ForexPropFirm.Com Review

With ForexPropFirm.Com you can get funded up to $10,000,000 and keep between 90% to 100% of the profits whilst they cover the losses.

ForexPropFirm.Com Review


ForexPropFirm.Com provide funded accounts which can be scaled up to $10,000,000 with a generous profit share that goes all the way up to 90%-100% if you pass the evaluation phase. They have very flexible conditions with little restrictions on your trading strategies. There is a vast range of over 1,000+ trading instruments to trade with tight spreads and low commission fees. The prop firm will even cover any losses so you can trade without any financial risk yourself. They are one of the only prop trading firms to offer a 5% profit share from the start to reward successful traders for their trading knowledge and skills.

ForexPropFirm.Com Website
ForexPropFirm.Com Website


ForexPropFirm.Com are looking for seasoned traders that can forecast the direction of the market. You will be given the opportunity to join the team if you can successfully showcase your trading talent through one of the prop firm programs. You will trade in live accounts using real money on the live market once you have successfully completed the evaluation phases. This implies that you will be able to withdraw your money whenever you are successful. You won’t merely be using a real demo account, unlike some of their rivals. The unique support programme, which is created to develop your talent, will enable you to reach your full potential while receiving VIP treatment.

The prop firms’ initiatives are made to be simple, open, and equitable. They have straightforward rules that don’t try to catch you out. They don’t charge monthly fees since they think that forcing consumers to trade by putting time constraints leads to unwise judgements. An experienced trader will be able to complete the trades quite rapidly. You could require a little more time if you have less experience. Contrary to many other companies on the market, they truly desire top-notch traders to access money with them.

  • Have simple and fair rules
  • Enable you to scale up to $10,000,000
  • Let you withdraw profits bi-monthly
  • Very good trading conditions
  • Great choice of financial instruments
  • Range of different programs to choose from
  • Not too restrictive on your trading strategies
  • Earn 5% profit from the beginning
  • High profit share from 90-100%
  • Partner with reputable Eightcap broker
  • Choice of top trading platforms
  • Expert advisors (EAs), news trading, scalping and weekend holding allowed
  • Quite tough overall drawdown limits
  • Maximum 1:10 leverage on a funded account
  • Maximum risk per asset applies
  • No free trials
  • Non-refundable fee

ForexPropFirm.Com Review


ForexPropFirm.Com (FPF) want to make trading comfortable for all of their traders. That’s why they have come up with two different models. In both models, you will be rewarded for your success with a 5% profit even from the assessment phase. They recommend that you go through both models and choose the one that best fits your trading style.

Offering programmes made to fit all sorts of traders is something that ForexPropFirm.Com is committed to doing. Additionally, unlike many of their competitors, they truly want traders to succeed and continue working with them over the long run, so they build every one of their programmes to reduce the likelihood of traders unintentionally breaking a guideline.

1 Step Model Evaluation Process

In this strategy, you want to achieve a 10% profit target with no time restriction. When you reach your goal, you will start trading on an account financed by the ForexPropFirm.Com with a 90% profit share. Depending on how well you do, the profit share rate might be raised all the way to 100%.

1-Step Model Phase 1

The 1-Step Challenge Phase 1 is the first stage of the evaluation process. To succeed in this stage, you must adhere to your trading strategy and effectively manage your risk. You will obtain your Funded Account and be able to continue your trip once you have completed the trading objectives and demonstrated your abilities.

Certified Funded Trader

Congratulations! If you make it to this stage then you are joining the proprietary trading firm as a trader. Get up to 100% of your profits by trading sensibly and consistently. If your ForexPropFirm.Com account continuously generates profits, they can grow your account up to $10,000,000 in accordance with the scalability plan.

FPF 1 Step Challenge
FPF 1 Step Challenge

2 Step Model Evaluation Process

With two phases and quite attainable profit targets, your objective in this model will be to demonstrate your trading prowess. When you reach your goals, you will start trading on a funded account with ForexPropFirm.Com and receive a 90% profit share. Depending on how well you perform, the profit split rate could be raised all the way to 100%.

2-Step Model Phase 1

The 2-Step Challenge Phase 1 is the first stage of the evaluation process. To succeed in this stage, you must adhere to your trading strategy and effectively manage your risk. You will acquire your Phase 2 account and continue your trading journey after completing the trading objectives and demonstrating your abilities.

