OFP Funding Review

OFP Funding is a prop trading firm without any challenges to pass or profit targets to reach. There are 3 instant funding accounts with a maximum capital of $100k and profit share up to 40%.

OFP Funding Review


Overview Funding Program (OFP Funding) is a prop firm that doesn’t have any challenges to pass or profit targets for instant funded accounts. It was started in the UK in 2021 with the intention of giving any trader the opportunity to trade with up to £5 million risk-free. Every month, OFP signs up an increasing number of traders, opening up a wide range of prospects in the trading industry.

Fundamentally, OFP Funding provides three distinct trading methods that are flexible and trader-focused. OFP is regarded as one of the most open prop firms in the trading industry, offering a blend of excellent client care, a user-friendly dashboard that enables each trader to follow their individual progress, and a top-class support system centred around its clients.

OFP Funding Website
OFP Funding Website


OFP Funding was established to provide an alternative to the traditional prop firms, whose models are based on challenges, verifications, and profit targets that are often designed to steer traders away from their own strategies and into unfamiliar territory.

OFP Funding’s guiding principle has always been, “Trading is difficult enough as it is; why make it harder?” With this principle as its foundation and a desire to transform the market, OFP launched true instant funding. OFP has developed something that is not as readily available anywhere else in the prop firm industry sector, offering a selection of accounts ranging from 5k to 100k in 5 different currencies without any difficulties or verifications.

OFP Funding assists traders who don’t have their own money to risk but still want to put in the effort to build a successful trading business through its online and physical presence. By offering them a sizable initial capital commitment and a market-leading pay-out rate, they assist them in avoiding newbie errors, overleveraging, and overtrading. The entire community is carefully listened to. The prop firm make sure that traders feel heard and that their comments are genuinely taken into consideration through a combination of a closely watched Discord chat, many support channels, and weekly content across social media. All of their managers are experienced traders, which enables them to interact with OFP clients and address any concerns or queries they may have. The outstanding team’s efforts in this area are demonstrated by the ever-increasing reviews.

At OFP, they want to make a positive difference in the world in addition to changing the trading sector. In order to help fund children’s cleft surgery, OFP and Operation Smile agreed that a set percentage of the company’s annual income would be donated.

  • Get an instant funding account
  • Scale up to £5M with multiple accounts
  • Allow most trading strategies
  • News trading, scalping, overnight trading and weekend holding allowed
  • Very reasonable initial fees with no ongoing costs
  • Use the excellent IC Markets broker
  • Trade forex, stocks, indices, commodities, bonds and crypto
  • Access to tight spreads, low commission fees and quick execution speeds
  • No profit targets
  • Rewards program
  • Leverage up to 1:100
  • Both MetaTrader 4/5 platforms
  • No evaluation phases to test your skills
  • Relatively new prop trading firm
  • Profit share of 40% below industry average
  • Minimum 3/7 trading days
  • Expert advisors (EAs) not allowed
  • No free trial

OFP Funding Review


OFP Funding offer instant funding accounts with no evaluation phases to go through. Due to the fact that they never need you to complete any challenges, verification procedures, or profit targets, the accounts are a magnet for some of the best traders. Instead, they give you the power to decide. You can select the account that best fits your trading strategy because all accounts are “demo,” so you won’t need to worry about any losses.

Traders can receive a payout bi-weekly or monthly with a profit share up to 40% depending on the account type. This is below the industry average profit share of around 90%. Instant Funding and ForexPropFirm.com offer instant funded accounts and both have a 90% profit share respectively.

There are three account models that you can choose from:

  • 40% Instant Monthly Account (100k maximum)
  • 26% Instant Monthly Account (100k maximum)
  • 40% Instant Supercharged Account (100k maximum)

A demo account with account sizes ranging from $5k to $100k is used to learn how to trade, and the Funding Program is designed to reward traders for their enthusiasm while evaluating their skills. Recall that payouts are made either weekly or monthly, and all OFP Funded accounts are subject to the same trading rules.

