important resource.

To create their trading methods, their proprietary traders usually use technical analysis. The traders use position, swing, and intraday trading strategies while deploying different time-frames to maximise returns dependent on market conditions. By offering top-notch training, cutting-edge technology, and a highly polished, value-added atmosphere, they hope to aid traders in becoming successful.

To start an account, traders must make a capital contribution. However, T3 Trading recognises that each candidate is unique. You can contact them for a welcoming consultation. To meet your needs, they can create a bespoke capital contribution and commission arrangement.

T3 Trading Group Review


Professional traders can benefit from having access to firm capital for superior intraday and overnight leverage, great locates for short sales (even in difficult-to-borrow stocks), a network of like-minded experienced professionals to trade with, and competitive trading cost and payout structures.

The diverse needs of each trader are catered for in T3 Trading Group resources and technology. This comprises swing traders, portfolio type traders, and day traders who may also be black box, grey box, or discretionary traders.

Discretionary, grey-box, and black-box trading methods can all be used with T3. The back-office employees and development team are both incredibly talented and committed to algorithmic trading systems.

They are able to connect traders with top technology providers like Instinet thanks to their strategic alliances. Traders preserve the integrity of risk management while executing their plans with exceptional speed and accuracy.

T3 Trading Group Review



Active traders require access to the best low latency technologies in the current dynamic market. Because not every trader is a good fit for a single platform, T3 Trading provides a selection of high-quality trading software created with active traders in mind. They also provide a range of cost-effective execution solutions, such as floor brokers, market making routes, lit market venues, dark pools, and adaptable smart order routing technologies.

T3 traders can get the greatest execution and route those orders to the preferred location thanks to T3’s dark pool aggregators and smart order routers. To meet your specific trading needs and asset classes, T3 has integrated and partnered with a number of platforms that are leaders in the industry. T3 is constantly looking for methods to give traders a trading advantage by utilising the technology that best fits their needs and trading approaches.

They only offer the best of the industry’s leading technology and platforms, including hotkeys and shortcuts for trade execution. T3 provides several trading platforms, including Sterling, Lightspeed, Rithmic and Fusion.

Lightspeed Trader

Lightspeed Trader is user-friendly and adaptable. The stocks trading and options trading layouts can be quickly switched between using two buttons at the top of the screen. Scanners, watchlists, time & sales data, Level II data, risers & fallers, and the brief locate feature are all easily launched windows.

A reasonable assortment of chart types and time frames can be found along with a small number of technical indicators and sketching tools. You can create your order to your exact specifications using the many order entry options available to you. You can also choose from a large number of trade defaults and hotkeys to submit your orders to the market more quickly.

All of the platforms can be used to trade stocks and options, but to trade futures, you’ll need Eze EMS or efutures (powered by CQG). The Sterling VolTrader platform, which is designed for risk monitoring, may be preferred by option traders.

Real-time streaming data is available on all platforms, but only on one device at once. All platforms have Level I quotes, while all but Web & Mobile have Level II quotes. With Lightspeed Trader, Sterling VolTrader, and Eze EMS, you can input numerous orders at once, and Eze EMS also allows you to stage orders for later entry.

Lightspeed Trader
Lightspeed Trader

Sterling Pro

Active traders and experts that deal with the quickly changing electronic markets are the target audience for this dynamic platform. Configurability and strong performance provide traders total control over their trading.

Add useful features, such as hot buttons, color-based window linking, and different stop types, to your favourite trading style.

You can keep on top of your game by reviewing and analysing your trade performance with exportable reports that offer up to one month’s worth of trading history.

Trading is made simple with customised notifications and risk tools, and with access to reliable routing systems, you can expect blazing-fast executions.

Sterling Pro
Sterling Pro


Rithmic puts your trades first. Whether you are part of a prop shop or are a professional trader, Rithmic’s market data trade execution software delivers to you the low latency and high throughput performance formerly seen only by the very large trading houses and boutique hedge funds.

R | Trader™ is Rithmic’s front end trading and real-time risk management screen. With R | Trader™ you can view quotes, trades, market depth and option strikes in real-time. You can place, modify and cancel orders, and view order history, performance, positions and risk limits. R | Trader™ supports trailing stops, brackets, OCOs and group orders.

Rithmic Trading Platform
Rithmic Trading Platform

Fusion Platform

Level 2, time and sales, charting, hotkeys, watch lists, point-and-click direct access order routing, scanner, and tickers are all included in the Fusion platform’s standard toolkit.


T3 Trading Group currently trade equities, options and futures. You can trade with market leading technology and efficient, reliable, low latency. They offer support for developing and executing dynamic trading strategies for traders with different styles.

Clearing agreements with market leaders like Velocity Clearing LLC, Marex Clearing Services, and ICBC are available through T3 Trading Group, LLC. Additionally, they provide a range of low latency execution alternatives that they may customise to meet your unique trading requirements.

