My Forex Funds Review

For you to begin your career as a Forex Funded Trader, the My Forex Funds Prop Firm offers a variety of programmes. Aspiring traders can select one of their funding options to get started trading and begin earning bonuses and a 90% share of profits.

My Forex Funds Review


The My Forex Fund program enables traders to trade without risking their own capital. Traders are rewarded for the profits they make on simulated accounts (that is how they mitigate risk/loss) while fine tuning their skills in the process. Your success is important to My Forex Funds. As a member of their team, you’ll get the chance to trade with one of the top prop trading companies in the world.

My Forex Funds Website
My Forex Funds Website

To provide traders with the finest trading environment possible, they are continually working and investing in cutting-edge technology. It is in their own interest that you are a successful trader as they are going to be getting a share of all trading profits for providing you with a funded account should you pass the initial evaluation stage.

  • Profit split of up to 90% of profits generated (VIP account)
  • Scaling programme that can take you to a funded trading account of up to $2,020,000
  • Funded accounts tailored for beginners, intermediate, and professional traders
  • You can receive a 100% refund of the registration fee for accessing the accounts on successful completion of the evaluation process
  • Affordable access prices on all programmes, with several options in each programme
  • Weekend trades are allowed on the Evaluation account
  • You can make profits without evaluation process if you pay for the Accelerated program
  • High leverage available up to 1:500
  • Weekly or bi-weekly payouts (depending on account) via bank transfer, cryptocurrencies, Paypal and TrasferWise
  • With an Accelerated account, you can have instant access to up to $50,000 of trading capital
  • Achievable target with Evaluation accounts, it’s 8% split to pass the first stage and then just 5% to move on to a funded account
  • MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms
  • Strict trading rules when compared to some other prop trading firms
  • Scaling and other features can be complicated to understand
  • Drawdown is based on your equity not your account balance, which may confuse some traders
  • Lack of educational resources to assist beginners
  • Overwhelming choice of accounts and conditions to wrap your head around
  • No free trials

My Forex Funds Review


Depending on your experience, My Forex Funds offer forex traders a variety of product possibilities. Choose carefully the programme that best suits your forex and prop firm trading experience since if you lose, they lose. To ensure your success when trading forex with a prop firm, they will take care of the rest in terms of assistance and trading conditions.

After choosing your programme, you can immediately access your funded trader accounts. No waiting; immediately after purchasing your chosen package, your forex account will be funded. You can start trading right away without waiting around for confirmation.

My Forex Funds Programs
My Forex Funds Programs

Rapid Account

The My Forex Funds Rapid account programme is designed to compensate traders for their efforts while evaluating the trader as they gain experience using a trial account. The accounts range in size from $10,000 to $100,000. Bonuses are given out either biweekly or monthly.

Prior to granting traders access to actual trading funds, the My Forex Funds’ Rapid program’s ultimate objective is to obtain a three-month snapshot of their skills. The benefit of the Rapid programme is that, despite your trading taking place in a simulated environment during the first three months, you are still paid for your time because you are receiving bonuses while being evaluated. The Rapid model has no time restriction.

The Rapid account enables traders to benefit from bonuses right away while utilising forex and CFD trading platforms and all associated risk management features.

  • Get to see how prop firms work
  • Get paid as you gain experience
  • Low entry cost
  • Progress into a professional trader

Rapid Account Rules

  • 5% Daily Drawdown
  • 12% Overall Drawdown
  • Be Consistent
  • 3 Days / Week
  • No Restrictions
  • Payout increases
TargetNo Targets – You get paid 12% of the profits you earn in your account12%12%12%
Minimum Trading Days3 times per week333
Daily Starting Drawdown$500$1,000$2,500$5,000
Overall Drawdown$1,200$2,400$6,000$12,000
Available Leverage1:5001:5001:5001:500
Refundable Registration Fee$99$189$399$749
Monthly FeesNo Monthly Feesxxx
My Forex Funds Rapid Account
Rapid Program Benefits
Rapid Program Benefits

Evaluation Account

For forex traders to demonstrate their abilities, they provide a product called the Forex Funded Account Evaluation. Semi-professional traders who require funding to advance in their careers have the chance to demonstrate their skills and accomplish their objectives in a brief, two-step process by joining this forex prop firm and becoming sponsored traders.

Through the two-step evaluation approach, prospective funded traders can demonstrate their forex, CFD, or commodities trading expertise. The sizes of evaluation trading accounts range from $5,000 to $300,000. Profit-split payouts take place once per month during the first month and then every two weeks after that. Trading accounts are limited to 300k each, however money from evaluation accounts can total up to 600k.

