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Best Futures Prop Firms

Read this detailed review of the Best Futures Prop Firms with features, comparisons, reviews and ratings to discover the Best Futures Proprietary Trading Firms for trader challenges and funded futures accounts.
Best Futures Prop Trading Firms

Best Futures Prop Firms

What are Forex Prop Trading Firms?

This article contains some of the top futures prop trading firms if you’re interested in futures trading with a prop firm. We have researched and thoroughly evaluated a large number of proprietary firms in recent years that offer not just the futures market but also other financial products including forex, equities, commodities and cryptocurrency. A futures prop firm can provide you with a funded trading account if you can pass a trading challenge. This involves reaching a profit target whilst following a set of rules and completing various objectives.

Best Futures Prop Firms

Our Top Futures Prop Firm Recommendations

Editor choice 1 OnlyFunds Logo

OnlyFunds Review

OnlyFunds provide funded trading accounts with a large 90% profit share, along with straightforward and fair trading conditions to ensure a level playing field for all traders.
Best seller 2 FTMO Review

FTMO Review

FTMO is an award-winning prop trading firm where you can take part in challenges to qualify to trade the company’s capital and receive up to $2 million in funds and keep 90% of profits. The company provide you with support along the way and will even cover the losses.
3 TopStep Review

Topstep Review

For retail traders, Topstep is the one of the best funded account options. Their objective is to provide a secure environment where traders may turn their passion into a profession and securely participate in and earn from the financial markets. Topstep look to produce better traders, with healthier habits, through learning by doing. Trade up to $150,000 in capital and share 90% of profits.
4 Apex Trader Funding Review

Apex Trader Funding Review

Apex Trader Funding are committed to changing lives through a funding program with simple rules that has paid out millions to traders and is backed by great customer service. Funded accounts have a 100% profit share on the first $25k.
5 Earn2Trade Review

Earn2Trade Review

You can become a professional trader with Earn2Trade when you pass the trading challenge on a $25,000 or $50,000 virtual account. This will earn you the $400,000 funded trading account where you can keep 80% of all profits.
6 Leeloo Trading Review

Leeloo Trading Review

Leeloo Trading allows everyone to practice in the market, with the opportunity to earn real money, before investing their own capital. You can test your strategies, improve your skills, educate yourself and trade with confidence. Funded accounts go up to $300,000 with a 90% profit split.

Best Futures Prop Firms

Comparison Table of Best Prop Firms for Futures Trading

Best Futures Prop Firms

Best Forex Prop Firm Overall: FTMO

With good reason, FTMO is known as one of the best futures prop trading firms. According to its website, the firm has paid out over $97 million to over 10,000 traders in more than 180 countries since it began operations in 2014. You may trade a variety of securities including forex, commodities, indices, cryptocurrencies, equities, and bonds. FTMO is one of the top forex prop firms because it has super-raw spread and 1:100 leverage. Due to its one-time costs, the platform is also a great choice for new traders, especially since they are reimbursed at your first profit split.

The FTMO challenge and the verification are the two steps of the conventional two-step assessment procedure. The FTMO challenge has a 30-day time limit. But, if you succeed in the trading objectives sooner, you can move on to verification. Keep in mind that a minimum of 10 trading days must have passed. Additional key goals for this stage include a 10% profit target, a 5% maximum daily loss, and a 10% maximum account loss for the testing phase. You can retake the FTMO challenge for free if you succeed in the other key objectives but fail to meet the profit target.

There is a 60-day verification period. Once finished, you can manage an account balance up to $400,000 with an 80% payment share as an FTMO trader. If you continue to be profitable, the business will boost the size of your account by 25% every four months. Following that, you’ll get 90% payment shares in accordance with the scaling plan. FTMO makes significant investments in trading technology and provides a variety of tailored applications to prop traders to assist in monitoring their trading patterns, conducting market analysis, and giving real-time feedback.

FTMO Conditions
FTMO Conditions

You can use the MT4, MT5, and cTrader trading platforms with liquidity provider data if you also trade as a retail trader. Holders of swing accounts may keep holdings throughout macroeconomic releases or the weekend. You may test out the freemium or start off with €155 for the $10,000 financed accounts. Excellent learning materials and customer service are provided by FTMO. The company’s highly qualified expert trainers are always available to speed up your path to financial freedom. The extended assessment period is the main negative.

