Prop Firms That Allow News Trading

If you are taking part in a prop firm challenge to get a funded account and using a news trading strategy, then you will need to make sure that news trading is allowed. We have reviewed and compared the top prop firms that allow news trading to help you find a suitable option.
Prop Firms That Allow News Trading

The news is always a key driver of financial markets, so learning how to trade the news is a necessary skill for any trader. A news trading strategy involves trading based on market expectations, both before and after a news release. Trading on news announcements can require you to make quick decisions, as the financial markets may be impacted almost immediately.

Prop Firms That Allow News Trading

What is News Trading?

Breaking news concerning markets, including equities, currencies, and others, is used as the foundation for a strategy in news trading. This can include news about the economy, business announcements like earnings, management changes, and stock splits, as well as unforeseen geopolitical occurrences.

Social media is increasingly having an impact on trading tactics as well. Reddit forums have become more popular, enabling retail traders to compete with Wall Street, while Elon Musk has successfully erased millions from the worth of his own firm with a single tweet.

News announcements frequently have an impact on stocks and indexes, among other financial markets. This implies that before you trade, you’ll need to have a solid understanding of both news announcements and how they’ve affected markets in the past.

Having said that, it’s crucial to realise that the past doesn’t always repeat itself. To lessen the chance that you’re mistaken, you must have an effective risk management strategy in place.

Prop Firms That Allow News Trading

Our Top Prop Firms That Allow News Trading

Best seller 1 FTMO Review

FTMO Review

FTMO is an award-winning prop trading firm where you can take part in challenges to qualify to trade the company’s capital and receive up to $2 million in funds and keep 90% of profits. The company provide you with support along the way and will even cover the losses.
Best price 2 The Funded Trader Review

The Funded Trader Review

The Funded Trader is a popular prop trading firm where aspiring traders can potentially unlock up to $600k accounts to become professional traders and earn a 90% share of the profits.
3 SurgeTrader Review

SurgeTrader Review

SurgeTrader accelerates your path to becoming a professional trader by putting real capital into live accounts for you to trade. They have a good variety of funded trader programs where you can keep up to 90% of the profits if you successfully pass the audition phase and scale up to $500K.
4 The 5ers Review

The 5%ers Review

The 5%ers give instant funding to successful traders. You can choose from various trading programs to show them you have what it takes to trade their capital up to $4 million and keep 50% of profits.

Prop Firms That Allow News Trading

Comparison Table of News Trading Prop Firms

Prop Firms That Allow News Trading

How to Trade the News?

It could appear to be simple to read the news. In most cases, even someone who doesn’t trade will do it every day. But, in order to interpret the news for trading, you must be able to determine what will have an impact on markets and what won’t. Generally speaking, there are two types of news stories: repeating stories and surprise stories.

Scheduled news releases are referred to as recurring stories. Financial markets have time to analyse, forecast, and price in the information before it is ever disclosed to the general public because we can see them in economic calendars at least a week in advance. These stories don’t usually result in price increases until the outcome is contrary to expectations. Examples include the determination of the central bank’s interest rate, the publishing of economic data, and quarterly results.

The announcements that no one anticipates are known as unexpected stories. Global pandemics, geopolitical wars, natural disasters, terrorist acts, and financial crises are a few of them. These stories tend to be sudden, so when the news breaks, it’s likely to send ripples through the financial markets as traders and investors try to position themselves for the repercussions. They may also be referred to as “black swan” incidents.

Your trading technique will determine how often you read the news. The majority of long-term investors will steer clear of following the news and will rarely make judgements on current events. Yet, traders might profit from the immediate volatility that follows an occurrence. Day traders, for instance, might glance through news streams several times a day to find opportunities.

The most common way to trade news is to look for a period of consolidation or uncertainty ahead of a big number and to trade the breakout on the back of the news. This can be done on both a short-term basis (intraday) or over several days.

Negative news typically results in selling pressure, which can present a chance to go short, whilst favourable news typically creates buying chances.

Prop Firms That Allow News Trading

What Is A News Trader?

An investor or trader who bases investing decisions on significant news developments is known as a news trader. Market mood is used to news traders’ advantage. A news trader uses the mood of the market to attempt and make lucrative trades by monitoring what is occurring in the market and anticipating specific news releases.

News traders can profit from price movements of financial instruments, currencies (stocks and bonds), and securities, even if the market buzz generated by news releases and economic reports might not endure for very long. Since news traders typically open and close a trade on the same day, they might also be categorised as day traders.

A news trader frequently concentrates on trading when the market is still highly responsive to news developments. Either right away following the news’s announcement or right before it, depending on the situation. At these times, the market is extremely volatile, which creates profit chances and allows news traders to take strategic positions.

Even though news can be unpredictable and frequently comes as a surprise (for instance, natural disasters), news traders can still put themselves in a position to make profitable trades by making a calculated assumption about the direction the market is likely to take and the potential impact the news may have on price trends at the time of the announcement. As a result, time is crucial for news traders.

The main goal of news trading is to predict how a news announcement will affect the market. Big organisations have tried to lessen market reactions to their announcements by announcing or signalling new policies beforehand. Yet, even these policy signals have become traded occurrences.

Prop Firms That Allow News Trading

Is News Trading Profitable?

If done correctly, news trading can be profitable, but the key is to avoid trading too late. It’s already too late to join the trend by the time you hear about it on CNN. For instance, you would have loved watching the value of your Bitcoin assets increase if you had seen Elon Musk’s tweet about Bitcoin as soon as he posted it and purchased it at that time.

However, you could be a little late to the party if you decided to purchase Bitcoin only after hearing Elon Musk mention it in a tweet during your evening newscast. That is the ideal illustration of why trading the news necessitates immediate trading judgements and real-time news listening.

The same thing applies with stocks. The stock price of a corporation may already be falling by the time news of its demise reaches the general public. Prior to the company’s price beginning to substantially decline, you must be made aware of any lawsuits or other issues the business may be facing.

You’re much more likely to benefit from the experience if you can concentrate on locating the sources used by news organisations before they are reported on TV or the internet. Discover your favourite publicly traded firms and find out when they are acquiring other companies, issuing more shares or launching a new product.

If you know where to look, news trading can be beneficial, but major news networks are usually never the first place to seek for information. You need to think outside of the box and always make sure that you have sensible money management in place to protect against the volatile nature of news trading.

Prop Firms That Allow News Trading

Final Thoughts

Trading news can be successful and rewarding. To spot impending changes, you must, however, constantly monitor the news, be aware of news stories before everyone else, and analyse news reports correctly. Expert advisors and copy trading may be preferable options for beginners. If you do plan on using a news trading strategy to pass a trading challenge, you will need to make sure you choose a prop firm that allows news trading like those we have listed on this page. Otherwise, you could find yourself in breach of their terms and need to start the evaluation phase from scratch.

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