Apex Trader Funding Review

Apex Trader Funding are committed to changing lives through a funding program with simple rules that has paid out millions to traders and is backed by great customer service. Funded accounts have a 100% profit share on the first $25k.

Apex Trader Funding Review


Apex Trader Funding are a group of traders who are devoted to assisting traders in making profitable trades. Darrell Martin, a rancher and day trader, created the prop firm way back in 2008. Since then, he has attracted over 30,000 traders from over 150 nations to his successful trading community. Traders Helping Traders is the motto. They set out to develop a better model based on experience after exploring and testing every fundraising firm they could find. Darrell Martin set out to create a better trading model where he was not capped after achieving success in trading models and receiving $300,000 in rewards from only one funding business.

To enable you to advance to a performance account and receive payment, Apex Trader Funding provide you with one of the most straightforward to pass, least expensive, highest contract plans available. They don’t impose restrictions on traders during special days, holding positions throught breaking news, or other onerous regulations. 23 hours a day, from 6 p.m. one day to 4:59 p.m. the next day ET, are your trading hours. The prop firm don’t have plans that scale you back or put restrictions like daily drawdowns to get you out. The funding programmes limit your contracts to a maximum number without penalising you for exceeding your permitted number. They allow you the freedom to conduct business as you see fit.

Apex Trader Funding Website
Apex Trader Funding Website

Apex Trader Funding have done everything they can to remove as many of the challenges off your path to success. The criteria are straightforward: reach your profit target without hitting your drawdown while day trading for up to 23 hours a day. No regulations are buried deep in the terms. You are allowed to have multiple accounts, to spread risk and potentially increase profits.

With sincere care and concern for your success, they strive to be a valuable resource for you. They invite you to join them and stick around for the long haul because they are there to help you.

  • Great choice of evaluation programs
  • No daily drawdown
  • Real-time data included
  • No total cap on max payout
  • 2 Payouts per month
  • 100% profit share on the first $25k
  • Free NinjaTrader license
  • No free trials
  • Do not allow news trading strategies
  • Do not allow automated trading systems
  • Limited trading instruments
  • No MetaTrader platforms

Apex Trader Funding Review


Traders receive financing after completing one of the evaluation programmes successfully. Apex Trader Funding work hard to give you the best chance to get finance through their company. It is in their own interest that traders are successful as they get a share of the profits.

This is for traders who don’t have the necessary funds or don’t want to put their investments at risk. You can achieve your profit objective without a lot of pointless regulations thanks to the ease with which the funding programmes are evaluated. This increases your chances of receiving money compared to some other prop firms with a stricter set of rules such as Fidelcrest.

Trading Plans

Apex Trader Funding have a great selection of trading plans, with 8 options to cater for all different types of traders. Regardless of your trading strategy and money management, there is likely to be a plan for everyone.

Starting capital for an Apex Funded account ranges from $25,000 to $300,000. This is the balance at the beginning of your simulated trading environment using live data. You would want around that much money in your online brokerage account to cover the initial margin for the largest position size permitted by the programme. You have the chance to turn a modest sum of money into a highly leveraged real money trading account if you are a good trader.

Plan25K Full50K Full75K Full100K Full150K Full250K Full300K Full100k Static
Contracts4 (20 micros)10 (20 micros)12 (24 micros)14 (28 micros)17 (34 micros)27 (54 micros)35 (70 micros)2 (20 micros)
Profit Target$1,500$3,000$4,250$6,000$9,000$15,000$20,000$2,000
Trailing Treshold$1,500$2,500$2,750$3,000$5,000$6,500$7,500None
Scaling PenaltyNoneNoneNoneNoneNoneNonNon$625
Daily DrawdownNoneNoneNoneNoneNoneNoneNoneNone
Monthly Price$147$167$187$207$297$517$657$137
Price with SAVE50 Coupon$73.50$83.50$93.50$103.50$148.50$258.50$328.50$68.50
Apex Trader Funding Plans

Contracts: Number of futures contracts that can be traded in your trading exam account, or the maximum position size. You can exchange one at a time rather than having to trade full size all at once. Additionally, you can now trade micro contracts (for instance, MES/MNQ, which are ten times smaller than ES/NQ) if the market becomes too irrational. Next to the full contract size is a list of the maximum number of futures micro contracts.

Profit Goal: Quite simple, achieve the profit goal, and as soon as you place a trade during 7 distinct trading days and have an account balance that is funded above your starting balance plus your profit goal, you will advance to the funded money account to engage in real-money trading.

Daily Drawdown: No daily drawdown occurs. There are some competitors who force you to abide by daily and perhaps weekly account withdrawals. You have all the breathing room necessary to trade with just one drawdown or trailing Threshold thanks to Apex Trader Funding.

