Earn2Trade Review

You can become a professional trader with Earn2Trade when you pass the trading challenge on a $25,000 or $50,000 virtual account. This will earn you the $400,000 funded trading account where you can keep 80% of all profits.

Earn2Trade Review


To make money, proprietary trading companies put their own money into partnerships with specific traders. However, it might be challenging to be approved for a funded trading account, especially for novice traders. Through its instructional resources, Earn2Trade provides an intriguing option. By completing evaluation tests, users can access guaranteed funded accounts. In this review, we go through Earn2Trade’s operational details, including trading guidelines, profit splits, withdrawal costs, and more. This will help you to decide if you want to open an Earn2Trade financed trading account.

Earn2Trade Website
Earn2Trade Website


Earn2Trade was established in 2016 in the United States by traders, educators, and developers who wanted to assist others in obtaining funding. Earn2Trade is a company that helps people learn how to trade as well as a recruitment agency for funded investors.

The business presents a variety of ‘challenges’ that judge investors’ trading prowess and capacity for generating consistent profits over a certain time period. The financed profiles from Earn2Trade are made available by affiliate trading companies.

The company also offers a basic education programme where users may learn about various instruments, general market conditions, risk management techniques, and technical trading.

The National Futures Association (NFA) Series 34 and Series 3 exams were passed by the educational trainers who serve as the prop firms’ professional mentors. They will hold your hand while they instruct you on how to trade successfully in the market.

  • Fast track to becoming a professional trader, shortest completion time is 15 trading days
  • One stage evaluation with simple and transparent rules
  • Choose your own virtual account size ranging from $50,000 to $200,000
  • 80% profit on withdrawals for traders
  • Complimentary 60 day access to Journalytix™ with your account ($78.00 value)
  • Lots of educational material including videos, webinars and ebooks
  • Full access to Earn2Trade’s educational material during your subscription
  • Free NinjaTrader license during your evaluation
  • Often run discount promos
  • One of the longest running prop firms
  • Data fees once funded (fairly normal amongst prop firms)
  • 15 trading days to pass is one of the longest in the industry
  • No forex trading in Gauntlet programs
  • Recurring fees in Gauntlet Mini
  • Some popular platforms, such as MetaTrader 4 or 5, are not supported
  • Cannot hold positions overnight
  • Copy trading is not allowed
  • No free trials

Earn2Trade Review


Several challenges are available on Earn2Trade to evaluate traders’ abilities. Investors who successfully complete the challenges will be given a funded account from one of Earn2Trade’s affiliated firms (Helios Trading Partners and Appius Trading Limited).

These pre-funded accounts are equipped with between $25,000 and $200,000 in purchasing power (depending on the initial challenge taken). The traders receive an 80/20 cut of the profits generated by the financed profiles. This is generous, although some prop firms such as FundedNext offer a profit share of 90%.

Trader Career Path

For those seeking a direct route to a career in futures trading, the Trader Career Path is the ideal option. It begins with a test that gauges one’s trading prowess and promotes self-control and risk management. After passing the test, the trader will sign up with the prop trading company, receive a trading account, and increase that account by achieving predetermined goals and withdrawing their profit.

  • Test your trading prowess with a simulated account worth $25,000 or $50,000
  • Pass the test, secure funding, and join the prop trading firm
  • Trade using the company’s funds, then take your profit
  • Achieve goals and advance in the prop firm
  • Get the trading account with a fixed drawdown that is funded with $400,000

No longer are you restricted to a single account size. You may demonstrate your trading prowess on the Trader Career Path, where you’ll be rewarded when you reach your objectives. Start with a $25,000 or $50,000 account and receive up to $200,000 or $400,000 in funding, based on the starting balance.

The Trader Career Path
The Trader Career Path

Earn2Trade currently provide The Trader Career Path in two different versions. They are known as the TCP25 and the TCP50, respectively, based on their starting account sizes. These crucial elements are present in both of these versions:

  • Traders who pass the evaluation will receive a funding offer with a scaling plan.
  • Active subscribers will receive one free reset after every monthly rebill.

