OneUp Trader Review

Pass the OneUp Trader simple 1-step evaluation and get a prop firm funded account up to $250,000 with a 90% profit split.

OneUp Trader Review


OneUp Trader is prop trading firm based in the United States that has a 1-step challenge that you need to pass in order to get a funded account up to $250,000 with a generous 90% share of the profits. They keep things as simple as possible, without the usual hoops you need to try and jump through with some other prop firms. Their goal is to help motivated people become fully funded traders. Providing funds for successful traders is a crucial first step towards achieving both financial and professional independence.

OneUp Trader Website
OneUp Trader Website

The procedures and organisational frameworks are created to encourage original thought and informed decision making. Prop traders don’t follow a specific “house style.” Instead, individuals are urged to create their own, independent, high-conviction views of the markets, free of any centralised trading tactics, in order to maximise the potential of their trading account.

  • Profit share up to 90%
  • High payout ratio, keep 100% of the first $10,000 profit
  • No daily loss limit
  • Reset balance for $100
  • 1-step evaluation process
  • Excellent choice of trading platforms
  • Large range of futures to trade
  • Handy trader dashboard
  • No monthly data fee vs alternatives, such as TopStepTrader
  • 100% money back guarantee if OneUp Trader cannot fulfil their funding
  • Ineract with a growing community of traders
  • Free and unlimited profit withdrawals from day 1
  • Trailing drawdown stops at initial starting balance
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Free 7-day trial
  • Limited leverage
  • No MetaTrader platforms
  • Overnight holding and weekend trading not allowed
  • Minimum profit withdrawal of $1,000
  • You need to pay for a trading platform or software once your account is funded
  • No automatic trading software
  • News trading only during evaluation phase

OneUp Trader Review


To get funded, you must first enrol in the Trading Evaluation programme. It is a real-time trading evaluation program created to highlight your skills. To make sure you’re headed in the correct direction for funding, you may trade, track, measure, and share your progress. If the evaluation is successful, you will receive full funding and an account with the same amount as your evaluation.

Funded Trader Program

The 1-step evaluation process is simple, with clear and achievable targets. They don’t have instant funding accounts like OFP Funding, but there are prop firms with a 2-step evaluation process which can take longer to qualify for. Going through an evaluation process can also be a good way to brush up on your trading strategies, improve your risk management and to show them what you can do.

You can participate for a monthly fee starting from $125 per month for a $25,000 account. The $250,000 account cost $650 per month. There are no other hidden fees or added costs. The account choice is up to you on what evaluation amount works best for you. Use the evaluation process as a professional measurement that best suits your trading style, trading experience, and risk management.

OneUp Trader Accounts
OneUp Trader Accounts

If you don’t want to pay a monthly fee, there are many prop firms who only charge a one-off participation fee rather than a monthly subscription. This includes the popular FTMO and The 5%ers prop firms. On the positive side, OneUp Trader do have a free 7-day trial on the $100,000 account which is not something all competitors provide.

Funded Account

Once you complete the 1-step evaluation process, you can access to a fully funded account ranging from $25,000 to $250,000. The high payout ratio lets you keep 100% of the first $10,000 profit. There are free unlimited profit withdrawals starting from the first day. Just make sure you stick to the clear trading rules and reach the fair objectives that they set.

Reach your goals, abide by the guidelines, and you’ll be placed with one of their supported partners. Each with the exact same account size as your evaluation. Profits will be generously distributed between the funding partner and the trader at 90%. Trade from anywhere at any time. They give you the tools to be entirely independent. 

Funding Process

Following your approval, the funding procedure takes three business days. You will receive the trade contract and other necessary paperwork from the funding partners after they have finished the evaluation step and submitted your findings for their review and approval. The account will be created shortly after, at which point you will get your login information and be able to trade with your Prop Account.

  1. Pass the Evaluation.
  2. Complete the Trader Questionnaire.
  3. Complete the Trader Contract.
  4. Get funded with the Prop partners.

OneUp Trader Review


Trading Days

To be qualified for placement with their funding partners, you must trade for a minimum of 15 total trading days (consecutive or not consecutive). Weekends and public holidays are not covered. This is quite a prolonged period when you consider some prop firms such as TickTickTrader have no minimum days requirement. However, there are no maximum days so you can take as long as you need to complete the evaluation. Just keep in mind that billing recurs every 30 days.