The company seek to find genuine forex prop firm traders who exhibit the trading skills necessary to be successful with a forex prop firm through the My Forex Funds evaluation trading account process. They will reward you if you continue to be reliable, accurate, and maintain sound trading risk management techniques. In as little as 10 days, prove your worth and move up to a financed account. Alternatively, take it slow and pass in 90 days. You are in charge!

  • Prove your experience with an Evaluation Account
  • Quick 2 phase evaluation process
  • Generous drawdown limits
  • Profit split up to 85%

Evaluation Account Rules

  • 5% Daily Drawdown
  • 12% Overall Drawdown
  • 8% profit target phase 1
  • 5% profit target phase 2
  • 5 trading day minimum
  • No trading restrictions
TargetPhase I – Evaluation Phase = 8%
Phase II – Establishment Phase = 5%
Minimum Trading Days5555555
Daily Starting Drawdown$250$500$1,000$2,500$5,000$10,000$15,000
Overall Drawdown$600$1,200$2,400$6,000$12,000$24,000$36,000
Available Leverage1:1001:1001:1001:1001:1001:1001:100
Refundable Registration Fee$49$84$139$299$499$979$1,389
Monthly FeesNo Monthly Feesxxxxxx
My Forex Funds Evaluation Account
Evaluation Program Benefits
Evaluation Program Benefits

Accelerated Account

With the help of the My Forex Funds Accelerated programme, prop traders can start trading on a real account right away. Profitable full-time traders who want to increase their capital right away should enrol in this programme.

Skip the evaluation and begin the Accelerated programme straight away. To give you immediate earning benefits, they have created an industry-leading programme.

Start with 2,000 up to 50,000 USD and use My Forex Funds scaling to increase your funds all the way to a maximum of 2 million USD.

With the help of My Forex Funds’ Accelerated programme, they enable expert traders to cut in front of the crowd and start trading with real money right away. They may also benefit from the compounding rewards system to expand quickly.

  • Get started immediately with Accelerated Funding
  • Industry leading profit split
  • Speedy upscaling
  • Multiple sizes to choose from

Accelerated Account Rules

  • 5% or 10% Overall drawdown
  • Up to 1:100 Leverage
  • Scaling at every 20%
  • $2 Million USD Cap
  • No Shares Allowed
  • Weekly Payouts
Target10% to get to next milestone10%10%10%10%
Daily Starting DrawdownNo Daily Drawdown Limitsxxxx
Overall Drawdown5% of Starting Account Balance5%5%5%5%
Assured Funding$324,000$405,000$540,000$1,080,000$1,350,000
Available Leverage1:501:501:501:501:50
One Time Registration Fee$99$245$485$970$2,450
My Forex Funds Accelerated Account – Conventional
Target20% to get to next milestone20%20%20%20%
Daily Starting DrawdownNo Daily Drawdown Limitsxxxx
Overall Drawdown10% of Starting Account Balance10%10%10%10%
Assured Funding$486,000$810,000$810,000$1,600,000$2,020,000
Available Leverage1:1001:1001:1001:1001:100
One Time Registration Fee$198$490$970$1,940$4,900
My Forex Funds Accelerated Account – Emphatic
Accelerated Program Benefits
Accelerated Program Benefits

What is the difference between Evaluation and Rapid program?

You will go through Phases 1 and 2 of the evaluation program’s testing.

You must achieve the profit target and finish the minimum number of 5 trading days within the time frame of the programme in order to complete the phases.

 For Phases 1 and 2, the profit objective is 8% and 5%, respectively. Phase 1 must be finished within 30 calendar days, and Phase 2 must be finished within 60 calendar days.

In the Rapid programme, you will begin with a demo account and receive 12% of all profits with payments made every two to four weeks.

If you have a CEA account, you will be paid biweekly; if you have an NCA account, you will be paid every four weeks. They will transfer your demo account profits to your live account each month, up to a maximum of 3.5% of the starting account value.

You will be given a live account once it has 10% of the demo account’s initial amount. While you’re building your real account, you can earn money by trading on the demo account, which will take at least 3 months to reach.

My Forex Funds Review


The My Forex Funds vision and corporate objectives are supported by their programme rules and policies. While using this prop trading service to trade, you must always abide by these guidelines. Even if you aren’t trading in the programme, you could still follow these guidelines because they promote ethical trading practises and long-term sustainability.

By following these guidelines, you will be able to regulate your emotions while trading and keep risk management at the centre of your trading strategy. With any luck, this will help you achieve long- and short-term success and profitability.


At My Forex Funds, they promote ethical trading practises without impeding a trader’s freedom to trade at their own pace or according to their own schedule. They allow news trading, scalping, long term trading and short-term trading on all accounts. They don’t put a limit on the number of open lots on a single account, but they do caution all users to be aware of their risk management profile.