The beginning amount of your virtual evaluation account, the funded trading account sizes in your scaling plan, and the greatest account size you can scale up to are the primary distinctions between them:

  • The TCP25 starts on a $25,000 account, and funded traders can scale up to $50,000, $100,000, and $200,000 by withdrawing their profit.
  • The TCP50 starts on a $50,000 account, and funded traders can scale up to $100,000, $200,000, and $400,000 by withdrawing their profit.

Traders funded by the TCP25 are only permitted to scale up to a maximum of $200,000. Only traders that pass the TCP50 are eligible for the scaling plan’s $400,000 funded trading account.

Account SizePrice/month*ContractsGoalDrawdown
$25K Career Path*$1503-16$3K-$11K$2K-$6K
$50K Career Path*$1906-30$2K-$8.8K
Earn2Trade Evaluations & Pricing

Trader Career Path Rules

Candidates for the Trader Career Path must follow a strict trading strategy that includes the following guidelines. It is crucial to remember that any violation of the guidelines will prevent you from receiving an offer until you reset the programme to start over.

  • Trade at least 15 days
  • Only trade during approved times
  • Follow the progression ladder
  • Do not reach or dip below the daily loss
  • Do not reach or dip below the minimum account balance (EOD Drawdown)
  • Maintain consistency
  • Free Reset When Rebilled

Trader Career Path Scaling Plan

One of the key characteristics of The Trader Career Path is the scaling plan that is part of the funding offer made to successful candidates. Under this plan, when funded traders withdraw enough profit from their funded trading accounts, the proprietary trading firm will increase the funded trader’s account’s capital.

  • Traders funded through the TCP25 can scale up to $200,000.
  • Traders funded through the TCP50 can scale up to $400,000.

TCP25 Scaling Plan

When you reach your goal in the TCP25, you upgrade to a $50,000 account and withdraw your profit. This goes on up to the $200,000 account; when you hit your profit target there, you’ll get a special incentive. Candidates who start on the TCP25 will only be able to scale up to $200,000 by upgrading their Live accounts.

Earn2Trade TCP25 Scaling Plan
Earn2Trade TCP25 Scaling Plan

TCP50 Scaling Plan

When you reach your goal in the TCP50, you upgrade to a $100,000 account and withdraw your profit. This continues up to the $400,000 account; once you hit your profit target there, you’ll receive a special incentive. The $400,000 account can only be acquired by starting with the TCP50, passing the test, and upgrading your Live accounts ($50,000, $100,000, and $200,000) and reaching the profit target at each step.

Earn2Trade TCP50 Scaling Plan
Earn2Trade TCP50 Scaling Plan

Trader Career Path Withdrawals

Previously, a withdrawal would cause the current account balance to be almost at the required minimum balance. Traders had little freedom to manoeuvre as a result following the initial withdrawal. Not on the trader career path.

A trader will be upgraded to a new, larger account size with sufficient drawdown capacity to work with once they have withdrawn the full profit target.

After reaching the profit goal for each level, you can withdraw 80% of your profits after you are financed. You can withdraw any amount over $100 without waiting to reach the complete profit target. The withdrawals include a $10 fee per withdrawal or payment, although the proprietary trading firm will fully eliminate this fee for transactions over $500.

The Gauntlet Mini

The Gauntlet Mini is an intraday futures trading exam that, if passed, will result in trader funding from their proprietary trading business partner. By connecting skilled futures traders with a proprietary trading firm, they hope to give those who lack funds the chance to pursue careers as professional traders.

When you have traded for at least 15 days and attained the profit target determined by the size of your account, The Gauntlet Mini will evaluate your trading performance using a set of rules that you must abide by. The Gauntlet Mini is a paid subscription service, and the test is valid until you reach your goal without violating the rules, or until you decide to cancel or modify your subscription.

  • Receive funding after only 15 days of trading
  • Test your intraday trading abilities by registering
  • Includes the crash course for beginners
  • Using journalytix for advanced journaling
  • Follow a strict risk management protocol
  • Pass and receive funding from a proprietary trading firm

You can only make so much money on a personal trading account before you have to deposit a large sum of money with your futures broker. You can overcome this difficulty with the aid of The Gauntlet Mini, the trader funding programme, which gives competent traders access to funds in exchange for a share of the profits they make from it.

