BluSky Trading Company Review

BluSky Trading Company provide funded futures accounts up to $100,000 in 8 trading days with a 90% profit share and withdrawals that are processed on a daily basis.

BluSky Trading Company Review


BluSky Trading Company fund and grow day traders. They want you to profit as their whole business model works on retaining successful traders. The prop firm give you real capital when you pass the evaluation phase, not just another simulator. You can get funded in as little as 8 days and have withdrawals processed daily with no minimum days.

BluSky Trading Company Website
BluSky Trading Company Website
  • No minimum days until first withdrawal
  • Up to 90% profit share
  • Instant withdrawal process
  • Daily loss on funded account doesn’t fail your account, it just stops you from trading on that day
  • One-time pro account fee with no monthly fees
  • Powerful trading platforms
  • Good choice of futures markets
  • News trading not allowed
  • Cannot hold positions overnight or on weekends
  • No MetaTrader platforms
  • Futures trading only
  • No free trial

BluSky Trading Company Review


Evaluation Accounts

There are four different BluSky Trading evaluation options for you to choose from:

  • $25K account
  • $50K account
  • $100K account

Each assessment account gives complimentary NinjaTrader licences, One-on-One mentoring, and $85 evaluation resets, despite the fact that the evaluation goals and rules vary. While in the review phase, you can also trade the news if you like.

AccountAdvanced $25KPremium $50KPremium+ $100K
Max Contracts4 mini / 40 micros10 mini / 100 micros14 mini / 140 micros
Profit Target$2,200$3,000$6,000
Min Trading Days888
Consistency Treshold30%30%30%
Trailing Drawdown$1,200$2,000$2,500
Daily Loss Limit$600$1,000$2,000
BluSky Trading Evaluation Accounts

The following benefits are yours after you get funded and pass the evaluation account stage:

  • $0 Monthly Data Fees
  • $85 (One-Time) Setup Fee – No Monthly Fees
  • 80% Profit (up to 90%)
  • Ability to withdraw daily (ACH, PayPal, Crypto)
  • No minimum trade days to withdraw

Funding Process

Sign-up for an evaluation account

Choose the account that best suits your needs. When you are at your most comfortable, trading is ideal. If you can trade consistently for a prolonged period of time in your present funded account, BluSky will assist you in raising your limits.

BluSky Trading Plans
BluSky Trading Plans

Trade following the rules and objectives

You are only obliged to trade for a small portion of the days at a time. BluSky Trading is attempting to be more trustworthy by setting this number at 8, as opposed to many other prop companies who place it at 10. After 30 days, your subscription will renew itself automatically. Following the renewal of your membership, they do not reset your account balance. This is so that you can trade your account at your preferred speed.

BluSky Trading Evaluation Acccount
BluSky Trading Evaluation Acccount

Pass the evaluation phase

To set up an account, BluSky Trading will get in touch with you and your brokerage partner. The $85 start-up fee is then paid, and the last agreements are signed. Usually, this process is completed in under 48 hours. Your account is then credited with the appropriate risk. You can then start trading.

Trade on the funded account

You must treat this account as if it were real because it is. Every action you perform on this account will actually occur on the markets. BluSky Trading encourages you to succeed with this actual trading account since they benefit from your success. So, you are free to withdraw however much or little you like.

Follow-up funding support

BluSky Trading want traders to get in touch with them to talk about their trading strategies and see if they can provide any suggestions. Also, they believe that conversing with others who share their interests is excellent for developing one’s career. What a coach can accomplish for a trader can surprise even the most seasoned traders.

BluSky Trading Company Review


Trade Objectives

You must accomplish the following three objectives to pass the test:

  • Trade at least 8 days
  • Reach your profit target
  • Have consistent profits

Trading Rules

Profits from a single trading day cannot exceed 30% of your completed evaluation balance. Your account will not fail as a result. You merely need to reach a higher evaluation aim to reduce the profit from one huge day from exceeding 30% of your evaluation target.

There are just two possible outcomes for failing the test:

  • Fall below the minimum trailing balance
  • Fall below the daily loss limit in a single trading day


Your largest unrealized balance increases the minimum trailing balance. It precisely traces that sum by your “Trailing Drawdown.” The daily loss limit is not trailing. It is depending on your beginning balance for the day.

The daily stop loss does not fail your account, unlike the evaluation stage. You won’t be able to place any further trades until the next trading day.

You have the option to ask for this daily loss limit to be increased if you end a day with a balance higher than your profit target. To safeguard themselves against oneself until the end of the day, they recommend everyone to have a daily stop loss. This can be set up for you by the brokerage.

Trading Strategies

You are allowed to trade the news but all open positions will be liquidated around 15 minutes before the market closes. You cannot use too many contracts as the system automatically limits your maximum contracts and will reject orders that are too large.

You need to trade at least once per month to keep the account active or the brokerages will charge a fee and issue warnings. Once you are funded and outside the risk zone, they are able to let you trade freely without almost any restrictions.

Multiple Accounts

You may have up to two financed accounts open at once. A 100k account cannot be combined with a different size account. The exchange forbids placing simultaneous trades in the opposite direction (short and long) on the same product if you have two funded accounts. The brokerage will cancel your account permanently if this occurs.