Trailing Threshold: Maximum drawdown permitted for a trading exam account, often known as a trailing threshold. The amount behind your maximum obtained balance is known as the drawdown. Consider a 300k account with a 7.5k drawdown, for instance. The balance cannot drop below 292.5K while beginning out. The drawdown increases in tandem with your gains. The maximum level to which you can drawdown is 295.5K if the balance reaches 303K.

Minimum Trading Days: Seven trading days are the minimum required to qualify. Trade days are characterised as having trading times that vary from 6 p.m. to 5 p.m. on one day. Half-day trading holidays are applied to the next day.

Tracking Threshold: You won’t need to be concerned about daily drawdown if you use their live trailing threshold. Instead, you can use the trading software to see this in real time.

Trade Any Day: 23 Hours A Day: From 6:59 ET to 4:59 ET on holidays and throughout the news, trades may be executed. The closing time for trades is 4:59 PM ET. Additionally, all active orders must be revoked.

Maximum Position Size: In funded or test accounts, you are not restricted from trading more contracts. You can increase your position size to the maximum allowed.

News Trading: Trading your regular system while the news is being announced won’t make you fail. Unfortunately, profits cannot be produced by news trading strategies, including multi-directional and directional news entries.

One-step Assessment: If your profit target is reached before your maximum drawdown of seven trading days, you will be qualified.

Apex Trader Funding Plans
Apex Trader Funding Plans

Evaluation Accounts

The profit goal on the evaluation account is pretty simple. You just need to make the desired profit, and as soon as you place a deal during 7 separate trading days and have a funded account balance over starting balance plus profit target, you advance to funded money account and can trade for real money gains.

  • Trade full size contracts
  • Only 1 evaluation step of 7 trading days
  • No scaling requirements
  • If you trade too many contracts it simply rejects the trade it does not fail you
  • No daily drawdowns
  • Trade on holidays
  • Trade during the news
  • A simple rule manage risk with a large live trailing threshold
  • Trade any strategy that best suits you
  • Include free real time data
  • Get multiple accounts to spread risk and increase profits
  • Least expensive reset fee
  • Available globally where allowed by law
  • Free Ninja License

Paid Performance Accounts

Successful traders are provided a funded trader contract and asked to pay a set up and data charge after the system determines that the Profit Target and Min Day Traded requirements have been satisfied. Contracts generally follow payout instructions and funded account rules. There is no need for extremely intrusive questions and disclosures, as with certain rivals.

  • Once you pass your evaluation you get a paid performance account
  • Free Ninja License save $75 month included free
  • Free live data save $55 a month
  • Start with full size account with no size restrictions like scaling
  • Get paid 100% of your first $25,000 profit
  • Then get paid 90% of your profits thereafter

Apex Trader Funding Review


Minimum Trading Days

You can qualify after just seven trading days. A trade day is defined as 6 PM on one day and 5 PM on the following. Holidays with half a trade day count toward the following day.

Daily Drawdown

No daily drawdown occurs. Competitors force you to abide by daily and perhaps weekly account withdrawals. You have all the breathing room necessary to trade with just one drawdown or trailing

Trailing Drawdown

Threshold thanks to Apex Trader Funding. Daily drawdown is never a concern because of the live trailing threshold. The Rithmic RTrader software they provide you with allows you to view this in real time.

Trading Hours

From 6 p.m. ET to 4:59 p.m. ET on holidays and throughout the news, you can trade. The deadline for closing trades and cancelling pending orders is 4:59 PM ET.

Maximum Position Size

Trading up to the maximum position size is acceptable. Your positions are limited by the system, so you will never be barred from trading additional contracts in funded or evaluation accounts.

News Trading

You won’t fail because you switched from your regular daily routine during a news announcement. News trading strategies, as well as directional, multidirectional, and pre-news entries for any form of windfalls, are not allowed. News trading in any way, shape or form, of any kind, directional or straddles, strangles, riding the initial news “burst” , getting in right before or after news to ride a potential wave is strictly prohibited.

Automated Trading

On the PA or Prop Accounts, AI, Auto Bots, Algos, Fully Automated Trading Bots or software, HFTs, or any other automated trading is not allowed. The use of “Semi Automated” software is permitted when accompanied with constant trader oversight.

This means that the trader must be physically present while managing the entries, settings, and trades on a semi-automated software that assists in the placement of a trade based on a set of rules. The trader must also manually and physically monitor and adjust the software for market movements, longs, shorts, pausing, news awareness, market conditions, etc. Fully comprehending the system’s entry, stop, take profit, and trail rules, as well as manually modifying for each while keeping an eye on the market as a whole.