2-Step Model Phase 2

The 2-Step Challenge Phase 2 is the verification stage, during which you will carry out your trading strategy and demonstrate your expertise in a more relaxed setting with a lower profit target than in Phase 1. Once you pass Phase 2, your results will be verified and you will move forward to becoming a Funded Trader.

Certified Funded Trader

Congratulations! You are joining the ForexPropFirm.Com as a trader. Get up to 100% of your profits by trading sensibly and consistently. If your funded account continuously generates profits, they can scale your account up to $10,000,000 in accordance with the scalability plan.

FPF 2 Step Challenge
FPF 2 Step Challenge

Instant Funding

ForexPropFirm.Com do have the option of an instant funded account with no evaluation needed if you can already prove that you have a winning trading strategy. The starting capital ranges from $10,000 to $200,000 without any profit targets but a quite low overall drawdown of 5%. However, there is no daily drawdown restriction and a minimum of just 5 trading days required. The instant funding account profit share is also between 90-100% with a scaling plan that goes up to $10,000,000.

FPF Instant Funding
FPF Instant Funding

ForexPropFirm.Com Review


Trading Strategies

You can trade your own trading strategies without the same restrictions and limits that you find with some other proprietary firms. ForexPropFirm allow automated trading with expert advisors (EAs), trading signals, news trading and weekend holding. There are also no daily drawdowns and consistency rules which is another huge advantage they have over competitors.


Once you have received funding, you are free to request unlimited withdrawals at any time. Payout requests may be made quickly and simply from your trader dashboard without needing to contact them or halt trading on the 1st and 16th of the month.

All traders have a default payout ratio of 90:10 for the trader. If you satisfy the requirements of the scaling plan, not only do they raise the balance in your funded account to $10,000,000, but they also automatically boost your payout ratio to an impressive 100:0!

There is no upper limit on relative drawdown, and you are not required to halt trading or wait for a payout. As soon as you get funding, the payout can begin to be processed. They offer a variety of payment options including PayPal, BTC, Wise, Wire Transfer.


There is a scaling strategy that is easy, clear, and gives aspiring traders the chance to manage up to $10,000,000. So that you never need to spend your own money, they finance everything and take care of the losses. You just need to prove to them that you are a skilled trader by making profits with their funds.

  • Starting minimum – $25,000
  • Step 1 – $50,000
  • Step 2 – $100,000
  • Step 3 – $200,000
  • Step 4 – $400,000
  • Step 5 – $800,000 (only 2% require at this level)
  • Step 6 – $1,000,000
  • Step 7 – $2,000,000
  • Step 8 – $4,000,000
  • Step 9 – $10,000,000
  • Step 10 – $XX,000,000

For every 10% increase in revenue, you are qualified to reinvest 100% of that revenue in the scaling plan and advance to the following level.

Profit Share

ForexPropFirm.Com are one of the only prop firms that gives 90%-100% profit split to its traders and they do it from day 1. Show them that you are an excellent trader and that you can succeed in their challenges, and they will offer you real money that you may withdraw whenever you want without any limitations. Another prop firm with a high profit share is Finotive Funding who offer 95%.

ForexPropFirm.Com Review



The prop firm carry out every deal on the Experienced and Advanced Trader programmes via EightCap. They are a highly regarded broker who have some of the most affordable spreads on the market, allowing you to trade the most popular forex pairs with low spreads alongside reliable execution speeds. EightCap are also regulated and have a great range of trading products and services for traders of all different experience levels with different trading styles. Other prop firms that use Eigthcap include Leveled Up Society and Funded Trading Plus.



ForexPropFirm.Com has a fantastic choice of trading platforms including MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5 and TradingView. These are some of the best trading platforms in the industry with powerful charting packages that enable you to conduct in-depth market analysis using thousands of technical indicators. You can customise the interfaces according to your own preferences and build trading strategies as simple or complex as you need them to be. You can also get both MT4/MT5 platforms through some other prop firms including True Forex Funds.

MetaTrader Platforms
MetaTrader Platforms


ForexPropFirm.Com have with a wide range of financial instruments for you to trade with 1000+ across various asset classes including Forex, Stocks, Indices, Commodities and Cryptos. There is a great selection of major, minor and exotic currency pairs with very low commission fees and super-raw spreads.