OFP Funding Accounts
OFP Funding Accounts

Scaling Plan

You can hold any number of accounts, as long as the total sum of money being managed doesn’t exceed £100,000. A trader is entitled for a deposit equal to 25% of the initial deposit placed on the trading account, up to a maximum allotted capital of £5M per trader, if they have generated profits of more than 15% for four consecutive months.

OFP Funding Review


There are some trading rules that you need to follow in order to show the prop firm that you are a consistent trader. They are there for your and the company’s protection.

You won’t lose your account if you violate some regulations, such as not opening and finishing a trade within 60 seconds, but any profits you do make will not be taken into consideration for calculating payouts. On the other hand, the account will be suspended if you violate some of the fundamental guidelines, such as drawdowns and trading days.

Daily Drawdown

Your equity and balance cannot be lower than your daily maximum balance less the account margin, or they must be equal to it. The account margin is 5% of the total amount of your initial deposit. It is assumed that each day begins at 00:00 GMT. The account will be closed if the rule is broken.

Total Drawdown

The equity and balance of the trading account cannot fall below 90% of the opening balance during the first month at any time during the account’s lifetime. The total maximum drawdown for the following month shouldn’t be more than 10% of the initial account balance from the preceding payout balance. The account will be closed if the rule is broken.

Trading Days

Every seven days, there must be a minimum of three trade days. Only the day on which the trade was actually executed is taken into account when a trade is held over several days as a trading day. You will be given account logins on the day that is deemed to be your first day in the programme. The account will be closed if the rule is broken.

Trading Strategy

Swing trading, scalping, news trading, overnight trading, weekend holding and any other genuine method you choose to employ are all permitted. It should be noted that OFP does not permit the use of Experts or EAs, and doing so would result in account cancellation.

Trading styles that are deemed as “Cheating” on demo accounts are not permitted. If any account is seen to be using unfair strategies or an unrealistic trading style their account will be suspended.

Below is a list of styles prohibited within the funded program:

  • Gap trading
  • Latency arbitrage
  • Long-short arbitrage
  • Reverse arbitrage
  • Reverse/opposite account trading
  • Hedging
  • Tick scalping/trading
  • Martingale trading
  • News straddling methods

Significant disparities in lot sizes are also not taken into account in the payment count because they view them as risky and do not count positions held for less than one minute. Keep in mind that OFP Funding encourages ethical trade practises. To get a payout, all open positions must be terminated.

Copy Trading

They only permit copy trading between OFP accounts. Trades from your personal or other prop accounts cannot be copied to an OFP account. Any copying from a different account will result in an immediate suspension of your account. Before starting to copy trade across your accounts, please get in touch with the support team, give them the necessary information, and wait for approval. You need to provide them with your account numbers, which one is the master account and which software you will use.

Consistency Rule

There isn’t a consistency rule in place. Yet they anticipate traders to practise prudent risk management. Hence, in order to make sure every trader who receives a reward is deserving of it, they implemented a strict policy. Continuous profitability is significantly more crucial than making more faster with higher risk.

As their goal is to separate expert traders from regular traders and fund them, traders must continue to abide by the trading policy. They ask you to avoid adopting a risky mindset. You will never be subject to certain trade restrictions, but should uphold prudent risk management. This will also safeguard you from any unfavourable consequences.

Monthly Payout

The traders who followed all the criteria will be paid out 40% or 26% of the overall earnings made during that trading month at the conclusion of each month. There are no required challenges, verifications, or profit targets.

26% Example:

  • Starting Balance €100,000.
  • Ending Balance €120,000.
  • Payouts = 26% of €20,000 = €5,200.

40% Example:

  • Starting Balance €100,000.
  • Ending Balance €120,000.
  • Payouts = 40% of €20,000 = €8,000.

Supercharged Payout

A 4-week cycle allows the trader to scale their payout up to a maximum of 40% per week. This initiative was created by the OFP Funding whilst traders are given lifetime access to all of their accounts with no required challenges, verifications, or profit targets.

