Lepus Proprietary Trading Review

Lepus Proprietary Trading offers talented traders a rewarding environment and investors a unique opportunity. There is a 3-month qualification period to get a funded account with a 50% profit split.

Lepus Proprietary Trading Review


Lepus Proprietary Trading combines an investing path with extraordinarily gifted traders in a singular way. Their traders are mentored under the guidance of knowledgeable financial market analysts to trade capital using carefully curated trading strategies and sensible risk management.

Lepus Proprietary Trading Website
Lepus Proprietary Trading Website

After training, candidates will be tested on their adherence to the trading knowledge and tactics. Please be aware that there is no assurance of allocation. A funded account will only be offered to successful applicants. The trader and Lepus Prop Trading will both receive a portion of the account’s earnings. Talented traders can receive 50% of profits with the freedom to trade from anywhere.

  • Excellent educational resources
  • Learn from experienced traders
  • One-on-one training and mentoring
  • Encourage sensible and informed trading
  • Use the regulated OX Securities brokerage firm
  • Realstic profit targets
  • No participation fee
  • Trade a good range of CFD instruments including forex, stocks and commodities
  • Trade on the user-freindly MT4 platform
  • Allow most trading strategies
  • Need to fund a $2,000 account
  • Results must be published via third-party (FX Blue)
  • 3-month evaluation period
  • 50% profit share is below the industry average
  • Maximum 1:30 leverage

Lepus Proprietary Trading Review


Experienced traders can enter the Lepus Proprietary Trading Funding Challenge. In this programme, traders can demonstrate their abilities on a real account while being evaluated over a three-month period. You need you to open a real account with Ox Securities before the Funding Challenge can start. Before giving you a funded account, they want to see how you act and conduct business with real money.

You will need to deposit a minimum of A $2,000 in order for them to properly assess your trading acumen and sync your account with FX Blue for them to track your trading statistics and performance. There are plenty of prop firms who do not require an upfront deposit and have their own trader dashboard, including Topstep.

If you produce consistent profits of 4-6% per month whilst showing good money management principles, you can qualify for a funded account and share 50% of the profits. This is decent although you can get a 90% profit share with FTMO and there is no need to wait 3-months, as an alternative option to consider.

Lepus Proprietary Trading Funding Challenge
Lepus Proprietary Trading Funding Challenge

Lepus Proprietary Trading Review


Lepus Proprietary Trading would like to make clear that they are not looking for cowboys before any traders take the challenge. They are looking for seasoned traders. Because of this, they forbid the use of Grid or Martingale methods and have a set of general guidelines that limit the use of instruments and exposure. This enables them to evaluate your trade skills rather than your risk-taking skills. The trading restrictions include:

  • Trade forex currency pairs, indices and commodities (no crypto)
  • Stop losses must be used on each trade
  • 5 maximum open trades at any time
  • No grid or martingale trading strategies

Lepus Proprietary Trading Review



OX Securities is the broker of choice for Lepus Prop Firm. They are a regulated trading brokerage that has very good trading conditions including tight spreads, low fees and rapid trade execution speeds. You can focus on your trading strategies with the peace of mind that the broker is providing a competitive trading environment whilst abiding by strict rules and regulations that have been put in place to protect investors.

Ox Securities
OX Securities


The user-friendly MetaTrader 4 platforms are available for trading. Millions of professional and retail traders utilise these as one of the most well-liked trading platforms worldwide. For conducting in-depth market analysis across various chart types and periods, the MetaTrader 4 platforms are equipped with a bevy of trading tools.

MT4 Trading Platform
MT4 Trading Platform


Lepus Proprietary Trading trade CFD’s on FX, Indices, Commodities & Emini-Futures. They do not trade Options, Equities, Crypto or Warrants. CFDs allow traders to speculate on falling or rising prices without needing physical own the underlying asset. You can trade with a maximum 1:30 leverage.

Training & Mentoring

For non-profitable traders to be considered for a trader employment with the company, they must complete Lepus Prop training to a suitable level. They are looking to hire those that have a strong interest in trading the financial markets although no experience is needed. Qualified candidates will receive personal instruction from the head of trading and prop traders at the firm.

You will get immediate access to a seasoned trader who will analyse your behavioural and trading errors. They will hold you accountable while providing you with technical and behavioural training.

The trading techniques that the prop company has employed for the past 15 years that regularly generate profits will be explained to you. You’ll receive instruction on how to perfectly implement trading tactics. You will have unrestricted access to the trading room, support videos, and training.

  • Over 50 hours of video learning
  • Updated recorded seminars
  • Screen recordings of step-by-step instructions on how they trade their systems
  • All manual and notes to support your 1-to-1 Coaching
  • Access to online booking on-on-one appointments
  • Online booking to Foundation Seminars (repeat as often as you like)
  • Online booking to Advanced Seminars (repeat as often as you like)
  • MQL4 Scripts to support your trading
  • Online books, learning material and harmonic & classic technical analysis cheat sheets

There is a great amount of educational content and resources which you can work through in your own time to improve your trading skills and knowledge. However, it is quite pricey at $6,500 as a one-off payment. Alternatively, you can spread the costs over 12 months and pay $699 per month. This does increase the total price to $8,388 but you can cancel at any time.

Maximum capitalVariable
Profit split50%
News tradingYes
Weekend tradingYes
Automated tradingYes
Free trialNo
Maximum leverage1:30
Lepus Proprietary Trading Features

Lepus Proprietary Trading Review


Overall, Lepus Proprietary Trading have a simple offering for aspiring prop traders who are looking to get a funded account. You do need to be dedicated and make a substantial initial investment. This is because the trading challenge involves putting up $2,000 of your own funds and trading with consistent profit for at least 3 months. They do have some excellent educational materials to help beginners and experienced traders further improve their knowledge so that they have a better chance of gaining and maintaining a funded account.

8Expert Score
Lepus Proprietary Trading Rating

Lepus Proprietary Trading offers talented traders a rewarding environment and investors a unique opportunity. There is a 3-month qualification period to get a funded account with a 50% profit split.


Lepus Proprietary Trading Review


What broker do they use?

You need to open a trading account with OX Securities.

What leverage can I use?

The maximum leverage is 1:30.

What platforms can I trade on?

You can trade on the popular MT4 platforms across all of your devices.

What trading strategies are allowed?

This prop firm do not put many restrictions on your trading systems, although you cannot use grid or martingale strategies because they are considered too risky.

What is the profit share?

Profits are split equally 50/50.
Lepus Proprietary Trading Review
Lepus Proprietary Trading Review
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