Profit Target

Reach the desired profit level for your account which start at a very achievable 6%. The account you select will determine how much profit you need. It is the bare minimum required by the financing partners for placement. This is an overall profit target for the life of your Evaluation rather than a daily or weekly profit target.

Traders must have a positive net PnL larger than the initial starting amount after 15 calendar days and every 15 calendar days thereafter. This rule only applies during the first 90 days of the account’s probationary period, beginning on the first trading day. Discretionary alerts are sent out if the account balance falls below the initial beginning balance.

Trading Times

The trading day for the evaluation begins at 5 PM CT and ends at 3:15 PM CT the following day. Weekends and public holidays are not covered. Overnight trading is permitted but positions must be closed prior to a product’s electronic market close.

A great advantage of OneUp Trader is that they don’t have any daily loss limit restrictions. You can trade with complete freedom and maximize your profit potential.

Trailing Drawdown

The trailing drawdown is around the industry average at 5%. Don’t let your account balance reach or go over this limit. As your account balance increases, the Trailing Drawdown will rise at a set rate.

After it reaches the starting account value, the trailing drawdown will stop growing and trailing. This is a benefit they offer that you won’t find in many other prop firms. The Trailing Drawdown is calculated in real-time and includes simulated commissions and fees. It follows the account balance.

The trailing drawdown will likewise trail/increase by the same amount if the account balance reaches a new record high until it reaches the starting account balance, at which point it stops trailing.

Trailing Drawdown Example
Trailing Drawdown Example

Position Size

Make sure that you observe the maximum position size which depends on the size of the account you select. This lists all open positions that are currently available across all products. There is a maximum of 3 contracts allowed on the $25,000 account, whereas the $250,000 account allows for a maximum 25 contracts.

You can trade micros using accepted products. Since they are merely testing Micros with funding partners to determine whether they will maintain them or not, there are no particular requirements for Micros on the Evaluation. These guidelines alter after you have funding.

Micros have a limited number of contracts available during the evaluation based on the size of the account; for instance, on a $50,000 account, you can trade a maximum of 6 contracts at a time; on a $100,000 account, you may trade a maximum of 12 contracts at a time; and so on.

Upon request from your funding source, you may trade up to 10x as many micro contracts as ordinary contracts on the Funded Trading account. For instance, you can ask to trade up to 60 micro contracts of MNQ instead of 6 normal contracts of NQ on the $50,000 account. No matter what form of contract you are trading, you must still follow the dynamic scaling rule.

Consistency Rule

You must exhibit the capacity to trade in a reliable and consistent manner. The aggregate of a trader’s net profits from any three trading days must equal 80% of their highest trading day’s net profit. This is to make sure you don’t “get lucky” and have a consistent trading strategy.

The consistency criteria are typically readily met by most traders without any issues. You should also be aware that this restriction does not apply to financed accounts and only pertains to the evaluation period. The consistency rule is a just and easy-to-follow guideline.

In essence, the funding partners do not want traders to behave in an irregular and inconsistent way. They essentially do not want to finance traders who trade a news event and gain $10,000 in profits in only two minutes, then scalp the remaining evaluation days.

You must exhibit the capacity to trade in a reliable and consistent manner. The aggregate of a trader’s net gains from any three trading days must be at least 80% of their highest day’s net profit.

News Trading

Trading the news during the evaluation is not prohibited. As soon as you receive funding, this changes. Funded Traders shall be flat one minute prior to, during, and one minute following a related Major Economic Release.


OneUp Trader funding partners have a stringent policy against engaging in trading activities that last less than 10 seconds or that take advantage of market data inaccuracies or inefficiencies, such as micro-scalping, high-frequency trading, latency arbitrage, tick-scalping, etc.

Trading Volume

A minimum of 50% of the average number of trades successfully completed on the evaluation must be executed in total each week. A weekly assessment of trade volume is made at the conclusion of that trading week. Calculations of the average weekly trading volume executed do not account for CME holidays and will be prorated for those weeks. For requests for extended periods of inactivity, the financial partner must be informed and asked for approval.