  • One-time fee only (no recurrent charges or other fees)
  • No limits or restrictions on your trading style
  • Choice of platforms (MT4, MT5, cTrader)
  • Access to some handy trading apps designed to help you with risk management and profit maximization
  • Trade Forex, Commodities, Indices, Crypto, Stocks, Bonds
  • No limits on the volume traded (lot size)
  • Leverage up to 1:100
  • FTMO’s scaling plan allows their most skilled traders access to up to $2 million of trading capital
  • A thorough account analysis for every account
  • The fee will be reimbursed to you with the first Profit Split
  • Customer Support in 17 languages
  • The most trusted and reputable Prop Trading Firm in the industry
  • So many traders have used FTMO over the years that there is an incredible amount of trader-generated resources available, including lots of great advice on how to pass the FTMO Challenge
  • Strict requirements for the test period
  • Steep 10% profit target for the first step of the FTMO evaluation, however, it eventually drops to 5% for the second verification stage
  • FTMO keeps all traders on demo accounts, even those that have passed the FTMO Challenge and become fully funded
  • In order to receive a funded account, traders must first pass the FTMO Challenge, followed by a verification stage
FTMO Review

FTMO Best seller

FTMO is an award-winning prop trading firm where you can take part in challenges to qualify to trade the company’s …

Best Futures Prop Firms

Best Futures Funded Programs: Topstep

Topstep is the best prop trading firm to use if you specialise in trading futures and derivatives. Because of its large payment and profit split (you keep 100% of your first $5,000 in earnings and 90% of your profits after that), it is one of the most recognised prop trading companies. Topstep, like the majority of prop trading firms, offers the necessary funding, assistance, risk management techniques, and coaching to help trained or hired trading experts succeed while rewarding them with large profit splits.

Both novice and expert traders are welcome on the site, which supports the formation of better trading habits. However, you must demonstrate through the evaluation processes that you can trade and manage risk in order to be eligible for a funded account. Unlike other prop firms, Topstep’s review procedure, known as Trader Combine, is simplified into two parts that traders can finish in less than a couple of weeks. You must continue paying the monthly fees while in the Trader Combine till financing even though there is no time limit on when you must reach the profit target needed to pass the Trader Combine and get financed.

Topstep Website
Topstep Website

The three account sizes have different monthly fees, which range from $165 for a $50,000 minimum account to $375 for a $150,000 maximum account. Your buying power, monthly fees, loss limit, profit target each step, number of contracts, and trailing maximum drawdown will essentially determine which account you should use. There is also a free trial period of 14 days. Additional benefits include a wealth of instructional resources, blogs, podcasts, groups, one-on-one coaching, and digital coaching, all of which are designed to assist aspiring traders perform better and accomplish their objectives more quickly.

TradingView, Sierra Chart, and other trading platforms are supported by Topstep.

  • Not much capital needed to start
  • Account reset option available
  • Free 14-day trial to enter program
  • Excellent choice of professional trading platforms
  • Keep up to 90% profits with a 50% account balance withdrawal available
  • A real focus on improving trading skills via the Trading Combine program
  • Great range of educational resources, community access, coaching and live webinars
  • Quick evaluation process. Step 1 can be completed in just five trading days, and Step 2 no longer has a minimum days requirement
  • Respected prop firm with many years in the business and millions of dollars of trader withdrawals
  • No forex trading
  • No MetaTrader platforms
  • Very complicated account options and trading conditions
  • No weekend positions
  • Futures instruments only
  • Withdrawals are limited to ACH or international bank wire transfers
  • Higher monthly fixed costs because of exchange data fees
  • Quite strict rules to follow
Topstep Review


For retail traders, Topstep is the one of the best funded account options. Their objective is to provide a secure …

Best Futures Prop Firms

Best Futures Funded Accounts: Apex Trader Funding

There are a number of things that set Apex Trader Funding apart from other future prop firms. The company has tremendous funded account possibilities for starters. You may begin trading futures with as little as $25,000 and quickly reach $300,000 via a powerful scaling plan. You will also be able to receive excellent support to aid in your success in addition to this.

Free live data and a licence from NinjaTrader are also included. Also, there is a tonne of extra technical analysis. The company has also done well by providing straightforward trading guidelines, favourable trading conditions, and a profit split that lets traders keep the majority of their profits.

You can get the funding you need to scale your trading from one of the many prop businesses out there. Yet it’s sometimes easier said than done to discover one that meets the requirements of the modern trader. Here is where money from Apex Trader comes in. The company has a track record of helping exceptional traders and can aid you since it has access to a big pool of funds.

