Free Funded Trader Program

If you are a skilled trader with a winning strategy, but do not have the capital to really fulfil your potential, then a free funded trader program could be a solution. In this guide, we will take a look at what they are and how you can get started, along with some prop firms with free funded trader programs.
Free Funded Trader Program

Free Funded Trader Program

What Are Funded Trader Programs?

A funded trader programme provides traders with a sizable amount of capital so they can use adequate leverage to benefit from their trades. After this is accomplished, the proceeds are divided equally between the proprietary firm and you.

Every day, many people want to learn more about this subject, and success in the sector requires not only having a solid understanding of the fundamentals of trading but also managing your money effectively utilising sophisticated tools and platforms.

Many people are making money, learning trading techniques from a variety of online resources, but many still lack the means to generate significant returns. This is the rationale behind funded trader programmes. If you are a talented trader with a successful strategy but do not have the capital to get started, you might consider a free funded trader program.

Free Funded Trader Program

What Is A Free Funded Trader Program?

A free funded trader program is basically a chance to show a proprietary trading firm that you have what it takes to manage their capital without needing to pay anything upfront. The vast majority of prop firms will have a variety of paid trading programs with various objectives that you need to meet in order to qualify for a funded account.

The problem is that some aspiring prop traders may have lots of market knowledge and be able to produce consistent results, but they do not always have the capital to invest in their own account or pay for a trader program with a prop firm. A free trader program gives them the same opportunity as those with deeper pockets and can be a win-win situation for both the trader and prop firm that invests in them.

Free Funded Trader Program

What Are Funded Trader Competitions?

Another way to get access to a free funded trader program is by taking part in a prop firm competition. The Funded Trader competitions are a free opportunity for everyone to participate in a trading challenge and be one of the winners who earn prizes. These prizes can often include your choice of a free trader program and even a funded account.

Free Funded Trader Program

How to Get A Free Funded Trader Program?

If you want to take part in a free funding program then the first thing to do is find a prop trading firm that offers them. To be honest, they are quite rare because it takes the prop firm time and money to get traders setup. If they gave everyone a free funded program then this could end up being more hassle than it is worth. They only want to find the best and most serious traders, who should be committed enough to pay the upfront fees for a funded account.

One of the easiest ways to get a free funded trader program is by opting for a prop firm that has a refundable fee. Whilst this does mean that you have to pay an upfront fee, you will get the money back should you pass the challenge. Granted, you might fail and be out of pocket, but the best prop trading firms should let you retake the challenge as many times as you need to pass.

Once you have identified a suitable prop firm, you can the apply to them by completing a form. This will require filling out your personal information and some prop firms might require you to show evidence of your trading history. After the verification process is complete, you should receive your account details and will be ready to start participating in the funded trader program.

Free Funded Trader Program

Prop Firms with Free Funded Trader Programs

Best seller 1 FTMO Review

FTMO Review

FTMO is an award-winning prop trading firm where you can take part in challenges to qualify to trade the company’s capital and receive up to $2 million in funds and keep 90% of profits. The company provide you with support along the way and will even cover the losses.
Best price 2 The Funded Trader Review

The Funded Trader Review

The Funded Trader is a popular prop trading firm where aspiring traders can potentially unlock up to $600k accounts to become professional traders and earn a 90% share of the profits.
3 E8 Funding Review

E8 Funding Review

E8 Funding give you the funds and take the risk for you to trade. They have a simple 2-phase evaluation process which gives you access to manage up to $1,000,000 in trading funds and an 80% profit share once complete.
4 Audacity Capital Review

Audacity Capital Review

Audacity Capital is an established prop trading firm and trading education provider. They offer top class trading courses and instant access to institutional funding for you to trade on accounts up to $500,000 and share 75% of the profits.

Free Funded Trader Program

Comparison Table of Free Funded Trader Program Prop Firms

Free Funded Trader Program

Final Thoughts

If you are frustrated because you are lacking funds but know that you have a consistent trading strategy and feel confident in your trading ability, then a free funded trader program could be the optimal solution for you. It requires no risk on your part with the only caveat being it can be quite hard to find a suitable prop firm that is willing to take the risk and fund a trader without charging them.

That being said, there are instant funding prop firms that are happy to take on successful traders with a proven track record that can be verified. If you are not quite at that stage, then you could always look for a prop firm that offers a refundable fee when you pass their challenge. Alternatively, there are prop firms with a free trial which may just give you enough time to show them that you are worth investing in.

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