Profit Share

Prop traders receive a generous 90% profit split, with the majority going to the trader, based on your account choice during your evaluation. Funded traders keep 100% of their first $10,000 of profits for the 90% split option.


Traders who have been funded must follow the Dynamic Scaling Goals. The Cash on Hand figure will affect your purchasing power. When you withdraw money, your lot size will be changed to reflect your current account. They advise retaining enough money in your account to continue trading at the same lot size. According to the graph below, you can trade more/fewer lots as your account profit rises/falls.

Dynamic Scaling Plan
Dynamic Scaling Plan


The withdrawal requirements must be met by traders in order to provide them a genuine opportunity of success, reduce their risk of drawdowns during withdrawals, and ensure the longevity of their trading accounts.

  • $25,000: Withdrawal Profit Threshold $1,500
  • $50,000: Withdrawal Profit Threshold $2,500
  • $100,000: Withdrawal Profit Threshold $3,500
  • $150,000: Withdrawal Profit Threshold $5,000
  • $250,000: Withdrawal Profit Threshold $5,500

For instance, a trader is given a $100,000 account with a 90% split option. The trader will be qualified for a withdrawal sum of $3,000 because the threshold for that account size is $3,500 on day 5, when they accrue $6,500 in winnings. Day 8’s account balance is $109,500; the trader will be permitted to withdraw an amount up to $6,000 over the $3,500 threshold.

Withdrawal Threshold Example
Withdrawal Threshold Example

All you need to do to request a profit withdrawal is email your funding source with the desired withdrawal amount. If the withdrawal criterion has been reached, it will be handled the same day.

Requests for withdrawals must transfer at least $1,000 of the trader’s profit share. Both bank wire and cryptocurrency can be used to handle withdrawals. You can ask for a withdrawal at any time from Monday through Friday.

Withdrawals may take 1-2 business days to post to your account (Refer to your banking institution for posting times). In certain conditions, the funding company has the ability to request that you withdraw funds from the account under certain circumstances.


You are allowed to reset your account and try again if you fail the evaluation stage. The reset costs $100 across all of the accounts. However, it is best to use sensible money management to try and stay within the rules. This will avoid you needing pay the reset fee and can improve your trading skills.

Reset Balance
Reset Balance

You can reset your balance by simply logging into your dashboard and selecting “Reset My Balance.” Your starting balance and assessment criteria will be reset as a result. By logging into your dashboard, you can also create a new evaluation account. Account resets are handled immediately although it could take up to 30 minutes for the changes to appear in your account.

OneUp Trader Review



OneUp Trader support and excellent selection of 20 execution platforms including R | Trader, Sierra Chart, MotiveWave, AgenaTrader, Bookmap, Jigsaw Trading, MultiCharts and NinjaTrader. There is a trading platform for everyone, whether you are a beginner looking for a clean layout or a professional looking for complex technical analysis tools.

OneUp Trader Execution Platforms
OneUp Trader Execution Platforms

However, they do not currently provide the MetaTrader platforms. If that is your platform of choice, you could consider The Funded Trader as an alternative prop firm.

On both the Evaluation and Funded Accounts, you can use R|Trader Pro, which is powered by Rithmic (the data feed supplier), totally free of charge. Also, they provide a complimentary NinjaTrader licence key that is only valid for use during the evaluation time.

The following trading platforms are available:

  • NinjaTrader – Preferred Platform / Free During Evaluation
  • R | Trader – Free During Evaluation & Funded
  • R | Trader Pro – Free During Evaluation & Funded
  • AgenaTrader
  • Inside Edge Trader
  • Investor RT
  • Motive Wave
  • MultiCharts
  • Photon
  • QScalp
  • QST- Quick Screen Trading
  • Track’n Trade
  • Trade Navigator
  • eSignal
  • Jigsaw Trading
  • ATAS Order Flow Trading
  • Bookmap
  • Quantower
  • Sierra Chart
  • Medved Trader


You can trade CME products including the following: 6A 6B 6C 6E 6N 6J 6S CL E7 EMD ES GC GE GF HE HG HO LE M2K MES MNQ MYM NG NKD NQ PA PL QI QG QM QO RB RTY SI UB YM ZB ZC ZF ZL ZM ZN ZS ZT ZW.

