Fidelcrest Review

Prop trading firm Fidelcrest has great training programmes and offers funded accounts up to $2,000,000 with scaling and a 90% profit share. The company also has a rigorous validation process to qualify aspiring investors.

Fidelcrest Review


Fidelcrest is a prop trading firm that was established in 2018. They have more than 6,000 traders speculating on the markets from more than 170 nations. You must finish their challenge and pay a one-time charge to get started. You could manage up to $400,000 and keep up to 80% of profits if you pass the company’s maiden trading challenge.

With a variety of account sizes to accommodate varying levels of experience and investment, Fidelcrest offers serious flexibility. With more than 175 trading instruments, including FX, commodities, shares and cryptocurrencies, you can trade their funds on a number of renowned brokers and platforms.

You must accept their challenge and make a one-time payment in order to begin. If you succeed in the company’s inaugural trading challenge, you’ll be handed control of up to $2,000,000 and offered the option to keep up to 90% of your profits with scaling.

Fidelcrest Website
Fidelcrest Website

The Fidelcrest Group of Companies, which owns Fidelcrest, is registered in Cyprus and has offices there as well. The lowest financing choice starts at just $5,000, which is a very low entry hurdle for newer traders who aren’t yet prepared to manage such significant funds, therefore they also appeal to less experienced traders. Although this company is a little more intricate and difficult to understand than some competitors like SurgeTrader, it is still a great prop firm.

For aspiring forex traders, choosing the Aggressive Accounts with an 80% profit share seems like a no-brainer! To determine whether Fidelcrest is actually as excellent as it sounds, let’s examine the finer points.

  • You can receive up to $400,000 funding
  • Leverage of up to 1:100 available
  • Fidelcrest pays out 80–90% of profits to funded traders
  • Fidelcrest has no minimum trading days for either stage of its evaluation
  • If you pass the second stage of your evaluation, you will receive a bonus payout, up to $30,000
  • Trade forex, stocks, commodities, metals, and crypto
  • Regardless of your experience level, risk preferences, or strategy, you can find the ideal account for you
  • Professional traders can sign up for a Pro Account with a $1 million initial account balance
  • 5% profit target in phase 1 and phase 2 (Micro Trader accounts)
  • Successful traders have the opportunity to double their initial capital with the scaling program
  • MetaTrader 4 platform only
  • Fidelcrest calculates your max loss based on your highest account balance, not on your initial balance
  • Strict trading rules and conditions
  • No educational content provided
  • Phase 2 of the evaluation has tighter trading parameters than the Trading Challenge
  • Almost overwhelming number of account options to choose from
  • Do not have a free trial

Fidelcrest Review


You must successfully complete a two-part evaluation process consisting of the Challenge phase and the Verification phase in order to become a Fidelcrest funded trader. The company offers a wide range of account size options designed to suit traders with various levels of expertise and needs.

You will trade using a demo account and according to predetermined trading rules throughout the evaluation phase of the Fidelcrest trading challenge. Account holders can obtain funds and begin trading a great selection of financial instruments once they have successfully completed the challenge within the necessary trading period.

Fidelcrest Programs
Fidelcrest Programs

Step 1: Challenge

The first step to try to be funded is the challenge phase, to pass it you will have to:

  • Reach earnings targets (of between 5% and 20%, depending on the mode) within no more than 30 days, and no less than 10 days.
  • Accumulate at least 10 trading days for the normal mode, or 5 days for the aggressive mode, where the trading day will be counted as the one in which you have opened at least one trade.
  • Do not violate the daily or maximum loss limits.
  • Close all trades after reaching your profit targets and minimum trading amount.

Step 2: Verification

The verification period includes the same requirements and goals as the previous phase, but you will have up to 60 days to finish it. If you successfully complete this phase, you will also receive between 40% and 50% of the profits.

After that, if you were able to complete the verification phase’s requirements, you will manage a funded live account with a profit share of up to 90%.

It is crucial to note that when you have successfully completed the Challenge stage, you must submit the necessary KYC documents in the Trader area and sign an agreement (digitally) with the company in order to access the Verification exam.

You should also be aware that the verification periods always begin on Mondays and that you will receive the account login information by email at least 4 hours prior to the scheduled start time.

Fidelcrest Signup Commission
Fidelcrest Signup Commission

Micro Trader Account Types

For individuals attempting their first trades on the forex market, there is the Fidelcrest MicroFX+ Prop Trading Program. As an alternative, for novices who want to gauge their level of trading proficiency before diving into the deep end of larger account options.

The main objective of the programme is to impart fundamental knowledge of trading and risk management to fund managers and traders. But it also offers the chance to make actual money after finishing just one phase (min. 5 trading days).