You can take part in demo trading competitions with this prop firm via Eightcap. They are frequently running competitions where you can put your skills to the test against other traders and win prizes.

Maximum capital$10,000,000
Profit split90-100%
News tradingYes
Weekend tradingYes
Automated tradingYes
Free trialNo
Maximum leverage1:10
ForexPropFirm.Com Features

ForexPropFirm.Com Review


Overall, there is a lot to like about ForexPropFirm.Com if you are in the market for a prop trading firm. They provide simple evaluations with achievable targets and lenient trading conditions. Pass the evaluation phase and you can get an account funded all the way up to $10,000,000 with scaling. The profit share of 90-100% is very generous and the highest in the industry. You can trade thousands of instruments on the popular MetaTrader platforms and use the excellent TradingView charting software for your market analysis.

They could improve by adding some educational content but you can always practice on a demo account with their partner broker EightCap before taking part in any paid challenge. They don’t have any free trials but are usually running a promotion where you can get a discount of any of the packages. Leverage on a funded account is capped at 1:10. If you require more, then FTMO and Blue Guardian Capital provide 1:100. The trader feedback seems to be overwhelmingly positive at the moment. Putting it all together, they are a forex prop firm that is certainly worth consideration.

8.5Expert Score
ForexPropFirm.Com Rating

With ForexPropFirm.Com you can get funded up to $10,000,000 and keep between 90% to 100% of the profits whilst they cover the losses.


ForexPropFirm.Com Review


How does withdrawal work after passing the 2 challenges?

You are granted a funded account once you complete the two-step task. You no longer have a target or maximum time, which is the only thing that has altered at this point.

You can trade and request a withdrawal at any moment. Withdrawals are completed quickly to your preferred payment method and can be requested directly from your client dashboard in just a few seconds (PayPal, Bitcoin, WISE, etc).

How many times can a client ask for a withdrawal in a month?

Unlimited (Minimum : 5%+ should be made)

How will it work after passing the 2 Step Challenge?

A “Funded Account” is how you receive funding. This indicates that you are qualified for withdrawal. The maximum drawdown is now 5%, but the rules remain same. Every profit you generate qualifies for a 90% profit share, which you can increase to 100% by adhering to the scaling strategy.

How many challenge accounts am I allowed at one time?

They don’t currently have a cap. As long as you are attempting to “game” the system, there shouldn’t be a problem. However, if they observe misuse or hedging between many accounts you have, they may opt to adjust this in the future.

Can you explain the 1.5% max risk per asset rule?

The total level of risk that you are permitted to have on all open positions (running positions) for a particular pair or asset is 1.5%. Based on the initial balance, there is a 1.5% risk. Keep in mind that the risk you are taking on trades in accordance with the SL is just as important as the drawdown.

How can I check the live spreads?

You can find the spread on the website because they collaborate with the broker EightCap (they are very competitive).

Is scalping allowed?

Yes, you can use scalping strategies with any models

Is hedging allowed?

Hedging is acceptable. However, using numerous accounts for hedging is not permitted because it does not represent an appropriate trading strategy. For instance, you are not permitted to arrange hedged entries between two accounts.

Does the Trading period of 35 days include the weekend or is it just the trading days?

It is not trading days but calendar days.

When do they start counting the 35 days?

After you place your first trade.

Once the 2 steps of the challenge are done, are the payments weekly?

Bi-Monthly Payouts: After funding your account or acquiring an Instant Funding/Live account, you are qualified to request a withdrawal whenever your account balance reaches 5%. Additionally, payouts are handled on the first and sixteenth of every month.

What withdrawal methods do they have?

The two primary ones are Paypal & Crypto. To serve traders, they can also accept alternative payment methods.

After someone passes the evaluations, can they merge the funded accounts?

You may add as many Instant Funding Accounts to your Funded Account as you like.

What financial instruments can I trade?

You can trade Forex, Commodities, Indices, Crypto, Stocks

What is the Leverage on the Funded Account?

You can trade with a maximum of 1:10 leverage.

Are there lot size restrictions?

There are no constraints on lot size, and the maximum number of lots you can open will depend on the number of trades you make, how you manage your risk, and how much free margin you have available.

Do I need to use a stop loss?

Yes, it is one of the prop firms trading regulations that you have a stop loss in place for every trade that you make.
ForexPropFirm.Com Review
ForexPropFirm.Com Review
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