Maverick Trading Review

Maverick Trading is a proprietary trading firm who provide trader capital and education. You can get a funded account from $25,000 if you have a successful trading strategy and share 70-80% of profits with monthly payouts.

Maverick Trading Review


Founded in 1997, Maverick Trading is a premier proprietary trading firm with trading divisions in stocks/options and foreign currencies. Maverick Trading offers training, support, supervision, and capital to its traders and enjoys one of the highest trader retention rates in the industry. They are looking for prop traders who want to learn how to trade the markets from the comfort of their home.

Maverick Trading Website
Maverick Trading Website


The crew at Maverick Trading comes from a variety of backgrounds in the trading and investing industries and has a wealth of market knowledge. Their objective is to help Maverick’s traders generate the greatest earnings while minimising risk.

They frequently remark that the best aspect of Maverick is the fact that every employee actively trades the markets alongside their traders. They support proprietary traders with significant trading capital to optimise earnings because they are so confident in them and in the qualification process.

By providing risk management oversight, technology, and connection to other expert traders, Maverick Trading is committed to assisting traders in achieving the highest levels of success in the prop trading firm.

  • Clients get free access to the training base which is packed with useful content
  • Trading is carried out at the expense of the company’s capital, not the trader’s funds
  • The company doesn’t set limits on the maximum purchasing ability, so you can increase it as you improve
  • Maverick offers terms for testing trading strategies without financial risks
  • Trade full-time or part-time
  • Provides a flexible trading simulator along with trading journal tools
  • Risk managers are there to make sure you don’t make careless trades
  • Have been in business for over 20 years
  • Funded traders receive higher buying power and leverage
  • Reliable and approachable trader support
  • Information on trading terms is available only to those clients who have passed the interview
  • Risk deposit of $5,000 required to get started
  • Maximum 80% profit share below many other prop trading firms
  • Fees can be expensive for the program
  • The funding process can be long
  • Very limited leverage

Maverick Trading Review


Maverick Trading offers access to professional traders through its funded trader program, risk management oversight, and technology access. In addition, the company offers capital access ranging from $25,000 up to $800,000. This allows you to learn how to trade and even finance yourself. The profit share of 80% is generous, although FTMO offer a 90% profit share as an alternative prop firm to consider.


You can start a trading career with Maverick Trading using their capital by following a simple 4-step process which goes as follows:

  1. Apply to join if you feel they are a good fit for your trading career
  2. Complete the trading program and improve your skills
  3. Prove that you have a solid trading strategy and use sensible risk management
  4. Trade on a funded account and keep 70-80% of profits with monthly payouts

Every Maverick trader creates and adheres to a unique, thorough trading plan employing certain rule-based strategies and procedures. The entire qualifying process is intended to provide prop traders with a broad base of trading knowledge and position them for success on the real market.

Once traders pass a few tests, they gain access to firm capital, ranging from $25,000 initially to millions. Get more trading capital and larger profit splits by consistently making a profit.

The Maverick Qualification Program

Up to 5 live classes are offered as part of the qualification programme each week, ranging from the introductory Market Foundations session to the Advanced Options class. All of the instructors have extensive trading experience and instruct Maverick Trading. The main goal is to teach traders the appropriate capital allocation, risk management, and position sizing needed to be a successful trader. As they are aware that everyone has other obligations, they record all of the classes and make them available for viewing on the website. They have more than 300 pre-recorded videos available for “on demand” viewing.

Maverick Trading have a programme to ensure that each trader has a general understanding of the stock and options market because you will be trading with their money. Each trader will have to successfully complete a series of exams that will evaluate their knowledge of position sizing, risk management strategies, order entry, and profit objectives. The tests will be available to prospective traders in their system at any time, and they can take as many times as necessary to pass them.

Each trader must show that they are capable of putting the tactics they have studied in the Maverick Trading training programme into practise. The trader/coach allocated to each prospective trader will spend time analysing and monitoring their performance on a demo trading platform. A minimum number of winning trades, risk-to-reward ratios, capital allocation, minimal drawdowns, etc. will all be factors considered by management. Traders may be given permission to submit trades on other platforms or brokers where they are already trading.