The trader must successfully complete three steps before being accepted into the programme: a trading challenge phase, a funded verification process, and a professional account opening.

By achieving the minimum profit target within 30 calendar days during the first phase, you will have to demonstrate your trading prowess. You will then move on to the funded verification phase if you are successful. You will need to demonstrate your ability to trade with a funded account using a responsible and reliable strategy in order to meet the minimum profit target in less than 30 days. You will join the Fidelcrest team if you succeed in completing this phase.

The two alternatives available to traders are MicroFx+ Normal and Micro Aggressive.

Profit Targets & Share

The terms for the MicroFx+ Normal program include:

  • Profit target: 5% (0% after verification phase)
  • Funding: from $5,000 to $20,000
  • Minimum trading days: 10
  • Maximum loss: 10%
  • Profit share: 70% (40% during evaluation phase)
  • Cost: a one-time fee of between €99 and €199
Fidelcrest Micro Trader Normal Account
Fidelcrest Micro Trader Normal Account

The terms for the Micro Aggressive program include:

  • Profit target: 15% (0% after verification phase)
  • Funding: from $5,000 to $20,000
  • Minimum trading days: 5
  • Maximum loss: 20%
  • Profit share: 80% (40% during evaluation phase)
  • Cost: a one-time fee of between €149 and €349

Additionally, you’ll get your evaluation money reimbursed if you complete the MicroFX Challenge successfully. However, you cannot request a withdrawal because the reimbursement will be placed into your bonus wallet instead. Only fresh Fidelcrest challenge accounts may be bought using it.

Fidelcrest Micro Trader Aggressive Account
Fidelcrest Micro Trader Aggressive Account

ProFx+ Account

The company’s professional-level product is called Fidelcrest ProFX+. The trading programme is intended for seasoned traders with a strong trading strategy and good risk management skills.

ProFx traders simply need to complete the first phase to begin making real money (min 10 trading days). The trader may be eligible for funding of up to $400,000.

The three steps here are the same as those in the Micro FX+ programme: a trading challenge, a funded verification process, and a professional account opening. Again, the conditions are the same, and you will be given funding if you are able to reach your profit goals within the necessary timeframe and without breaking any of the regulations.

ProFx+ is available from Fidelcrest in two variations: ProFx+ Normal and ProFx Aggressive.

Profit Targets & Share

The terms for the ProFx+ Normal program include:

  • Profit target: 10% (0% after verification phase)
  • Initial capital funding: from $50,000 to $400,000
  • Minimum trading days: 10
  • Maximum loss: 10%
  • Profit share: 70% (40% during evaluation phase)
  • Cost: a one-time fee of between €349 and €1,499
Fidelcrest Pro Trader Normal Account
Fidelcrest Pro Trader Normal Account

The terms for the ProFx Aggressive program include:

  • Profit target: 20% (0% after passing the verification stages for each account tier)
  • Initial capital funding: from $50,000 to $200,000
  • Minimum trading days: 10
  • Maximum loss: 20%
  • Profit share: 80% (40% during evaluation phase)
  • Cost: a one-time fee of between €549 and €1,399
Fidelcrest Pro Trader Aggressive Account
Fidelcrest Pro Trader Aggressive Account

Fidelcrest Review


It is important for all Fidelcrest account users to be aware of the company’s trading policies, which are outlined in their Trader Agreement. Any of these rules that are broken will result in account suspension.

You will be granted access to a real money trading account where you will be able to keep up to 90% of your gains if you are able to successfully complete these two phases and meet the targets set for you.

They have simpler trading rules than other proprietary trading firms, with more leeway for aggressive accounts in crucial areas like maximum daily and total losses.

Trading Strategies

Without a doubt, the Fidelcrest offerings are famous for having some of the market’s most accommodating conditions.

For instance, the organisation doesn’t impose any restrictions on the trading tactics you can employ. As long as you can demonstrate consistency and excellent risk management, you can utilise any trading strategies that are successful for you. Even the usage of stop-loss orders is optional (although it is often better if you do).

Swing trading tactics are acceptable in the funded trader programmes, and you are permitted to hold positions overnight, on weekends, or on holidays. The sole condition is that you must close off your holdings before the trading day is over.

Fidelcrest solely prohibits EAs and trading robots as a restriction. The prop firm primarily seeks traders that can buy and sell based on their own analysis rather than automation, which is the cause. However, you may be given an exception if using EAs and trading profits may increase your profitability. You only need to get in touch with the Fidelcrest Customer Support Team.

