Alphachain Traders Review

Alphachain Traders provide training and accredited funded trader programmes to hundreds of traders all over the globe.

Alphachain Traders Review


Alphachain Traders is a prop firm that started out hiring prop traders onto its modern London trading floor in 2019. By 2020 they decided to go completely remote and invested in a collaborative and immersive remote trading environment to enable them to attract some of the best trading talent from around the world.

They think that talent development is important. For this reason, regardless of your experience or educational background, they have developed a distinctive career development pathway using live capital to build skilled prop traders. Your commitment, concentration, and capacity for making sound decisions under duress are what matter most to them.

The Alphachain Traders courses are taught by seasoned institutional traders and licenced financial technicians, and they offer guaranteed live funded accounts and CPD (Continuing Professional Development) certification. Display your trading prowess to become an Alphachain Traders Funded Trader.

Applicants who are selected to participate in the tough Global Trader training programme are given a guaranteed $20,000 trading account to trade four asset classes: foreign exchange, cryptocurrencies, commodities, and indices. In order to create great prop traders, they think that experience trading actual funds is a crucial step in the trader development process.

Alphachain Traders Website
Alphachain Traders Website


Adam Haeems, the company’s founder, was captivated by the volatile nature of the cryptocurrency markets in 2017. This inspired him to use his experience in institutional trading to profit from this developing market and gave him the inspiration to found one of London’s most prominent proprietary cryptocurrency trading firms.

Adam first majored in finance at Surrey University before receiving a scholarship offer to attend Cambridge University’s Judge Business School for the Master of Finance degree. After finishing his education, he started his work at Bank of America Merrill Lynch in London’s fixed income futures trading department before going on to a $1 billion global macro hedge fund. Adam joined BABB as the Chief Operational Officer after becoming interested in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. He then organised and successfully closed a $20 million token sale while expanding the workforce globally from 3 to over 40 employees. With a full-time work, he continued to trade bitcoins, building up a sizable cryptocurrency holding in the first year.

Adam’s expertise and experiences have allowed Alphachain Traders to revolutionise the Prop Trading and Trader Development sectors of the economy.

  • Scale up to $1,280,000
  • Excellent trading courses
  • Suitable for traders of all experience levels
  • Professional trading platforms
  • Good trading conditions
  • Vast array of financial instruments
  • Instant funding accounts
  • Get funded in 24 hours
  • CPD accredited training
  • They cover the risks
  • Top notch support
  • Leverage up to 1:100
  • Expensive programs
  • 50% profit share below industry average
  • Weekend holding and news trading not allowed
  • Minimum 30 trading days
  • No free trials

Alphachain Traders Review


Funded Trader Programme

Become a funded trader with Alphachain Traders. Display your trading prowess to get a funded trading account. The Alphachain Trader challenge may be for you if you have some trading expertise but are currently constrained by a lack of funds.

By demonstrating your aptitude as a prop trader through a straightforward two-stage evaluation process, the Alphachain Trader Challenge gives you the chance to earn a funded trading account.

By submitting an application, you can gain access to a $15,000 or $20,000 guaranteed funded account as an Alpha Funded Trader. You can be funded in 24 hours if approved. The one-time setup fee starts from £795 which is quite high compared to other prop trading firms but you do get a lot of support for your money.

You will also have an industry-leading 10% fixed drawdown limit and collect 50% of your trading gains. However, this is below what you can get from other top prop firms such as FTMO who have a generous 90% profit share in comparison.

Alphachain Traders provide two ways to fund a trading account with Alphachain: through an evaluation account or directly through funding. The Evaluation path requires you to start trading with a smaller account size before increasing it once you have reached your goal. The Direct Funding option, however, enables you to start with a higher account balance right away and begin earning money from your profits.

Alphachain Traders Journey
Alphachain Traders Journey

Direct Funding

You do not have to demonstrate your competence on the assessment account if you choose the direct funding option. Start trading right away on a trading account that is fully funded to begin collecting your portion of the profits.

If you have had any trading success, get in touch with them. They offer outstanding individuals a rare chance to trade on a funded account and become an Alpha Funded Trader.