Example 1

  • Starting Balance €100,000
  • Week 1 Ending Balance €105,000. Possible Payout 10% of €5,000 = €500
  • Week 2 Ending Balance €115,000€. Possible Payout 20% of €10,000 + €500 = €2,500
  • Week 3 Ending Balance €120,000. Possible Payout 30% of €5,000 + €2,500 = €4,000
  • Week 4 Ending Balance €130,000. Possible Payout 40% of €10,000 + €4,000 = €8,000

Example 2

  • Starting Balance €100,000
  • Week 1 Ending Balance €105,000. Possible Payout 10% of €5,000 = €500
  • Week 2 Ending Balance €115,000. Possible Payout 20% of €10,000 + €500 = €2,500
  • Week 3 Ending Balance €110,000. Negative week. Possible Payout = €2,500 – €1,500 = €1,000
  • Week 4 Ending Balance €115,500. Possible Payout 40% of €5,500 + €1,000 = €3,200


There are no renewal fees, just the initial fee upfront for a funded account. OFP Funding is not an ongoing fee service. The trader will be able to use the account for as long as they like, or until a violation occurs, after purchasing it. There is a lifelong period for each account. For the rest of your trading days, you can utilise your OFP account without any further costs.

OFP Funding Review



Trading is conducted via one of the best trading brokers in the world, IC Markets. They are regulated in multiple jurisdictions and provide excellent trading conditions including tight spreads, low commission fees and rapid trade execution speeds. The broker has deep liquidity pools from different liquidity providers that ensures trades get the best price available at all times. This is all backed up by industry leading around the clock support.

IC Markets
IC Markets


MT4 or MT5 can be used to connect an OFP account, with IC Markets serving as the principal broker, depending on the trader’s preferences. MetaTrader is the industry standard online trading platform that is utilised by millions of retail traders all over the globe. It is easy to use and fully loaded with thousands of free and paid trading tools.

Traders can conduct simple or complex market analysis to identify potential trading opportunities across all of their favourite instruments. It has a fully customisable interface with support for multiple chart types, timeframes and orders.

Whatever your trading strategy, MetaTrader provides a convenient way to analyse the market, place and manage trades. If MT4 and MT5 are your platforms of choice, you can also get them via other prop firms including FTMO and SurgeTrader.

MetaTrader 4 & MetaTrader 5 Platforms
MetaTrader 4 & MetaTrader 5 Platforms


You can trade a plethora of financial instruments with OFP Funding including forex, commodities, indices, bonds and cryptocurrencies. The currency pair spreads are very tight, starting at 0.0 pips. Leverage of up to 1:100 is available.

OFP Fidelity Points

Each qualified dollar you spend on your accounts while using OFP Fidelity earns you points. Start trading and through their regular daily trading activities win free accounts and redeem discounts.

Every time you do something mentioned in the list below, you will be rewarded with points. When it comes to redeeming one’s points, 40 points act as a £1 discount.

  • Spend a £ = 1 point
  • Write a 5-star review = 700 points
  • Publish a video review on YT = 1,000 points
  • Subscribe to OFP YouTube Channel = 100 points
  • Follow OFP on Twitter= 100 points
  • Follow OFP on Facebook = 100 points
  • Follow OFP Instagram = 100 points
  • Share on Facebook = 10 points
  • Share your payout on Facebook groups = 200 points
  • Subscribe to mailing list = 150 points


Each trader at OFP Funding receives a unique dashboard to assist them keep track of their trading progress. It gives access to crucial data including balance, equity, drawdowns, risk-to-reward, volume pairs, and much more. It was designed with traders’ needs in mind.

The OFP dashboard is regarded as one of the most comprehensive in terms of functionality, security, and attractiveness thanks to their innovation. This is a great way to make sure you are reaching your objectives whilst staying within the trading rules.


Unlike the majority of other prop trading firms on the market, OFP Funding collaborates closely with its very own trade education division. OverviewFX provides a range of instructional courses for both novice and seasoned traders that are geared towards those who want to trade and learn everything there is to know about it.

Prop Trading Blog

The blog was established to provide clients with reliable, secure, and most importantly, useful information. The blog’s content is exclusive and totally devoted to the development of the trader. Any trader can read the blog at any time for free. You can get insightful information about every aspect of the prop trading business to help maintain and expand your knowledge.

