How Much Do Funded Traders Make?

Becoming a funded trader is a goal for some traders because they have a consistent trading strategy but not enough capital to earn substantial profits. With a funded trading account from a prop firm, funded traders have the potential to make more profits in the world’s most profitable financial markets, and it can act as a primary source of equity.

How Hard Is It to Become A Funded Trader?

All that is required is to pass the evaluation phase, have access to a funded trading account, and then start trading. To become a funded trader, you must first successfully complete an evaluation period. Often referred to as a “challenge,” this is the period during which a trader must demonstrate their profitability. The majority of prop firms will have at least a one-step evaluation as it would be considered extremely risky to fund everyone.

If you can pass the trader challenge by sticking to the rules and achieving the objectives, the prop firm can reward you with a funded account to trade their capital for a share of the profits. Some prop firms even offer instant funding accounts if you can prove to them you are a consistent trader with a proven track record. Just make sure you are always following the rules as failure to do so can lead to a breach of terms and account termination.

How Much Do Prop Traders Make?

Funded traders can earn anywhere from 50-90% of the profits that they make with an online prop firm. The profit share varies between prop firms and can increase as you scale the account and show consistency over the long-term. The reason the prop firm takes a share for themselves is because they are the ones who are providing the capital and taking all of the risk.

If we are talking about the more traditional prop trader working for a bricks and mortar prop shop, you can anticipate starting pay of between $100K and $200K USD. Base salaries average well over $100,000, while bonuses often range from 50% to 100% of base salaries. In both instances, the amount that you can earn is going to be determined by your trading skills and results.

How Much Money Do FTMO Traders Make?

FTMO are one of the best prop trading firms in the business. They provide funded trader accounts that can be scaled all the way up to $2,000,000, with a profit share of 90%.

Through the FTMO platform, they set up more than 960,000 trading accounts throughout the course of the year. All FTMO Challenges, Verifications, FTMO Accounts, and Free Trials are included in this total.

On all accounts, more than 90,000,000 trades were completed in 2021, demonstrating a somewhat active style of trading. To put that figure in context, there are almost three new trades made every second.

The most significant figure is the total payouts for 2021. Prop traders made remarkable profits of $29,000,000 throughout the course of the previous year. They executed 117.9 trades on the FTMO Account on average during one trading period, and we paid you $4,685 on average for those trades.

Are Prop Traders Profitable?

Only a small percentage of aspiring prop traders are thought to be successful in overcoming the trading challenges from prop firms, and an even smaller percentage of traders manage to maintain their funded accounts over the long term by abiding by all restrictions. You might be surprised at this, but trading with consistency and good money management takes a lot of time and effort.

Is Prop Trading A Good Career?

Prop trading may be a very rewarding vocation for people with the right skillset and a genuine enthusiasm for trading. However, you do need to keep in mind that becoming a successful prop trader can take many years of practice. You will need to learn as much as possible about the financial markets and develop a trading strategy that matches your own style.

Anything can happen in the financial market so it is important to stay up to date with economic news and be prepared for unexpected events to happen. If you work for a prop shop, a fixed salary can give you comfort when compared to an online prop firm that will only reward you if you make a profit.

How Do Prop Traders Get Paid?

The majority of prop traders earn money by keeping a portion of the profits they generate from placing trades. The additional capital invested by a trading firm multiplies the rewards. Some prop firms provide both a fixed wage and a performance-based bonus. Prop traders are paid via a variety of methods including bank transfer, online payment processors and cryptocurrency. Depending on the prop firm, payouts can be weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

Can Prop Traders Lose Money?

A significant loss on a financed account has little impact. You can still try to pass the evaluation at the same firm again, or you can just join another one, even if it means losing your funded account. In the end, you should not take a big risk or suffer a big loss. This is because the prop firm will usually cover the risk. However, you can lose funds invested in a funded trader challenge if you fail it for whatever reason. This could be due to breaching the rules or not meeting the targets.

Final Thoughts

There is no set salary for online prop traders. Instead, they receive a portion of the revenue generated. The split typically favours traders, who can receive up to 90% and occasionally even more of their gains. One of the key factors to take into account when selecting a prop firm is the profit split ratio. However, you also need to check the trading conditions, rules, objectives and scaling plan of a prop firm. These are all factors that can determine how much funded traders make with a particular prop firm, because it can differ significantly between providers.

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