Automated Trading

Automated trading is allowed on rapid and Evaluation accounts, including prop expert advisors. As long as the software is neither managed or traded by a third party, using third party expert advisors is acceptable. All signals must originate from your own setup and be based on it. Prop trading is about your ability to trade and not about using other people’s ability to trade. Otherwise, this defeats the object.

You can use EAs as long as they are not used in the following ways:

  • Account management services
  • Copy trading of other persons signals
  • Tick scalping
  • Arbitrage trading

EAs are not allowed on accelerated accounts. The only exceptions to this rule are trade copiers and Risk Management EAs. Accounts you are copying from must also not use prohibited EAs.


Trading practises that are employed to profit from MetaTrader’ s shortcomings are forbidden. Gap trading, latency arbitrage, long short arbitrage, reverse arbitrage, and trading with an opposite account are all prohibited by My Forex Funds. Every participant in such operations will have their trades adjusted to the executed fill price that they have obtained from the liquidity pool. A trader must close all of his/her trades over the weekend.

The use of signal bots, trade management services or trade copiers will not be accepted. Account cancellation will occur for repeated offences. They are constantly monitoring all accounts to make sure the rules are being followed. If you are thinking of using a questionable manual or automated strategy, you might want to ask them before hand to make sure that it is allowed.


You cannot have a daily drawdown of 5% of equity or balance in any of the My Forex Funds evaluation programmes on any one day. This is closely monitored by an automatic system, which takes into account open trades at the moment of roll-over and notifies you of any breaches in your account dashboard. You need to exercise caution when trading, and be sure to check your available drawdown each day at 0:00 server time.

They have a total account drawdown of 12% for any pay period in addition to the daily depletion. Your account will be terminated if you violate this.

If, while in profit, you violate your daily drawdown restrictions. If you used suitable risk management techniques (no excessive position size, trade numbers, etc.), a review will be conducted to ascertain this. If so, they may at their discretion award you your profit share at the time of termination. However, if you engage in hazardous trading and violate the daily drawdown, you will not be paid out of your winnings for doing so while in the black.

You can reset your account for a programme cost of -10% if your account is suspended or terminated.


Any trading losses at My Forex Funds will not be the responsibility of any trader. All things considered, to increase your chances of avoiding suffering a loss, you can engage in a trading plan and use effective risk management techniques.


You have the option of choosing between limitless free retakes or two free extensions of up to 14 days each if your Phase I 30-day restriction is met and you are still in profit.

Only profitable users who trade responsibly are given access to this addon. Users who don’t violate the rules but don’t trade consistently or with risk are only entitled to a free retake. Trade sensibly, act consistently, and you can benefit.


You are entitled to a cheap reset of that account if you discover that you have broken one of the rules. Prop firms are aware that mistakes can occur. If you have broken the rules, take advantage of the following discounted prices to rest your My Forex Funds account:

  • 10k – $75.60
  • 20k – $125.10
  • 50k – $269.10
  • 100k – $449.10
  • 200k – $881.10


When they reach their first profit-split period at the conclusion of the first month on their real trading account, all traders who pass Phases 1 and 2 will receive a refund of their expenses.

A trader is only eligible for a payout and refund if they have made the following:

  • $50 in profit on a 5k, 10k, and 20k account
  • $100 in profit on a 50k to 100k account
  • $150 on a 200K to 300K account


Your account will be automatically compromised if it is inactive for 30 days. The account will be permanently suspended if you don’t give them the explanation for your inactivity within 10 days after the breach.

By enforcing this restriction, the prop firm will avoid having thousands of hedged trades on unused accounts. You should let them know if you expect to be away for an extended period of time so that they can make sure your account is maintained.

My Forex Funds Review



For your funded forex account, My Forex Funds provide MetaTrader 4 as well as MetaTrader 5. You can trade conveniently using the trading platform of your choice!


For all of your forex funded account needs, day or night, the My Forex Funds support team is there for you. They are always available to help when you need it.

My Forex Funds is constantly interested in hearing the opinions, helpful criticism, and comments of potential traders. They are interested in learning how they can work with you to develop.


Engage in active discussion with the prop firm directly, Discord community, and other prop traders. To actively encourage ethical trading practises, they deliver seminars and information in real time.


My Forex Funds bonuses are a reflection of their desire to draw in, inspire, and keep skilled traders. You can bring your abilities, and work with them to develop your future while earning a range of benefits.

Passing phase 1 will earn you 2% of your trading gains, while passing phase 2 will earn you 4% of your trading profits. Get paid on your journey to a forex funded account.

When you reach your first profit split, they will pay a 112% refund. When you can be compensated for accomplishing a new goal, why settle for merely a refund?


Trade well enough and you can earn your VIP spot. The My Forex Funds VIP Program is here to revolutionise the game with a 90% profit share, withdrawals at any time with no restrictions, semi-automated payout confirmations (Money in your account within 10 hours), and many more unexpected rewards.


