N P Financials Review

N P Financials is a proprietary trading firm that offer trader education and trading capital with a 70% profit share if you can pass the evaluation stage by adhering to the rules and achieving the challenge objectives.

N P Financials Review


Melbourne-based N P Financials (NPF) is a prop trading company who offer Forex, Stock, and Commodities Traders funding as well as training. They assist traders in overcoming one of their major challenges, which is a lack of trading capital.

To locate excellent traders and fund them, they conduct trader auditions. Successful traders will become a funded trader and trade with N P Financials capital after passing the audition. 70% of profits are kept by traders.

NPF are looking for talented, ambitious traders with a proven trading strategy who are ready to take their trading up another level. They enable you to shape the course of your career in this fascinating sector by providing forex funding and resources. In only a few clicks, you may receive forex funds and trade from the convenience of your home.

N P Financials Website
N P Financials Website


Since 2016, N P Financials have been empowering individuals to make extra income and become successful. Via their specialised trader training programme, they assist aspiring traders in realising their financial goals. The company’s basic but effective mission statement is “Your success is our success.”

Providing clients with the professional insight and skill that may truly make a difference, this prop firm give them the competitive edge they need to thrive in trading. With in-depth trader training and access to cutting-edge methods, you can unlock the secrets of successful trading and leave the speculation at home!

They are one of the only prop trading firms who are regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) and have their own Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL). By offering education, guidance and real-world investment strategies that are proven to help, they’ve seen thousands achieve the future they deserve!

  • Excellent educational content
  • MT4, MT5 and TradingView platforms
  • Partner with a top broker in GO Markets
  • Great choice of trading instruments across multiple asset classes
  • Tight spreads from 0.0 pips and quick trade execution speeds
  • News trading, copy trading, holding overnight and automated trading allowed
  • No minimum or maximum trading days
  • Prompt customer support
  • No monthly subscription or hidden fees
  • Funded accounts up to $1,000,000
  • Regulated prop firm
  • 70% profit share below industry average (80-90%)
  • Must trade once per 30 days
  • Need to place a stop loss on all trades
  • Weekend holding not allowed
  • Maximum 1:10 leverage
  • No free trials

N P Financials Review


The steps to become an NPF Funded Trader are relatively straightforward with the NPF Trader Training Program. You just need to choose an audition and complete the one step funding challenge. There are no minimum or maximum trading days required to pass the evaluation phase but there are some rules that you need to follow.

If you successfully pass the audition by reaching the trading objectives and following the guidelines, you will qualify for a funded account and take home 70% of any profits that you generate. This is generous, but you an get a 90% profit share with FTMO as an alternative prop firm to consider. The NPF funded account can be scaled all the way up to $1,925,000.

NPF Capital Auditions
NPF Capital Auditions

The trader auditions start at $240 for a $25,000 account. The professional account is the highest option which comes in at $6,300 and lets you trade with $1,000,000 in capital. This is not cheap, but there are 6 different packages you can choose from depending on your desired investment size.  There are no monthly subscriptions or hidden costs.

The profit target of 10% and maximum drawdown of 5% are pretty much in line with the industry standard. There are no minimum or maximum trading days which is great, and not something that all prop firms offer. Overall, getting a funded account with NPF is a simple one step process.

N P Financials Review


N P Financials makes it simple for you to concentrate on the things that matter most, including discovering profitable probabilistic trades and succeeding in their funded account challenge. However, there are some trading rules and conditions that you need to abide by in order to not be in breach of the account terms. These are as follows:

Stop loss

A stop-loss is required for each trade. This is a soft breach.

Closing open positions

All positions must be closed on or before Friday 4PM Eastern Standard Time. This is a soft breach.

Maximum open lots

The maximum number of open lots equal to 1/10000 the size of the account is allowed. This is a soft breach.

Account inactivity

You must place a trade at least once every 30 days, else you will fail the audition. This is a hard breach and will results in you needing to restart the challenge.

Trading strategies

You must use a stop loss on all of your trades. You need to close all trades before the weekend. News trading, copy trading and automated trading with prop firm expert advisors are allowed.

Daily loss limit

There is a maximum 4% daily loss limit. This is a hard breach. Based on the end-of-day balance from the previous day, they determine the daily loss cap. If your end-of-day balance from the previous day was $100,000, for instance, your account would breach when your equity rose to $96,000 that day.

Additionally, because they base the daily stop out level on a percentage rather than a set dollar amount, the wider your daily stop loss is the more money you gain in your account. Your daily stop out level will increase from $4,000 to $4,400 if, for instance, you start with a $100,000 balance and grow it to a $110,000 balance.

