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Free Prop Firm EA

Download our Free Prop Firm EA with step by step instructions for automated trading and managing positions to pass prop firm challenges and get a funded account.
Prop Firm EA

If you are looking for a free prop firm EA to download and pass your prop challenges, then you have come to the right place. Here you will find the best free prop trading robot that is packed with a range of useful features and fully customisable settings for you to complete your funded account challenge.

You can choose from all of the popular technical indicators and chart patterns. It has complete money management features and settings specifically designed for prop firm trading challenges including maximum drawdown, profit targets, position sizes, close trades before weekend, trading hours and much more!

That being said, please complete the form below to get your free prop firm robot download. *Please use a real email address as you will be sent the free trading robot download link*

We will also explain to you what a prop trading EA is, how prop firm robots work, the types of prop trading robots, pros and cons of using one and how-to setup your free prop firm EA. We will also cover what you need to look for when choosing a prop trading firm for using a prop trading EA, based on the many years of experience we have in developing and testing thousands of automated trading systems.

Free Prop Firm EA

What is a Prop Firm EA?

A prop firm EA is an automated trading strategy that can be used to pass prop firm challenges in order to qualify for a funded account with a prop trading firm. These companies offer prop traders evaluation programs where they need to achieve certain account objectives within a given timeframe whilst sticking to a set of trading rules. This usually includes profit targets, maximum drawdown and consistency rules.

Aspiring prop traders who do not have the knowledge are time to trade manually have started to look towards prop trading robots to complete the challenges for them. There are more and more prop firm expert advisors being developed specially for passing challenges. The best prop firm EA’s should have features that ensure they can adapt to the different trading conditions of each prop firm.

  • Fully automated trading strategies
  • Requires minimal time and skill
  • Thousands of prop firm EAs to choose from
  • Pass prop challenges automatically
  • Adjust settings according to evaluation objectives and rules
  • Find trading signals that may have been overlooked
  • Trade with consistency and avoid unnecessary human error
  • Trade different financial instruments and chart timeframes at the same time
  • Semi-automated mode sends trading signals for manual trading
  • Lots of input variable to adjust according to your own trading style
  • Run EA backtests and optimizations to find suitable settings
  • Some prop trading firms do not allow automated trading with expert advisors
  • Most prop firm robots run on the MetaTrader platform which not all prop firms support
  • There are no guarantees a prop firm EA will pass a funded challenge
  • Could be susceptible to malfunctioning

Free Prop Firm EA

Choosing a Proprietary Trading Robot

When it comes to choosing a prop trading robot, the first thing is to check that the prop firm allows EA trading and the use of automated strategies. Whilst the majority of them do allow expert advisors (EAs) in the MetaTrader 4/5 platforms, some state clearly in their terms that trading robots are not allowed.

Even if the prop firm does allow EAs, you should check if there are any restrictions on the type of automated strategies that you can use. Sometimes you might be able to use your own prop robot but not a commercial trading robot. Don’t worry if that is the case, our free prop firm EA settings can be customised to your own individual preferences which means that it shouldn’t cause any problems.

If it has been established that you can use expert advisors with your prop firm, that’s great! Now you need to identify certain features and functionalities to make sure you are choosing a good prop trading robot. You will want a prop firm EA that can close positions if you are close to breaching the drawdown or loss limits. You might even want it to close all trades once a specific target has been met and the prop challenge passed.

Check what the requirements of your funded account is, as this will enable you to decide what features your choice of prop trading robot needs. For instance, some prop firms might have position size limits, require trades closed before the weekend and not allow hedging or news trading. You want to be able to adjust the settings to ensure that you pass a prop challenge using an EA without breaking the rules.