Equities Trading

The Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) and Velocity Clearing LLC are two of the clearing companies that T3 uses. – Serving Professional, Active, and Independent Traders Affordable Prices and Cost Structures

Options Trading

Trading in equity options is available for both speculation and hedging strategies. Spread trading and many legs are permitted (with Compliance and Risk Approval).

Futures Trading

Via attractive profit splits, open cost structures, financial support, a flexible work environment, and education, T3 provides a range of services that are suitable for both seasoned traders and newcomers.

Algorithmic Trading

Via Instinet, T3 provides API Access to numerous platforms as well as co-location in different data centres (Carteret, Great River etc). They have decades of experience with automated trading and black boxes.

Trading Education

T3 Trading Group offers live training sessions on-site as well as online and home study courses that traders can do at their own leisure. Their Platform Development Program (PDP) is a foundational training programme that includes lessons on the cycle of stock movement, understanding of algorithms and high-frequency trading (HFT), candlestick analysis and chart patterns, money management, and trading psychology.

For member traders, on-site training offers the extra advantage of immersing you fully in the professional trader environment. You can sit next to seasoned traders and mentors and observe them throughout the day as they conduct their business. One of the best features of live training is this. Under a mentoring, the many subtleties can be discussed and analysed in real-time.

Trader Training

Using the T3Live.com web site, students can access the interactive online and remote home study programmes. Retail traders who do not belong to the prop brokerage arm can take this training. Certain courses are available through the Home Study Programs for $477, which is competitive with the cost of similar courses like those provided by Investopedia Academy.

Greg Capra, a co-founder of Pristine Trading, has reduced the scope of his “Pristine Method” trading system into 11 on-demand videos and a 319-page course manual for $477 (down from $795). Additional courses include Forex Profit Accelerator Lab, Advanced Management Strategies to Advanced Technical Strategies, Advanced Scalping Methods, Advanced Gap Strategies, Advanced Management Strategies to Advanced Options Home Study.

Interactive Courses

These are individual classes that offer comprehensive and individualised mentorship education. 20 traders can have complete access to Chief Strategy Officer Scott Redler for a 12-month period with the Redler Ultimate-Access. At $4,995, this offers a live retreat in New York City, a video archive of all lectures, webinars, VIP access to dinners, a private Facebook group, monthly in-depth training sessions, and transcripts of all sessions.

Other programmes include the Omega Prop Trading Program, the Quant Edge Coaching Program with Rob Smith ($2,195), the 5-Day Private Mentoring Program, the Options Training Program with Doug Robinson ($495), and the Quant Edge Coaching Program with Rob Smith ($2,195). Dates and costs could alter.

Trader Community

Traders have the option of subscribing to any of the T3live.com live trading chat rooms as part of their training. When the moderators broadcast their trades and positions throughout the day with narratives and analyses so that users can learn and also adopt the trades themselves, T3 refers to these spaces as Virtual Trading Floors (VTF). These are momentum trades rather than long-term stock recommendations. To benefit from the markets, you must be able to actively monitor them.

The viewers should only adopt the trades if they completely understand the hazards and the approach to manage them, it is usually advised. The monthly cost of a Black Room VTF membership is $195. The Quant Edge room costs $195 as well.

T3 Trading Group Review


Overall, T3 Trading Group has an impressive range of prop trading and brokerage service wrapped into one. Since they are all publicly available prop businesses, Topstep and Maverick Trading are sometimes compared to T3 Trading.

Serious traders who are prepared to commit both financially (capital contribution) and psychologically to become professional proprietary firm traders can consider T3 Trading. To advance with the firm, traders must be dedicated to passing the Series 57 licencing exam. T3Live.com is for traders of all experience levels who wish to hone their abilities and improve their trading methodology and management, from newcomers to seasoned professionals.

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T3 Trading Group Rating

T3 Trading Group is a proprietary trading firm offering a variety of services including a brokerage, trading programs, education and sponsored accounts.


T3 Trading Group Review


How does T3 Trading Group work?

T3 is a proprietary trading firm that assists its traders in maximising their earnings from trading online. The organisation has developed into a technology and training company that enhances trading skills for new and professional traders alike. The company’s exclusive technologies are then added to these, enabling them to make the most out of the markets.

Is T3 Trading Groug legitmate?

Yes, T3 are legit as they are a registered broker dealer. T3 Trading Group, LLC is a unit of T3 Companies with the others being T3 Live and T3 Securities.

What trading platforms can I use?

T3 Trading Group have a great selection of professional trading platforms including Sterling, Lightspeed Trader, Rithmic and Fusion.

What markets can I trade?

With T3 Trading Group, you can trade futures, options and equities.
T3 Trading Group Review
T3 Trading Group Review
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