Capital Sharing Program

The pay structure works well because it aligns the interests of the firm and its traders. You get to keep more money as your performance and skill level improve. The company then allocates more capital to your account as your experience increases.

Again, this is a win-win situation for both parties because the team will raise your trading limits if you show consistent gains, minimal drawdowns, and decreased volatility. Moreover, monthly payouts of all profits are made.

Maverick Capital Sharing Program
Maverick Capital Sharing Program

Partnering with Maverick Trading also has the advantage of not nickel and diming its traders. Some companies that offer similar services use “mark ups” on the commissions and advise their traders to trade as frequently as possible. Thus, they profit from the commissions received. Maverick Trading is different as their trading commissions are not subject to mark-ups.

There are no conflicts of interest at Maverick because they profit when you profit. Therefore, they have plenty of trading advantages to offer.

Maverick Trading Review


Risk Management

With traders who are accepted into the firm, risk deposits are necessary. Because they have a stake in the outcome, traders are prevented from acting hastily and irrationally. The risk deposit ranges from $5,000 and higher. This provides traders with “breathing room,” especially in light of the Capital Sharing Program’s maximum loss clauses.

To prevent traders from blowing out accounts right away, risk deposit and trader level will determine the maximum position size limitations. Throughout the trader’s time at the firm, Maverick keeps up organised encouragement and reinforcement of positive habits. Risk managers are always monitoring the trading accounts. This maintains traders’ alertness and encourages discipline.


Maverick traders receive monthly profit distributions. A 75% profit split means that as one of their traders, if you made $10,000 in gains during a one-month period and were eligible for a payout, you would get $7,500. Instead, you could decide to keep all or a portion of your gains in your trading account. Maverick Trading pays its traders on a monthly basis via ACH directly to your bank account.

The Saturday after an option’s expiration, a trader’s profit will be credited. Monthly trading profits are determined from each option period. The 15th through the 22nd of every month falls inside this range. Profit distributions are done on the first of the month that follows the previous trading period. A trader on a 75% profit split, for instance, would get paid $7,500 on April 1st if they made $10,000 in gains during the March options session. All profits made by a trader can be kept in that account and more funds can be requested.

Capital Sharing

Based on each trader’s trading performance, profits maintained in their account, and size of risk deposit, increases in access to prop firm’s capital are given. The majority of traders are aware that more purchasing power increases prospective profits.

More than anything else, “consistency” is how you unlock this tremendous potential. Consistency along with negligible drawdowns and/or minimal account movements is what they are after. Some of their traders go the full year without suffering a lost month. The management must approve any level advancement.

Trading Strategies

High-probability trading tactics with rigorous risk and money management are the main focus of the “Maverick Way.” They don’t worry about the results of any particular deal since they are confident that, given enough time and favourable statistics, they will accumulate a lucrative batch of trades.

They allow traders to trade for the company because they have the best trading setups, risk-management plans, position-sizing guidelines, and exceptional training. Nonetheless, they must meet the three (3) conditions listed below before they are qualified to work as traders for the company.

Pass Quizzes

Show that you comprehend the “Maverick Method” trading principles that they teach. To confirm that prop traders have a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of the stock and options markets as well as Maverick Trading’s methods and procedures, each quiz in the series must be passed.

Trading Plan

The main cause of a firm failing is a weak or non-existent business strategy. All of the Maverick traders must create and submit a detailed trading strategy that covers all areas of trading, including entry points, position size, position management, capital management, and minimal monthly targets. This aids traders in treating their trading as a business and a career.

Produce Results

Each trader must present a trading statement from a major brokerage that demonstrates a minimum number of profitable trades over a sustained period of time. Management may decide to accept trading statements from a demo (practise) account. They want to be certain that traders can carry out the trading strategies they devise.


From novice to seasoned traders, Maverick Trading works with them all. Their recruiters will place each trader in a qualifying programme that has been specifically designed by your recruiter based on your degree of experience when you sign up for the programme.

The cost of the qualifying programme depends on your degree of trading expertise and experience, as well as on whether you want one-on-one coaching from an experienced trader or trainer. With current trading records and professional trading experience (at other trading businesses, banks, hedge funds, etc.), traders may be exempt from the qualification programme.