Applicants that are approved into the Alpha Funded Trader programme account are given guaranteed funded accounts ranging in value from $5,000 to $40,000 to trade real money and start a career as a prop trader with Alphachain Traders.

$15k Starting Balance

  • One-time setup fee of £795 (inc VAT)
  • Leverage: 1/100
  • Max Lot Size: 0.5 lots
  • Initial Target: 10% (at each level)
  • Max Drawdown: 10% max (based on starting balance)
  • Profit Split: 50%
  • Weekly risk limit: 5%

$20k Starting Balance

  • One-time setup fee of £999 (inc VAT)
  • Leverage: 1/100
  • Max Lot Size: 0.75 lots
  • Initial Target: 10% (at each level)
  • Max Drawdown:10% max (based on starting balance)
  • Profit Split: 50%
  • Weekly risk limit: 5%

Global Trader Programme

Start trading on a $20k live account while learning to trade on a CPD Certified programme. The programme is a three-month, intensive, and structured vocational training course offered to prospective applicants who want to begin a career with Alphachain Capital as a funded proprietary trader. The programme offers gifted individuals a one-of-a-kind opportunity to gain extensive knowledge and real-world experience trading live capital in a top proprietary trading firm.

The course material combines a solid fundamental study with professional mentoring and live web seminars taught by senior traders with years of experience. Applicants that are accepted into the programme are given a $20,000 evaluation account to use for trading and the opportunity to start a career as a prop trader with Alphachain Traders.

In terms of targets, money allocation, and incentives, they provide total openness. Since this is a distant position, all traders in their international trading networks are independent contractors and have the option to choose how and where they work. As you may trade from the convenience of your own home, the programme can accommodate any lifestyle.

The global trader programme course is not cheap at £3,420 and it does last 3 months, therefore requires a significant commitment in terms of time and money. However, it can make the difference for anyone looking to start a successful career as a prop trader.

The selection process is based on passionate and driven individuals who meet the requirements. Those who are invited to join the programme will start their career as a successful prop trader with Alphachain Traders. The application process is extremely competitive because there are only a limited number of global traders funded accounts available on an ongoing basis.

MONTH 1: Theory & Practical Learning (WEEKS 1 & 2)

You’ll start the online “Intensive Strategies Course,” which covers risk management, advanced technical analysis, and custom trading techniques. You’ll learn how to develop short- and medium-term trading strategies as well as how to recognise complex technical patterns.

MONTH 1: Theory & Practical Learning (Weeks 3 & 4)

You’ll start applying everything you’ve learned to your demo account towards the end of the month. The most crucial phase is applying the knowledge and theory that has already been acquired. You’ll need to pick up using the trading and brokerage platform rapidly.

MONTH 2: Strategy Planning & Testing

By trading your strategies and conducting back-tests to develop statistical analysis on how well your strategy has performed in prior market situations, you will try to obtain as much exposure as possible during this month.

MONTH 3: Further testing & Assessment

Three months will be used for additional testing and evaluation. Now, using the lessons from the prior weeks as a guide, they will evaluate your trading performance on the practise account.

Trade Project

Over the course of the programme, a Trader Project will be completed by each trader. You will have the chance to present your results to the CEO and/or the Head of the Academy towards the end of the programme and receive honest comments on your work. The themes can mainly be chosen by the person and are typically focused on the creation of a new technical indicator or trading technique. The task will entail:

  • Apply comparative analysis between strategy back test and forward test
  • Solidify understanding of technical tools through R&D
  • Clarify trading approach through clearly defined goals and objectives
  • Outline trading edge through design and/or methodology

You will start working for Alphachain Traders as a funded trader after your training is finished.

Algorithmic Trader Programme

For anyone looking to begin a career as a funded proprietary algorithmic trader with Alphachain Traders, the Algorithmic Trader Programme is an intensive and organised three-month vocational training programme. A solid introduction to financial theory, trading algorithms, automated trading systems, and pertinent developing technologies is provided through the algorithmic trading model.

In addition to learning how theoretical trading models function and how to break into a quantitative analysis role at another financial organisation, this enables traders to create their own systematic trading methods. No prior coding knowledge is necessary because the training provides solid foundations in the subject.