Additionally, due to risk management guidelines, Fidelcrest prohibits you from copy trading or having a third party trade your account. This is not shocking, though, given the majority of providers of funded trading accounts adhere to this regulation.


The constraints that are frequently imposed by many proprietary trading firms can make it too difficult to access funding programmes. Fidelcrest has a number of limitations and restrictions, but they are all quite straightforward and obvious.

  • Reach the verification stage’s goals within no more than 60 days, and no less than 10, and the challenge test’s profit target within a maximum of 30 days and a minimum of 10 (for Normal mode) or 5 (for Aggressive mode) trading days.
  • Once the minimum profit and trading day goals have been met, close out all open positions.
  • You may only trade with one Challenge account at once.
  • Do not utilise expert advisers or imitate the trades of other Fidelcrest traders without the company’s prior consent.
  • At no point should you ever go beyond the daily or maximum loss restrictions.

Micro Normal and ProTrader Normal accounts:

  • Daily loss allowed is up to 5% of the total
  • Maximum loss allowed is 10% of the total

Micro Aggressive Swing and ProTrader Aggressive Accounts

  • Daily loss allowed is up to 10% of the total
  • Maximum loss allowed is up to 20% of the total amount


The process of withdrawing money from Fidelcrest is simple. Any profits made after each 30-day trading term will be deposited in your Wallet. There is no minimum payment necessary to request a withdrawal, and it will be processed within three business days of your request. There is a €50 cost for transfers to bank accounts outside of the SEPA area, which includes the EU, the UK, and other nations. By purchasing your Challenge account using Bitcoin, you can stay away from this.

Fidelcrest Phase 3 Profit Splits
Fidelcrest Phase 3 Profit Splits


You are eligible to receive up to 80% of any earnings at the conclusion of the 30-day trading term because Fidelcrest does not impose a monthly account fee. You are not required to pay anything if you have a professional account and you lose money. You might use this as an opportunity to enhance your plan for the following trading season. Your account will be closed if your loss exceeds the cap outlined in the regulations.


The scaling plan at Fidelcrest enables its most successful traders to handle up to $1,000,000 or even more in specific circumstances.

First, you must have finished your first trading period on a funded account in order to apply for the scaling plan. Next, you must get in touch with customer service to request and sign an agreement. You will be instantly included in the Fidelcrest scaling plan after you have signed.

As was already noted, the scaling plan enables you to increase your account balance to $1,000,000, but the proprietary firm claims that they may grant an exception if a trader has demonstrated extraordinary profitability and prudent risk management with their professional account after one year.

If you follow the scaling strategy offered by Fidelcrest and hit your profit goals, your account will double every 12 months. This is far quicker than what any other prop provider offers, according to the business.


You have the chance to meet a profit goal within 30 calendar days during the first challenge period. You have an unlimited number of retries, so don’t worry if you are unsuccessful in reaching this goal.

This implies that you will be given a new account to try again as long as you keep a positive balance and haven’t broken any drawdown rules. This enables you to keep moving forward in developing your trading techniques and achieving your profit goal.

You won’t have to stress about missing the chance to accomplish your goal since you have limitless retries, allowing you to take your time to adjust and make any required changes. Therefore, if you run into any difficulties or roadblocks, just get back up and try again with a fresh perspective and a new account.

Fidelcrest Review



Only the MetaTrader 4 platform is available in terms of trading terminals, according to the prop trading firm. In this regard, the prop firm does not provide any further alternatives, but despite this, it will be sufficient to engage in professional trading with substantial position sizes due to the platform’s robustness and trajectory.

MetaTrader 4 Platform (MT4)
MetaTrader 4 Platform (MT4)

On the other hand, Fidelcrest modified its terminal to specifically provide its traders with the finest market trading circumstances, including raw spreads starting at 0 pips and 0 commissions. There are many built-in tools and features on the platform that you may use without paying a penny.


With Fidelcrest you will have over 175 instruments available in various markets such as Forex, Cryptos, Metals, Commodities, and Stocks, all with spreads and commissions designed for proprietary trading.


Fidelcrest offers a maximum leverage of 1:100, which is not the biggest but is also not the lowest. This is very close to other prop businesses like FTMO and E8 Funding. It turns out that with this leverage, your account’s purchasing power will be sufficient to produce earnings of up to three digits and even more if you are a good prop trader.

Maximum capital$2,000,000
Profit splitUp to 90%
News tradingYes
Weekend tradingYes
Automated tradingYes
Free trialNo
Maximum leverage1:100
Fidelcrest Features

Fidelcrest Review


The Fidelcrest prop firm has some of the market’s most flexible terms and one of the biggest profit-sharing programmes. It allows traders the ability to use sophisticated trading strategies and buy and sell any kind of instrument.