Select one of the following account types to test on a simulated account and, if successful, be eligible for financing based on the initial size of your evaluation account.

Gauntlet Mini Account Types
Gauntlet Mini Account Types

The Gauntlet Mini Rules

Candidates for the Gauntlet Mini must follow a strict trading strategy that includes the following guidelines. It is crucial to remember that any violation of the guidelines will prevent you from receiving an offer until you reset the programme to start over.

  • Only trade during approved times
  • Follow the progression ladder
  • Do not reach or dip below the daily loss
  • Do not reach or dip below the minimum account balance
  • (EOD Drawdown)

As soon as they accomplish three straightforward objectives on a practise trading account without violating any rules, participants in the Gauntlet Mini will automatically receive an offer for their own paid trading account.

  • Reach the profit target
  • Trade a minimum of 15 days
  • Maintain consistency

EOD Drawdown

The minimal account balance you must have to pass the review is based on your drawdown. When the market closes at the end of the trading day, an End of Day Drawdown simply modifies your minimum account balance. Knowing how high you should keep your account balance to abide by the restrictions is made simpler with this form of drawdown. The maximum drawdown for The Gauntlet Mini depends on the Account Type you’re subscribed to. See the table below for details.

Gauntlet Mini Drawdown
Gauntlet Mini Drawdown

Professional Trader

You need to succeed in one of Earn2Trade’s evaluation challenges in order to receive a funded trading account. Your ability to obey a set of rules when trading will be put to the test in each task, some of which are stricter than others. You can open a funded trading account in as short as 15 days with the Gauntlet Mini and Trader Career Path. In saying that, there are other prop firms such as TickTickTrader who have no minimum days to pass.

  • Finish the evaluations to receive funding from a proprietary trading company.
  • Embark on a profession in trading and relish your freedom.
  • Take charge of your schedule and be your own boss.
  • Join a prestigious community.

One of the Earn2Trade proprietary trading partners will make a guaranteed financing offer to a candidate if they successfully finish The Trader Career Path. If a trader passes both the TCP25 and TCP50 on a similar-sized account, they are eligible for the offer. Traders have the option of funding either a Live or LiveSim account. The offer also has a scaling plan, which allows traders to take their profits in exchange for extra funds from the company.

There are two types of funded trading accounts available:

  • LiveSim Accounts
  • Live Accounts

LiveSim Accounts

LiveSim is only accessible after you earn $5,000 (without the 20% profit split) in total. You will then transition to a live account. LiveSim accounts are paper trading accounts. They perform similarly to Live accounts in terms of how the trader sees it, including the ability to withdraw gains, but with a few extra advantages:

  • Setup is quicker with LiveSim. Within two business days of approving the funding agreement, traders can begin trading them.
  • Market data for the first exchange is provided without charge to LiveSim traders. Second and subsequent exchanges will still require the trader to pay out of pocket.
  • The drawdown calculation for LiveSim accounts is the same as for your Gauntlet Mini attempt.

Live Accounts

After choosing to begin trading on a Live account, traders are unable to switch back to a LiveSim account.

  • Live accounts involve completing papers with a broker, which prolongs the setup process.
  • On Live accounts, there are monthly data fees of $105 for every exchange, starting with the first.
  • Live accounts use intraday, open equity gains and losses to compute trailing drawdown.

