Lux Trading Firm Review

Lux Trading Firm is a London based prop firm offering account funding up to $200,000 and an aggressive scaling program up to $10,000,000, with profit sharing up to 75%.

Lux Trading Firm Review


Lux Trading Firm are a well-known proprietary trading company with headquarters in London, UK. They specialise in assisting seasoned prop traders with the goal to support traders’ success by giving them the resources and money they require to succeed in a market characterised by disruption and change. To increase their capital in the international financial markets, they are primarily interested in looking for trading and investment opportunities.

Lux Trading Firm Website
Lux Trading Firm Website

Lux was established by seasoned asset managers with a worldwide network of seasoned financial specialists, system architects, and fund managers who are aware of the unpredictability of the financial market.

They want to bring together top-tier talent, cutting-edge technology, innovative and quantitative modelling, and trading and investing opportunities across the globe. This prop firm have created a set of guidelines and rules that enable continuously profitable trading based on these conditions.

With the fully staffed and well-capitalized company, traders may concentrate on the implementation, analysis, and expansion of their trading strategies. Every stage of the trade life-cycle is given expert attention thanks to their own trade, risk, development, and back-office teams.

  • Trade up to $10 million
  • Large increase in capital every time you advance
  • Quick scaling plan
  • No time limit on profit target
  • Flexible trading conditions
  • Overnight trading and weekend holding allowed
  • News trading allowed
  • Expert advisors accepted
  • Lots of tradable assets
  • Realistic profit targets
  • Excellent choice of trading platforms
  • Tight spreads, low fees and fast execution
  • 100% refundable fee
  • 5% maximum relative drawdown
  • 75% profit share low compared to competitors
  • No MetaTrader 5 platform
  • Maximum 1:10 leverage

Lux Trading Firm Review


Lux Trading Firm offers 3 different starting amounts of funding, ranging from $50,000 to $150,000. They are priced between £199 and £399, which is quite competitive when compared to other prop firms. Show them you know how to trade responsibly, and you can qualify to trade fully funded accounts of up to $10,000,000. Unlike some other prop firms, they pride themselves on exclusively trading with real money in all live stages.

Lux Trading Firm Accounts
Lux Trading Firm Accounts

Funding Process

There are 3 simple steps to get a funded account with no time limits, just make sure that you stick to the trading rules which we will discuss later.

The account funding process goes as follows:

  1. Demonstrate that you have a winning trading strategy for the market by earning 6%
  2. Prove the prop firm capital is safe in your hands by not losing more than 5%
  3. Keep 75% of your profits and scale your account up to $10,000,000

$50,000 Account

  • 8 Stages Account
  • Starting balance $50,000
  • Grow to $10,000,000
  • Account Price: £299
#Growth StageAccount SizeProfit TargetMaximum LossProfit Share
1Evaluation (Demo) Acc50,0003,000   (6%)2,50050% Fee Refund
2Advanced (Demo) Acc50,0002,000   (4%)2,50050% Fee Refund
3Professional (Live) Acc50,0005,0002,00075%
4Professional (Live) Acc100,00010,0004,00075%
5Professional (Live) Acc200,00020,0008,00075%
6Professional (Live) Acc500,00050,00020,00075%
7Professional (Live) Acc1,000,000100,00040,00075%
8Expert (Live) Acc2,500,000250,000100,00075%
9Fund Manager (Live) Acc10,000,000400,00075%
Grow to $10,000,000 in 8 stages

$100,000 Account

  • 7 Stages Account
  • Starting balance $100,000
  • Grow to $10,000,000
  • Account Price: £449
#Growth StageAccount SizeProfit TargetMaximum LossProfit Share
1Evaluation (Demo) Acc100,0006,000   (6%)5,00050% Fee Refund
2Advanced (Demo) Acc100,0004,000   (4%)5,00050% Fee Refund
3Professional (Live) Acc100,00010,0004,00075%
4Professional (Live) Acc200,00020,0008,00075%
5Professional (Live) Acc500,00050,00020,00075%
6Professional (Live) Acc1,000,000100,00040,00075%
7Expert (Live) Acc2,500,000250,000100,00075%
8Fund Manager (Live) Acc10,000,000400,00075%
Grow to $10,000,000 in 7 stages