Maverick Trading Review



Maverick Trading is partnered with Interactive Brokers, one of the top brokerage houses in the globe. As they don’t charge mark-up commissions, their traders pay the same rates as Maverick Trading. Currently, it costs $0.005 per share (half a penny) and $0.50 per side for an options contract ($1.00 round trip).

Maverick Trade Simulator

The numerous features of Maverick’s specialised trading simulator allow traders to sharpen their skills and adjust to market volatility under various circumstances. To avoid being impulsive or emotional, traders are advised to thoroughly plan out all trades with triggers, goals, and stops in advance.

Trading platforms provide risk reward ledgers so that users may track performance and identify management and strategy flaws. With the help of the simulator, traders can practise their flexibility and agility by running various scenarios under various market situations.

Traders can test their strategies in the Maverick simulator under a variety of market situations, from sideways markets to market crashes or corrections.

Trader Chatroom

Due to the remote nature of 90% of Maverick’s traders, the member chatroom is a rich source of trading alerts, ideas, and friendship. To ensure they fully comprehend the terminology and methodology necessary to take maximum advantage of the chatroom, every trader should go through the trading programme. Through the screens, a team environment and ideas are openly exchanged. It’s convenient to stay in touch with the staff members, who all engage in trading and cultivate new connections with other traders.


A Maverick Trading Stock/Options Funded Account is designed for traders of all levels. It allows you to join the firm and trade with Maverick’s capital. After passing the initial tests, you will access money from $25,000 up to $800,000.


According to Maverick Trading CEO Darren M. Fischer, traders frequently invest several months in training. For more than 250 hours, Maverick Trading provides its traders in the Stock/Options Division with thorough, organised training. A systematic coaching programme is also provided to each trader to aid them in understanding the content.

Without including remote traders, Maverick Trading has more than 100 years of trading experience. Their collective wisdom is compiled in this programme. It stands for what they consider to be the bare minimum that a trader has to know to be successful. This is applicable to both the Stock/Options Division and the FX Division, according to Darren.

Maverick Trading Book

Many of the company’s current traders have utilised the book, Maverick Trading: Professional Methods to Build Generational Wealth, which was well acclaimed when it was published, as a starting point to learn about the company, trading strategy, and risk management philosophies.

Maverick Trading Book
Maverick Trading Book

A critical decision is being made while deciding to become a professional trader. They suggest that you go through their book if you want to get to know them before actively applying to the firm. The book will give you a decent notion of whether prop trading is suited for you and whether Maverick Trading is the best prop firm for you. It contains roughly the first third of Maverick’s training programme.

Demo Account

The transactions made on the demo account are examined to see how closely the trader adhered to his trading strategy. Then, in addition to risk control and general coaching, Maverick Trading can offer suggestions to enhance the trading plan.

All of the coaches have been trading with Maverick for a number of years. The fact that all of their coaches are paid and have incentives to boost the success of Maverick Trading’s traders is also crucial.

Maximum capital$800,000
Profit split80%
News trading
Weekend trading
Automated trading
Free trialNo
Maximum leverage1:2
Maverick Trading Features

Maverick Trading Review


Overall, Maverick Trading is a top prop firm that puts extra emphasis on trader education, something which is often overlooked by competitors who are looking for already seasoned traders. Maverick offers its traders leverage, coaching, and support not found in other proprietary trading firms. Their goal is to create a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship with its traders.

Maverick Trading’s unique selling point is its unlimited earning potential. In addition, the firm will provide you with more capital as your performance improves. Capital sharing allows you to increase your leverage without taking on the risks.

Forex and options trading are the main focuses of Maverick Trading. For serious traders who want to make a living trading forex or options, Maverick Trading is worth consideration. They must be prepared to invest the necessary time in learning the material provided by the prop firm.

Maverick Trading provides thorough training, and top-tier accounts there can be as high as $800,000. You must start Maverick Trading with a substantial capitalization. Your investment will be a minimum of $12,000 for the options division and $6,000 for the FX division (membership fee + initial capital risk capital).

The company first interviews you before hiring you. Then they instruct you on Maverick Trading’s tactics and risk management procedures before testing your understanding of them. You must then prepare a trading plan and submit it for review.

