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Read this detailed review of the Best FTMO EA's with features, results, reviews and ratings to find the Best FTMO EA to pass challenges and get a funded account.

If you are looking to pass the FTMO challenge, then you might be considering a prop firm expert advisor (EA). Expert advisors are automated trading systems that can analyse the financial markets and place trades on behalf of the user. This makes them a popular choice for aspiring prop traders who are looking to pass the FTMO evaluation process to get a funded account but do not have the required trading experience or skills required to trade manually. Here we will take a look at some of the best FTMO EA’s to help you pass their challenge and get access a trading account which can be scaled up to $2,000,000 with a generous 90% profit share.


What is FTMO?

FTMO is a proprietary trading firm that is searching for seasoned traders. They have created a 2-step review process to determine whether a trader possesses all the attributes that they look for. The FTMO Challenge and the Verification are the two steps in this process. The course is especially designed to help traders find their hidden talents. The FTMO instructional programmes, account analysis, and performance coach are available to help prop traders through the difficult route of trading. Traders are offered a position in the FTMO Proprietary Trading firm after successfully completing the course, where they can remotely manage up to $400,000 which can be scaled to $2,000,000. You have the right to keep up to 90% of the profits you make as an FTMO Trader. Any losses are fully covered by the prop firm.

FTMO Review

FTMO Best seller

FTMO is an award-winning prop trading firm where you can take part in challenges to qualify to trade the company’s …


What are Expert Advisors (EAs)?

Expert Advisors (EAs) are automated trading systems that are used to track and trade the financial markets utilising algorithms on the industry standard MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and MetaTrader 5 platforms. They look for buy and sell trading signals based on the criteria you choose, then either alert you or automatically open a position. Also, an EA can apply money management once your position is open, such as stop losses, take profits, trailing stops and break evens.

For instance, you could utilise an EA to keep an eye on a few important markets based on a combination of technical analysis, price action and candlestick patterns. When it discovers a prospective trading signal, it will notify you. You can then make a decision if you would like to place a trade or wait for the next opportunity to arise. This is known as semi-automated trading, although most FTMO expert advisors are designed to do everything automatically, from market analysis to managing open positions with little to no human involvement.

The majority of traders utilise EAs primarily for forex trading. However, on your MT4/MT5 platform you can utilise them to trade any market that is accessible via your trading broker. You can use an EA to automatically trade forex, stocks, indices, commodities and cryptocurrencies.

The best FTMO EA’s will come with settings that have already been optimised and tested by the developer. This means that traders will not have to play around trying to figure out what settings to use for the FTMO challenge. That being said, you can always adjust the input variables according to your own preferences. This could include the position size, trading days, trading hours and key features such as the risk management.


What is an FTMO EA?

An FTMO EA is an automated trading strategy that has been developed specifically to pass the FTMO trader challenge. It works exactly the same as any other expert advisor, but has taken into consideration the FTMO evaluation process objectives and restrictions. This is to make sure that it can pass the FTMO challenge for a funded account by achieving the profit target without breaching any of the rules such as the maximum drawdown and trading period.

In theory, you could use any prop firm expert advisor, even if it has not been designed to be used with FTMO. This is because most prop firm EA’s will have fully customisable settings which you can adjust to ensure that you follow the rules of your trading account challenge, regardless of the proprietary trading firm you are using. However, it is always more convenient to use a trading robot that is intended for FTMO as it saves time trying to configure settings.


Best FTMO EA Overall: Forex Flex EA

One of the best FTMO robots for MT4/MT5 on the market for many years is the Forex Flex EA. It is supported by actual, proven results and has fantastic support from a developer who has devoted more than 10 years to ensuring that it endures in the face of constantly shifting markets. The new and improved Forex Flex FTMO EA was developed to concentrate its trading strategy to match the FTMO trading conditions. You can even continue using Flex EA to trade on the funded account if you win the challenge.

Connecting the Forex Flex EA to the recommended charts and selecting the strategy you want to apply is the simplest method to use it to succeed at the FTMO challenges. Everything else is already planned out to be done for you. The system includes characteristics that helps to ensure it makes every effort to meet all of the FTMO prop firm standards. For instance, it will automatically create a minimum lot size transaction each day until it has traded for the needed minimum of 10 days, even if it achieves the profit target but hasn’t. Once the profit target has been reached and all other conditions have been met, trading will end. These are just some of the many benefits that the Forex Flex FTMO EA can offer.