Funded Account Rules

The following guidelines apply to funded trading accounts:

  • Profits are subject to an 80/20 profit split in the trader’s favour and are withdrawable.
  • The progression ladder, daily loss, and approved times guidelines are still in effect.
  • When the lower limit of the trader’s maximum drawdown reaches the account’s opening amount, daily loss caps may be lifted upon request. (For instance, when a $50,000 account reaches $52,000).
  • A day’s end drawdown is used for LiveSim accounts. A trailing drawdown is used in live accounts. For the $200,000 account and the $400,000 account, the drawdown cap is fixed at $194,000 and $380,000, respectively.
  • Unless they already have their own data stream, traders must pay monthly data fees.
  • Account termination will occur if there are five unannounced absences in a row during trade days.
Earn2Trade Account Comparison
Earn2Trade Account Comparison

Earn2Trade Review


Evaluation Reset

You can reset the evaluation. Resets have a basic cost of $100. The LiveSim or Live accounts cannot be reset. Every time your monthly subscription is renewed during the Trader Career Path, you are also entitled to one free reset. You can store up more than one of these free resets and use them whenever you like throughout your subscription, but they are gone if you cancel. Free resets are only usable for the subscription you receive them from and are tracked separately for each evaluation if you have more than one evaluation going on at once.


Traders have the option to choose their preferred commission schedules on the Trader Career Path or the Gauntlet Mini during the account setup process.

After purchasing or resetting a TCP or GM evaluation account, the choice can be made. Immediately after making a purchase, traders must decide which exchanges they want to trade on and which commission schedule they like.

On all assets, default commissions offer a $2.02 per side commission. This is applicable to both mini and micro assets, and it is a better option for traders who don’t typically trade micros.

The commission schedule provided by the prop firms is reflected in the live commission. This fee schedule’s price fluctuates from asset to asset and occasionally exceeds the baseline $2.02 price. Micros are priced between $0.82 and $1.08 a contract per side.

The second kind of structure is advantageous to traders who deal in micros. Depending on the assets they wish to trade, each trader must determine which structure they prefer. You can get in touch with them if you want additional information on the commissions.

Some trading platforms don’t automatically display or calculate commissions. Before trading, always double-check that you are aware of your account’s commission structure and that your platform settings are accurate.


On Tuesdays, the prop firms process withdrawals once a week. To guarantee that the withdrawal is processed the following Tuesday, your withdrawal request must be forwarded to the proprietary trading business by 2pm on the preceding Friday.

For real and LiveSim accounts, the minimum withdrawal amount is $100, while withdrawal costs are waived for amounts over $500. Please be aware that each transaction may be subject to its own fees from banks, payment processors, and cryptocurrency exchanges.

Withdrawal Methods

Otherwise, there are no limitations on how much money you can withdraw once you’ve been funded. Traders can withdraw from the prop firm using any of the following methods:

There are two ways to get a LiveSim after finishing Earn2Trade assessments.

  • Bank Wire
  • PayPal
  • Payoneer
  • Revolut
  • Wise
  • Crypto

These withdrawal options are made available by the prop firms thanks to a collaboration with Deel, a global platform for managing contracts and payments. The prop business assesses a pass-through fee to Deel of $10.00 each withdrawal, which is exempt for withdrawals above $500.00.

LiveSim Withdrawals

  1. After completing a Gauntlet Mini evaluation and selecting the LiveSim funding option
  2. After completing the LiveSim funding option and the Trader Career Path examination

LiveSimulator Gauntlet Mini

A trader may withdraw no more than $4,000 from a LiveSim following any size Gauntlet Mini assessment. The trader must make a profit of $5,000 (the prop firm deducts 20%) in order to be allowed to withdraw the whole $4,000 from the account. Every month or at the time of each withdrawal, the prop firm will deduct its portion, never going beyond 20%.

LiveSim Trader Career Path

The most a trader may withdraw from a LiveSim is the appropriate profit target, less a 20% deduction for the prop business, as determined by a review of their Trader Career Path. On the LiveSims acquired through the Trader Career Path programme, there is no monthly deduction.

LiveSim Withdrawals
LiveSim Withdrawals

End of Day Drawdown

Based on the trading account’s end-of-day balance, the Trader Career Path and Gauntlet Mini evaluations determine drawdown. The drawdown is based on your profitable account performance and is updated following the closure of the market each day. In other words, if your profit rises by $1, your minimum account balance will also grow by $1.

EOD Drawdown Example

The account has a $100.000 balance and a $3500 maximum drawdown. The minimum account balance when the account is opened with these specifications is $96,500.