This online course combines hands-on practise, a virtual classroom, live trading experience on a professional trading platform, in-depth video content, interactive webinars, expert mentorship, and algorithmic trading strategy development and deployment.

Just like the global trader programme course, this also costs £3,420 and it lasts for 3 months, therefore requires complete dedication for anyone who wants to learn about automated trading.

The selection process is based on passionate and driven individuals who meet the requirements. Those who are invited to join the programme will start their career as a successful prop trader with Alphachain Traders. The application process is extremely competitive because there are only a limited number of algorithmic funded accounts available on an ongoing basis.

Introduction to automated trading

The fundamentals of financial markets, the creation of a strategy and trading plan, and a comprehension of some of the most important technical indicators will all be covered in this subject.

Building successful algorithmic trading strategies

You’ll go over the essential components needed to create your trading strategy, such as defining it, running a back-test, using execution methods, managing risk, and the actions involved in actual trading.

Learn to code

You will learn how to use the TradingView platform, create your first algorithm, start coding a simple strategy, and create your first custom indicator here.

TradingView Pine Editor

Gaining a fundamental understanding of TradingView’s PineEditor feature. Learning more about the editor’s interaction with the code. Applying and evaluating your plan.

Coding your technical indicators

Here, you’ll discover how to design a variety of technical indicators, such as moving averages, ATR, Bollinger Bands, and RSI, as well as how to create simple trading strategies based on some of these trading tactics.

Backtesting and Forward-testing

You’ll improve the back-testing procedure. the results of changing different code settings and the effectiveness of your tactics after being tested in advance.

Automated Trading Strategies

Here, you will find more than 15 basic and complex pre-made trading methods that you may study, alter, and use as a starting point for creating your own unique trading strategy.

Live Trading

It’s time to launch! Employ your automated trading technique while following the risk-management policies to the funded Alphachain Capital accounts.

Forex Trader Programme

Due to the overwhelmingly high demand from traders, they are offering a forex trader program which is centred on trading the global foreign exchange (forex) markets. If you want to become a funded forex trader with a beginning funded account of $10,000, this is the method for you.

With $6.6 trillion changing hands on the world’s foreign exchange markets every day, currency is the largest traded asset type.

This specialised and organised trader development programme offers students a singular opportunity to gain extensive industry expertise and experience in the international FX markets inside a top proprietary trading organisation. With the help of your mentor, you will start using TradingView to analyse various charts in order to spot patterns and trading opportunities with the aim of executing winning trades that are in line with your personal trading strategy.

Using the industry-leading MT4 trading platform, you will trade major and minor currency markets like GBP/USD, EUR/USD, USD/JPY, USD/CAD, and many more. Comprehensive technical and fundamental analysis will be covered, and you’ll also build and backtest your own strategy from scratch. You will employ this tactic to maintain your own financed account.

Direct tips will be given to you by the CEO Adam Haeems, the head of the trading academy Gavin Pannu, the performance coach Ron Williams, and the knowledgeable trade mentors.

Cryptocurrency Trader Programme

You are given a $20k live trading account through the Crypto Algorithmic Program. You will be given all the instruction and information need to create, test, and use algorithmic trading methods on cryptocurrency exchanges. 50% of all earnings produced by successful traders will be given to them. Although not required, coding experience is useful. It is a unique 12-week immersive training that will provide you all the skills and information you need to succeed as a proprietary trader of algorithmic cryptocurrencies.

This rigorous course will assist you in creating, backtesting, and actually trading your own algorithmic trading strategy in the cryptocurrency markets once you have been approved into the programme. You will have access to the thorough training curriculum, which will teach you how to use Pine code in TradingView to test and implement custom indicators and algorithmic trading methods. You will study via daily webinars and one-on-one mentorship meetings in addition to the essential online learning resources to advance quickly. As a funded trader with Alphachain, you will have access to internal prop trading methods and indicators.

The tuition is £3,950. The course has CPD accreditation, and you will collaborate directly with top traders and industry experts who will mentor you and help you develop and modify tactics as needed. After completing the 12-week Crypto Algorithmic Trader Programme, you will have the option of working from home as an ongoing trader paid by Alphachain.

