FTUK Review

FTUK provide a range of trading programs where you can put your skills to the test and get instant funding to trade on a funded account up to $5,760,000 with an 80% profit share.

FTUK Review


FTUK is a prop firm that was established in February 2021 and offer funded forex trading accounts. Their goal was to make the proprietary trading industry better while providing talented FX traders throughout the world with superior service in every aspect.

Instant funding has been one of their most well-liked prop trading programs from the beginning, whilst they have added an evaluation programs which consists of one single phase, allowing traders to get started with them for an even more affordable price.

While you perfect your craft, they use their funds to support your trading strategy. They put more money in your hands as you develop your trading abilities. At FTUK, they also support you in developing your abilities through training programmes that expand your knowledge and increase your success as well as guidance from helpful senior traders.

FTUK Website
FTUK Website


Forex Traders UK (FTUK) have developed a prop trading programme that is intended for rapid, profitable and sustainable growth. When trading your own money, this Augmented Growth programme would not be practical and is unheard of. They double your financial financing each time you reach a milestone while you exchange their funds.

Throughout every stage of their careers, traders from all over the world are supported by FTUK. In order to assist other distinctive traders in doing the same, they are eager to investigate fresh trading approaches and new perspectives. As a close-knit trading community, they all support one another in achieving success.

This prop firm provide you a fair deal because you are trading their funds for them. Thus, you get to trade with no risk on up to $5,760,000 of their capital with scaling and retain up to 80% of your earnings. They think that everyone deserves a shot and shouldn’t be burdened by losses while they pursue their goals. They want trading to be accessible to everyone who aspires to succeed as a Forex trader.

  • No minimum trading days
  • Rapid scaling plan
  • Instant funding account
  • Allow most trading strategies
  • EAs, news trading, overnight holding and weekend trading allowed
  • Both MetaTrader 4/5 platforms
  • Partner with a reputable broker in Eightcap
  • Leverage goes up to 1:100
  • Allow up to 3 accounts
  • Withdraw profits anytime
  • Refundable fee
  • Maximum 80% profit share
  • High 25% profit target
  • 1.5% Max stop loss risk limit on low-risk account types
  • Lot size consistency rule
  • No free trial

FTUK Review


You can choose from the evaluation program to put your skills to the test or get instant funding if you already have a successful trading strategy and want to start earning right away.

The evaluation account will initially be a demo account, and once the assessment goals have been achieved, the trader can begin making money. On the instant funding program, traders will begin with a live account and receive their profit share after they have met the initial funding goals.

Join one of the FTUK funding programmes today to take advantage of one of the most lucrative propriety trading firms available. Bring your trading expertise and use the company funds to trade when and where you like. Even any trading losses are their responsibility.


The account funding process is very straight forward with FTUK. You just need to follow a few easy funding steps which go as follows:

  • Choose your funding program and sign-up
  • Receive your login credentials
  • Start trading their capital
  • Stick to the objectives and hit your targets
  • Get your profit share as often as you need

Evaluation Program

Traders have a single-phase process to demonstrate to FTUK their ability to manage significant funds as part of the evaluation programme. The financing they provide vary from $14,000 to $90,000 and are similar to the Quick funding programme. They hope to find profitable traders through the evaluation procedure.

  • Start on a demo account
  • Low signup fee
  • Hold trades overnight and over the weekend
  • No minimum trading days
  • Rapid scaling plan
  • Withdraw anytime from level 2
FTUK Low Risk Evaluation Program
FTUK Low Risk Evaluation Program

Instant Funding Program

The FTUK instant funding programme program is designed for traders who would prefer to obtain a funding account right away on a live account without having to go through an evaluation. This method is designed for profitable traders who wish to advance their trading gains quickly and begin making profits at level 1. The profit share is 80% which is generous but you can get a greater profit share of 90% with FTMO as ana alternative option.