Day 1

Your account balance stops at $102,000 at the end of the first trading day, during which it varies according to winning and losing trades. Your account’s minimum balance will be raised to $98,500 by Earn2Trade.

Day 2

Your account balance at the end of the second day is $101,000. The required minimum account balance remains at $98,500.

Day 3

The account balance at the end of the third trading day is $103,000. Your new required minimum account balance is now $95,00.

This continues up to the point where your Maximum Drawdown, in this case $100,000, the starting balance of your account, at which point it will stop increasing.

Only at the close of trade do adjustments to the minimum account balance occur. Investors should be advised that when determining whether or not an account violated this guideline, open equity losses are taken into account. This means that your evaluation attempt will be unsuccessful if an open position causes your account balance to fall below the required minimum account level.

Trailing Drawdown

A drawdown that is based on your profitable account performance is called a trailing drawdown. This implies that your trailing drawdown will grow by $1 if your profit increases by $1. All rules, including trailing, use intraday equity that is both closed and open.

For instance, your initial trailing drawdown on a $50,000 account is $48,000. Your account balance will increase to $50,100.00 after your first trade, when you generate a profit of $100. Your trailing drawdown is then increased to $48,100.00.

This continues until your trailing drawdown hits your account’s initial balance, in this case $50,000.00, at which point it will stop trailing above that amount.

By examining the Auto Liquidate Threshold Value column in the Trader Dashboard of R | Trader Pro, you can determine your current maximum drawdown. It will expressly state the balance at which your account is liquidated.

The trailing drawdown rule must be followed by traders who complete the Trader Career Path or Gauntlet Mini challenges and move to a Live account. The EOD Drawdown rule must be followed by traders who use a LiveSim account, as explained here.

Trading Hours

When exchange trading for your specific asset opens, you may start trading. Typically, this happens at 5 p.m. CT, though it may change depending on the day of the week or the asset.

All positions and working orders must be closed by 3:50pm CT until 5pm CT. GF/HE/LE must be closed by 1:05pm CT until 5pm CT. XC/XK/ZC/ZL/ZM/ZS/ZW must be closed between 7:45am-8:30am CT and then again between 1:20pm-5pm CT.

With the exception of legal holidays and any other periods when the markets are closed, trading is permitted all throughout the day.

Daily Loss

The calculation of your daily loss is based on your Profit & Loss for each trading day from 5:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Central Time, which includes both open (real-time/unrealized), closed deals, and fees.

You can view the P&L column in R | Trader Pro’s Trader Dashboard to see how close you are to your daily loss limit. For example, if your daily loss limit is $1,100, then your daily P&L cannot go below $-1,100.

Progression Ladder

The maximum number of contracts that traders may open is imposed by the Progression Ladder. Traders must exercise self-control and refrain from opening too many contracts. Although it is not required, when traders make money and build up their account balance, they may create new positions to utilise their increased cash. Traders will fail the test if they open more contracts than their account size and profit levels permit.

The Trader Career Path Progression Ladder
The Trader Career Path Progression Ladder

Earn2Trade keeps track of the balance of the current account, which includes intraday open and closing equity as well as profit and loss. In order to have a buffer before they can no longer hold a position of that size open, traders should build up a profit margin over the contract size they plan to trade. This will help them avoid having an unexpectedly low account balance that makes it impossible for them to hold the amount of open positions they now have.

For instance, you are only permitted to open two contracts with a $25,000 account. With two ES contracts, a position may be opened. Additionally, 1 ES and 1 CL slots may be opened. Opening a third contract, whether for the same asset or another, will, nevertheless, cause the inspection to fail right away.

When you have $1,501 or more in profit in your account ($26,501 or more), you can start a third contract if you have a $25,000 account. However, while these three contracts are available, you must watch that your profits don’t go below this threshold once more to avoid failing the exam.

To avoid failing the exam and make sure they are exposing themselves to a low level of risk, traders should use caution and restraint with their account capital.

Gauntlet Mini Progression Ladder
Gauntlet Mini Progression Ladder

Maintain Consistency

Both the Gauntlet Mini and the Trader Career Path evaluation fall under the Maintain Consistency guideline. According to the “Maintain Consistency” criterion, no single trading day throughout your examination may account for 30% or more of your total PnL.