Cryptocurrency Algorithmic Trader Programme

The theoretical underpinnings of bitcoin markets are covered in the Cryptocurrency Trader Program, along with gaining coding abilities for fully automated financial model implementation. From a coding standpoint, you will discuss the fundamental technical tools and tactics as well as how to create trading systems.

The practical components of the course involve back testing, trade planning, and strategy creation. Each candidate is given a strategy assignment to complete as part of the programme, where they must demonstrate the abilities they have gained during the project.

On-chain analytics is the program’s distinctive subject matter. Since each cryptocurrency has a public ledger that records all historical on-chain transactions, cryptocurrency is the first asset class from which investor behaviour can be derived from data sets. As blockchains are an untouchable financial record, they can identify specific indicators of economic activity as well as gauge investor emotion and behaviour.

You will learn how to apply on-chain analytics in this programme to build a career in algorithmic trading with an emphasis on cryptocurrencies.


Your career has only started after completing the three-month curriculum. To maintain a high success rate in compared to the retail market, they do this by trading live money under the direction of mentors. Weekly psychological counselling group meetings, daily live market analysis web classes, and monthly mentor review sessions are just a few of the advantages you’ll still have access to.

  • 1-2-1 Membership
  • Virtual Trading Room
  • Live Squawk Service
  • Daily Market Report
  • Daily Market Conference Calls
  • Live Interactive Webinars
  • Performance Coaching Sessions
  • Global Trading Community

Alphachain Traders Review


Trading Rules

Like all proprietary trading firms, there are some rules that you need to follow. You can request an account review and contact the team with your account number if one of the risk management regulations is broken. Your account will be cancelled if a rule has been broken. A fresh installation charge will be needed in order to start a financed account from scratch.

Profit Target

You can contact support with your account number and a request for an account review if you think you have achieved the goal. The risk management team will evaluate whether you traded in accordance with risk management guidelines throughout the procedure. In the event that you are successful, you will be informed, the earnings will be dispersed, and you will advance to the next funded account size. It should be noted that no earnings will be given out if you hit your target but broke a trading rule. The goal must be met without breaking any rules.

Profit Share & Scaling Plan

Alphachain Traders offer complete openness in goals, capital allocation, and incentives while collaborating with top industry experts at a 50% profit split. Stage 1 of the funded accounts start at $20,000 whilst making it to stage 7 will see the account grow to $1,280,000. Traders will progress at different rates depending on their aptitude and willingness to learn. Funded traders are able to benefit from increased amounts of capital.

Alpha Funded Trader $15K Direct Funding Scaling Plan

$10K EvaluationAccount SizeMaximum Exposure (Lots)Max DD %Target %
Stage 1$15,0000.5 lots56
Stage 2$30,0002 lots1010
Stage 3$60,0004 lots1010
Stage 4$120,0008 lots1010
Stage 5$240,00016 lots1010
Stage 6$480,00032 lots1010
Stage 7$960,00064 lots1010
Alpha Funded Trader (AFT) Option: $15K Direct Funding – 50% Profit Share

Alpha Funded Trader $20K Direct Funding Scaling Plan

1$10K EvaluationAccount SizeMaximum Exposure (Lots)Max DD %Target %
Stage 1$20,0001 lots1010
Stage 2$40,0002 lots1010
Stage 3$80,0004 lots1010
Stage 4$160,0008 lots1010
Stage 5$320,00016 lots1010
Stage 6$640,00032 lots1010
Stage 7$1,280,00064 lots1010
Alpha Funded Trader (AFT) Option: $20K Direct Funding – 50% Profit Share

Alpha Funded Trader $5K Evaluation Scaling Plan

$5K EvaluationAccount SizeMaximum Exposure (Lots)Max DD %Target %
Stage 1$5,0000.25 Lots56
Stage 2$20,0001 Lots1010
Stage 3$40,0002 Lots1010
Stage 4$80,0004 Lots1010
Stage 5$160,0008 Lots1010
Stage 6$320,00016 Lots1010
Stage 7$640,00032 Lots1010
Stage 8$1,280,00064 Lots1010
Alpha Funded Trader (AFT) Option: $5K Evaluation – 50% Profit Share