Trailing drawdown

There is a 5% maximum trailing drawdown. This is a hard breach. The initial level is set at 5% of your account’s opening balance. The trailing maximum drawdown follows you as your account balance rises until you reach your 5% profit objective. They remove the trailing drawdown once you hit your 5% profit goal in your account and allow traders to withdraw all the way back to their beginning balance before breaching the account.

The Max Trailing Drawdown is 5% of your starting balance . For example, if your account size is $100,000 then it will be $5,000. So, if you make profit and your HWM (High Water Mark) on Closed Trades is going up to $102,500 then your breach level will be = (HWM Closed Trades – $5,000)= $102,500 – $5,000=  $97,500. Another example, if you have a $100,000 account, you can go down to $95,000 before being disqualified. Let’s say you are a profitable trader and make $4,000 in your account. Your High-Water Mark is now $104,000 (balance, so just closed trades). Your max drawdown limit will be $99,000. Next, you make an additional $1,000 in your account. So, your new High-Water Mark is $105,000. Here is where it will lock in, so as your High-Water Mark rises (let’s say to $106,000, $107,000, etc.) your max drawdown limit will stay at $100,000

Open positions

Moreover, there is a maximum allowed for open lots. Traders may have a maximum number of open lots equal to 1/10000 the size of their account. You will have 10 open lots with risk accessible if you are in the $100,000 plan. If you purchase 5 lots of EUR/USD at 1.2000 and set your stop loss at 1.1800, you would have 5 lots up for trade that are still available if all goes according to plan.

You would no longer be at danger from that trade if the EUR/USD increased to 1.2500 and you updated your stop loss to be at 1.2000, which would be your open price. Even though you currently have 5 lots open, you would once more have 10 lots available. If you place too many trades with risk, the system will close out all of the open positions with risk.

Below are the maximum open lots across all pairs that a trader can have at any given time.

  • $25,000 account – 2.5 lots with risk
  • $50,000 account – 5 lots with risk
  • $100,000 account – 10 lots with risk
  • $250,000 account – 25 lots with risk
  • $500,000 account – 50 lots with risk
  • $1 million – 100 lots with risk

If you place too many trades with risk, the system will close out all of the open positions with risk. Even though you broke the rule, you can still trade if you hit your 10% profit target and don’t go over your daily or maximum loss limitations. If you do, you’ll be upgraded to a live funded account. This is known as a “soft breach.”

Breaching Rules

You should keep in mind that there are two sorts of breaches: hard breaches and soft breaches, as shown below:

A hard breach is when the daily or maximum drawdown is violated. A hard breach occurs when you don’t execute a trade at least once per 30 days. You fail the audition and your account will be closed if you commit any of these serious offences.

Soft breach happens when you don’t close positions by Friday’s market close, when you trade without a stop-loss, or when you have more open lots than is permitted.

In the event of a soft breach, the deal is instantly closed by the system, allowing you to carry on trading. You will lose access to your account if there is a hard breach.

In the event that you passed the NPF Capital Audition and were trading a funded live account at the time, all gains made by you at that point will be distributed. You can always try again with a new Audition by paying the corresponding price if your initial attempt is unsuccessful. For a second audition, there might be a discount.

Trading Capital

The account balance for each trader will be the same as for their audition. You would handle $500,000 of their funds in your funded trader account if you had traded with $500,000 for the audition.

All Audition accounts have fictitious financing and are demo accounts. Following passing the audition, you will be given the login information for a live trading account with real money. Then, traders are eligible to get 70% of the profits made in the real account.

You can submit an application for the relevant Assessment if you want to trade an account with a higher account balance. However, a trader can only have one account per Audition tier. Each account begins with an audition and is distinct from the others.

You can apply for a $50,000 account by participating in a $50,000 Audition, for instance, if you are trading a $100,000 account and want to trade more. But, as per the Terms & Conditions, those accounts cannot be traded using the same method in order to diversify their risk and exposure.

Audition Fees

There is no return for the audition fee. The only investment you will ever make into the programme will be this one. No extra costs. No recurring monthly payments. If you don’t pass the audition, you’ll need to pay the price for another audition.

There are several reasons why there is an audition fee as with most proprietary trading firms. First and foremost, the charge pays for the numerous NPF trader’s running costs, which include staff, technological platforms, customer support operations, marketing, and all other necessary costs for a successful business.

The charge also guarantees the trader’s dedication to the procedure and commitment to successful, disciplined trading methods. When a trader has stake in the outcome, so to speak, they are motivated to handle their account carefully and responsibly.

In the end, the charge is really a mark of commitment. For traders, the nicest aspect of this setup is that the only capital at danger is this one. Trading losses are limited to this cost because NPF covers losses on paid live accounts.

Serious traders are filtered out by the NPF trader Audition fee. The NPF trader community can only be successful if it is made up of seasoned traders who can consistently turn a profit. With limited resources, the NPF trader Audition process identifies those who are devoted and responsible traders.