$200,000 Account

  • 6 Stages Account
  • Starting balance $200,000
  • Grow to $10,000,000
  • Account Price: £599
#Growth StageAccount SizeProfit TargetMaximum LossProfit Share
1Evaluation (Demo) Acc200,00012,000 (6%)10,00050% Fee Refund
2Advanced (Demo) Acc200,0008,000 (4%)10,00050% Fee Refund
3Professional (Live) Acc200,00020,0008,00075%
4Professional (Live) Acc500,00050,00020,00075%
5Professional (Live) Acc1,000,000100,00040,00075%
6Expert (Live) Acc2,500,000250,000100,00075%
7Fund Manager (Live) Acc10,000,000400,00075%
Grow to $10,000,000 in 6 stages

Lux Trading Firm Review


The goal of the Lux Trading Firm Evaluation account is to determine if you can follow the trading policies when using one of the live trading accounts. Simple rules and restrictions are in place to safeguard both your profits and their capital. It is important to make sure that you take the time to read and comprehend the trading guidelines. Failure to comply with the rules can lead to you failing the challenge and not getting a funded account.

Profit Target & Share

A trader who completes the Evaluation stage successfully will be given a 50% return of the costs. Once they complete the Advanced stage, they will receive an additional 50%. This equals a 100% refund if you pass both stages.

The profit targets are 10% once you have advanced to the Professional Account tier and higher. There are no time limits to reach any of the profit targets. The trader will receive 75% of the earnings, while the Lux Trading Firm will receive 25% of the total. If you are looking for a larger profit share, Finotive Funding go up to 95%.

The trader may only submit one withdrawal request each month in the Professional and higher stages. The processing of the transactions will take 3-5 business days.

  • $200,000 Evaluation and Advanced Account stage: The target for this account is respectively $12,000 and $8,000.
  • $100,000 Evaluation and Advanced Account stage: The target for this account is respectively $6,000 and $4,000.‎
  • $50,000 Evaluation and Advanced Account stage: The target for this account is respectively $3,000 and $2,000.‎

Scaling Plan

Your account is dynamic with this prop firm. After passing each stage, you can scale up. Depending on the account size you select, your account will scale differently. Any profit target in any stage may be reached at any time as there is no maximum time limit.

Maximum Loss

At Lux Trading Firm, they think that every trader should have an equal opportunity to trade while staying within their risk tolerance. Institutional traders, as many of you may know, are risk cautious and typically make great trading selections that result in profitability and consistency.

On the Evaluation and Advanced stages of the Lux Career Plan Funded Trading Program, the maximum relative drawdown is 5%. The highest realised account balance less 5% is the Maximum Allowable Relative Draw Down, which is compared to equity and balance. Losses may never be greater than the Maximum Relative Drawdown amount set forth at the beginning of the Evaluation.

For instance, the maximum relative Drawdown for the $100K Evaluation and Advanced Account level is $5,000. If the trader had a $100,000 initial account balance and later earned a $2,000 profit, the maximum account balance would be $102,000. Based on the Relative Drawdown, the stop-out level would then be $102,000 – $5,100 = $96,900.

On the Professional and Expert phases of the Lux Career Plan Funded Trading Program, the maximum hybrid drawdown is 4%. The 4% hybrid drawdown threshold functions similarly to a fixed drawdown and a relative drawdown combined.

On the professional live trading stages, the account balance and maximum high are reset to the initial balance after a trader withdraws their profits (or scaled up). By doing this, the maximum drawdown level is also reset to 4% of the initial amount. As a result, every month you turn a profit and withdraw the money while also beginning a fresh drawdown.

Relative drawdown was adopted to safeguard the safety of previously achieved profits and to establish consistency in the risk trades incur.

They don’t want traders to improve their risk tolerance by using their earnings. In their situation, where the account size gets scaled up after generating 10% profit, that simply doesn’t make sense.

Once you have incurred the maximum loss permitted, your account will be instantly disabled. If this occurs, you can apply for a new account by paying a reset cost which is based on the size of your account but unrelated to your stage at the time. At the programme, you will move back two steps, so if you were in stage 4, you will begin at stage 2 again.