Some of the key prop firm robot features to look out for include:

  • Close all positions and terminate EA if maximum drawdown is approaching
  • Close all positions and terminate EA if maximum loss is approaching
  • Close all positions and terminate EA if profit target is reached
  • Avoid trading around major news releases
  • Option to enable or disable hedging
  • Does it use martingale or grid trading strategies?
  • Ability to choose your position size as risk % or fixed lots
  • Close all positions at certain time
  • Close all positions before the weekend
  • Minimum trade time to avoid high-frequency trading (HFT)

Free Prop Firm EA

Prop Firm Robot Strategies

Prop firm robots use a variety of trading strategies, which is ideal since you may pick one that complements your personal trading approach. There is a prop trading bot for everyone, whether you are a scalper seeking for lots of activity or a long-term investor. Also, you have access to change every input setting on our free prop firm robot so that you can modify it to suit your requirements. The following are some of the common prop trading EA strategies you will encounter:

Scalping Prop Firm EA

This kind of prop firm robot will attempt to profit from small changes in price action. Scalping prop robots are preferred by day traders who enjoy a lot of action since they may trade frequently. In short term chart periods like the 1-minute and 5-minute charts, they typically enter and exit the market within minutes. This does imply that customers need a trading broker with favourable scalping terms, such as minimal spreads and commission costs, as well as quick trade execution times. Otherwise, you’ll find that scalping robots don’t always work that well because these things really affect the outcomes. I think automated scalping methods work best with ECN brokers like IC Markets. They can offer improved pricing and execution thanks to the abundance of liquidity they have access to from a wide range of liquidity providers. Just make sure that your proprietary trading firm allows scalping if you are considering a scalping robot.

Trend Trading Prop Firm EA

A trend trading robot can be something you want to think about if you like to stay in the market for days, weeks, or even months. When these prop bots believe a long-term trend may be developing, they will search for the best opening to enter the market. In the event that the robot is incorrect, it ought to try to close the situation as soon as possible. The bot can keep its position and get the most from a large trend if it successfully joins the market at the beginning of the movement. Hence, trend robots have the potential to generate greater profits than short-term trading bots, but they often trade less frequently. Naturally, a trend robot using the 5-minute charts is more likely to discover trading signals than one using the daily chart timeframe. You should check the maximum trading days your prop firm allows to make sure the trend trading robot would be suitable.

Range Trading Prop Firm EA

Prop firm robots that trade in ranges attempt to predict market tops and bottoms. When they believe the market is overbought, they will go short (sell), and when they believe the market is oversold, they will go long (buy). These robots function best, as their names implies, when the market is range-bound, which is frequently during periods of low volume and volatility. They seem more appropriate, in my opinion, during slow market periods like those that follow the US market close and precede the Asian trading session. The idea of “buy cheap, sell high” is pretty well known, and that is essentially what range prop trading robots are made to achieve. The robot should, however, have a stop loss in place to close a trade and wait for the next opportunity if the market does not reverse.

News Trading Prop Firm EA

A prop news trading robot is a professional advisor that keeps track of news reports, political trends, and economic developments that might have an impact on trading conditions and market price movement. These prop firm robots are frequently used to manage risk on assets like forex, equities, and commodities that are significantly influenced by the news. The primary issue I have with news trading robots is that they frequently trade when the trading conditions offered by the broker are not favourable. This is because market volatility can cause spreads and slippage to be significantly greater than typical before, during, and after a large news release. This implies that the bot might be unable to complete trades at the preferred prices, which might significantly affect the outcome. Nonetheless, many trading robots come equipped with news filters that can be activated to prevent trading around the news for these reasons. You should make sure that your prop trading firm allows news trading if you are considering this type of proprietary trading robot to pass your evaluations.

