Instant Funding Review

Instant Funding offer funded accounts without any challenges, 1:100 leverage, up to 90% profit split and a 100% refundable fee.

Instant Funding Review


Instant Funding are a UK-based business that specialises in giving customers a top-notch instant funding experience. They make sure the procedure is as simple as possible, with no hidden rules or complicated conditions. Complete transparency is provided as they aim to provide a new, reputable name to the growing prop firm market. The main advantage they have over other prop firms is as the name rightly eludes to, instant funded accounts with no risk and a refundable fee if you are a successful trader.

Instant Funding Website
Instant Funding Website
  • Instant funding with no challenges
  • 100% refundable fee
  • Leverage up to 1:100
  • Rapid scaling plan
  • Weekly payouts
  • MT4 & MT5 platforms
  • 90% profit share
  • Most trading strategies allowed
  • Expert advisors (EAs), overnight holding and weekend trading accepted
  • No minimum trading days
  • High initial fee
  • Strict drawdowns
  • Lack of educational content
  • Relatively new prop firm
  • No free trials

Instant Funding Review


There is no waiting, no obstacles to overcome, and no challenging goals with short deadlines. You only need to choose your account at Instant Funding, agree to the Traders Contract, and start trading. The choices are between the conventional or aggressive account. The main difference between them being the drawdown allowed, speed of scaling and profit share. The price for the account increases depending on how large the initial balance is.

Conventional Account

  • Drawdown of 8%
  • Fast account scaling (Double your account with every 10% gain)
  • 60:40 profit split (up to 90:10)
  • Request payouts or scale your account
  • Maximum Account size of $1,280,000
  • No minimum trading days or time limits
  • Trade with 1:100 leverage
  • Refundable Fee
Target to Scale10%  10%  10%  10%  10%  10%  
Profit Split60:40  60:40  60:40  60:40  60:40  60:40  
Overall Drawdown Limit8% of Initial or Scaled Balance  8%8%8%8%8%
Maximum Scale$40,000$80,000$160,000$320,000$640,000$1,280,000
Maximum Profit Split80:20  80:20  80:20  80:20  80:20  80:20  
Scaling MethodAccount Profit  Account Profit  Account Profit  Account Profit  Account Profit  Account Profit  
Instant Funding Conventional Account

Aggressive Account

  • Drawdown of 5%
  • Fast account scaling (Double your account with every 12% gain)
  • 50:50 profit split (up to 90:10)
  • Simultaneously request payouts and scale your account
  • Maximum Account size of $1,280,000
  • No minimum trading days or time limits
  • Trade with 1:100 leverage
  • Refundable Fee
Target to Scale12%  12%  12%  12%  12%  12%  
Profit Split50:5050:5050:5050:5050:5050:50
Overall Drawdown Limit5% of Initial or Scaled Balance  5%5%5%5%5%
Maximum Scale$40,000$80,000$160,000$320,000$640,000$1,280,000
Maximum Profit Split80:20  80:20  80:20  80:20  80:20  80:20  
Scaling MethodInstant FundingInstant FundingInstant FundingInstant FundingInstant FundingInstant Funding
Instant Funding Aggressive Account


The Instant Funding process is very simple and straight forward. There aren’t multiple challenge phases to work through, rules to catch you out or complex objectives to work around. You just need to choose the account that works best for you, pay and trade, without any unnecessary delays.

The process to opening a funded account goes as follows:

  • Select your preferred account sized.
  • Sign the trader agreement
  • Receive your credentials
  • Login and start trading
  • Profit and request payouts weekly
  • Reach the scaling threshold and double your account

Instant Funding Review


Profit Share

The profit split on the conventional account is 60/40 whilst it is 50/50 on the aggressive account. You can automatically receive a 65/35 profit split when you reach maximum scale. Once you reach the maximum scale on your account and have had 3+ payouts, the profit split goes up to an even more generous 90% which is amongst the highest in the industry. However, Finotive Funding take things even further and offer a maximum 95% profit share.