You will have a personal risk manager assigned to you from stage 2 onward in career plans and from stage 1 onward in Elite plans who will assist you in any way possible to meet your objective. Your risk manager is there to help you in any way that is advantageous to both traders and the prop firm.

You must, therefore, carefully heed their guidance. If you exhibit extreme negligence or poor risk management, they reserve the right to close your account and terminate your participation in the programme.

Stop Loss

As you will probably be aware, controlling risk is a key component of trading. One of their fundamental rules is that, regardless of whether they are setting orders or trading on the spot, all traders must have a stop loss in place.

Before entering the market, each trader is required to place a Stop Loss order. Stop-loss must not exceed the maximum permitted risk capital and must fall between the 4 or 5% Drawdown limits. Such trades will not count against the account growth profit target in terms of profits or trading days.

Trading Times

At the Lux Trading Firm, they don’t think a trader should truly be constrained by time because this might seriously reduce the likelihood of profitable traders. Therefore, there are no time restrictions for the Evaluation, Advanced, or Professional account stages to achieve any of the earnings targets in order to advance to the next step.

The one significant requirement they do have is a minimum number of active trading days on the program’s initial level, the Lux Career Trading Plan.

Being an overnight success is not necessary to be a trader. Finding an appropriate approach that consistently produces positive results and is profitable to you is key.

Lux Trading Company On the evaluation account, traders must have traded for at least 29 Trading Days. Stages 2 and up do not have a minimum requirement for Trading Days.

However, swing traders are an exception. A minimum of 15 trading days are needed for the evaluation account stage if a trader keeps a trade open for longer than usual, on average for at least two days. By their definition, a swing trader is a trader who only opens one position at a time and opens a new one after closing the previous one. Additionally, this swing trader only makes two deals a week, and each of them lasts an average of more than 48 hours.

The paid trader opens a fresh deal on a new day, according to Lux Trading Firm’s definition of a trading day. One trading day, for instance, would occur if the financed trader opened a GBP/USD deal on Tuesday and closed it on Wednesday. The day that GBP/USD opened is the only trading day that matters, not the entire length of the trade.

The trade days are from Monday through Friday, excluding weekends and holidays.

The trader must be followed for a minimum of 29 active days during the Evaluation Account stage. The minimal number of trading days is intended to keep a trader on course and prevent them from rushing to reach their next profit targets. To complete the active transactions or trading days, they will not tolerate large variations in risk size or trading approach. You will still need to complete these days before moving on to the next phase if they do not consider these days to be active due to a significant discrepancy, in which case they will not include them as active transactions or trading days.

Below are two examples of traders who, after quickly reaching their profit goal at high risk, changed their approach to trading, lot size, and risk control to finish the remaining active trading days (these days will not be counted as active trading days). As a result, given that you have an unlimited amount of time to attain your profit goal, they suggest limiting your lot size and risk management from the start.

Lux Trading Firm Trade Examples
Lux Trading Firm Trade Examples

Trading Strategies

The use of self-developed EAs, news trading, and the holding of trades over the weekend are all acceptable as long as the risk size per trade remains constant throughout the entire stage. All trading styles and strategies based on one type of asset class, such as FX, Indices, or Commodities (Metals), are welcomed.

If you use the same trading style and risk per trade or total concurrent risk if you have numerous positions open at once during the entire assessment process, you are free to determine your risk percentage. If the risk variance is too great, you may need to retry any or all of the stage.

Per account, a trader is limited to using one trading technique. As this would not be acceptable for an audited track record and the majority of investors, they do not let traders to use several trading techniques on one account.

You are only permitted to trade in the evaluation demo account a system or strategy that will function properly on real money live accounts and is approved by the A-book broker and their liquidity providers. This can be done manually or automatically. Systems that are prohibited include, but are not restricted to:

  • Any trading system built on the demo accounts’ assured stops.
  • Any strategy that depends on luck, such as Martingale or risking it all before a major news release.
  • Any system with huge stops will realistically be unable to recover from a loss once they are hit.
  • Any system that was initially designed to function without the use of a Stop Loss that was modified to meet their needs by using full or nearly full maximum risk.
  • Any trading strategy that is predicated on the “negative consequence” of the initial trade, such as Martingale or averaging down.
  • Any solution that does not adhere to internationally recognised standards for risk management will not be approved by the Lux risk desk and risk manager.