  • Start on a live account
  • Earn from day one
  • Hold trades overnight and over the weekend
  • No minimum trading days
  • Rapid scaling plan
  • Withdraw anytime from level 2
FTUK Low Risk Instant Funding Program
FTUK Low Risk Instant Funding Program

Low Risk Trading Program

The Low-Risk Trading Programs are designed for traders that follow rules. For traders who prefer a relaxed programme with less variation, this is a fantastic chance. In order to scale up in the low risk programme, your funded account must generate at least a 10% profit, have an absolute drawdown of 5%, and employ leverage up to 1:50. This are pretty much the industry standard objectives and achievable with sensible money management.

Aggressive Trading Program

For traders who can manage greater risk pressure, there is the aggressive trading programme. Both programmes share some guidelines, but this programme offers more latitude. Leverage is offered up to 1:100. A trader must make at least a 25% net profit for their funded account because they are more tolerant of aggressive traders. This is quite a high target, but there are good rewards for those of you who are confident in your trading strategies.

FTUK Review


Scaling Plan

FTUK provide one of the best rapid scaling programs in the industry. Traders who perform exceptionally well can increase their account size to $5,760,000. Your scaling targets are unaffected by payouts. You can immediately start trading with real funds on the instant account and they will increase the amount of capital once you reach each milestone. ​

Program LevelFunding BalanceMilestone TargetMaximum LossLeverageProfit SplitMax Stoploss
Level 1$22,500$2,250$1,1251:1050/50$338
Level 2$90,000$9,000$4,5001:1050/50$1,350
Level 3$180,000$18,000$9,0001:2060/40$2,700
Level 4$360,000$36,000$18,0001:2060/40$5,400
Level 5$720,000$72,000$36,0001:3070/30$10,800
Level 6$1,440,000$144,000$72,0001:3070/30$21,600
Level 7$2,880,000$288,000$144,0001:5080/20$43,200
Level 8*$5,760,000N/A$288,0001:5080/20$86,400
$90,000 Low Risk Scaling Plan

Maximum Loss

The need for risk management cannot be overstated. This demonstrates to the prop firm your prowess in risk management and trading. Your account will have a maximum overall loss which is a fixed amount or absolute drawdown taking into account floating profits/losses. This will be closely scrutinised, and if violated, accounts will be terminated.

  • You can only risk 1.5% per pair on the low risk programmes, and setting a stop loss is required.
  • You can risk any percentage on the aggressive programmes and are not required to set a stop loss.

Each of the funded accounts has a predetermined equity stop out level, which is equal to 5% of the opening value. Any profit will raise the loss allowance because this is a set figure that won’t trail up or down.

For instance, the equity stop out threshold on a £10,000 funded account is set at £9,500. As a result of the account realising a profit of £800, the total loss allowance is now £500 + 800 = £1,300.

Trading Strategies

FTUK allow all different profitable trading styles, the trader is free to manage their account using any strategy including scalping, day trading, swing trading, hedging and news trading. If you are scalping, keep in mind that trades need to be open for at least 30 seconds.

Trading Days

There are no time limits, so you are allowed to hold trades overnight and during the weekend. However, you will have 180 calendar days on the low risk program and 90 calendar days on the aggressive to pass the evaluation.

You do not need to trade the complete amount of days. Once you have reached your target, you will pass to level 2. There are no minimum days required which is a great advantage they have over many other prop firms who require a minimum 5-10 trading days.

Expert Advisors

FTUK allow automated trading with expert advisors (EAs) in the MetaTrader platforms. However, there are some restrictions on certain prop firm EAs, so make sure they do not do any of the following:

  • Martingale
  • Tick scalping
  • Reverse arbitrage trading
  • Latency arbitrage trading
  • Hedge arbitrage trading

If this regulation is broken, it is a violation. All accounts utilising these kinds of EAs will be shut down immediately without prior notice.

Copy Trading

Yes, you are permitted to copy trades from a non-FTUK account to an FTUK account, but copying trades to more than one FTUK account is not permitted. It is against the rules to execute the identical deals on different accounts. To spread their risks, traders should trade them in a variety of ways.