Maintain Consistency Rule
Maintain Consistency Rule

Maintain Consistency Example

It’s a good idea to have 30% of your profit target, say $3,000, in mind as a benchmark. 30% of $3,000 is $900. If you make more than $900 in profit in a single day, the review process is not over or you are considered to have failed. Simply put, that means you must trade more until this one day represents less than 30% of your whole winnings.

In the same example, $1,200 in profit in a single day is 40% of $3,000. By multiplying your biggest daily earnings ($1,200) by 0.3, you may determine how much profit you need to stay consistent. 1,200 / 0.3 in this instance equals 4,000. Therefore, if your entire profit is more than $4,000, your daily profit of $1,200 will be less than 30% of your whole profit.

The LiveSim and/or Live accounts are exempt from the Maintain Consistency criterion. Regardless of whether the account balance is greater than or less than the initial account balance, the daily PnL is still determined according to this criterion.

Position Sizes

The number of contracts you can have open simultaneously across all positions is determined by the maximum position size.

The sole exceptions are the following micro contracts, which can be traded for up to 10 contracts but only count as one towards the maximum position size: MES, MNQ, MYM, M2K, MGC, MCL, M6E, M6B, and MHG. For instance, if your maximum position size is three contracts, you can trade up to 3 ES, 2 ES and 10 MES, 1 ES and 20 MES, or 30 MES.

Funded Accounts

You are allowed to have a maximum of three multiple accounts with the prop company. You may have more than one Live Account, but you may only have one LiveSim account paid and active at any given moment (live brokerage accounts through the prop firm). Keep in mind that the compliance process can be extended. A leader-follower or other trade copy arrangement between the accounts is not offered by the prop businesses. For the greatest outcomes and to prevent concentration difficulties, they advise trading on just one account.

You must disclose when you plan to use the spare account and adhere to a timeframe that you and the prop companies agree upon if you want to keep an account set aside for future use. The prop businesses may ask you to pay any additional fees before setting up the accounts if the account setup you need involves them.

Please be aware that you must use a different email address for each account on the Gauntlet Mini accounts. One data feed user may be given access to your trading accounts. If you’ve made a number of transactions but can’t locate an account, kindly get in touch with customer service.

Copy Trading

Trade copiers may not be used to trade via numerous accounts. You will only be given one account if you pass the test and it is discovered that you employed trade copiers to complete your accounts (LiveSim or Live Account). Any accounts on which you used trade copiers will not be refunded.

For each Gauntlet Mini account, data fees are paid to the CME and the data feed provider; once paid, these payments are non-refundable. Once you’ve passed, you’re also not allowed to use trade copiers on your live or LiveSim account.

Earn2Trade Review


The trading platform from Earn2Trade has various tools that help people learn and be coached as they take on challenges. These consist of webinars, trade tracking, customisable chart styles, integration with the depth of the market, and video lectures.

Beginner Crash Course

The Beginner Crash Course is a collection of 60 videos, each lasting six to ten minutes, that go over both the fundamental and more complex ideas involved in trading. A quiz is given after each film to see how well the pupils remember it.

Students learn about the market and general market conditions, risk management, and technical trading in this introductory course. The lectures are strongly animated and filled with several straightforward examples in order to convey complicated ideas in an approachable manner.

They provide inexpensive lifelong access to the lessons so you can learn more about trading online and improve your skills in your own time. The education programme is made to take on any complete novice and educate them how to trade futures on their own.

You will be capable of understanding the fundamentals of trading, the operation of exchanges and brokerages, the types of securities you can trade, how to read charts, recognise chart formations, make informed decisions about price movements, and execute trades on your own.