Expert Advisors

They accept trader-developed EAs (trader’s intellectual property). Third-party designed prop firm EAs are not allowed because they do not demonstrate the trader’s unique trading abilities. The trader won’t be able to update, modify, or otherwise improve the EA if it is no longer accessible to traders or the general public for whatever reason. Without a trade execution option, one can use a third-party EA as a tool to support their strategy. Always ensure that the EA inserts a stop along with the order; along with the order, not after (modify order), since the risk management will quickly close the deal.

Copy Trading

By employing a copy trading service provided by any one supplier, Lux Trading Firm expressly forbids duplicating trades and orders.

The Lux trading platform can be used as the Master account by traders who have a self-developed strategy, and the transactions can then be copied to other (Slave) accounts owned by the trader or their business. It is not permitted to replicate your trades to any other trading account than your own. When trades are duplicated across multiple trading accounts with them, the algorithms will detect this and automatically close the repeated deals. No refunds or resets will be permitted, and all persons involved will be kicked out of the programme.


A maximum of 3 accounts may be held, one for each type of asset (forex, indices, and commodities). Each of these accounts must go through the evaluation phase and has the potential to scale all the way up to the level of fund manager.

Trading accounts handled by you at Lux Trading Firm for those of friends, family members, or any other relationship is not permitted. No refunds or resets will be permitted, and all persons involved will be kicked out of the programme.


A trader may withdraw a refund for 50% of costs paid after successfully completing the Evaluation account. After finishing the Advanced account, they may withdraw the remaining 50%. The professional and expert account stages’ 75% profit splits are only available to traders if there is a net profit. Within the first week of each new month, all professional and expert trading accounts can get their profits payouts.

The withdrawal process goes as follows:

  1. Fill in the form on the profit-split page in your trader dashboard at the end of the month requesting the withdrawal and they shall process your request within 3-5 business days.
  2. Fill in all correct details on the form, and the exact funds of your profit split of the month are on the top of the form.
  3. The withdrawal request will not influence the 10% profit target to grow in The Lux Career Trading Plan.
  4. Once you have made your withdrawal, it’s back to your trading account, and you can commence to aim for your next target on The Lux Career Trading Plan.‎


Lux Trading Firm requests a registration fee. The cost includes access to all of the proprietary programmes, including the MT4, Trading View, and Trader Evolution platforms, the Trader dashboard with all of your KPIs, and account analysis by a qualified risk management desk.

Every new trader who registers and successfully completes the Evaluation (Demo Account) stage will be eligible for a 50% enrolment cost reimbursement (excluding any reset fees or for elite packages). Following the Advanced stage’s completion, the remaining 50% will be paid out.

Despite the fact that there is no further cost beyond the registration fee, you will need to reset your trading account in order to be eligible for financing if you exceed the Max 4% Draw-down Limit. Regardless of your account balance at the time of the breach, your account will be reset to its starting amount.


Resetting your account should only be done in the following circumstances:

  • You have been informed that your maximum drawdown has been exceeded by 4 or 5%.
  • For whatever reason, you freely want to reset your account.

You will receive a new trading account and your new account log in information for your preferred trading platform when you reset your account. You must make a payment to reset your account which is:

  • 50k account: Reset fee £179
  • 100k account: Reset fee £269
  • 200k account: Reset fee £359

Lux Trading Firm Review



Lux Trading Firm collaborate with one of the most reputable and renowned liquidity providers in the world as a result of their affiliation with an A-book broker licenced in Australia. Trading with a regulated broker can help to give traders peace of mind that funds are safe and they will be able to trade with top trading conditions. This includes tight spreads, low commission fees and reliable trade execution speeds at the best available prices.


You can trade with this prop firm on an excellent choice of trading platforms, including the industry standard MetaTrader 4 platform and the popular TradingView charting software. They also have the multi-asset TraderEvolution for those of you who might already be familiar with that platform.

Lux Trading Firm Platforms
Lux Trading Firm Platforms


TradingView is a social network of 30 million traders and investors using the world’s best charts and tools to spot trading opportunities across global markets. Join like-minded traders and investors making better, brighter decisions in the world markets. This is a supercharged super-charting platform and social network for traders and investors.