Apex Trader Funding Plans
Apex Trader Funding Plans

The company was created by and for traders, making it a good option for everyone. The trading guidelines are straightforward, and you have a lot of freedom to choose how to best manage your risk.

Yet, there are still some problems with the company. For instance, customer service might be improved, and the monthly charge for these several account kinds looks rather excessive. Once all is said and done, though, this futures funding program is respectable for the professional traders out there.

  • Great choice of evaluation programs
  • No daily drawdown
  • Real-time data included
  • No total cap on max payout
  • 2 Payouts per month
  • 100% profit share on the first $25k
  • Free NinjaTrader license
  • No free trials
  • Do not allow news trading strategies
  • Do not allow automated trading systems
  • Limited trading instruments
  • No MetaTrader platforms
Apex Trader Funding Review

Apex Trader Funding

Apex Trader Funding are committed to changing lives through a funding program with simple rules that has paid out …

Best Futures Prop Firms

Best Futures Prop Firm Beginners: Leeloo Trading

A great place for aspiring traders to learn about trading and qualify for a funded trading account is Leeloo Trading by Natural Trading. In every manner possible, Leeloo Trading assists novice traders in achieving success and financial independence.

Leeloo Trade offers two distinctive goods. Trading money may be kept intact even when a trader loses by using Leeloo Loft’s guidance on how to utilise trading as an investing instrument. It is a closed trading community where participants can come and leave as they like. For futures traders who are unable to trade every day, Leeloo Trading provides the Leeloo Freedom Pass, which allows them to come and leave whenever they like. However, investors may also sign up as Leeloo Month Members and trade alongside the knowledgeable Leeloo traders every day.

Leeloo Trading Accounts
Leeloo Trading Accounts

In-depth trading education and training are another selling point for Leeloo Trading. The Leeloo education programme is personalised and moves at the speed of the traders. Sessions can be scheduled by traders based on their interests and level of experience. Courses span from fundamentals of the markets, market structure, market patterns, and charts through volume, market profile, volume profile, OHLC bars, and candles, and each session costs $250. To ensure that the education is of the highest calibre and that all necessary assistance is given while learning, Leeloo Trading only works with a select group of traders each month.

The Natural Trading Funded Trader Program is Leeloo Trading’s most important product. A profit objective must be met during the review phase for traders before they are financed depending on their performance. A free $100,000 trial is offered for the Leeloo Trading sponsored futures trader programme.

  • Keep 100% of your profits up to $12,500, then 90% and take none of the losses
  • You can pass the Leeloo Express in 10 days and refund your tryout fee when you pass
  • They fund their own traders so it is a quick turn around on funding
  • You can grow your account beyond the contract limit you tried out for
  • Very low evaluation program costs
  • You can have multiple funded accounts
  • No restrictions on holding positions over the weekend or trading during macroeconomic releases
  • Leeloo App and Loyalty Program
  • Free trial for new members
  • Educational resources to assist traders
  • Excellent choice of trading platforms
  • Free NinjaTrader license key and live market data
  • The trailing draw down can be tricky to manage depending on your trading style
  • Overwhelming choice of accounts and options
  • MetaTrader platforms are not available
  • Complicated rules to get your head around before you start
Leeloo Trading Review

Leeloo Trading

Leeloo Trading allows everyone to practice in the market, with the opportunity to earn real money, before investing …

Best Futures Prop Firms

Best Futures Prop Firm Challenges: Earn2Trade

Earn2Trade, a US-based business that was established in 2016, spent two years developing its initial products before becoming live in 2018. Starting in 2020, co-founder Csaba Nahoczky purchased the full business and is now in charge of all operations.

Earn2Trade makes a significant effort to educate futures traders by offering qualified mentors and a practise area while supporting the traders in turning their pastime into a career. Participants in their novice crash course on trading may learn about risk management, technical trading, and general market circumstances.

Earn2Trade Website
Earn2Trade Website

Also, Earn2Trade provides prospective traders with a bootcamp that includes weekly mentorships and webinars to prepare them for the 60-day Gauntlet evaluation programme, where they may demonstrate their abilities and, if they pass, earn funded accounts.

Moreover, Earn2Trade also manages a Discord server, offering additional chances to interact with their community and other traders.