Consistency Rules

FTUK traders must exhibit rational risk during the whole trading month. Your risk and lot size are not constrained in any way. You are need to employ consistent risk throughout each trading month due to this. The following rules must be followed:

  • Traders ought to take the same risk every day.
  • Traders should maintain a consistent trading approach for the duration of the trading month. If you decide to employ various styles, this pattern must likewise be consistent over the entire month.
  • At no point should traders dramatically increase their risk.

If they find inconsistencies, you continue to get your payouts. However, they will discuss your performance with you in order to resolve any problems and promote faster growth. They don’t punish you for inconsistent trading. They just need more time to evaluate your trading abilities.


The level 2 funded account of traders who sign up for the evaluation programme will begin to pay off. A trader will become eligible for a reward once they have traded for a minimum of 10 trading days on their level 2. You can withdraw your profits at any moment after you reach level 2 or higher provided that your share is greater than $250 or the equivalent in your account currency.

To handle payouts, FTUK use Deel. After approval of a requested pay-out, they will credit the trader’s Deel account. If Deel is not available in your nation, they can still make direct payments using PayPal or cryptocurrency. The trader can then get payment from Deel via:

  • Bank transfer
  • Deel Card
  • Coinbase
  • PayPal
  • Payoneer
  • Revolut
  • Wise


With the low risk programmes, you can obtain up to 1:50 leverage, and for the aggressive programmes, you can get up to 1:100, which is more than enough to generate good profits when used diligently. This is high leverage in general.


A trade must be completed by traders at least once per 30 days. The right to cancel an account is reserved by FTUK/Eightcap if a trading account is inactive for 30 days or longer. Only accounts that have already been traded on are affected by this.


If you break the drawdown restriction but still want to stay in the programme, you are welcome to re-join after paying the regular activation charge. Please be aware that this agreement is always subject to modification. If they believe you are acting in a way that doesn’t comply with the rules, they have the right to delete your account at any time.

You will get an extension if you’re in profit but didn’t manage to hit the target within the maximum time and were not in violation of any rules.

FTUK Review



Like some of the other top prop firms, FTUK execute all trades with the well-known Eightcap broker. This trading broker is regulated and reputable, offering very good trading conditions including tight spreads, low commission fees and rapid trade execution speeds at the best available prices. Other prop firms who have partnered with Eightcap include The Funded Trader and Funded Trading Plus.



If you already have some experience trading online, then you will be familiar with the MetaTrader platforms. These are the industry standard when it comes to forex trading online. You will be pleased to hear that as FTUK use the Eightcap broker, you can trade on both MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and MetaTrader 5 (MT5).

MetaTrader 4 & MetaTrader 5 Platforms
MetaTrader 4 & MetaTrader 5 Platforms

The most popular choice among traders is MT4. It’s very user-friendly for trading and a great platform for using automated EA systems. On the other hand, more instruments are available in MT5. MT4 users can choose from roughly 90 different instruments, but MT5 gives users access to a wider library and an improved user interface.


You can utilise all the financial instruments on your Eightcap watchlist. Forex, indices, and commodities are all included in this. Leverage is available up to 1:100 for the aggressive programme and up to 1:50 for the low risk programme. When the trader advances through the stages, the leverage gradually rises, starting at 1:10 for low risk and 1:30 for aggressive.

Study Coach

It is crucial for FTUK to assist traders in achieving consistency and getting rid of bad choices. They have coaches and mentors available to help you along the way. The prop firm take care to organise everything and offer clarity in their trading information. Using this is crucial because it will enable you to make better trading judgements.

Account Reports

FTUK provide account reports to help you stay on track and find areas in which you can improve. Regardless of whether a trader is a newbie or an expert, it is critical that they view them all objectively since a second viewpoint is always valuable. Trading is sometimes a solitary activity for the majority of traders, so it is crucial that they help to make better traders and give back to the community.