MetaTrader 4

Despite MT5 being released a long time ago, MT4 still remains one of the most prominent trading platforms for retail traders around the globe. It is very user-friendly with a fully customisable interface that is easy to navigate around. You will find thousands of free and paid trading tools available for conducing in-depth market analysis on all of your favourite financial instruments. This is often the platform of choice for new traders as it has a quick learning curve, making placing and managing positions a breeze. If you are an MT5 user, you might want to consider True Forex Funds as an alternative option, as they have both the MetaTrader platforms.

MetaTrader 4 (MT4)
MetaTrader 4 (MT4)


TraderEvolution is a next generation multi-asset trading platform designed for serious traders who demand advanced functionality for order entry, analysis, and Algo trading. Some of the benefits of trading with TraderEvolution are the following: Modern user interface, Better charting functions, Ability to view the market depth, one click trading. Experience TraderEvolution the way it was meant to be with low costs, global market access and no restrictions.



You can trade a good variety of trading instruments ranging from major, minor and exotic currency pairs along with indices, commodities and cryptos. Evaluation, Advanced, and the Professional 50k, 100k, or 200k Accounts have the leverage of 1:10 on Forex and 1:5 on Indices and Commodities (Metals).

Trading Dashboard

The same data that the risk analysts use during the evaluation process is the foundation of the trading dashboard solution they have created. This provide an ideal way to stay on top of your trading activity and to make sure you are sticking to all of the rules. In this unique dashboard you will also find the only integrated Live Trading Room with daily livestreams available to Elite Traders.

Lux Trading Firm Dashboard
Lux Trading Firm Dashboard


This prop firm are aware of how crucial human connection is. You can choose one of the knowledgeable mentors, and schedule as many one-on-one sessions as you desire. With the Lux Trading Firm Funded Program, you’ll acquire all the trading abilities required to engage in online trading. They will also assist you with developing a winning strategy and ensuring that you comprehend and abide by the trading guidelines.

Lux Trading Firm Mentorship
Lux Trading Firm Mentorship

Elite Program

If you want to be successful in the trading profession, the Elite Program could be the best option for you. They provide all traders, from novices to seasoned pros, with the same support you would only get while trading for a large bank or hedge fund. A risk desk, livestreams, workshops, education, mentoring, daily market analysis, professional analytics tools, and much more.

Lux Trading Firm give novice, inexperienced, or experienced traders the chance to join the Elite Trader’s Club as professional career traders with $10 million or more in trading capital. Personal mentoring with access to the $10 million+ fund manager account’s live trading room will provide you with education, funding, and support. They work with traders of all skill levels, backgrounds, and from countries all over the world.

  • Daily Streams
  • Education
  • Mentoring
  • Pro Software
  • Risk Desk
  • Workshops

Educational Content

You get access to the on-demand video library through the Elite Package, which is divided into the General, How to Trade, and Mindset categories. Even when your preferred mentor is not live streaming, you can learn new ideas and sharpen your trading skills. If education is important to you, then you might want to consider Audacity Capital as an alternative prop firm. They have some excellent trading courses available and trader workshops.

Daily Live Trading Room

You can access the Live Trading Room with daily market analysis through the Elite Package, which is included into the trader’s dashboard. With traders, the internal mentors analyse the markets and provide clear expectations for each trading session. This can be a good way to some inspiration for your trade ideas.

Lux Trading Firm Live Trading Room
Lux Trading Firm Live Trading Room

Risk Management Desk

The Risk Management Desk offers its services to Elite traders. Why is a risk desk necessary? To help you develop into a responsible trader, the risk managers will review your trading strategy from time to time and offer tips on how to use stop losses, leverage, lot size, and reasonable profit expectations.

Maximum capital$10,000,000
Profit split75%
News tradingYes
Weekend tradingYes
Automated tradingYes
Free trialYes
Maximum leverage1:10
Lux Trading Firm Features

Lux Trading Firm Review


Overall, there is a lot to like about Lux Trading Firm and the funded account programs that they offer. Both seasoned traders and those just starting out who are determined to grow their accounts to a maximum of $10,000,000 can find actual trading career chances at Lux Trading Firm through the scaling plan. They provide excellent trading conditions through partnership with a regulated brokerage where you can trade a variety of financial instruments on industry leading trading platforms.