As a key component of your trading strategy, explore products across six major asset classes to identify opportunities, diversify and fine-tune your portfolio using regular, E-mini, or Micro-sized contracts, and capture efficiency with cutting-edge technology. With access to trade nearly 24 hours a day, six days a week, you can react quickly to developments that affect the markets globally.

As a funded trader, you are solely responsible for paying the trading platform’s fees. Exchange fees are not the responsibility of any funded traders; instead, the funding partners are responsible for paying them.

The following list of currently permitted exchanges is provided without cost to Funded Traders by the funding partners:

  • CME products
  • CBOT products
  • NYMEX products
  • COMEX products


Simulated commissions and fees are fixed at $2.50 / side for all instruments (excluding micros) and for each contract traded. Simulated commissions and fees for micros are $1 / side for each contract traded. Commissions and all other fees(exchange, routing, and NFA fees are factored in on all simulated accounts during the trial. Net P&L is what they ultimately look at upon evaluation.

Trading Dashboard

There is a private trader community where you can connect with likeminded traders to share ideas. You get a range of advanced analytics and trading statistic tools with daily updated to stay informed on your trading activity. Educational materials can assist beginners whilst 24/7 customer support is on hand to assist you via phone, email and live chat.

Social Dashboard

  • Post, Share and Follow fellow funded traders
  • Multiple Trading Channels
  • Live Community Chat
  • Account Analytics
Social Dashboard
Social Dashboard

Latest Industry News

  • Streaming Quotes and News
  • Economic Calendars
  • Market Movers and Shakers
  • Live Streaming
Latest Industry News
Latest Industry News

Advanced Analytics

  • Advanced Trading Statistics
  • Daily Updates with Detailed Trade Analysis
  • Visual In-depth Statistics
  • Target Goal Metrics
Advanced Analytics
Advanced Analytics

Trader Blog

On the OneUp Trader website you will find a trading blog that has lots of useful content ranging from trading strategies to market analysis, prop firm news and more.

Free Trial

There is a free 7-day trial with a $100,000 evaluation account if you want to get a feel for what OneUp Trader offer before making any financial commitment. On the 7-day free trial account, you cannot receive funding. The free trial is not in any way monitored; instead, it is up to you to familiarise yourself with the policies before choosing to move through with an evaluation account.

Maximum capital$250,000
Profit split90%
News tradingYes (Evaluation only)
Weekend tradingNo
Automated tradingNo
Free trialYes
Maximum leverage1:2
OneUp Trader Features

OneUp Trader Review


Overall, OneUp Trader has a very good prop service with a simple 1-step evaluation process that has fair trading conditions and achievable profit targets. You can trade futures on powerful trading platforms with a variety of trading strategies allowed. If you pass the challenge and qualify for a funded account, you can get trade up to $250,000 with a scaling plan and generous 90% profit share.

The trading dashboard provides a great way to keep track of your trading activity to make sure you are following the guidelines. They are building a trading community which can be a good way to interact with other traders. Customer support is very helpful and available around the clock. You can reset your account if al does not go to plan for a fee.

On the other hand, they do not have instant funding accounts and there is some limitation in terms of trading styles, including scalping and holding positions overnight or the weekend. Drawdown limits are quite strict but this does help encourage good money management. There is also an ongoing monthly fee which not all prop firms charge.

If you can see past these discrepancies and want to trade futures to try and qualify for a funded account, then OneUp Trader are certainly worth giving consideration. There is even a free 7-day trial to give them a try without taking any risk.

8.3Expert Score
OneUp Trader Rating

Pass the OneUp Trader simple 1-step evaluation and get a prop firm funded account up to $250,000 with a 90% profit split.


OneUp Trader Review


Is OneUp Trader legit?

OneUp Trader LLC has been tried and tested by thousands of traders, many who have left positive reviews. If you have any queries, the company provides customer support via email, as well as being active on various social media channels.

What happens if you don’t meet a target on your OneUp Trader account?

In the event that you fall short of a loss cap or don’t reach an objective, OneUp Trader won’t instantly close your account. As an alternative, your account will be closed for the day or you will get an email outlining your trading tendencies and giving you tips on how to improve.