Alpha Funded Trader $10K Evaluation Scaling Plan

$10K EvaluationAccount SizeMaximum Exposure (Lots)Max DD %Target %
Stage 1$10,0000.5 lots56
Stage 2$40,0002 lots1010
Stage 3$80,0004 lots1010
Stage 4$160,0008 lots1010
Stage 5$320,00016 lots1010
Stage 6$640,00032 lots1010
Stage 7$1,280,00064 lots1010
Alpha Funded Trader (AFT) Option: $10K Evaluation – 50% Profit Share

Maximum Drawdown

A predetermined 10% maximum drawdown amount from the original starting balance is the maximum drawdown (DD) allowance (not trailing).

Losses from the initial balance (or the lowest account equity value of $13,500) cannot be greater than $1500. It is the largest change in equity value on a per trade rolling basis between the starting balance and the trough equity value at any particular period. Both closed and open opportunities are included. A fundamental risk management principle will be broken by exceeding the Max Drawdown, and the trader’s account will be closed.

Regarding every evaluation account:

Max Drawdown: 5% max after hitting 10% initial target max drawdown goes up to 10%.

Trading Strategies

Traders are not allowed to hold trades over the weekend due to the gap risk between a Friday night market close and a Sunday night open. However, trades can be held overnight during the week between Monday and Friday (excluding bank holidays).

Positions can be reopened 30 minutes after important news or data releases and must be closed during such times. The Bank of England (BoE) rate decision and speech, US Non-Farm Payrolls (NFPs), Federal Reserve rate decision, etc. are a few examples of this type of release. Any open positions during this time frame will violate the risk management guidelines, which may lead to account closure. Moreover, any profits gained during this time will not be remitted or count towards your target.

You are not allowed to use expert advisors (EAs) that have been purchased but you can use a prop firm EA that you have developed yourself.

There must be a stop loss placed with every trade. Failure to apply a stop loss will breach Alphachain rules upon requesting an account review.

Weekly Loss Limit

Regardless of whether the account is profitable or not, the maximum change in account equity from Monday to Friday (or 5% of the initial value). You must keep your balance above the weekly loss cap. The trading account will be closed if this risk management policy is broken. Only if traders seek a manual review from the risk management at the time when they believe the level may have been violated will they be informed if they have broken this regulation. Hence, it’s crucial that all traders stay on top of their risk caps and alert the team if they think they may have broken a rule. This guarantees that traders avoid suffering significant losses and have the capacity to raise trading probability through performance evaluation.

Trading Days

To advance to the next capital level, you must have 30 days of continuous trading. Your aim can be attained at any time. The day the trader opens a position is what constitutes a trading day. One trading day, for instance, is when a trader opens a position on Monday and closes it on Tuesday.

Show them and yourself that you are a consistent trader by minimising the impact of luck in your trading. This gives them enough information to evaluate your trading style to make sure you can trade in diverse market circumstances. Keep in mind that you are on your own road and base your performance on the amount of time you spend trading and developing strategies. In terms of your equity growth, consistency is what they are looking for.

Alphachain Traders Review



Alphachain Traders don’t trade through brokers, they go direct to major liquidity providers to ensure optimal trading fees and conditions for their traders. This does mean you might be able to save in terms of trading costs when it comes to spreads and commission.


Alphachain Traders utilise the powerful cTrader, a market-dominating professional trading platform with cutting-edge trading capabilities including partial deal closes, multiple take profit levels, and many other features. Moreover, cTrader offers a simple and eye-catching user interface suitable for traders of all experience levels.

cTrader Platform
cTrader Platform

You can also trade on the ever-popular MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform which is well-known for its user-friendly interface that is fully customable. You can analyse all of your favourite instruments across multiple chart timeframe with thousands of technical indicators and other robust trading tools for making informed trading decisions.


A wide variety of assets are available for trading with Alphachain Traders. Currencies, cryptocurrencies, commodities, and indices are some of the asset groups that can be traded. They provide over 100 tradeable products with commissions and spreads fixed at institutional levels.