Grid Trading Prop Firm EA

The prop firm grid trading bot is an additional form of trading robot that you will frequently encounter. Grid trading is the process of placing orders above and below a predetermined price, resulting in a grid of orders at progressively higher and lower values. The idea behind a trend-based grid trading technique is that if the market price goes continuously in one direction, your position to profit from it expands. The grid activates more purchase orders when the price rises, increasing your position. If the price moves in this direction, your position will increase and become more profitable. In order to try and offset any possible losses, the grid robot can begin opening positions in the opposite direction if the market flips around. As a result, there may be a large number of trades that are open in both directions and with various position sizes. As you may guess, if you don’t keep an eye on the trade activity, things can get out of hand pretty rapidly. I personally try to stay away from grid robots because I have seen them frequently cause margin calls and account blow-ups. I would much prefer employ a trading robot with a sound money management system in addition to a decent trading strategy. Many prop trading firms do not allow grid trading which is another reason to avoid prop grid robots.

Hedging Prop Firm EA

Since they also place trades in the opposite way to attempt and profit from the market movement in either direction, these kinds of prop trading EAs are comparable to grid trading tactics. This implies that they can be profitable in a variety of market scenarios, but it also implies that you could end up with significant losses if the market continues to move against your holdings. I’ve seen hedging robots open new trades in an effort to offset losses, but more often than not, they are unable to do so and suffer huge drawdowns. Because of this, I still think it would be better to employ a prop firm robot that has rational entry and exit criteria rather than trying to time the market. I do recognise, though, that some traders are willing to accept the greater risk in exchange for potential rewards. Since every trader is unique, it’s critical to comprehend the trading technique that a robot is employing and determine whether it’s appropriate for you. Again, many prop firms do not allow hedging, so make sure you check before considering a prop firm EA that requires hedging.

Free Prop Firm EA

Types of Prop Trading Robots

We’ve talked about some of the various proprietary trading robots available, but it’s also important to think about the markets you want to trade. There are trading robots created to trade a range of financial products and markets, such as the following:

Forex Prop Firm Robots

The most well-known types of prop trading EAs are probably forex robots. You can choose from literally thousands of paid and free forex robots. They can trade forex currency pairs, including minor, major, and exotic crosses, and they have a variety of built-in forex trading methods. They will perform all of the laborious tasks for you if you simply attach them to your forex charts on your trading platform. The Forex Flex EA is one my top picks for prop trading with a forex EA. This forex robot has been in development for a long time, and you can confirm its performance by looking at verifiable accounts. Of course, it’s important to remember that past performance is by no means a predictor of future outcomes because anything can happen in trading.

Stock Prop Firm Robots

If you enjoy trading stocks, you might wish to search for a stock trading robot. Compared to forex robots, these are harder to come by, therefore your options will be more constrained. When a stock robot predicts that the price of a firm or a basket of companies will increase, it will look to buy that position. On the other hand, if the algorithm believes that the price may decline, they will attempt to take a sell position. The position should then be managed by the stock trading prop EA, which should then look to exit the market at the ideal time. It is important to note that you are free to utilise our free prop firm robot with any market and asset class that you choose. It is extremely adaptable and completely customizable to meet your needs.

Crypto Prop Firm Robots

As interest in the cryptocurrency markets from all kinds of traders and investors continues to grow, crypto robots are becoming more and more accessible. Crypto trading robots for prop firms aim to profit from the market’s turbulence, which allows them to trade frequently because there is typically enough market movement. Personally, I would stick to well-known cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), mainly because I believe they are the most secure in the long run. Considering any cryptocurrency robot should be done so with extreme caution, simply because the market is so unstable. Even if earnings can be substantial, losses can also be very severe. So, I would prefer to utilise a cryptocurrency bot with prudent money management that can be modified to suit my personal risk preferences. If you are planning on using a crypto prop firm EA, you should check to make sure your proprietary trading firm actually support cryptocurrency trading as not all do.

MetaTrader Prop Firm Robots

With the MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms, there are plenty of trading robots that can be used for prop trading available, both paid and unpaid. You can buy and sell financial products using these most well-liked CFD trading platforms without having to possess the underlying asset. As a result, they are regarded by many as the greatest trading platforms for deploying expert advisors (EA), or automated trading systems, within MetaTrader.