The NPF trader programme is, in the end, a very important service that benefits everyone. It is also fairly priced to encourage a mutually beneficial relationship.


Profit withdrawal requests from NPF-Traders are permitted at any time, however they cannot be made more frequently than every thirty (30) days.

Your new highwater equity will be reduced by the total amount of funds removed when a withdrawal is requested, along with NPF’s portion of the gains. So, it is recommended to maintain some money in the account rather than withdrawing the full profit because doing so will cause the maximum trailing drawdown to lock in at your beginning balance and prevent you from placing a trade.

Let’s say, for illustration, that a trader with a funded account of $100,000 posts a profit of $20,000. NPF-Trader would also redeem 30% of gains, which amounted to $6,000, when they took their 70% profit, or $14,000. As a result, the new value of the account following the withdrawal would be $100,000, and your maximum trailing drawdown would lock in at the balance at which you started. Withdrawal requests do not cause the trailing drawdown to reset.

Moreover, the maximum trailing drawdown high-water mark is reset to the initial balance upon withdrawal. This is justified by the fact that the programme is set up to be mutually beneficial. The company runs the risk of going bankrupt while still having paid a trader earnings by not locking in the maximum drawdown at the beginning balance.

As an illustration, you increased an account from $100,000 to $110,000. You then ask for a $10,000 withdrawal. In this case, they would give you $7,000 while keeping $3,000 for themselves. Also, the account balance would drop back to $100,000 as a result, and your maximum trailing drawdown would lock in at your starting balance.

The maximum withdrawal of 5% would then be permitted on your account, which would result in a loss of $5,000. In this case, you would have received $7,000 in earnings while the prop firm suffered a $2,000 loss. So, the rule of locking in the maximum trailing drawdown at the starting balance at the time of the initial withdrawal provides a win-win, long-term relationship.

N P Financials Review



The N P Financials broker of choice is GO Markets. They are an Australian broker that is regulated and provide some of the best trading conditions. You can take advantage of tight spreads from just 0.0 pips and get superior trade execution speeds thanks to deep liuqidity pools. The commission fees are very competitive and customer support second to none.

GO Markets
GO Markets


You can trade with N P Financials on the MetaTrader platforms by MetaQuotes. These platforms are widely regarded as having a quick learning curve, making them the platform of choice for beginners. They are also packed with tools, functionalities and features, to satisfy the needs of even the most demanding of traders. The interface is fully customisable and the platform easy to navigate. This makes it convenient for conducting market analysis, placing and managing trades.

MT4 & MT5 Platforms
MT4 & MT5 Platforms

Just like The Funded Trader, they offer both MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and MetaTrader (MT5) platforms. They also have the popular TradingView charting software if that is your preferred platform.


Customers can access a number of international markets, including Forex, Indices, Commodities, all from one account, with the GO Markets MT4 demo, Standard, and Pro MT4 accounts. In order for clients to implement their trading strategies with accuracy, GO Markets offers a low latency environment in addition to their extensive price feeds.

Forex, Metals, Oils and Indices receive up to 1:10 leverage. Cryptocurrencies receive 1:2 leverage.

Trader Dashboard

Metrics on the daily loss cap, profit target, maximum loss cap, equity, balance, monthly return, and anticipated annual return are all included on the trading account dashboard. You will also have access to a thorough account history that includes all trades that were executed. This is a good way to keep track of everything to make sure you are reaching the goals whilst following the rules.

Trader Training

A core aspect of the N P Financials proprietary trading firm business is the trader education that they provide. They go above and beyond when it comes to equipping aspiring traders with the resources that they need to make informed trading decisions. This is something that not every prop trading firm does, which helps them stand-out in an ever-expanding industry.

  • 30,000+ hours of Market Research & Development
  • Certified Financial Technician- CFTe
  • Diploma of Technical Analysis
  • DER (GA) – Derivatives (General Advice)
  • Specialised Techniques in Technical Analysis Tier 2
  • Tier 1 Technical Analysis
  • Foreign Exchange (Personal Advice)
  • Advisor Compliance Solution in Specialist- Knowledge Securities
  • Diploma of Financial Planning

N P Financials provides a turn-key solution that will assist you in becoming a successful trader or investor, as well as provide you with peace of mind and better trading control. You need good trading education, trading coaching and support if you want to manage your trades effectively.