Upon your acceptance, you must send $5,000 in risk capital, after which Maverick Trading will deposit an initial trading capital of $25,000 to $800,000 in your funded trading account. Following that, as your success rate climbs, Maverick Trading will offer you with more trading capital power.

Maverick Trading has a fantastic programme, but you must be dedicated to it. Next, you must decide if trading forex or options is the appropriate choice for you. If you’re interested in day trading stocks, Maverick Trading is not the best place to begin.

8Expert Score
Maverick Trading Rating

Maverick Trading is a proprietary trading firm who provide trader capital and education. You can get a funded account from $25,000 if you have a successful trading strategy and share 70-80% of profits with monthly payouts.


Maverick Trading Review


Is Maverick Trading hiring me?

You are being engaged as an independent contractor rather than being employed in the conventional sense with benefits and a pay. You will be given trading capital, just like all trading experts, and your pay will be based on how well you perform. You will be given the opportunity to work as a trader for the prop firm once you have fulfilled the membership conditions set forth by Maverick Trading. You will be permitted to trade on behalf of the LLC in a sub-account once you are a trader with money support from the LLC. You will have access to professional data feeds, professional commissions, and professional trading software as a trader for the company. You will be paid based on how well you do personally as a trader for the LLC.

What will be my responsibilities as a trader for Maverick Trading?

Your main duty prior to becoming a member or trader of Maverick Trading will be to finish the company’s internal training course. After completing Maverick’s training programme successfully, your main duty will be to trade the company’s capital while adhering to Maverick’s risk policies in order to maximise profit. As you advance in Maverick and gain expertise, you can occasionally be asked to lead a lecture or discussion for other Maverick traders.

Is trading remotely for Maverick Trading possible?

Yes! This inquiry would have had an unequivocal “no” response in the past. Today, they can monitor, help, and teach a trader remotely just as efficiently as one who is present because of remarkable technology breakthroughs in the world of professional trading. Many traders perform better from the comfort and isolation of their own homes, even though some do thrive in the vibrant ambiance of a trading room. Additionally, through their trade setups in the weekly Trading Room and real-time trade updates on the members-only Trading blog, their remote traders have a complete view of everything that goes on the main trading floor.

Can I become a part-time trader?

Yes. Several of the top traders are frequently part-time traders. First of all, they become professional traders over shorter, easier to absorb time periods. Second, the skills learnt are consistent, and because their trading is part-time, there is less chance that they will become overloaded and overwhelmed by too much at once. Some of today’s top full-time traders actually started out as part-timers.

Do I need to complete Maverick’s qualification program to get funding?

Yes, they want to make sure they have traders who know what they are doing to minimize their risk. Without exception, all Maverick traders are required to complete Maverick’s qualification program. Maverick’s goal is to create a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship with its traders and has found the best way to accomplish this goal is to start its traders off with an excellent foundation.

Is Maverick Trading a brokerage firm?

No. Maverick Trading is a private equity trading firm which trains and allows a team of professional traders to manage and trade its own brokerage account. They do not have volume requirements as a result, and actively discourage high frequency trading. As a result, they share the same goals and driving forces as their traders, producing market profits.

Do I receive a salary if Maverick Trading hires me as a trader?

Maverick Traders only get compensated for their performance. The amount of compensation is determined by the net profit and loss of each trader. In order to expand your trading capital as you exhibit consistent profitability, they provide a well designed Trader Progression Program. Your prospective income is almost limitless because there is no upper limit to the levels that can be attained.

How much does it cost to join Maverick Trading?

A minimum capital of $12,000 is required to join Maverick Trading. Before you get funded as a prop trader, you need to get approved by going through an extended interview. Upon entering, the lifetime membership will cost $7,000 in the stock/options division. Later, you have to bring in $5,000 risk capital once funded with a $25,000 account. You can withdraw your money at any time.

Is Maverick Trading Legit?

Maverick Trading is a legit prop firm. Their main product is still the stock and options division.

Can I get funded with Maverick Trading?

Because Maverick Trading genuinely requires you to go through a training/qualification process before you are authorised to handle live funds, it is one of the most realistic companies to receive finance from. As a result, by the time you actually try to get the funds, you ought to already be fully conversant in all the necessary information regarding trading and effective risk management.
Maverick Trading Review
Maverick Trading Review
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