Earn2Trade Beginner Crash Course
Earn2Trade Beginner Crash Course

Earn2Trade Blog

There is a frequently updated blog on the Earn2Trade website which contains some informative articles related to the financial markets, trading strategies and indicators. You can find out about some new indicators and get inspiration for your day trading activities. The blog includes the following:

  • Announcements
  • Economy & Finance News
  • Relevant People
  • Trader Survival Guides
  • Webinars
  • Fun Facts


There are several supported platforms offered by Earn2Trade. These include the Inside Edge Trader, Investor RT, Motive Wave, MultiCharts, Bookmap, Photon, Sierra Chart, and more. For these platforms, you must provide a license. However, Earn2Trade offers a few platforms for free. These include NinjaTrader, Finamark, R / Trader & R / Trader Pro or Overcharts.


Here is a list of platforms that can be used in The Gauntlet:

  • NinjaTrader (free during the Gauntlet)
  • Finamark (free during the Gauntlet, includes a 90-day live trading license)
  • R | Trader & R | Trader Pro (free)
  • Overcharts (60 days free for new users)
  • Inside Edge Trader
  • Investor RT
  • Motive Wave
  • MultiCharts
  • Bookmap
  • Photon
  • QScalp
  • Quick Screen Trading (QSI)
  • ScalpTool
  • Trade Navigator
  • Volfix.net
  • Jigsaw Trading
  • ATAS Order Flow Trading
  • Sierra Chart
  • Quantower

This really is an excellent choice of professional trading platforms for both retail and institutional traders alike. Whatever your experience level or trading style, there is a platform for everyone. Many day traders will already be familiar with NinjaTrader although it would be great if they could integrate support for the MetaTrader 4/5 platforms in the future.


Clients are permitted to trade all CME (CME, CBOT, NYMEX, COMEX) futures assets, including micros. There is no Forex trading on any of the Gauntlet products. If you are looking to trade forex with a prop firm, then you might want to consider SurgeTrader as an alternative option.


You will get a free Journalytix license with your Gauntlet Mini or Trader Career Path subscription for the whole duration of your subscription. A real-time news feed is integrated into Journalytix, a tool for automatic trade analytics and journaling. The tools assist traders learn what is and isn’t working for them by revealing patterns in trading data. Ahead of scheduled economic releases and market-moving news, traders receive up-to-the-second analytical information on their day’s P&L and risk as well as a heads-up on events that are likely to affect their trading.

Maximum capital$400,000
Profit splitUp to 80%
News tradingYes
Weekend tradingNo
Automated tradingNo
Free trialNo
Maximum leverageN/A
Earn2Trade Features

Earn2Trade Review


Earn2Trade provides both novice and seasoned traders with the training resources and hands-on experience needed to succeed in proprietary trading. Even beginners may learn about futures trading and the sophisticated abilities needed to succeed and generate a profit with plenty of educational materials and help.

The three “challenges” give people many options for getting a funded profile and starting to invest. Prop traders can benefit from an 80/20 split, which is also competitive. Unfortunately, funded accounts can only start with $400,000, which is less than other prop trading companies such as FTMO whose scaling plan can see skilled traders access to up to $2 million of trading capital

Going through one of Earn2Trade’s exams could be a wise choice if you’re seeking for a reliable and secure means to obtain a funded profile. A successful evaluation programme ensures an account, and the experience and resources of Earn2Trade may help you advance your abilities.

8.2Expert Score
Earn2Trade Rating

You can become a professional trader with Earn2Trade when you pass the trading challenge on a $25,000 or $50,000 virtual account. This will earn you the $400,000 funded trading account where you can keep 80% of all profits.


Earn2Trade Review


What are proprietary trading firms?

A proprietary trading firm gives smart and skilled traders access to the firm’s capital for trading. The advantage for the trader is that they can withdraw 80% of gains from the funded account while not putting their own money at danger. Talented traders can enhance their funded account through profitable trades and investment choices, which helps the prop firm.

Who is Earn2Trade best for?

Earn2Trade is perfect for aspiring traders looking to develop their skills and become professional traders. The Gauntlet Mini and Trader Career Path programs offer opportunities for those who already have a successful strategy looking for additional trading capital.

Is there a free trial?

At this time, there is no free trial available for this program.

What is the Earn2Trade profit split?

After you pass one of Earn2Trade’s assessments, you will gain access to a live profile. These funded accounts offer an 80/20 profit split in favor of the trader.