The Fidelcrest funded trader accounts’ various tiers make them an excellent option for all different kinds of market participants, including newcomers, experienced traders, risk managers, and more.

With no need to scale, Fidelcrest offers a $1,000,000 starting capital. To increase your account from $1 million to $2 million, however, they estimate that it would take you at least a year. Fidelcrest may be the right prop firm for you if you are a successful trader and want to start with a large amount of funds.

When compared to other funded trading accounts, Fidelcrest has a drawback. You must trade the same instruments with Fidelcrest during all periods. The issue is that you have to utilise a new account for each trading session or phase, according to their account management part in the knowledge base (under how is my account managed). This is tricky, and it is possible that the broker you employed in Phase 1 will not support you in Phase 2. You thus encounter a challenge because the terms and conditions demand that you trade the identical instruments, which you are unable to accomplish.

There are reasons to think Fidelcrest is worth trying, even though its internet image isn’t always immaculate. Users tend to express their unhappiness with the company’s customer assistance troubles and severe validation procedures.

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Fidelcrest Rating

Prop trading firm Fidelcrest has great training programmes and offers funded accounts up to $2,000,000 with scaling and a 90% profit share. The company also has a rigorous validation process to qualify aspiring investors.


Fidelcrest Review


Is Fidelcrest legit?

Despite the difficulty in locating any information about Fidelcrest’s management, the business is legitimate. Fidelcrest Ltd, which has its registered office in Nicosia, Cyprus, is the company that owns and runs it. Since its inception in 2018, Fidelcrest’s operations haven’t caused any significant concern.

How does Fidelcrest work?

The business provides sponsored trader programmes that have three steps, including a trading challenge, a funded verification process, and the opening of a professional account. Make sure to follow the guidelines and instructions at each stage. If you are successful, funding will be provided with a 70% or 80% profit sharing arrangement.

What is the Fidelcrest trading challenge?

You prove your investment prowess in the Fidelcrest Trading Challenge by making a certain amount of money on a practise account. Once accomplished, a financed verification step must be finished. After that, you receive a professional account with the ability to retain up to 80% of revenues.

How do you pass the Fidelcrest trading challenge?

The Fidelcrest Trading Challenge seems very simple, but it’s obviously easier said than done. Your risk management abilities will be put to the test just as much as your trading abilities.

The trading goals and restrictions depend on the account you open, but as an example, let’s use the $50,000 Normal Account. The 10% overall maximum loss regulation or the 5% daily maximum loss rule must not be broken in order to complete the Fidelcrest Trading Challenge.

Unlike the majority of prop businesses, Fidelcrest bases their maximum loss calculations on the highest equity level your account has ever reached. As a result, neither you nor your account can ever fall 5% or 10% below its peak point in a single day. Your account gets closed if you do that. In most cases, you are given a specific trading window in which to reach your profit objective.

For the Normal 50K account, you must increase your balance by 5% over the course of 30 calendar days and execute trades on 10 of those days. The minimum trading day requirement is waived, however, if you choose the Fast Track option with an aggressive account. As a result, you can proceed to the verification stage as soon as your account reaches your profit barrier.

What are the fees on Fidelcrest?

You only need to acquire a Challenge account and successfully complete it in order to prop trade for Fidelcrest. No monthly fees or minimum profits are necessary. Costs for enrollment begin at €99.

Which countries can trade with Fidelcrest?

There are no limitations based on nationality. Fidelcrest has a large list of active traders from many nations because it provides its services globally.

Is Fidelcrest regulated?

Fidelcrest does not need to be regulated because it does not hold or trade any funds. Having said that, every broker they work with should be regulated.

What instruments can I trade with Fidelcrest?

Like some other prop trading firms, Fidelcrest doesn’t only serve currency traders. In the following financial markets: forex, cryptocurrencies, indices, gold and silver, commodities, and shares, they provide more than 175 tradeable assets.

What trading platform does Fidelcrest use?

MT4 is the only platform that Fidelcrest now employs, while there are plans to add more in the future.

What types of accounts does Fidelcrest offer?

Accounts at Fidelcrest can start with as little as $10,000 and go as high as $1 million. On virtually every account size, you can select between Normal and Aggressive accounts. Few real estate companies have as many account alternatives as Fidelcrest.

Does Fidelcrest offer swap-free accounts?

Yes. New swap-free accounts were added when Fidelcrest unveiled its new Trading Solution for the Evaluation stage. For further information, speak with customer support.
Fidelcrest Review
Fidelcrest Review
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