N P Financials Training Programs
N P Financials Training Programs

This prop firm offers comprehensive Trader Forex Training materials where Master Traders dissect their proprietary trading strategies to aid in your trading success. This includes the following:

  • Intraday Trading (9 hours duration)
  • Traders Foundation (9 hours duration)
  • Index Trading (18 hours duration)
  • Share Trading (18 hours duration)
  • Commodity Trading (18 hours duration)
  • Cryptocurrency Trading (18 hours duration)
  • Forex Trading Program (18 hours duration)
  • Advanced Forex Trading Progression (27 hours duration)
  • Professional Forex Trader Development (36 hours duration)


The knowledgeable team offers ongoing teaching and support so you can quickly accomplish your trading objectives. Be sure to utilise all of their knowledge and experience! They also offer an extensive range of ongoing support through Email, Live Chat, Phone, WhatsApp, Messenger, SMS, Telegram & Discord.

Maximum capital$1,000,000
Profit split70%
News tradingYes
Weekend tradingNo
Automated tradingYes
Free trialNo
Maximum leverage1:10
N P Financials Features

N P Financials Review


Overall, N P Financials have a really good prop trading service when you consider the trading conditions and comprehensive educational resources that they provide. Not only can you participate on trader challenges to get access to a funded account with a reassemble profit share, you can improve your trading skills and knowledge in the process.

The 70% profit share is not the highest you will find but funded accounts can be scaled all the way up to $1,000,000. Prop traders can also access a wide range of financial markets via some of the leading trading platforms including MetaTrader and TradingView. The GO Markets broker ensures industry leading trading conditions. The majority of trading strategies are allowed but weekend holding is not. The 5%ers do allow weekend trading if that is something which you require.

With the help of N P Financials’ Forex Funded Account Assessment programme, you can showcase your skills and effectively accomplish your objectives. They provide an opportunity for semi-professional traders who require capital to obtain it rapidly while enlisting in one of their top sponsored trader programmes created for traders who are successful!

8.3Expert Score
N P Financials Rating

N P Financials is a proprietary trading firm that offer trader education and trading capital with a 70% profit share if you can pass the evaluation stage by adhering to the rules and achieving the challenge objectives.


N P Financials Review


What is the NPF Capital Audition?

N P Financials, Australia’s top proprietary trading company, was established in 2016 with the goal of training and funding traders so they may increase their trading profits. They are holding a series of auditions called NPF Capital Audition to locate good traders who can adhere to their risk and money management guidelines and hit predetermined targets with their trading approach.

How can I become a Funded Trader?

You must first successfully complete an audition to showcase your trading abilities and discipline as a seasoned trader in order to become a Funded Trader. If all goes according to plan, you’ll have a funded account with up to $1 million.

What percentage of profit can I keep?

You keep 70% of the profit generated in your funded account.

Who can be a Funded Trader?

A Funded Trader may be anyone who is 18 years of age or older. They will fund you if you can pass the NPF Trader Audition and show that you can trade profitably and responsibly manage your risks and finances.

How do I get started as a Funded Trader?

Choose the assessment tier that fits you best and take the NPF Capital Audition. Pass the audition and they will set you up with a funded account.

How long does it take to become a Funded Trader?

They don’t have a minimum or maximum amount of days (or trading/calendar days) or unique transactions required for you to pass and become a Funded Trader with N P Financials, in contrast to the majority of other prop firms. Create a 10% return in your account while avoiding a daily drawdown of 4% or a maximum trailing drawdown of 5% in order to pass the audit.

What happens once I pass the Audition?

You’ll get an email containing your MT4 or MT5 or TradingView account information and Dashboard access if you pass the audition. You can start trading with the funded account after it has been subject to the same risk management guidelines.

Can I merge live accounts?

Not at this time. Each account is independent of one another.

Are there any other hidden fees or recurring fees?

No, there are no hidden fees. The fee for the NPF-Trader Audition is all you’ll ever incur. There are no recurring monthly fees.

How do I apply for the NPF-Trader Audition?

By selecting your tier from the NPF website, you can register for the NPF-Trader Audition. After submitting the form, you will be taken to the payment page and sent an email confirming your order.

Do I need to close all my positions overnight or weekends?

NPF Capital Audittion mandates that traders remain idle over the weekend in a live trading account with real money. To put it another way, all traders must close down their positions prior to the markets’ weekend closing. They will liquidate your holdings for you before the market closes if you don’t close your positions. Trades may be held overnight.

What strategies am I allowed to use?

Your trading style or plan is more or less unrestricted. You can utilise NPF Capital Audittion with any trading strategy, whether it uses algorithmic trading, expert advisors (EAs), discretionary trading, hedging, or anything else.

Which instruments can I trade?

Traders can execute trades on a variety of CFD market instruments — including Forex, cryptocurrency, metals and energy, and stock indices.

How many accounts can I have?

Just one funded account per Audition tier is permitted for traders. Hence, if you now trade with a $100,000 account and want to trade more, you can apply for a $50,000 account by passing a $50,000 NPF-Trader Audition.
N P Financials Review
N P Financials Review
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