All traders can utilise a 1:100 leverage on their expert trading platform as their execution platform.

Equity Indices
US30Dow Jones
US500miniS&P 500
Tradable Asset List

Training Academy

Considering all the options available, selecting a trading programme can be challenging. There are numerous trading instructors that can teach you to trade without actually trading.

The Senior Traders at Alphachain Traders will instruct you on how to trade in the present market environment. You will have the opportunity to watch actual deals occur while receiving mentoring from their prop traders. The CPD-certified courses are delivered by traders with practical expertise in institutional trading.

The high calibre of training and materials, which are regularly updated to provide analysis and tactics tried and true in the current market conditions, is one of the main advantages of being trained by Alphachain Traders. They take it a step farther than what you can learn from a trade book. This helps to ensure that they can provide you the greatest possible start to your trading career. Each of their students also receives a recognised CPD accreditation that they may use to advance their careers in other financial sectors, like investment banking.

At Alphachain Traders, only highly qualified candidates are eligible to become Prop Traders and get trading funds.

Maximum capital$1,280,000
Profit splitUp to 50%
News tradingNo
Weekend tradingNo
Automated tradingYes
Free trialNo
Maximum leverage1:100
Alphachain Traders Features

Alphachain Traders Review


Overall, Alphachain Traders is a top prop trading firm for anyone who is looking to take the serious route to a funded trading account. They have an excellent choice of trader programmes which can help beginners learn how to trade and professionals to brush up on their trading skills. They go that extra mile compared to other prop firms who do not offer anywhere near as much education. Yes, they are not cheap and do not have the largest profit share but this is because they are focused on offering unparalleled support to help traders reach their full potential.

8.7Expert Score
Alphachain Traders Rating

Alphachain Traders provide training and accredited funded trader programmes to hundreds of traders all over the globe.


Alphachain Traders Review


What is the amount of leverage applied to demo and live accounts?

Leverage up to 1:100 is available.

Can I trade on mobile devices?

No, mobile trading is not allowed; all traders must use computers running Windows or Mac. According to their research, traders operate most effectively when seated in front of a computer with quick access to charting software, position calculators, and other crucial trading tools. Mobile trading is not recommended for their traders.

How long does the application process take?

In most cases, your new financed accounts’ login information is sent to you within a day. Please be aware that before the account can be setup, you must pay and sign the contract.

What is the profit split once on a live funded account?

50% of your winnings over the starting sum are split with you. To obtain your portion of the profits, you must reach your 10% goal.

When does my trading challenge start?

Your login details to your new funded accounts are usually issued within 24 hours. Please note you must make payment and sign contract before the account can be setup.

How do I receive my trading profits?

Once the profit target has been attained, profits may be withdrawn. After the target has been reached, they recommend that you stop trading and email support with your trading account number to request an account review. To request payment from Alphachain, a bill must be sent to them. Please give the payment process up to 7 working days.

Am I liable for any of the losses?

No, there is zero risk with the Alpha Funded Trader prop firm. As a result, you can trade without worrying about losing your personal money because you won’t be held responsible for any losses that occur during the process.

Which trading course is best for me?

Depending on your level of trading experience, one of the funded trader courses is ideal for you. These courses are made for those who want to trade using a live account. The Global Trader Programme is the ideal place to begin if you are a new trader. It is a thorough development path for sponsored traders that will take you from a beginner to a fully financed prop trader.

One of the specialty courses might be more suitable for people with more expertise. Also, it depends on your trading preferences. The Crypto-Algorithmic Trading Programme may be of interest to you if you have a keen interest in algorithmic trading; however, if you are more interested in stock indices or foreign exchange, the Global Trader Programme may be more appropriate.

Will I become a professional trader?

You will trade on a real account with a funded amount given to you when you join this prop trading firm through one of their funded trader programmes, making you a working prop trader. Your ability to successfully navigate your job after that is up to you. But, they think you have the potential to succeed as a trader if you have access to their wealth of educational resources, as well as their experienced traders available to offer mentoring, support, training, and direction.
Alphachain Traders Review
Alphachain Traders Review
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