Account SizeMax AccountsTrade Copier Allowed
Max Accounts & Copy Trading


The majority of traders fail the evaluation on their first attempt. If you don’t pass the evaluation the first time, you can reset it for a charge of $85 and try again. Keep in mind that this has no effect on how often you are billed for your subscription.


When requesting payout in your funded account, there is no minimum number of days to trade. You only need to first attain your profit goal (unrealized or realized).

Account SizeMinimum balance after withdraw
Withdrawals is used for payouts. On weekdays (excluding holidays), withdrawal requests made before 12 PM EST will be handled the same day. Typically, transfers take one to three business days.

Deel Payments
Deel Payments

As they provide you with genuine funds up front, unlike many other prop firms, all of the earnings you generate are legitimate, and they are happy to distribute them to you. Also, it’s how they get paid. Everything up to where the minimum trailing balance stops is available if you close your account, at a 20% profit share.

The profit share ranges from 80% to 90%, depending on the size of the funded account. This is pretty much in line with the industry standard although you can negotiate a custom offer with BluSky Trading if you have proven yourself for a sustained period of time.

Account lifetime profit withdrawalsPercentage of profit for trader
0 – $20,00080%
$20,000 – $50,00085%
$100,000+Custom offer
Profit Sharing

Scaling Plan

The scaling plan before reaching your profit targets are as follows:

Max ContractsDaily Loss
(No longer fails)
Trailing drawdown
$25K2 minis / 20 micros$600$1,200
$50K5 minis / 50 micros$1,000$2,000
$100K7 minis / 70 micros$2,000$2,500
Scaling Plan

Your account will permanently change to static after you accomplish your profit goal and the trading day is over.

Max ContractsDaily Loss
(No longer fails)
Static minimum balance
(Trailing Removed)
$25K4 minis / 40 microsRemovableStatic at $26,000
$50K10 minis / 100 microsRemovableStatic at $51,000
$100K14 minis / 140 microsRemovableStatic at $101,000
Scaling Plan Static

BluSky Trading Company will be pleased to extend your contract size without asking you to start a new evaluation if you are consistently trading and withdrawing and need more space (independent of the initial account size). Simply inform them via the support chat.

BluSky Trading Company Review



BluSky Trading Company supports any Rithmic platforms. Rithmic develops multi-asset trade execution software and licenses it to black-box, grey-box, and retail trading professionals. Provides market access to the world’s principal exchanges. This includes:

NinjaTraderFREE (included)Works in eval only
QuantowerFREE (and up)
R | TraderFREE
Sierra Charts~$26/mo
BluSky Trading Platforms
BluSky Trading Platforms
BluSky Trading Platforms


You can trade all the major future exchanges including the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX), the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME), the Chicago Board of Trade (CBoT).

Commission on the evaluation accounts are $2 per side for minis and $0.50 per side for micros. Funded accounts commissions are priced by the brokerage, but are usually less expensive than the evaluation.

Maximum capital$100,000
Profit splitUp to 90%
News tradingNo
Weekend tradingNo
Automated tradingNo
Free trialNo
Maximum leverage1:2
BluSky Trading Company Features

BluSky Trading Company Review


Overall, BluSky Trading Company has a competitive offering with a scaling plan and generous 90% profit share. The objectives are simple and trading rules straightforward. You can trade a vast selection of financial instruments on professional trading platforms with good trading conditions.

They don’t have the MetaTrader platforms whilst overnight holding, weekend trading and news trading are not allowed. The initial fee is very reasonable whilst funded accounts can request daily withdrawals. The trailing drawdown is quite strict but profit targets are achievable. If you don’t mind using a relatively new prop trading firm then they are certainly worth consideration.

7.8Expert Score
BluSky Trading Company Rating

BluSky Trading Company provide funded futures accounts up to $100,000 in 8 trading days with a 90% profit share and withdrawals that are processed on a daily basis.


BluSky Trading Company Review


How often will I be charged?

The billing period of 30 days will auto renew each period whether you cancel or pass.

What happens when you pass your evaluation?

When you contact them via support chat or email to let them know you’ve passed the test, they will swiftly confirm your success. Then a member of the BluSky accounting team will get in touch with you and issue a $85 one-time invoice (to process your new account at their partnering brokerage).

Also, they will provide you the trader funded account agreement to sign and demand a legitimate piece of government-issued identification (National Identity Card/Passport/Drivers license/Etc.). Please make sure it clearly displays your date of birth and has a valid expiration date.

The brokerage will then email you the Rithmic login and password for your newly funded account shortly after that (often within 2 business days), and you can then start using it.

Can I have multiple account?

You can have 2 maximum funded accounts at the same time. You cannot combine a 100k account with another size account. The exchange forbids placing simultaneous trades in the opposite direction (short and long) on the same product if you have two funded accounts. The brokerage will cancel your account permanently if this occurs.

What trading platforms can I use?

This prop firm allow anything that supports Rithmic, including NinjaTrader and R | Trader.

What markets can I trade?

BluSky Trading Company is a futures funding program for futures traders.
BluSky Trading Company Review
BluSky Trading Company Review
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