With the Instant Funding accounts, no profit targets are set. There are no limitations on time either. In order to give prop traders the freedom that they require to trade confidently, they work to remove account limits.


The drawdown on the aggressive account is quite low at 5% whilst there is more room to manoeuvre on the conventional account with a maximum 8% drawdown. You can actually get a larger drawdown by purchasing the same account twice and asking them to merge drawdowns on the accounts to together. This will effectively double the allocated drawdown.

Therefore, the aggressive drawdown becomes 10% and the conventional a generous 16%. Just keep in mind that this will impact your scaling threshold. Aggressive scaling threshold for double drawdown accounts is 24%. Conventional scaling threshold for double drawdown is 20%.

Balance and/or equity are used to calculate drawdown. Like the majority of proprietary trading firms, they place a high focus on risk management, and this is one of the greatest ways to safeguard funds and avoid severe drawdown.

They have no daily drawdown restrictions or limits which can be an advantage if you are using high risk strategies with wide stop losses that are susceptible to drawdowns.

Drawdown remains constant to your scaled or initial balance. When you make profit, it won’t trail. Your equity or account balance cannot be reduced by more than 5% or 8% from the initial or scaled balance. If it does go over these limits, a breach will result.

For instance, a 10% rise would translate to a profit of $1,000. Then, on the same day, you lose this $1,000 profit; nevertheless, because you did not exceed the drawdown, your account will not be in violation.

Trading Days

The drawdown and profit share are around the industry average although they don’t have any minimum days required which puts them ahead of some competitors who require at least 5-10 trading days. Other prop trading firms with no minimum trading days include FundYourFX and FTUK. Overnight trading is allowed as is holding positions over the weekend.


The conventional account can be scaled every 10% gain whereas the aggressive account is scaled every 12% gain. Every time you scale, they double your previous account balance. There are no minimum trading days before scaling accounts.

Every account size has its own maximum balance as follows:

  • $1,250 > $40,000 (max)
  • $3,000 > $98,000 (max)
  • $5,000 > $160,000 (max)
  • $10,000 > $320,000 (max)
  • $20,000 > $640,000 (max)
  • $40,000 > $1,280,000 (max)

Conventional uses profit you made to scale the account, meaning you will not be able to request a payout and scale at the same time. On the other hand, the aggressive uses the firms profit to scale, meaning you can request a payout and you can scale at the same time.


You can request a payout as long as your account balance is higher than the starting/scaled value. regardless of how large or tiny the gain is. Each week, you can make a payout request.

Every week, you can submit a payout request. They make every effort to provide it to you as soon as they can. Payouts are typically handled the same working day, but delays may occur if there is excessive traffic. Please get in touch with support if you haven’t received payment after three business days; there probably was a mistake.

Expert Advisors

Automated trading with expert advisors (EAs) is allowed if they do no harm and are legal. You can use any EA you like as they do not attempt to exploit the platform or services. If they determine that an account is abusing the platform by utilising hazardous EAs like Latency Arbitrage, the account will thereafter be disabled.

Some EAs attempt to exploit proprietary trading firms by placing trades when there is a delay in the data feed or something similar. When this occurs, it is quite clear since the Demo Account has more money than the Real Account that was allotted. It is extremely obvious in the Rules that you will be blacklisted if they discover this, so do not anticipate a payout.

News Trading

Instant Funding do allow news trading but it is important to be wary that trading around major economic events can increase risk of ruin due to increased market volatility.


The initial fee if completely refundable if you reach the maximum scale. You can also receive a refund if you wish to close your account as long as you are not in drawdown and the account is 14 days old or less.

Instant Funding Review



Instant Funding are not a brokerage firm. They only use virtual trading accounts at all stages and never live accounts. They have fully simulated virtual funded accounts with real market quotes from liquidity providers. They may copy trades at their own discretion using aggregated orders via their own algorithm.