Forex Flex FTMO EA Challenge Results

The Forex Flex EA is one of the only expert advisors that actually provides real evidence of it passing the FTMO challenge. As you can see in the screenshot below, it was successful across the board and met the profit goal in a reasonable 18 days. It was significantly below the daily and yearly maximum losses. The intended profit was exceeded. The fact that there were 64 transactions with an average risk to reward ratio of 1:1 demonstrates that this was not a fluke and that the EA uses a reliable trading approach that can pass consistency requirements with flying colours.

Forex Flex Prop EA Challenge Results
Forex Flex Prop EA Challenge Results

Forex Flex FTMO EA Challenge Results 2

If evidence of the Forex Flex FTMO EA passing one challenge isn’t enough for you, don’t worry – the develop has provided another to fill you with confidence. During the FTMO Challenge trading period below, you can see that the Forex Flex EA traded 10 trading days and hence the aim for a minimum of 10 trading days was met. It opened a total of 23 positions and traded an average of 2.3 positions per day. This is a respectable trading volume that demonstrated consistency rather than simply a few fortunate trades. Ten sessions of the evaluation period saw changes to the account balance. Throughout the duration of the FTMO Challenge, the average successful day was $121.70, thus it never experienced a loss day, which is fantastic!

Forex Flex Prop EA Challenge Results 2
Forex Flex Prop EA Challenge Results 2

The success percentage was exceptionally high at 86.96%. A positive RRR (Reward to Risk ratio) with a value of 1.67 accompanied this win rate. It is crucial to note that the trading outcomes have a positive RRR, which is typically a sign of a successful and methodical trader. The typical winning trade returned $60.18, while the typical losing deal returned -$36.06. The ratio of the maximum profit realised (Max. profit) of $245.20 to the maximum loss realised (Max. loss) of -80.30 is 3.05, which denotes a favourable ratio. Throughout the duration of the evaluation, a total profit of $1,095.33 was made.

  • Fully automated forex robot
  • Can trade on multiple currency pairs
  • Highly customisable settings
  • Compatible with MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5
  • News filter
  • Members forum
  • 12 trading strategies in one
  • Broker protection features
  • Currency exposure filters
  • Dynamic money management
  • Multiple verified Myfxbook accounts
  • 99% modelling quality backtests
  • Evidence of passing FTMO challenges
  • Lots of options may overwhelm some users


Best Grid Trading FTMO EA: Waka Waka EA

Due in large part to its amazing performance on the MQL EA market, the Waka Waka EA has recently become one of the top FTMO EAs. This is another trading robot for the MT4/MT5 platform that employs a special algorithm created to attempt and take advantage of current market inefficiencies. The EA blends price action analysis with technical indicators like the Bollinger Bands and Relative Strength Index. In order to make wise trade selections, it can recognise both range-bound and trending market circumstances.

Waka Waka EA
Waka Waka EA

The developer’s verified real account results that have been shared are one of the Waka Waka EA’s key selling features. You can examine the statistics and get a sense of how it has performed in recent market situations to see if it is the right prop trading EA for passing the FTMO challenge. It has been designed to trade in the AUD/CAD, AUD/NZD, and NZD/CAD currency pairs on the 15-minute chart timeframe. You might want to consider using a forex broker with tight spread and low fees like IC Markets when trading using these currency pairings.

To ensure that you are adhering to the goals and rules of the FTMO prop firm challenge, you can alter every Waka Waka EA setting. This covers all of the crucial components of money management and gives clear directions to make things simple to understand. It’s crucial to understand that this forex robot does employ a grid trading approach. Thus, you should confirm that grid trading is still permitted with FTMO before proceeding.