The semi-automation is merely there to speed up entry; it is in no way intended to function as an automated trading system. Take Markers Plus for NinjaTrader 8, as an example. Any type of hands-off, set-and-forget, set-and-walk-away, continuous trading throughout the day and night, full automated trading bot or software, algo, HFT, system, or other similar automation is strictly prohibited and will result in the closure of a PA or Prop account and the forfeiture of all funds and balances.

Simple Target

You can qualify if you reach your profit goal before you experience your maximum drawdown after seven trading days.


Again, obtaining a real funded account with withdrawable funds is a major benefit of dealing with Apex Trader. Many rivals urge you to scale your positions, size up when you turn a profit, and they’ll try to catch you if the balance is in the wrong position sizing bracket for breaking the contract sizing restrictions. You are free to trade as many contracts as are permitted starting with the first trade with this prop firm.


The first $25K will be handed out to traders in whole, without having to share it with the Apex Trader Funding prop business. Many businesses assert that they allow traders to keep the first specific amount of money entirely to themselves, but they should emphasise that this is per trader.

Once you reach that sum total across all of the accounts, if you have numerous accounts funded with those prop firms, you will need to start splitting the gains. However, for each funded account you have with Apex Trader Funding, you will receive 100% of the first $25K in payments. As a result, if you have four accounts and they are all profitable to the tune of $25K, Apex will pay you $100K without requesting a portion. You can do the math since Apex policy allows for a maximum of 20 PA accounts to be open at once.

There is a monthly limit of two payouts. You can request two payments in a month because of the requirement for a 10-day trading period between payouts. The process goes as follows:

  • You qualify for a PA account
  • You trade under the PA account for at least 10 days (if you have requested before, you must have 10 days in between requests)
  • You reach a minimum balance to request a withdrawal
  • You submit a request
  • Apex receives the request
  • Apex reviews the request
  • Apex approves the request
  • You receive the payout


If you reach the drawdown and the assessment is unsuccessful. For only $80, you may start afresh and reset it. Similar to that, you can restart for just $80 and get aggressive with big accounts. It’s not the best course of action for a disciplined trading path, but you can use this programme to try it.

Apex Trader Funding Review


Why should you choose Apex Trader Funding?

  • Receive 100% of the first $25,000 per Account and 90% Beyond That
  • Two Payouts per Month
  • Qualify in as Little as 7 Days
  • Trade Full-Sized Contracts in Evaluations or Funded Accounts
  • No Scaling or Failing by Going Over Contract Size
  • No Daily Drawdowns
  • Trade on Holidays
  • Trade Your Normal Day to Day Strategy or System During the News
  • No Total Cap on Maximum Payout
  • One-Step Evaluation Process
  • Real-Time Data Included
  • Simple Risk Management Rules
  • Trade with Multiple Accounts up to a maximum of 20


The recommended trading platform for this prop firm is NinjaTrader although you can also use Rithmic RTrader Pro and 14 platform that your Rithmic login can work with.


The NinjaTrader platform is ideal for active traders who want lots of technical analysis tools. The platform boasts excellent charting, real-time analysis, customizable technical indicators, Chart Trader (a chart-based order entry tool), and thousands of apps and add-ons from 3rd-party developers. NinjaTrader’s lease for just the platform is $225 quarterly. So here, you get a chance to get funding for the cost of software alone.


Rithmic RTrader Pro

R | Trader Pro™ is Rithmic’s own front-end trading and real-time risk management screen. With R | Trader Pro™ you can view quotes, trades, market depth and option strikes in real-time. You can place, modify and cancel orders, and view order history, performance, positions and risk limits.

Rithmic RTrader Pro
Rithmic RTrader Pro


In the Apex funding program, you get immediate access to all the live data, including the most popular products from CBOT, CME, COMEX, NYMEX. You can trade a reasonable selection of financial instruments with Apex Trader including Equity Futures, Interest Rate Futures, Currency Futures, Agricultural Futures, Energy Futures, Metal Futures, Micro Futures and Cryptocurrencies. However, they are lacking in stocks. If that is an asset class that you are interested in then you might want to consider SurgeTrader as an alternative option.


Apex Trader excels in this area as well because its commissions are competitive with those offered by online brokers. Some of their competitors’ overcharge for commissions, particularly when it comes to disciplining scalpers. For trading while using the Apex evaluation account, commissions are assessed, just like in actual trading. Round-trip commissions are as follows:

  • Equity Index Futures: $3.98 bet round turn
  • Interest Rate futures: $3.12-4.02 / RT
  • Currency Futures are $4.72 per round turn trade
  • AG Futures: $5.58 RT
  • Energy Futures: $3.96
  • Metals: $4.62 for full contracts and $3.02 for the minis
  • Micro Futures: $1.02/RT or less
Maximum capital$300,000
Profit splitUp to 100%
News tradingNo
Weekend tradingNo
Automated tradingNo
Free trialNo
Maximum leverageN/A
Apex Trader Funding Features

Apex Trader Funding Review


Overall, there is a lot to like about Apex Trader Funding. This prop firm has been active in the trader development and education market for over a decade which shows they are certainly doing something right. They have a sizable trading network that spans the majority of the globe with over 30,000 aspiring traders. The company’s founder, Darrell Martin, has worked with other prop trading firms and therefore has learned what works so that you may get simple funded account rules without having to clear too many hurdles.