There are many of options when looking for a place to host your prop trading robot because most trading companies offer one or both of the MetaTrader platforms. IC Markets is my top broker for prop trading robots. This is due to their small spreads, inexpensive commissions, and rapid trade execution rates. They also offer exceptional customer service and a variety of handy payment options. However, you will probably be required to use a partner broker of your chosen prop firm which is also fine. Just make sure they are regulated and have good trading conditions.

MetaTrader is an excellent place to begin if you’re searching for a free prop firm robot. By completing the form on this page, you can download our free prop firm EA, which works on the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform. As an alternative, you can discover tens of thousands of no-cost trading robots in the MQL market, which is conveniently accessible from within the MetaTrader platform. While some of the robots are free forever, others provide a free trial that might be a useful method to try out the bot before committing.

Free Prop Firm EA

Should I Use Prop Trading Robots?

This largely relies on your present circumstances. Automated trading systems can be a terrific alternative if you lack the time or expertise necessary to trade manually. They give everybody, regardless of skill level or investment size, access to trade the markets online. You only need access to a trading platform, which is typically offered free of charge, and a demo or live account with an online broker. If you want to learn and create your own trading strategy at the same time, you may even trade manually in addition to your chosen trading robot.

Free Prop Firm EA

Free Prop Firm EA Setup

By filling out the form on this page, you can instantly obtain our free prop firm trading robot download, which comes with step-by-step instructions and a fully functional prop firm EA. We believe this is by far one of the best free prop trading robots available. It will do all the legwork for you if you simply attach it to the charts you want it to trade. When there may be a trading opportunity for you to examine, it can give you alerts. With step-by-step instructions that guide you through the setup procedure, it goes somewhat like this:

  1. Download the free prop trading EA
  2. Get the MetaTrader platform from a broker
  3. Load the robot onto your charts in the platform
  4. Choose your desired settings
  5. Get automated trading signals!

Free Prop Firm EA

Free Prop Firm EA Settings

All of the most popular technical indicators and candlestick patterns are included in the free prop EA for MetaTrader which supports in-depth automatic market analysis and trading signals. Depending on whether you wish to use a certain setting, you can set it to true or false. You can develop as many distinctive automated trading systems as you like because there are so many potential outcomes. Also, there are no restrictions on how long you may use the prop robot for free! Our free prop firm robot has a number of programmable characteristics, such as:

  • Signal Alerts
  • Days Filter
  • Time Filter
  • EA Name
  • Magic Numbers
  • Max Spread
  • Max Slippage
  • Open Orders Limit
  • Lot Size
  • Risk Percent
  • Stop Loss
  • Take Profit
  • Enable/Disable Hedging
  • Equity Check
  • Close At Time
  • Close Before Weekend
  • Break Even
  • Trailing Stop
  • Multiple Technical Indicators
  • Multiple Candlestick Patterns

Free Prop Firm EA

Final Thoughts

A prop trading robot employs an algorithm that is already built into it to analyse the financial markets and place trades on your behalf. You can set them to send you alerts if you still want to have some control over your trading, and they can also set take profit and stop loss settings.

Prop trading expert advisors can be a good way for anyone to trade different markets on the internet without having to invest countless hours in chart analysis and years of study. It is crucial to know what to look for when selecting the best prop trading robot for you because they all have different settings and techniques.

There are numerous options available when it comes to prop firm robots, but this may also be daunting, especially for novices. In order to become comfortable with prop firm robots and how they operate without assuming any risk, our free prop firm EA might be a good place for you to start on a demo account.

Just remember, whatever prop trading EA you choose, you should check to make sure your proprietary firm allows automated trading with expert advisors and if there are any specific restrictions that you need to be aware of. Otherwise, you could end up failing the prop challenge and not getting a funded account.

Please feel free to browse our guides on the best prop firm EA and best FTMO EA if you need more inspiration or to learn more about your other possibilities.

Prop Trading Firms

Prop Trading Firms

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