  • MetaTrader 4 u0026amp; MetaTrader 5
  • Customisable Settings
  • Multiple Currency Pairs
  • Any Forex Broker
  • Combination of Market Analysis
  • Detailed Instructions
  • Dedicated Support
  • Verified Results
  • Back Tests
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Grid Trading Strategy
  • Potentially High Drawdowns
  • Expensive Compared to other Prop Firm EA’s


Best Forex FTMO EA: Forex Robotron EA

One of the top forex robots for MetaTrader 4 that is supported by real verified trading accounts that have been active for many years is the Forex Robotron EA. It has been under development for more than 15 years in order to guarantee that it is continually enhanced and tailored to the demands of the current market conditions. Tick data backtests demonstrate the Forex Robotron EA’s outstanding performance over a period of 20 years of historical data. To ensure the results in the MetaTrader strategy tester are as accurate as possible, they included real variable spreads and commission.

Forex Robotron EA Results

The Forex Robotron EA can be used to overcome the FTMO challenge. In the five-minute chart timeframes, it trades numerous currency pairs. You can change any necessary parameters based on the needs of your FTMO account because they are all made available as external inputs. The maximum risk, stop loss, take profit, trading days, trading hours, and more are all included. Excellent customer service is offered, and the developer can even customise the EA should you have some of your own ideas that you would like to implement.

  • Fully automated forex robot
  • Can trade on multiple currency pairs
  • Customisable settings
  • Years of real live verified results
  • 99% modelling quality backtests
  • Universal settings so not over-optimized
  • Unlimited licenses
  • Very reasonably priced
  • Works best on brokers with tight spreads and low commission fees
  • MetaTrader 4 only


Best Scalping FTMO EA: Forex Scalping EA

One of the top forex scalping robots that also trades on the MT4 platform is the Forex Scalping EA. The major currency pairs it may trade include EUR/USD, GBP/USD, and USD/JPY. The ability of the developed trading technique to employ the same parameters on all currency pairs highlights its strength. This indicates that, unlike many other forex robots, it is not excessively optimised for particular data sets. On the Forex Scalping EA website, there are plenty of back tests that will give you an idea of performance based on past data.

Forex Scalping EA Results

Any prop firm that accepts EAs and scalping techniques can employ this forex expert advisor, including FTMO. It often retains deals for a short period of time and has a dynamic closing condition that will attempt to adjust to the state of the market. All of the major settings, including money management, trading days and hours, are completely customizable, just like with the other top FTMO EA’s.

  • Fully automated forex scalping robot
  • Can run on multiple currency pairs
  • Customisable settings
  • Very reasonable price
  • Unlimited licenses
  • Verified Myfxbook results
  • Backtests over almost 20 years
  • Works better on brokers with tight spreads and low commission fees
  • MetaTrader 4 platform only


Best Prop Firm EA: POW Banker EA

The POW Banker EA guarantee you funding so you can then use their strategies on your funded account and start making withdrawals from your funded accounts. There are hundreds of positive customer reviews talking about how this prop firm EA has helped them to get funded and make withdrawals, with proof to back this up. You can see verified Myfxbook accounts showing the latest results of this top prop firm EA on the POW Banker EA website.

Pow Banker EA Results


Best MetaTrader FTMO EA: Forex Gump EA

The Forex Gump EA is a fully automated multi-currency forex robot for the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and MetaTrader 5 (MT5) desktop platforms. This trading software can also be set up to work partially automatically, in which case it will only notify you via the MetaTrader platform, email, or SMS when something happens. The decision to manually execute the trade or not is then yours.

Forex Gump EA Results
Forex Gump EA Results

You can choose from four different parameters for the Forex Gump EA to try to succeed in your FTMO prop challenge. There are settings for high, middle or low risk, and conservative trading. To comply with the regulations of the FTMO prop firm, you can select the robot’s maximum loss. The proprietary trading algorithm is built on a multi-currency strategy for trading up to 25 currency pairings on a timescale ranging from one minute to a day. With the help of this multi-timeframe research, it is possible to acquire a comprehensive view of the currency market and prevent false signals.

  • Fully automated forex robot
  • Can trade on multiple currency pairs and timeframes
  • Customisable settings
  • Dynamic trading strategies
  • Verified Myfxbook results
  • No backtests
  • MetaTrader platforms only


How to choose the best FTMO EA?