Maximum capital$1,000,000
Profit split40%
News tradingYes
Weekend tradingYes
Automated tradingNo
Free trialNo
Maximum leverage1:100
OFP Funding Features

OFP Funding Review


Overall, OFP Funding have a solid offering for anyone who is looking for an instant funded account. They use one of the leading brokerage firms in IC Markets with excellent trading conditions on a great selection of financial instruments. You can trade on MT4/MT5 demo accounts and get a share of the profits.

However, the share is limited to just 40% which is around half the industry standard. That being said, there is no complicated evaluation phase and a variety of different funded accounts options to choose from. The initial price is very reasonable considering the profit potential with good trading, sensible money management and 1:100 leverage available. You can scale up to a maximum of £5,000,000 with multiple accounts.

OFP Funding aren’t so strict on trading strategies, allowing traders of all different trading styles provided they stick within the rules and trading objectives. If you are looking to use expert advisors (EAs) for automated trading then you will need to look elsewhere as they are prohibited. The 5%ers do allow EAs as another option to consider. If you can see past these discrepancies and are looking for an instant funding, then they are certainly worth consideration.

8.3Expert Score
OFP Funding Rating

OFP Funding is a prop trading firm without any challenges to pass or profit targets to reach. There are 3 instant funding accounts with a maximum capital of $100k and profit share up to 40%.


OFP Funding Review


Is OFP Funding legitimate?

Daily and monthly statistics and testimonials regarding their traders are provided by OFP Funding. In the official channels, interviews and reviews are posted every day. The “Discord” channel offers all OFP traders the chance to speak and share their everyday experiences with other users. Moreover, OFP is a division of OverviewFX Ltd, a UK business established in London that must be in complete compliance with all UK legal requirements.

How much money can I manage?

Currently, you are permitted to manage any number of accounts, provided that the total amount managed does not go over:

100k 26% Instant monthly account
100k Instant supercharged account
100k 40% Instant monthly account

With the scaling plan you can manage a maximum of £5M per trader.

Can anyone become an OFP Funded Trader?

Yes, OFP now has tens of thousands of novice and experienced traders. Anybody has the option to use the service. They are happy to serve customers from all around the world.

How long does it take to become an OFP Funded trader?

You will get the credentials right away through your email after making the purchase. You can begin trading as soon as you have the credentials.

What capital will I trade as an OFP Funded Trader?

Because OFP offers demo accounts, you won’t have to worry about putting real money at danger. However, if the trader is successful, OFP has an internal trading team and reserves the right to mirror profitable traders who are trading on an OFP account that satisfies the requirements for the Master Trading Account.

What is the leverage offered?

The leverage on all account types is 1:100

What trading platforms are available?

Currently they have MT4, MT5 and Web terminal available.

Am I responsible for any loss?

No, you are not entitled for losses as an OFP client. According to the agreements, your account will be automatically closed if you violate the 10% total drawdown and 5% daily drawdown restrictions. Both of them and you are protected by doing this.

If I breach the rules, do I get a second chance?

No, the account is stopped and cannot be reopened if the trader breaks a rule.

Which broker do they use?

OFP Funding use the regulated broker IC Markets.

When can I withdraw my profits?

If the trader is in profit, they have the possibility to withdraw the profits:

40% or 26% Instant monthly account: after 28 days from the purchase.
40% Instant supercharged account: At the end of any week you want.

Whatpayment methods are available?

The prop firm accepts credit/debit cards, bank wire, and crypto.

How am I paid from a demo account?

The internal trading staff executes trades on an OFP account that satisfies the requirements of the Master Trading Account, and they reserve the right to mirror reliable traders.

Are the funded accounts for lifetime?

Indeed it is. You will always have access to the account and can request payouts if you follow the guidelines.

What happens if I’m not profitable?

It is OK if you are not profitable. Even if you are losing money on the account, you will still be able to keep it as long as you adhere to the 5% daily and 10% total drawdown rules.

What is the refund policy?

If the client did not conduct any trading operations on the new account and no more than four days have passed since the purchase, the client is entitled to a complete refund less any transaction fees.
OFP Funding Review
OFP Funding Review
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