How do you get a funded account through Earn2Trade?

To get a funded trading account, you must pass one of Earn2Trade’s assessment challenges, The Gauntlet Mini and The Trader Career Path. Each challenge will test your ability to trade following a set of rules (some more strict than others). The Gauntlet Mini and Trader Career Path can get you onto a funded trading account in as little as 15 days.

What trading platforms does Earn2Trade support?

There are several supported platforms offered by Earn2Trade. These include the Inside Edge Trader, Investor RT, Motive Wave, MultiCharts, Bookmap, Photon, Sierra Chart, and more. For these platforms, you must provide a license. However, Earn2Trade offers a few platforms for free. These include NinjaTrader, Finamark, R / Trader & R / Trader Pro or Overcharts.

How much does Earn2Trade cost?

The price will depend on the package you choose:

The Trader Career Path costs $150 per month
The Lifetime Beginner Crash Course price is $199.20
The Gauntlet Mini ranges between $170 and $550 per month depending on the account type

Make sure to keep an eye out for Earn2Trade’s frequent discount coupons, which might help you pay less for each of their packages.

Data costs must be paid after you pass and have a funded trading account. Earn2Trade does not charge for these; the affiliate funding company does. $105.00 a month is the price per exchange.

Is Earn2Trade regulated?

Earn2Trade is not categorised as a broker-dealer, financial institution, or any other kind of business; rather, it is an educational firm. As a result, no financial authority has any control over it. Nevertheless, it is a legitimate business with favourable customer feedback.

What is included in the free education?

You have complimentary access to the entire video, webinar and lesson library while you are subscribed to the Gauntlet Mini. A 62-lesson trading course, including over 60 detailed webinar topics with over 50 hours of content.

What happens after you pass the evaluation?

The prop firm will reach out to you and ask if you’d prefer a Live or a LiveSim account with a starting balance equal to your evaluation starting balance. It is entirely up to you.

What are the withdrawal rules?

After reaching the profit goal for each level, you can withdraw 80% of your profits after you are financed. You can withdraw any amount over $100 without waiting to reach the complete profit target. The withdrawals include a $10 fee per withdrawal or payment, although the proprietary trading firms will fully eliminate this fee for transactions over $500.

How can I obtain the $400,000 funded account?

Starting with the TCP50, passing the exam, upgrading your Live accounts ($50,000, $100,000, and $200,000), and hitting the profit target at each stage are the only ways to achieve the $400,000 account. The only way for candidates who begin on the TCP25 to scale up to $200,000 is by upgrading their Live accounts.

Can I reset the evaluation?

Yes, you can. The base price for resets is $100. You can not reset the LiveSim or Live accounts.

Every time your monthly subscription is renewed during the Trader Career Path, you are also entitled to one free reset. You can store up more than one of these free resets and use them whenever you like throughout your subscription, but they are gone if you cancel. Free resets are only usable for the subscription you receive them from and are tracked separately for each evaluation if you have more than one evaluation going on at once.

Which exchanges do I have access to trade?

If you are a non-professional user, you can access four exchanges in the Gauntlet Mini or Trader Career Path plan: the CME, CBOT, NYMEX and COMEX. If you are a professional user, you must cover the costs of your exchange fees, which generally come to $105.00 per exchange per month.

Where is Earn2Trade located?

Earn2Trade’s headquarters are located at registered address: 30 N Gould St STE 4000, Sheridan, WY 82801

What counties do Earn2Trade accept?

Whilst they accept aspiring traders from most countries, citizens of the following countries are unable to get funded owing to sanctions or other reasons: Afghanistan, Belarus, Burundi, Cambodia, Central African Republic, Cuba, Democratic Republic of Congo, Iran, Iraq, Kosovo, Lebanon, Libya, Nicaragua, North Korea, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria, Yemen, Zimbabwe.

What is the Refund Policy?

Due to the irrevocable nature of Earn2Trade’s products, the business does not accept refunds. This also applies to automatically renewed subscriptions. Subscribers agree to this when they agree to the terms and conditions.
Earn2Trade Review
Earn2Trade Review
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