On the FTUK blog which you can access on the website, you will find some handy articles that cover a variety of different topics which can be used to help improve your trading skills and knowledge of the markets. They are well explained although it would be nice if they were to also provide some frequently updated market analysis to help inspire trade ideas.

Maximum capital$5,760,000
Profit split80%
News tradingYes
Weekend tradingYes
Automated tradingYes
Free trialNo
Maximum leverage1:100
FTUK Features

FTUK Review


Overall, there is a lot to admire about FTUK and the industry leading forex prop trading services that they provide. You can trade on the excellent MetaTrader platforms with top trading conditions and a great selection of trading instruments across various asset classes. There is a diverse selection of funding challenges that are very flexible for traders with all different types of strategies.

The trading objectives are very achievable in terms of drawdown and profit targets, although the 80% profit share is not the highest you will find. That being said, you do get the opportunity to trade the capital of one of the most respected prop trading firms using the instant funding account option.

Putting everything together, it is safe to say the FTUK are one of the best forex prop trading firms for traders of all experience levels. There is no free trial, but they do frequently run promos where you can get a discount off any of the prop trading challenges.

8.7Expert Score
FTUK Rating

FTUK provide a range of trading programs where you can put your skills to the test and get instant funding to trade on a funded account up to $5,760,000 with an 80% profit share.


FTUK Review


How do I sign up with FTUK?

On the FTUK website, choose the appropriate financing programme and funding amount, then pay the one-time cost. After receipt of your order, they will email you the information for your funded account.

What are the requirements needed to be part of FTUK?

You must be at least 18 years old and secure your funding programme with a one-time sign-up fee in order to get started and join the prop firm.

Why should I join FTUK?

Via the funding programmes, FTUK offers traders the chance to capitalise on their performance and increase their wealth quickly. They have a complete prop trading service for you if you are a successful trader.

Is FTUK an established prop firm?

FTUK has been in business since the start of 2021 and is well known in the prop trading industry. They have a growing number of happy traders who trust them as evident by glowing online reviews.

Do I need to use a stoploss on all my trades?

A stoploss is only mandatory on the low risk program and this needs to be set at a maximum of 1.5%.

What happens if I reach the maximum drawdown?

If you break the drawdown restriction but still want to stay in the programme, you are welcome to re-join after paying the regular activation charge. Please be aware that this agreement is always subject to modification. If they believe you are acting in a way that doesn’t comply with the rules, they have the right to delete your account at any time.

How long do I have to complete my evaluation?

You will have 180 calendar days on the low risk program and 90 calendar days on the aggressive to pass the evaluation.

What happens when I pass the evaluation?

All open trades on your account should be closed, and an email will be sent to you. If you haven’t broken any of the trading policies, you will get an email with your level 1 certificate, the next stages, and information on your new level 2 funded account.

Can I get an extension?

Yes, FTUK can offer an extension at their discretion if you have not reached your target but are showing good trading practices.

Can I merge accounts?

They don’t allow traders to merge accounts. If a trader has more than one open account with FTUK, they have to trade them separately.

Can I get my joining fee refunded?

The joining fee will be automatically refunded together with the first level 2 profit pay-out.

Can I do a retake?

Get one retake account if you happen to reach the maximum drawdown limit or your account gets terminated for any reason (only eligible on evaluation programs).

What is the refund policy?

If you have not made any trades on your funded account, you are eligible for a refund. To seek a refund, send an email to FTUK support within 48 hours of signing up. You are not entitled for a refund if you have already made a trade.

Are there any other charges aside from the sign-up fee?

No, the trader simply needs to pay the one-time membership cost. Following registration, the trader will have unrestricted access to the account at no additional cost.

Is FTUK regulated?

Since they are neither a financial institution nor do they offer any financial services, there is no regulation governing what they do. With the assistance of seasoned traders, they trade utilising the capital belonging to their companies.
FTUK Review
FTUK Review
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