When deciding which FTMO EA is the best, there are a few obvious things to look for. The main thing will be the trading strategy that it uses to make sure that it is allowed in the FTMO rules. You will then want to see if there are any backtests, verified real results and evidence that show how well the trading robot has performed and if it has previously passed the FTMO challenge.

Here are some things to consider when you are choosing an EA for trading with FTMO:

Trading Strategies

Check the trading strategy is allowed by FTMO which shouldn’t really be a problem as they let you have complete control over your trading activity. They have no justification for limiting or restricting your trading strategies, including algorithmic trading, EAs, news trading, weekend trading, hedging and discretionary trading. There are no restrictions on your trading style or plan as long as it is legal, complies with current market circumstances, and can be replicated on FTMO funded accounts.

Trading Instruments

Even though your choice of trading instruments or position size is unrestricted by FTMO, you will want to make sure that all the instruments and resources are accessible on your trading platform. With FTMO, there is an excellent choice of financial instruments. You can trade forex, indices, commodities, stocks and cryptocurrencies. With them, you have total freedom. They are pleased to see you profit alongside them if your FTMO expert advisor is successful while adhering to the laws.

Trading Period

The initial step of the FTMO challenge trading period lasts up to 30 days with the option of a 40 days add-on. The second verification step lasts 60 days. There is a minimum of 10 trading days on both. Once you make it to the FTMO trader funded account, there are no such limitations. In order to stay within the 60-day limit, you will probably want to consider a day trading strategy as a couple of trades per month might not be enough to achieve the profit targets in time.

Maximum Loss

The FTMO challenges have a maximum daily loss and maximum overall loss. If you surpass these levels, then you will fail the challenge and need to start again. The maximum overall loss in dollar value depends on your account size but is 10% of the overall balance, whilst the daily loss is lower at 5% of the balance. This is fair and pretty standard in the prop firm industry. You will want to make sure that your prop firm EA has filters to close positions if these limits are close to being reached.

Profit Target

The FTMO challenges have a quite high profit target of 10% during step 1 but it does reduce to just 5% during step 2 which should be fairly achievable for the top FTMO EA’s. You can always check statistics of historical performance to get an idea of how the EA trades and whether it can achieve these profit targets in the allocated trading period whilst not passing the maximum loss allowed.

Verified Results

When looking for a trading robot, once of the most important things to look for are verified results on a real trading account. This will give you an idea of how the EA has been performing in recent market conditions. The further back the results go, the better. This is because you will have a larger data set to analyse statistics. You will want to check the drawdown, profit factor, average win vs average loss, trade duration, trading instruments and any other stats that are important when taking part in the FTMO challenge. Keep in mind that past results do not mean that future results will be the same.


In addition to real verified results, EA backtesting is another thing to look for. This is a simulated trading statement that gives us a rough idea of how a particular automated trading system may have performed based on historical data. There is some limitation to backtesting in the MetaTrader strategy tester, including lack of real spreads and commission fees. These are both factors that can have a major impact on trading results. That being said, backtests over many years of data on all of the relevant trading instruments for the EA is better than nothing. Just remember, past results are by no means any guarantee or indication of what will happen in the future.


Can I use an EA on FTMO?

Yes, FTMO do accept EA’s on during the evaluation process and on funded accounts. If you plan to employ trading robots (also known as expert advisors, or EAs), be aware that if you use an EA from a third party, other traders may already be utilising the same EA and, consequently, the exact same method. If you use a third-party EA and go over the maximum capital allocation limit, you can run the risk of having your FTMO account denied.

Please be aware that the FTMO platform servers can only handle 200 orders at a time and a maximum of 2000 positions per day, as well as limited server communications (orders and order revisions such updating TP/SL and updating limit orders). They may notify you and request that you modify the EA logic or strategy parameters if your EA produces excessive activity on a platform server.

Please be cautious of risky trading methods that have little in common with ethical trading. FTMO reserve the right to take the necessary steps to reduce risk if they discover deliberate actions or a Modus Operandi being used on numerous accounts. This could take the form of eliminating the opposing positions, rebalancing the account, lowering leverage, or closing the account entirely and stopping all of their cooperation. You should trade sensibly and demonstrate your competitive edge and consistency for them to be impressed.