  • Fast track to becoming a professional trader, shortest completion time is 15 trading days
  • One stage evaluation with simple and transparent rules
  • Choose your own virtual account size ranging from $50,000 to $200,000
  • 80% profit on withdrawals for traders
  • Complimentary 60 day access to Journalytix™ with your account ($78.00 value)
  • Lots of educational material including videos, webinars and ebooks
  • Full access to Earn2Trade’s educational material during your subscription
  • Free NinjaTrader license during your evaluation
  • Often run discount promos
  • One of the longest running prop firms
  • Data fees once funded (fairly normal amongst prop firms)
  • 15 trading days to pass is one of the longest in the industry
  • No forex trading in Gauntlet programs
  • Recurring fees in Gauntlet Mini
  • Some popular platforms, such as MetaTrader 4 or 5, are not supported
  • Cannot hold positions overnight
  • Copy trading is not allowed
  • No free trials
Earn2Trade Review


You can become a professional trader with Earn2Trade when you pass the trading challenge on a $25,000 or $50,000 …

Best Futures Prop Firms

What are Futures?

Futures are one of the most actively traded financial markets in the world. All different kinds of assets, including equities indexes, metals, energy, agricultural products, currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, interest rates, etc., are covered by futures contracts. They are employed for hedging as well as speculating, which involves attempting to profit from price fluctuations. Futures are popular with portfolio managers, companies and retail traders.

Best Futures Prop Firms

What is Futures Trading?

Institutional investors or businesses generally employ futures contracts bought or sold with the goal of receiving or delivering the underlying commodity for hedging purposes, frequently as a strategy to assist control the future price risk of that commodity on their operations or investment portfolio.

In general, futures contracts are liquid and can be purchased and sold up to the expiration date. For speculative investors and traders who don’t already own the underlying commodity or don’t want to, this is a crucial aspect. To express a viewpoint on—and maybe profit from—the movement of the market for a commodity, they can purchase or sell futures. Then, in order to release themselves from any responsibility to the actual commodity, they will buy or sell an offsetting futures contract position prior to expiration.

Best Futures Prop Firms

Why Trade Futures?

Futures are most frequently used by individual investors and traders to make predictions about how the price of the underlying asset will change in the future. By speculating on the future direction of the market for a certain commodity, index, or financial product, they hope to make money. Additionally, some investors utilise futures as a hedge, usually to lessen the impact of potential future market changes in a particular commodity on their portfolio or company.

Naturally, using stocks or ETFs in a similar way to speculate on or protect against future market movements. Although each has risks that you should be aware of, there are some clear advantages that the futures market can provide that the equity market cannot.

Best Futures Prop Firms

How to Find the Best Futures Prop Trading Firm?

Here are some of the key points that you need to consider for selecting the best futures prop firm:

  • Make sure the futures prop firm has a solid reputation among current clients and a successful track record. You can check out reviews of prop firms and proof of profit shares.
  • Consider the history of the prop firm to ensure that they have been there for a while and look at the management team. Ask yourself if they have enough experience in the futures market.
  • Consider the company’s financial standing and any potential investments. They ought to have sufficient funds to pay out to profitable futures prop traders.
  • If you are a beginner, you may want to think about working with a futures prop firm that offers you a decent selection of teaching materials, such as tutorials, guides, and one-on-one mentoring.
  • You can test the accuracy and timeliness of your preferred prop firm’s responses by asking them any questions you may have regarding their funded futures accounts.
  • Make sure they are appropriate for your investment amount and trading technique by looking at the variety of futures trading challenges and funded accounts they provide.

Best Futures Prop Firms


Locating prop firms to gain access to a funded account with which to trade forex or stocks is pretty simple because there are now many prop trading firms of this kind on the market. However, finding a reliable futures prop trading firm is not always so easy. For futures, the majority of prop firms charge a monthly fee to access the trading challenge, and as long as the evaluation term is not exceeded, you must pay the fee. That is why it is crucial to work with reputable and knowledgeable futures prop trading firms rather than other firms that appear professional but only aim to ensnare you in an endless evaluation process and profit from the access fees. The goal of these future prop firms is to attract profitable trading talent and make money from their share of the profit split.

Prop Trading Firms

Prop Trading Firms

ProprietaryFirms.com is a website dedicated to reviewing prop trading firms. With an increasing demand of aspiring traders who are looking to get a funded account, there are more and more prop trading firms popping up nowadays. We can help traders to find the prop firms that meet their needs.