In addition to being one of the top forex proprietary trading firms, they also have an elite trader program that can help you to improve your trading knowledge and skills in your own time. This is not something that many prop firms offer which beginners may find useful. After all, it is in their own interest that you are a successful trader as they will be getting a share of any profits you make whilst trading on the funded account that they provide.

They are very flexible with trading strategies, allowing automated trading with expert advisors and holding positions over the weekend which is good for swing trading. However, there are some restrictions that you need to be aware of which can be confusing at first. You must stick to drawdown and loss limits whilst not breaking any of the trading strategy rules. It would be great if they could add the MT5 platform and individual stocks to further improve their already impressive range of prop trading services.

8.5Expert Score
Lux Trading Firm Rating

Lux Trading Firm is a London based prop firm offering account funding up to $200,000 and an aggressive scaling program up to $10,000,000, with profit sharing up to 75%.


Lux Trading Firm Review


What is the maximum loss limit?

The maximum drawdown level is 5% relative on stages 1 and 2 and from stage 3 and higher, it is 4% in a Hybrid model.

What is the maximum relative drawdown?

The Maximum allowed Relative Draw Down is the highest realized account balance minus 4 or 5%, and is compared to equity and balance.‎

What is the profit share?

Lux Trading Firm pays traders 75% profit share on the Professional 50k, 100k, or 200k Accounts (Stage 3 and up), as long as the trader has ‎made a net profit in the current month, relative to the High-Water Mark.

What are the withdrawal methods?

All Professional 50k, 100k, or 200k Account stages profits are paid out during the week following the calculation of profits. Profits are calculated during the 1st weekend after the end of the month.

Are expert advisors allowed?

They accept trader-developed EAs (trader’s intellectual property). EAs created by a third party are not allowed because they do not demonstrate the trader’s unique trading abilities. The trader won’t be able to update, modify, or otherwise improve the EA if it is no longer accessible to traders or the general public for whatever reason. In order to support their strategy, traders can employ a third-party EA, although they are not required to use automatic trade execution.

Is copy trading allowed?

Lux Trading Firm prohibits duplicating trades and orders by using a copy trading service ‎offered by any one provider.

Do I get a refund of my enrollment fee?

Every new trader who registers and successfully completes the Evaluation (Demo) Account stage will be given a 50% enrollment cost refund (excluding any reset fees or for elite packages). Following the Advanced stage’s completion, the remaining 50% will be paid out.

Is Lux Trading Firm legit?

Yes, absolutely. Lux Trading firm is a legitimate prop trading firm with an established track record of paying out successful traders.

What trading platform does Lux Trading Firm use?

Lux offers its traders the choice between Trading View, Trader Evolution, and MT4.

Can anyone join Lux Trading Firm?

Yes, anyone can join Lux Trading, including Americans, so long as you are over the age of 18.

What can you trade with Lux Trading Firm?

Lux offers a wide variety of tradable assets, much more than the average prop firm, which are sometimes just designed with forex traders in mind. Lux also offers equities, CFDs, commodities, metals, and more. Lux allows you to trade anything that their broker provides.

What types of accounts does Lux Trading Firm offer?

Lux offers three different accounts based on initial starting balance. You can choose between $50K, $100K and $150K. They also offer the Lux Elite package, which features one-on-one trading, exclusive workshops, risk management tools, and a number of perks to help you succeed. The account sizes are the same: $50K, $100K and $150K.

Is Lux Trading Firm regulated?

No. Like almost all other prop firms, Lux Trading avoids the distinction of being a broker/dealer and therefore is not regulated like typical financial service companies.

If I violate the trading objectives does Lux give me a second chance?

Yes, Lux offers an account reset option for £250. Depending on where you are in the program, you may have to reset two stages below your previous stage.

What leverage do they offer?

The prop firm offers 1:10 leverage for Forex and metals. For indices, commodities, and bonds it is 1:5. On stocks, it’s 1:1.

Is there a free trial?

Yes, there is the option of a free 7-day trial with Lux Trading Firm.
Lux Trading Firm Review
Lux Trading Firm Review
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