  • Leverage for the Evaluation program on all account sizes is 1:100
  • Leverage for the Rapid program on all account sizes is 1:500
  • Conventional Accelerated: 1:50
  • Emphatic Accelerated: 1:100
  • However, for Cryptocurrency, it is 1:5 for all programs


Currently, you can trade commodities including oil and metals, CFDs including index CFDs, and forex currency pairs.


One month after you make your first transaction in the real account, you’ll get your first payout. The initial payment is made monthly, and all subsequent payments are made biweekly.

You must trade for at least 10 days during your first month of live trading in order to get your first payout, which will start after the full month has passed. On the second month, this minimum day requirement is dropped.


In order to expand alongside you, My Forex Funds provides a competitive scaling up plan. They will increase the size of your account by 30% of the initial account size if you made a profit of 10% or more during a four-month period, and 2 of those four months were successful.

The trader’s account balance should be breakeven or positive at the time of the scale-up request.

Profit Sharing

After the first month of trading, you get paid 75% of your profit. You receive 80% of your profit split into two payments in the second month. After the third month, you will start receiving 85% of your profit every two weeks. Payment for profit-sharing is made through cryptocurrency or Deel (bank transfer, PayPal, or TransferWise).

Maximum capital$2,020,000
Profit splitUp to 90%
News tradingDepends
Weekend tradingDepends
Automated tradingDepends
Free trialNo
Maximum leverage1:500
My Forex Funds Features

My Forex Funds Review


Overall, My Forex Funds are one of the best forex prop trading firms. With the intention of being the top prop trading Firm, My Forex Funds was established in July of 2020.  It has since established itself as the market leader with more than 300 employees worldwide and more than 2000 customers every day from all around the world.

In order to provide funded trading accounts to more people who want to take advantage of their abilities, My Forex Funds is currently aiming to extend its business into related niches. They have very favourable trading conditions and a range of achievable targets for all types of traders to qualify for a funded account.

8.8Expert Score
My Forex Funds Rating

For you to begin your career as a Forex Funded Trader, the My Forex Funds Prop Firm offers a variety of programmes. Aspiring traders can select one of their funding options to get started trading and begin earning bonuses and a share of profits.


My Forex Funds Review


Is My Forex Funds legit?

My Forex Funds are a respectable prop company, that much is true. They’ve been utilised by thousands of traders, and there is plenty of proof of payouts. But that doesn’t guarantee they’ll stick around for the long run as it is still early days. However, they are one of the most reliable prop trading firms out there today. To find proof of payouts, you can check out their channel on Discord and profile on Instagram.

Does My Forex Funds offer discounts or promo codes?

Yes, they offer frequent discounts, most often announced on their website and via social media.

What can I trade with My Forex Funds?

My Forex Funds allows trading in Forex, CFDs, indices, and metals. Crypto is allowed on weekdays in some accounts. 

What types of accounts does My Forex Funds offer?

My Forex Funds offers four different account size options for each of its three account types: Rapid, Evaluation, and Accelerated.

The Rapid is essentially a demo account that, if you achieve trading requirements, gradually expands your access to funds and increases your share of the profits. A two-stage evaluation process is used for the Evaluation account. You receive a live account and can keep up to 85% of the profits after passing both levels.

The Accelerated account receives an immediate funding. Just quick funding and access to financial markets, no demo, no review.

Does My Forex Funds offer swap-free accounts?

Yes, with a few additional restrictions, My Forex Funds does provide swap-free accounts. Trades may only be held during business hours and for a maximum of three days. Because swap “is not genuinely charged on demo,” according to My Forex Funds, it only applies to live accounts. As a result, no swap-free options are available during the evaluation phases.

Is My Forex Funds regulated?

No, My Forex Funds resides in the liminal space between being a financial services company and an education company, like practically all prop firms that offer funded accounts.

What leverage to My Forex Funds offer?

The amount of leverage that you can trade with various depending on the financial instrument and program you are using. Leverage ranges from 1:5 all the way up to 1:500.

What payment do My Forex Funds accept?

They accept payments by credit/debit card and cryptocurrency.

Which countries are not allowed to join MFF?

They accept and allow all traders from around the world to open an account with us.

How much is the MFF commission?

The commission is $3 per lot on their server, Traders Global Group.

Is there any start up cost to join My Forex Funds?

Yes! You must register and pay a small fee to get your account information. These fees cover the prop firms running expenses and guarantee that they can offer all traders cutting-edge technology, a top-class platform, and first-rate customer support. This forces all traders to treat the funded programme and accounts seriously, trade ethically, and utilise risk management strategies (since it costs money).
My Forex Funds Review
My Forex Funds Review
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