There is a great choice of evaluation accounts and a generous profit share once you qualify for a funded account by following some basic trading conditions that are certainly achievable for the skilled traders amongst you. This is backed by evidence of trader payouts and excellent customer support. However, it would be great if they could support the MetaTrader platform and add some individual stock instruments. Other than that, they are currently one of the top prop firms in the industry.

8.3Expert Score
Apex Trader Funding Rating

Apex Trader Funding are committed to changing lives through a funding program with simple rules that has paid out millions to traders and is backed by great customer service. Funded accounts have a 100% profit share on the first $25k.


Apex Trader Funding Review


Are performance accounts live?

For performance accounts, they use real-time data. Because many traders might quickly burn a performance account, they start out in demo, but you still get paid the same way. So, this is done to safeguard both the business and you, the customer. When they notice consistency, they use an API to duplicate the trades into a prop account. You get added to a live prop account if they notice long-term consistency from you.

What happens if I fail a Paid Performance Account?

An unsuccessful Paid Performance account cannot be reset. The account will be automatically closed along with the ongoing PA cost. To ensure that you are not charged again, you might want to log into your members section and double check whether the recurring PA fee has been cancelled. After that, you can return and register for another evaluation account to re-enter the procedure. You can still try again even if your PA account failed the first time.

How many Funded Accounts am I allowed to have?

There is no limit to evaluation accounts. accounts: You can have 20 Performance Accounts in total. That includes personal within the same household and LLC accounts regardless of address.

Are there any other requirements to get funded except passing the test?

There are no other requirements. To obtain an Evaluation Account or a PA Account, there are no asset requirements, credit checks, background checks, etc. When it comes time to move into a Live Funded Prop account, the same kind of documentation needed to open a typical broker account directly will be required, including with background check requirements.

What is the Max Position Size on Regular Contracts and Micros?

The max position size is limited to the number of contracts for the plan you choose. This applies across all instruments and positions. For example, if your max is 10, you can be long 7 on ES and short 3 on GC for a total of 10. If you go over, the order will be rejected.

How many days, how often, am I required to trade after I get funded?

There is no required number of trading days after you get funded. Trade as little or often as you want.

After failing the funded account, do I keep NinjaTrader license or give it back?

You would need to restart an evaluation account and they will give you a key. The key is not a lifetime key. It goes with the account.

I passed my evaluation have hit my profit target and 7 days what’s next?

Once you pass your evaluation there is nothing for you to do. They will email you with the contract and payment link within 2 business day or less after the 7th day.

How to reset an account?

You will receive the error message “Trades Can only Be Placed By Administrator” if you violated one of the Evaluation’s rules, such as when you exceeded the drawdown threshold (max loss). You can buy a reset if you want to keep trading on your trial account during the subscription period. By doing this, you will be able to start over with a full balance, a full trailing drawdown, and no days traded.

Are there any other fees besides the monthly fees?

No, you receive an Evaluation Account with all tracking, data feed, and NinjaTrader Platform License Key capabilities when you pay the monthly Evaluation Fee. To trade the Evaluation account, you don’t need to make any additional purchases.

What is the maximum time to pass?

There is no upper limit. You have as much time as necessary to become eligible. The account can be reset as often as necessary. To qualify and demonstrate consistency in trading abilities, you only need to trade for a minimum of 7 distinct, unique trading days, meet the profit target, and follow the rules.

What is the age requirement for an Evaluation and Funded Account?

You must be 18 years old or older.

Do I have to trade every day during my test period?

No, you are not prohibited from taking days off. You only need a minimum of 7 days with transactions, which do not have to happen in a straight line but can instead be spaced out over time. You may choose to take 7, 7, or 7 months. There is no set amount of time that you must be eligible for. Every 30 days as long as you need the Evaluation account, there will be recurring payments. The account can be reset as often as necessary. However, regardless of how long it takes you overall to qualify, you must have traded for a minimum of 7 days.

Can traders from any country participate?

Over 100 countries are available to participate in the services offered by Apex Trader Funding but there is an extensive list of countries that they cannot accept traders from on the website.

Are there refunds?

There are no refunds in whole or in part for any purchase made through the website. This is because they incur costs as soon as you subscribe, so they are unable to provide refunds.
Apex Trader Funding Review
Apex Trader Funding Review
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