While funded, can I withdraw my profits during the 90 probationary days?

In a word, yes! After the withdrawal criteria is met, funded traders are eligible for free unlimited profit withdrawals starting on day one. There is no maximum withdrawal amount, and requests are fulfilled the same day with a minimum withdrawal amount of $1000.

Is there is maximum withdrawal amount?

No, once you receive funding and build up profit in your funded account, there is no maximum withdrawal amount.

Is there a daily loss limit amount on the accounts?

For both the evaluation and funded accounts, there is no daily loss cap. Increase your possibility for profit while trading completely independently.

Which payout methods are available after getting funded?

Both bank wire and cryptocurrency can be used to handle withdrawals. Anytime between Monday and Friday, you can request a withdrawal, and it may post to your account within 1-2 business days (Refer to your banking institution for posting times).

Does the trailing drawdown stop trailing up?

After it reaches the starting account value, the trailing drawdown will stop growing and trailing. This is a benefit they offer that you won’t find in many prop trading firms. The Trailing Drawdown is calculated in real-time and includes simulated commissions and fees. It follows the account balance. The trailing drawdown will likewise trail/increase by the same amount if the account balance reaches a new record high until it reaches the starting account balance, at which point it stops trailing.

Do I need exactly 15 trading days to be eligible for funding?

No, you must have at least 15 trading days in order to be placed with one of their funding partners. But, you can continue trading for as long as it takes to meet your profit target, even if it takes five months. Thus, these 15 days are not the absolute maximum. Payment is made every 30 days.

Is OneUp Trader a funding company?

OneUp Trader is a recruitment firm for traders looking to get funded rather than a funding company. They provide a straightforward funding channel for traders. You will be given a Funded trading account with one of their Funding Partners once you have finished the Evaluation.

How many contracts can I trade in one trading session?

During the Evaluation, you can use all the maximum contracts allotted in your account size. There is no daily, weekly, or monthly limit. Example: If you have a Max Position Size of 5, you may Long 3 contracts of CL (Crude Oil) and Short 2 ES (E-Mini S&P). When you get funded, that’s when you need to adhere to the Dynamic Scaling Target.

What documents are required once I am Funded?

Any legitimate piece of government-issued identification (National Identity Card, passport, driver’s licence, etc.) must be shown. Please make sure it clearly displays your date of birth and has a valid expiration date.

How do I get started?

You just need to enrol in the Trading Evaluation Program to get started. Your trading skills will be evaluated in real-time by this funding program. You may monitor your development and make use of this knowledge to make sure you’re headed in the proper direction for funding. You will be given a funded trading account with one of the partners if you pass the test.

Do I have to provide capital to be funded?

No, the funding partners’ trading company has fully financed the account. Additionally, the trader is never liable for any losses.

How does the billing work?

A subscription is renewed automatically every 30 days until you request a review of your account or cancel it. Subscriptions are charged monthly beginning on the sign-up date. After your renewal date, all of your trade history, executions, and days traded remain in effect, and no new accounts are created. Your account balance is not reset by your monthly renewal. All regular payments cease once they are funded.

Can I change the size of my account?

If you have an active Evaluation account, you cannot change the size of your account; however, you can cancel your active Evaluation account from your member’s dashboard and then register for a fresh account.

Can I put my account on hold and resume later?

Putting your account or subscription on hold is not currently an option they provide. Anytime you want, you can resubscribe after cancelling your account.

Is there an age requirement?

Yes, traders must be of legal age, over the age of 18 years old.

Are all countries allowed?

Not all users will qualify for an account with OneUp Trader; certain geographic restrictions apply. You can find these on the sign-up page.

Are commissions and fees factored into the Evaluation?

$2.50/side is the cost of simulated commissions and fees. For micros, the simulated commission and fee is $1 per side for each contract transacted. On all simulated accounts used for the Evaluation, commissions and all other fees (such as exchange, routing, and NFA fees) are taken into account. They base their determination of your funding eligibility on your Net P&L.

Do they provide educational or training resources?

The prop firm only hire self-driven traders, and because there are so many trading tactics available, they can’t support or suggest any trading instructors. All education is the trader’s duty.
OneUp Trader Review
OneUp Trader Review
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