You can trade on the popular MT4 forex platform by default. MetaTrader 4 is very user-friendly with a fast learning curve and plenty of online tutorials to bring yourself up to speed with the platform is you aren’t already. MT4 is packed with all of the trading tools that you need to conduct in-depth market analysis in order to make informed trade decision. You can get thousands of free and paid tools to enhance the capabilities of the platform. Whatever your trading strategy, MT4 can be customised to your needs.

MetaTrader 4 & MetaTrader 5 Platforms
MetaTrader 4 & MetaTrader 5 Platforms

Upon request, Instant Funding can also provide the newer MT5 platform. This expands on the already excellent MT4 platform with more features and functionality. Whilst MT4 is considered more of a forex trading platform, MT5 can also be used for trading stocks, commodities, indices and other financial instruments. Either way, both of the MetaTrader platforms are the industry standard for retail forex traders looking for a convenient way to trade online across all of their devices.


You can trade a variety of financial instruments across various asset classes including forex currency pairs, indices, commodities and cryptocurrency. Trading conditions include tight spreads, low commission fees and rapid trade execution speeds.

Maximum capital$1,280,000
Profit split90%
News tradingYes
Weekend tradingYes
Automated tradingYes
Free trialNo
Maximum leverage1:100
Instant Funding Features

Instant Funding Review


Overall, Instant Funding have a simple offering when it comes to a prop firm that offers funded accounts without needing to pass any challenges. The trading rules are very straightforward and flexible for all types of trading strategies. The profit share is generous and the drawdown acceptable.

You can increase the account balance via a quick scaling program and also increase the allowed drawdown by merging accounts. The 1:100 leverage is quite high whilst there is a good variety of trading instruments which you can trade via the MT4/MT5 platforms. Instant Funding aren’t as strict on your trading strategy as some other prop firms, but you do need to show excellent risk management.

They could improve by adding some more educational content and even providing challenges for traders who might want to practice their strategies and improve their skills before committing to a funded account. Other than that, they are certainly worth consideration if you are searching specifically for an instant funded account.

8.2Expert Score
Instant Funding Rating

Instant Funding offer funded accounts without any challenges, 1:100 leverage, up to 90% profit split and a 100% refundable fee.


Instant Funding Review


How does Instant Funding work?

They will provide you the Traders Contract via as soon as your account is ordered. Your trade credentials will be sent to you right away after onboarding.

Can I have more than one account?

Yes, you can. There are two methods for merging. First, scaling allows for a straightforward doubling of the account. If you buy two conventional accounts worth $40,000, they can combine them into one account worth $80,000 with conventional properties like an 8% drawdown and a 10% scaling target, for example. Merging is an approach that would double Drawdown. Here’s how it works: They can make a single $40,000 with a 16% Drawdown by buying two $40,000 Accounts.

What’s the Maximum Funding?

The most that can be scaled for a single account is $1,280,000. Although you are permitted to have numerous accounts, there is currently a $2,560,000 cap per trader.

How is Drawdown Measured?

Balance and/or equity are used to calculate drawdown. Like with the majority of Proprietary Trading Firms, they place a high focus on risk management, and this is the greatest method to safeguard cash and avoid severe drawdown.

Who can get an Instant Funding account?

They have a global service offering. There are still some limitations, though. You must be at least 18 years old, and they regrettably are unable to serve customers in or from Iran, Syria, or North Korea.

How do I get paid?

You can request a Payout as long as your account balance is higher than the starting/scaled value. regardless of how large or tiny the gain is. Each week, you can make a payout request.

Can I hold trades over weekends?

Yes, weekend trading is allowed.

Are expert advisors allowed?

Yes, you can trade using EAs on your Instant Funding account provided it does not break any rules.

Is news trading allowed?

Yes, they accept news trading strategies.

What is the maximum leverage?

You can trade with up to 1:100 leverage.

What platforms can I use?

Instant Funding offer the MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms.

Are Instant Funding regulated?

No, the prop firm is not regulated but they do not provide brokerage services.
Instant Funding Review
Instant Funding Review
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