The best FTMO robots have already taken any of the trading limitations into account so you should not have any problems provided you stick to the rules and meet the objectives within the given restrictions.


Why should I use an FTMO EA?

FTMO are widely regarded as one of the best prop trading firms in the industry. Being a trader is a challenging way to make a living. You can manage the FTMO Account with an initial amount of up to $400,000 with the help of the FTMO prop trading firm. If you make money on the FTMO Account, the proprietary trading firm will keep 10% to 20% of the gains and will split the remaining 90% with you. It is important to keep in mind that this is the best-case scenario and that traders may occasionally experience losing streaks. Trading is generally a risky endeavour.

Trading for FTMO has another advantage in that you won’t be held accountable for losses, if any. In the event that something goes wrong, the proprietary trading company will reimburse all losses on the FTMO Account. If you actually have nothing to lose, you shouldn’t be afraid of losing.

As traders themselves, FTMO are aware that becoming a successful trader requires more than just having access to sufficient funds. The success of prop traders directly reflects the success of the business. Therefore, it serves in their interests that traders can trade in the most favourable circumstances.

FTMO Traders are welcome to occasionally schedule a free consultation with a performance coach. Also, traders at FTMO will get broad access to cutting-edge Trading Apps, which can improve their competitiveness in the market. They will also assess your trading accounts and provide thorough feedback.

Then there is the discipline of trading. With the FTMO Account, you cannot be too lenient. You will trade under more simpler conditions when they closely monitor your trading outcomes. Although their guidelines are not overly harsh, they would nonetheless avert a catastrophe if you wanted to go off the rails. No more excessive trading, retaliatory trading, excessive leverage, etc. Because of this, once you begin trading with FTMO, you can learn how to manage risk much better.

Another problem that traders have is the infamous “keep and grow or withdraw and go” dilemma. Do you like to enjoy your well-earned profit instead of compounding your account? You can do both at FTMO. Up to 90% of the profit share will be paid out by FTMO each month. If you continuously make money, they will occasionally add more balance to your FTMO Account. You can use their excellent scaling plan to get paid while expanding concurrently.

Last but not least, you will receive a return of the initial cost you paid along with the first profit split from the FTMO Account.

  • One-time fee only (no recurrent charges or other fees)
  • No limits or restrictions on your trading style
  • Choice of platforms (MT4, MT5, cTrader)
  • Access to some handy trading apps designed to help you with risk management and profit maximization
  • Trade Forex, Commodities, Indices, Crypto, Stocks, Bonds
  • No limits on the volume traded (lot size)
  • Leverage up to 1:100
  • FTMO’s scaling plan allows their most skilled traders access to up to $2 million of trading capital
  • A thorough account analysis for every account
  • The fee will be reimbursed to you with the first Profit Split
  • Customer Support in 17 languages
  • The most trusted and reputable Prop Trading Firm in the industry
  • So many traders have used FTMO over the years that there is an incredible amount of trader-generated resources available, including lots of great advice on how to pass the FTMO Challenge
  • Strict requirements for the test period
  • Steep 10% profit target for the first step of the FTMO evaluation, however, it eventually drops to 5% for the second verification stage
  • FTMO keeps all traders on demo accounts, even those that have passed the FTMO Challenge and become fully funded
  • In order to receive a funded account, traders must first pass the FTMO Challenge, followed by a verification stage


Final Thoughts

Taking part in a prop trading challenge and managing a funded account with an FTMO EA can be a great way to generate profits without doing any work. There will be an initial evaluation phase which you can run your expert advisor during for a very competitive one-off fee. If you pass this stage, you can get access to a funded account scaled all the way up to $2,000,000 with a large 90% profit share. FTMO traders are not responsible for account losses but should always follow the rules whether trading manually or using automated trading systems.

There are many FTMO robots to choose from, whether they are designed especially for this prop firm or for private trading. We have provided our best FTMO EA on this page but you should always do your own research and make sure that you choose an FTMO EA that you feel comfortable with. Key things to look out for including verified results, compliance with the FTMO rules, customisable settings and excellent support. You can download our free prop firm EA if you want to create your own automated prop trading system.

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